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  1. The worst part is that considering who we have in the base roster, we may have to pay more for other characters like Barst, Draug, Minerva, etc. who would also have been better in the base game since they would've added more equal Weapon Triangle representation into the roster. But right now I'm just waiting and hoping that IGN gives this game a 7.8/10 for having too many swords. Just because I think it would be funny.
  2. What I'm wondering will happen is that both the main and Persona series will continue to borrow from each other until they become practically indistinguishable. When I first saw Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation, I thought it looked oddly Persona-ish despite being billed as Megami Tensei.
  3. Nothing at all wrong with that. You said you didn't understand the hate Peri gets and I tried to help.
  4. Maybe if this depth here was better reflected in most of her other Supports, her morality issues would be less problematic.
  5. The problem with Peri is that she has few, if any, redeeming character traits to compensate for being a serial killer who seems reluctant to understand the concept of morality. Ghast Station did an entire Support Science video highlighting her problems.
  6. Don't forget Mara the Magnificent The fact that they're using Unreal Engine 4 (keep in mind, this was the only game at the Nintendo Switch Event that was explicitly touted as using it) makes me wonder just how ambitious this game is going to be. Perhaps they could be making a more open game with real-time combat, as I can't imagine wasting such pretty graphics on a turn-based combat system.
  7. It probably will be a main series game, as the I, II, III, and IV in the 25th Anniversary logo should imply that the celebration is largely mainline-centric. It would be strange for them to emphasize the main series in the anniversary logo and then reveal a new title for one of the numerous spin-off series.
  8. I'm still not sure if it's IS or Koei Tecmo making these decisions. Because if it's IS, then they also set themselves up for this bad PR situation a long time ago by giving us too many primarily Sword-wielding characters throughout the series and not enough regular Lance or Axe-wielding infantry.
  9. I hope it's not a remake. The whole NEXT thing with the logo implies that they want to move forward, which would make more sense if they were making a completely new game.
  10. If Azura really was supposed to be the main character of Fates, then IS did a pretty crap job of conveying it in the game. Actually, stuff like this is probably why we should just have a playable Mark for an Avatar in future games. @Anacybele I thought Lyn was shoehorned in to appease all the veterans who were bellyaching about the lack of non-3DS representation. I would've quoted you, but I forgot, and I cant edit it in. XP
  11. Are you serious? Guess I forgot. Then again, I'm among the few people here whose favorite characters are the playable Brigands/Barbarians, so aside from Hector, I guess I'm pretty out of touch with what most other people I like.
  12. I didn't think Azura was that popular (compared to Camilla, at least), but okay. Still a shame that she got cut, though. If anything, they should've cut Cordelia for being a clone and not being as relevant to her game as Caeda or Hinoka.
  13. GAAAAAAH, I can't take it! October 23 can't seem to come quickly enough! Are you talking about fans of Shin Megami Tensei or Persona? Because there are numerous Persona fans who will deny that Persona is a Shin Megami Tensei sub-series even though it actually is.
  14. Er... I'm not really sure how we can center a game around a monster character, but okay. That being said, I would like to see a powerful shapeshifter character who can transform into a monster and is weak to Blessed weapons.
  15. When I was making a class tree for my own Fire Emblem story I considered making Sentinel and Halberdier completely separate promotions for the Soldier class. Sentinels would be Lance-locked and have Critical +10, while Halberdiers could wield Lances and Axes. I ended up not going through with it because these Halberdiers would have just ended up being worse Generals.