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  1. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    There is literally nothing to be sorry about. He looks awesome! Thank you so much!!!
  2. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    Dark Brown if possible. If not, then regular brown. Thanks a lot!
  3. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    Gonna bump this to keep it relevant.
  4. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    New Request here. Let me know if whoever is gonna make this has any more questions: Head/Headgear- Jaffar Hair- Barst (but brown) Saizo's Scar, but the eyes kept open (green in color) Body: Lloyd's Trenchcoat Ike's Body Ike's Gloves Weapon- Eckesachs Pose- whoever is making it can choose between: About to attack, or the sword resting on his shoulder No background necessary. Thank! Let me know if you need ti know anything else