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  1. I feel like some old weapon refines could use another round of refine. Some new exclusiv weapons are so balls to the wall disgusting that old refines pale in comparison to them. Also high time for distant counter weapon refines. Its a joke when regular refined weapons do more for you.
  2. Most Wanted Sacred Seals

    Distant and Close counter. We all know its time for IS to introduce Distant Counter 2 with built in Quick Riposte and Close Counter 2 with built in Null-Follow up On a more serious note: Renewal Guard Cancel Affinity Shield Pulse
  3. Aether Raids General Thread

    fuck AR seriously, never had such a bad start
  4. I just saw a picnic Lukas with 62 Defense... Thank god he sucks against magic.
  5. Aether Raids General Thread

    dont get too excited
  6. Halloween and Bride banner, Easter, Summer kinda too but too saturated. Dunno the others are oversaturated or are just full off armor units/flyer units which left a bad inpression on me. Wouldnt have minded if christmas had some cavalry riding reindeers or some infantry units with snowdogs etc
  7. Tempest Trials+: Taste of Spring! (SPOILERS!)

    so whens harsh command+? With all the global debuff skills lately i wouldnt mind harsh command+ that actually removes also panic (although it would hurt my Hrid)?
  8. Lets not forget the 4 new mythic blessing that made the blessing system totally convoluted and force you to split your barracks into AR units and non-AR units because... well you cant slap 2 blessings on a regular unit. I fucking hate this system because it basicly forced some units out of my AA and Arena setups into AR exclusiv units... AR is just garbo. I wish it would have been a create your own GHB map mode that you can share with other people. And yes those exclusiv AR skills do nothing for me, i dont care for them. I rather have other new skills then this, or at least if the skills were so made that they wouldnt be useless outside of AR. for example Disarm Trap: could be Lock Picking, does the same thing in AR, but outside of AR in Arena if the unit kills a foe the Arena bonus point +1 is granted even if a bonus unit didnt kill it (because a chest apears after apearing then) I dont know, i only know that i agree with you and while AR was exciting for me first it has turned into a mode i really really dont like and has made the game-experience worse for me for all the hassle it introduced.
  9. This banner is a hard pass! Armorers i dont care: check No interesting skill to inherit: check No interesting weapon to inherit: check I am not fond of those AR exclusiv skills. It means the skill is useless for 90% of the other gameplay, most people destroy all defensiv buildings anyway, now you just kinda force them to do so which is ugh.
  10. Aether Raids General Thread

    the road to Tier 21 is a hard one, but everyone had to burn themself through it... btw 2 Eirs will make reaching Tier 21 easier, at least that was the case for me due to increaded points. Its doable with 1 Eir but i missed the mark by 20 points once..
  11. Legendary Lyn works fine for PVE content but for Arena or AR? She is underwhelming for the current meta, ecxept maybe for AR as a mage check, but even then there are better units that can fullfill that task. If her base kit would give her a defined role, but nope they gave her bunch of mixed Bag tools on a ranged unit that has low BST. She cant enemy phase effectivly or player phase effectivly with her exclusiv skills unless you toss them into the dumpster and built her from scratch for one role, in which case i would ask myself why not built a colorless bow unit up from scratch...
  12. Let's discuss Tier 4 passives.

    I disagree, Sturdy Impact is fine. Its restricted to Infantry and Flier (although i think allowing Fliers is a mistake). I even would say that Sturdy Impact was needed so you can run something else on your ranged player phase units instead of Litrblades or Sweep skills. With this skill mages can actually run their original tomes without getting obliterated by 43094039403gazillion+ Def/Res Armorers or Dragons. Also dont forget that while it prevents follow up attacks from the enemy, it still becomes a Speed check if the Enemy is running Quick Riposte/Breaker skills or Vengefull Fighter.
  13. Let's discuss Tier 4 passives.

    i dont see the issue. Game and units need to evolve. I rather have them evovle via passives then in creased powercreeped BST
  14. Large Addition of 4* rarity characters

    Nah there is only so many variants of stat allocation that there isno point. What we need is a promotion/class upgrade so people can further built their favourite chars