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  1. Create a Skill

    Tupsimati and Tupsmati+ (Staff): During Attack unit Gains "effectivness" depending on movement type of adjacent allies. Only applies if 2 or less of same movement type are in the Team. Example: Healer with Tupsimati is adjacent to an armor ally while initiating attack. The Healer gets the effectiv+ attack bonus against armored units. Only applies to movement types not weapon types Litrshatter and Litrshatter+: Same as Tupsimati but for the 3 tome-colors Fuma Shuriken and Fuma Shuriken+: Same as Tupsimati but for Dagger users, also inflicts -7RES and -7DEF goal: ==> more incentiv to build mixed teams
  2. Legendary Hero Speculation

    this pretty much, or unique Heroes characters like Fjorm and Gunnthra. L!Ike was a copy and a pretty shitty one to be honest.
  3. This is the case. If you have a unit with activated Miracle sitting at 2 HP and a full health unit, the AI wont attack the unit with Miracle (unless the enemy can double) but instead will charge for the unit it can deal the most dmg against (if 2 are in range). (There is an example of this in my video of BHB Cecilia against Healer emblem, where Cecilia opts to attack Wrys instead of Azama because Azama has miracle ready and thus would only take lik 5 dmg compared to wrys taking 20 or so) The AI also will target the unit that wont kill it in the counterattack if there are multiple in range. The AI also will opt to attack units that cant counter, you can easy check this when running stuff with weaponless dancers and healers. Even if the AI deal 0 dmg they will opt to attack those weaponless units, unless they can kill the other weaponed unit. The AI also prioritizes killing over healing, you can see that in autobattle on tempest trial if you run it with healers as support. sometimes your healers wont heal your units in the mid of the battle if they can opt to kill another unit (they will allways heal at start of turn 1 because no enemy is in range though), this is important to know, because wrathfull staff actually puts healing "on the lower priority" list, because the healer can kill more enemys easy.
  4. Need in weapon upgrade: Askrtrio Roy Ryoma Camus Xander Hector Leo Vanilla Ike LLoyd Eirika Lyon (even tough he was just released but his personal weapon is underwhelming) Valter (get rid of the Fury hurting effect or bumpb +spd and +atk to 6 either one of those) Arvis Dont get me wrong i dont want to OP Distant Counter weapons, but the vanilla DC units need an upgrade, even if its in the Form of just +4 or 5 HP, it has become a glareing issue in that they cant use any form of HP based skill (Panic ploy etc) because the other units have higher HP due to the weapon refinement. Units that are in dire need of a Personal weapon added: The lower desirable healers: Azama, Wrys, Lachesis, Sakura, Lissa and Lucius Kagero: her Poison dagger doesnt cut it anymore Hawkeye: seriously i have no idea why he even exists anymore Karel: well basicly everyone that was in the game since release... Everyone that was added after the CYL banner is currently fine or has their niche.
  5. Weirdest Unit You've invested in

    I am not sure how Brash Assault 3 works on thsi built, because when the opponent cant counterattack then Brash Assault also takes no effect... soooo? Confused over here. The Seal should have no effect whatever
  6. The Askrtrio & Fjorm take on Corrin & Azura in this intense battle!
  7. Cleared with the F2P Askrunits and Fjorm so it should be very possible
  8. Weirdest Unit You've invested in

    One day i will accomplish to make Team "Weirdo" consistent of: Arden - "I am strong and you're toast" Henry - "Its curse'o'clock" Odin - "Poweroverfloooowing" Azama - "Death comes for everyone!"
  9. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    And Ursula Infernal refined, this time with all Infantery Units The Askrtrio and Fjorm take on Ursula! Enjoy!
  10. Weirdest Unit You've invested in

    Clair - she is the most omnipotent ultimate mage & dragon tank! Azama - most physicsl bulky healer and he has his way with melee units Boey uuuuh wreck armorers into oblivion all of them are 5star +10
  11. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    for anyone my old vid with teh Askrtrio and Ursula I will try out an inanftery all setup at the evening after work with Fjorm replacing Cecilia if possible
  12. Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)

    Legion maybe, but I could do Berkut with the Askrtrio + Fjorm so it shouldnt be a problem for your Team. Maria and Minerva is easy, done with Askrtrio + Wrys without any Skill inheritance.
  13. Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)

    @ZeoI need to get myself some Rogue daggers on my Saizo... EDIT: mmm or not, Saizo kinda lacks the magical bulk
  14. Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)

    And as usual, i finally get around to do Robin F Infernal, which wraps up all GHB done with the Askrtrio as units. BTW Harsh command found its first use in a GHB lol Enjoy