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  1. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    Looking to sell some more of my cards/ possibly trade for Lucina or Female Robin cards HAVE: WANT:
  2. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    Looking to sell some of my unwanted cards due to a loss of interest in collecting Have: S2: Sr+ Corrin F, Sr Elise S4: Sr Minerva, Sr Hardin, Sr Lon'qu, Sr Cordelia, R Julian, R Sirius, R+ Sirius, R Merric and R Hardin Want: Really want Paypal right now but also willing to trade for B04: Sr lucina B08: R or R+ Lucina, Sr F Robin
  3. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    Hey guys fairly new to the community so hopefully I don't break any rules soon Have : Series 2: Series 4: Want List: All Lucina cards except for B04-064HN All Female Robin Cards B01-084R Cherche B02-012SR Sakura B02-054R Azura B02-053HN Female Corrin (Tournament Pack 2 Promo) B03-078SR Azura B04-094SR Severa B06-072R or R+ Flora B07-066SR Oboro B08-002SR Chrom B08-023R Maribelle or Paypal