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  1. ummm the same goes for all Firesweep weapons and Lyns B-Slot (for Distant Counter weapons). And those skills/weapon are supported by units that can reach 60+ attack and damaging specials while staff users have like a limited A-Slot ability and no damaging specials oO. How are staff users a greater fuck you to enemy phase teams then firesweep weapons and BLyns B-Slot?
  2. Uh wut?! i would say he is offensively the best of the lots... i just met a Brave Roy running 65 attack and 53 Spd... one touch death combo with galeforce in it if he attacked a physical unit of mine lulz
  3. yes i use the Team that gives me the highest amount of points for battle 1. Everything else later can pretty much in most cases be countered by a combination of units that run Triangle Adept/Gem Weapons/Breaker skills in combination, as you can built the Team to counter the oposing Team, but yeah some battles can become hairy lol
  4. Holiday banner predictions

    i want Athos as Santa Claus
  5. Are Firesweeps overrated?

    Wo dao usually isnt a problem to handle for me, but the combination of Ayra stat + her insane exclusiv special + the upgrade + infantery pulse made it a pita @bottlegnomes and yes i wished in that moment my Firesweep+ Tana would have bene there ¬.¬
  6. sush you leave Valter alone. His lines are perfect and bring my inner mistress out!
  7. Are Firesweeps overrated?

    Ayra's Special is beyond broken in all terms, even more so coupled with the stat spread. I encountered today an Ayra +10 in my Arena run that ran: Wo Dao+ augmented with the attack path. Regnal Astra Distant Counter Vantage Flexible This was with a infantery pulse Team, which means her special was ready. none of my units could attack her Clair woudl get one shot if she would attack her or gets attacked (and she is a blue unit, but has crappy defense) Brave Ike welp... Green unit, looked also bad for him Sigurd... he would have survived with the Sword Breaker skill if he wouldnt have been a -HP nature (1 HP left) -_- or would have run Close Defense instead of Distant Counter(she basicly dealt to him 41 dmg which was his HP...), even then he would have lost due to Ayra getting constant buffs. And i couldnt tackle the Team behind because welp... Repostion hell from Ayra herself. Sadly Azama wasnt there to deal with this situation because he got swaped out for Bonus unit Olivia, but even then the room was to small to operate. mind you all +10 It was literally the pita and oh shit moment... and this was on the map with the 2 ships where you have literally no fucking space ot avoid. I tried working aroudn it but at some point i was basicly cornered. I managed even to get Clairs iceberg ready, because it actually allows me to one shot Ayra with it, but behold... the upgrade from The Wo dao+ also gives 5 HP which put Ayras HP above the threshold to oneshot her (she survives with 4 HP left)
  8. those were the most tedious Arena runs i had in a long while, but its ok. Arena Assault on the other hand was infuriating...
  9. i want to meet that triple Reinhardt Team with my Clair, the amount of 0 dmg taken that charge up my Iceberg for a distant counter sweeps would be delicious. But that Team prolly has too low Arena points for me to run into. But yes the age of Dragons has come and the decline of ranged units has started. The Arena is currently getting swamped with Dragons slowly and i am seeing fewer and fewer ranged units. Lucky for me i am prepared for Dragons :X (at least when it comes to Arena, for Arena assault i need to adjust a few things ._.) I might need to actually pull a Soren on some mages. Nice job on makeing Watersweep relevant SI (to some degree)!
  10. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    why do people put Red units as their lead on Team Sigurd... i am constantly runnign a full red team and have to counter stuff like a Triangle adept Breath + Nowi/Ninian and stuff.
  11. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    added my frontline is still Clair
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    pls i am on Team Sigurd and i am full aware we aint gonna win this fight against Darthja in the "Boobies strike back!"
  13. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    i think they should change it to a mini Arena type of gameplay with cumulativ runs: Try to score highest in 3 battles: Same calculations as in Arena. If you use the Voting gauntlet bonus unit you get double points The Team consists of 4 units: 1 is the unit you picked 2 are units that you can pick from your friendlist IF they support the same character 1 unit is from a random strange person The enemy Teams will consist: 2 Enemy units of your Friend list that support the oposing Bonus unit with approximitly the same point range as your own unit If this falls short, it will pick 2 Enemy units of Friend list with lower point range 2 units are random picked Strangers that sport the same point range as your own unit. You can run this as many times as you want until you have the highest score with a deathless run or whatever. in the end all points get cumulated and the winner is chosen! Bear in mind loosing fights is tracked and gives at the end bonus points to the oposing enemy. So bring in your best buitl favourite character that is represented in the Gauntlet, and set your best built unit as the front leader for other friends on the same side to be picked!
  14. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    this is bogus how does Sigurd loose to Dorcas when Sigurds Team clearly allways outnumber Dorcas by a large margin after a multiplier (more then Dorcas). Omg just get rid of Voting Gauntlet once and for all
  15. mine is +SPD/-Def and yes Berkuts Lance is really fantastic <3