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  1. Ideas For Book 3

    I really really hope that book III introduces some kind of Co-op mode where you can play with up to 3 friends together or so.
  2. Wrath vs. SS

    For now Special Spiral in my eyes has only uses on a handfull of mages. I think Wrath is superior for most infantry units. This could all change though if we get Sacred Seals of shield pulse, windsweep, watersweep etc. because in that case special spiral can allow for some nasty combos.
  3. actually obstruct and pass i have used 2-3 times in a GHB. I also have used Defiant skills for some PVE content but rarely.
  4. as said remove is a strong word, but bold and vengefull fighter would be still good without the special charge. as they are now. they are busted and brokento sone degree. regnal astra would have been fine with a 3 charge cooldown and black luna would have been fine with a 4 charge cooldown OR with 50% defense ignored and a self buffing aftermath if +4res and +4def or so when you need very specific counters for stuff you know they went overboard with it.(reinhardt and brave lyn fall also into this category)
  5. 1. bold fighter 2. vengefull fighter 3. adaptiv breath damage 4. Regnal Astra 5. Black Kuna remove is a strong word ivwould say they need adjustments and are too strong
  6. Grand Hero Battle Breaks: Garon

    @mampfoid @Zeo Garon infernal vs Askrtrio & Veronica Skill inheritance used: Alfonse. Escape Route Anna. Spd + Everything else is their Vanilla skill set
  7. I have 6 fully finished Teams with blessings. They are consistent and dont change and can take on everything (granted some Teams fare against something specific better). The 7. Team is kinda MIA atm My +10 Boey runs on Team Fjorm: Fjorm +10, Boey +10, Caeda +10 and Elise +10 (all Tactic buffs team) Other Teams: Team L!Ike: +10 LIke, +10 Sanake, +10 Spring Camilla +10 Brave Lyn (Atk drive Spur focused Team with 1 Atk Tactics) Team Gunnthra: +10 Gunnthra, +10 Clair, +10 Saizo +10 Brave Ike (all Tactics buffs team) Team L!Hector: +10 Hector, +10 Karel, +10 Effie, +10 Bride Lyn Team Fallen Robin: +10 Grima (F), +10 Raven, +10 Sigurd, +10 Felicia (all Tactics buff team Team L!Ephraim: +10 L!Ephraim +10 Soren +10 Marth +10 Brave Veronica (Drive RES/DEF based Team) 7. Team is currently on the makeing, but i havent found an adequat Legendary unit to fit in yet with a fitting blessing: +10 Reinhardt +10 Eldigan +10 Kagero and I am not happy with Kagero atm. I think have to scrap this Team or switch out Kagero for my +10 Deirdre. 8. team is +10 Lukas +10 Sonya +10 Roy, Legendary Healer would be welcome for this one -_- And no Legendary Lyn and Legendary Lucina are atm garbage and dont fit in anywhere (besides they arent +10)
  8. boey doesnt even need raventomes TA3 or BB3 to do that. a maximized bladetome or owltome boey with tactics buffs and QR will shred any bow user to tears and with close counter even green and blue melees.
  9. Grand Hero Battle Breaks: Garon

    meh claered with L!Ike Sanaki S!Camilla and brave Lyn (with brave bow) one of the easier reinforcement ghb Takumi was harder
  10. well there is the possibility of def or res ploy to manipulate opponent stats ir chill def/res. but yeah a much higher hassle to proc it
  11. dance & repo arent an option with T21 Arena scoring (unless with the new A skills, even then). and in some cases dance & repo arent enough to get away easy if armorers are clustered. all it takes is a surviving less 50% armorer (which hapoens alot especially on the oasis map) moving in and a Bold fighter brave bow Jakob teleporting in tearing you a new hole. There are many reinhardt counters to bait and insta kill him. there arent many counters to bait a bold fighter tharja & jakob & garm ephraim wrf shenanigens at the same time. Besifes on most maps you wont be able to bait them anyway on turn 1. trust me when i say a wom seal will bring armorers to another level of disgust with their mixed phase builds.
  12. this is a wrong assumption because armorers are the unit types that can more easy reach 50% hp and less without dieing or getting ORKO due to the skills and leg weapons and BST some of them have available. on some maps or team comp you are forced to chip away on them so you can defeat them then with the unit you want. again wom and escape route as a seal opens pandoras box you do not want to face. now we still have the luxury of stalking time by splitting them up and make armor march not take effect, which gives breathing room. wom reinhardt is easier to deal with then a wom L!Ephraim with garm and special fighter and a buff active....
  13. Wings of Mercy and Escape route seal is exactly what would make Armorers even more cancerous.... Because they wouldnt need to give up Bold Fighter for it.
  14. wings of mercy/escape route is a can of worms you never want to open by makeing it into a seal. EVER