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  1. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    This doesnt look well for my B!Ike Boey PAzura and Azama Team lol. 2 Red mages on the first turn... best counter against my Team ._.. If the close Red mage falls fast this could still be doable with the Team :D
  2. Finished my Deathless run in the 1. row with B!Ike Boey Sigurd and PAzura and boy do i miss my Azama. His healign was missing soo much ._.. Every battle was such a chore compared to when having him around to retop Boey and B!Ike. Neverthless the Team did put out greatly with a score of 5112. Notable I got the 2 Walls oposing Team map 4 times.... Which makes it really really really furstrating to position Boey correctly (or at all) for full Gronnowl+ effects and him benefiting from all Spurs. I didnt know till now that you can get the same map multiple times. Anyway best experience: last battle face off against +10 Reinhardt +10 BLyn (Mulgalir) +10 Sigurd and +10 Cain horse emblem on the wall map... ok positioned Boey so Reinhardt would attack him if walls break... and They moved differently Reinhardt and Lyn moved south fishing for Sigurd and Cain and Sigurd went norht fishing for PAzura. BLyn was quickly a footnote baited with Boey. Sigurd actually ORKOd Reinhardt on Enemyphase with Distant Counter + PAzura buffs + 2x Spur Res 3 (6) with Bonfire and follow up attack. and survived with 2 HP!!! B!Ike survived Cains and Sigurds onslaught in the north with 6 HP left, while killing Cain on the counter hit (wrath 3 + bonfire). Ironicly Sigurd did fall to Boeys attack but all units went to single digit markers ._. Neverthless managed to clear. Kinda ironic all Enemy units got killed/tanked by units that have Triangle disadvantage on them lol
  3. its a gronnowl boey. no need for raven on his bulk with def+ nature and the team compostion. He even deals with reinhardt without triangle advantage with drive res2 and 2 allys near him (1 being also an ally support) giving him enough res to withstand reinhardt and slaughter him. But yeah i really have no use for this mettic
  4. In other words i might as well just shove him up a place where the sun never shines
  5. If i want to shoot Valter down i just use BLyn or Bridelia... and a Nino counter only works with Green Tome breaker.... god he is so limited -_-
  6. got a score of 5126 and defense 622. Ranked 194. This is a new high for me! Arena Assault 5136 Rank 511, managed to get below the 1k rank for the first time!
  7. What do i do with a 5 Star merric? Since i got one by mistake (or bad luck). +SPD -Def nature. i have no idea wtf to do with him ¬.¬ I mean he lack the offensiv power to hit harder then a wet noodle. and with this boonSPD/baneDEF he basicly doesnt even have physical bulk (his res is anyway beyond saving) wtf do i do with him!?
  8. Show me Your Beautiful, Beautiful Garbage!

    the problem is (i dont know your Arena Score) in my Arena range every,or lets say the majority (90%) of the melees run some form of Distant Counter (weapon or skill). Its the land of +10 Eirikas with Distant Counter or +10 Draugs with Distant Counter etc. You either hit them hard or you can take in the punches. Lucius sadly doesnt excell at any of those 2 :/ (ecxept against mages but even there its a stretch with surviving)
  9. nothing, he is just as bad as Alfonse. The only thing you can do is slap a Brave Sword on him. Your seliph has 2 more atk/1 more HP/1 less Spd/2 less Def then Alfonse (due to his nature), in short words you got an Alfonse that can deal a bit more damage but gets ****** that much harder when he is attacked. Embrace the weak-sauce
  10. brb... i need to go flip a table my pull rate just got abolished by a 5 Star Abel because there was only colorless and blue to pull.... and the one blue i pick gives me... ah fuck it
  11. Are you drowning in Sophias/Henrys and Draugs too? I didnt even get any 4 Star Hinata... i am just drowin gin Sophias/Henrys and Draugs...
  12. Holy war banner

    Frankensteins monster... there is your halloween unit!!!
  13. Official Pull Topic

    so far only deirdta after 200+ orbs. my rate got once nullofied by Shiida... and Ike...
  14. Show me Your Beautiful, Beautiful Garbage!

    and get counter killed in Return while doing so with Lucius
  15. Official Pull Topic

    im gonna smash the phone soon...