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  1. Yeah I agree on this front but it still unnerving that Nintendo haven't really been bragging about the sales of Echoes. The reason probably is that they consider this game nothing but a side project, which it is. I mean 80k is not bad but it not Fates or Awakening numbers first week sales but still good.
  2. They said it sold about birthright number but I really don't know how well birthright did. Maybe like 100k or 130k. Since Eroupe not to big on rpg or anime like games, well I wouldn't say not into then more they sale really niche number like 20k or less.
  3. That's good but from what I heard Fire Emblem games usual fall off pretty quickly in Eruope game charts. Fates was 1st in it first week but drop pretty hard the week.
  4. I just want to know how the overall sales. I know the reviews were mix to mostly good but what about the sales. Nintendo usually like to brag about sales with their titles last year fate sold like 400k and Nintendo brag about that. Echoes not so much. So does anyone know the sales numbers yet.
  5. Well I guess 2000 years enough of a wait. lol. But I wounder what Mila thinks look at how Walhart is if he from Valm. I mean Duma probably be having an orgasiam the way walhart is.
  6. Wedding Banner Speculation

    Save them your wifu might be in the banner or husbandos is in it.
  7. I was just thinking even though Alm and Celica bring the gap between the two kingdom together, their whatever how many grandson pretty much says fuck peace, and go out war mechanic on the neighboring country. Even though it was for a good cause, Walhart should have talk thing through with Chrom and they could save a lot of time. Sad to see the peace they obtain amounts to pretty much nothing in 2000 years.
  8. Well your passionate about thracia 776 aren't you which is understandable since it your favorite game. I personally like Mercenary Avatar if they do implant one into other remakes
  9. 1. True 2. Well he is the brains of the group the group even points out that Chrom is not the most smartest leader 3. True 4. the only important thing Robin do is kill Grima and that is a chose and not forced. I guess yiu could say him being the big bad is important but eh. 5. Me too but I still stand by they both move the plot.
  10. Sorry about that, I was talking about the part when you said there was 7 games when IS try the avatar but there are only 6 total with the avatar. there is 7, 12, 13, Birthright, Conquest, and Revelations. I don't see Robin taking credit from chrom they share the spotlight they both get credit for the action they do, I mean the game give you a chose over who get to kill grima well kill grima in Chrom case is to just put him to sleep for 1000 years. I don't get this whole Robin steals chrom spotlight, I get the disdain for the MU on this forum sometime but I really don't see Robin taking Chrom spotlight at all. Chrom is the protagonist while Robin is the 2nd protagonist. Spotlight stealing is when Kira took over as MC over Shinn in gundam seed Destiny
  11. No it my favorite game out of the fire emblem that I played I have played all the gba games finish 7-8 I play the ds fire emblem games I played Fates too. I plan to play Echoes whenever I get a job again and get my first pay check. All those game core mechanic was the same except 11 no triangle I am talking about before 15 came out. Yeah I probably was out of line but I get heated when people just out right dismiss a feature so harshly that I love. the class changes do up tiers from 2 to 3 and then back to 2 tiers again. Class change been back in since what 8.
  12. Well I guess I haven't I yield you win. I guess this proves one thing fire emblem to some extent is pretty bad with changes to a franchise. I think reddit is a little better than here.
  13. Who give a hell about be taken seriously on a free forum. Can't help myself with my autism when it comes to mine run on sentences. Well imo it seem like every time a person bring up a function from the 3ds era it alway get the flame wars going, I thought this place was welcome to the 3ds games but mybe not, but I might be wrong.
  14. Uh what I don't know how having an my unit is considered an sonic OC than all games with an avatar are Sonic OC seem kind of childish but whatever used to fire emblem fanbase being up in arms over a feature like avatar like it an sin. Happy for your marriage but really no need to be so anti-avatar. How am i supposed to do my research on you I could care less about your real life, no offense btw.