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  1. How Does Heath Fare?

    That last part about him being balanced might be his problem. I find the best units in FE are all made to fill some kind of niche, whether it be tanking, healing, or dealing damage (bonus points if you can do any of those while also having high Movement). If you're too balanced, you're not particularly good at dishing out strong hits or absorbing them (with either defense or evasion) and it kind of hurts you as a result.
  2. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom

    It depends on when you're expected to promote. I feel like a lot of the harder chapters I've played so far are sort of designed around early promotion so that you can get immediate bonuses for fighting the stronger enemies. EDIT: While you do get a lot of Master Seals by Chapter 9, I don't think it's enough to promote everyone yet.
  3. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom

    ...What? What Level are your units? Have they been getting RNG-screwed? Did any die in previous chapters? Just have your most of your units be where they started by the time each wave arrives, and kill each one by one. It would help to have some anti-Horse or anti-Armor weapons on hand.
  4. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom

    The easiest thing to do is wait at the beginning of the map and kill the reinforcements as they come before you proceed further down. I believe there are six waves of reinforcements from the top of the map where you start, each coming every two turns. The first two waves consist of Knights and Fighters, the next two waves consist of Mercenaries and Archers, and the last two waves consist of Cavaliers and Wyvern Riders. There are also reinforcements that come from the boat in the southeast consisting of Pirates and ...something else. I don't remember.
  5. FE16 "leaks"

    I once got up at about 5:00 AM to watch an Atlus stream hoping for more SMT Switch info. I'm never getting up early for a livestream ever again
  6. Funny Thing

    Reviving the Jagen character with time travel
  7. Funny Thing

    The only other person I can think of is Henry, which kind of feels like a stretch.
  8. It is me

    Hi there! Have fun!
  9. Funny Thing

    I absolutely lost it at "Swords, Lances, and the bad one". XD In all seriousness, though, a female Gharnef/Rudolf character would actually be pretty cool.
  10. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom

    I'm on Chapter 9 and when I try to promote Janessa into a Wyvern Lord right after recruiting her, she only gets 1 measly point of Constitution. Her Wyvern Knight promotion seems to work fine, though.
  11. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom

    My assumption is that you're supposed to early-promote Derruk into a Hero or Felix into ...really anything (though I'm thinking Great Knight for better Movement and Weapon Triangle control).
  12. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom

    Monsters first appear in the Prologue and don't show up again until Chapter 9. Wish I would've known that before I promoted Fordra into a Valkyrie...
  13. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom

    I have noticed that you get an awful lot of droppable Mend staves in this game. EDIT: Did you ever consider increasing the amount of EXP certain Staves give?
  14. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom

    ...So I didn't like Chapter 7 very much. The reinforcements coming from where you start are already threatening enough with their high-end weapons, but the other enemies further down make it hard to outrun them, especially when the Cavaliers and Wyvern Riders start showing up. Needless to say it's easy to get overwhelmed by them as you get closer to the exit. So what I ended up having to do was mostly turtle near the starting position and kill off the reinforcements as they spawned, not moving forward until after I had killed every wave. Considering the context of the chapter, I severely doubt this is how you intended players to go about it.
  15. Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom

    I'm pretty sure it's a reused boss portrait from vanilla Sacred Stones. Hands also seems to reuse Durban's portrait, which I'm not a big fan of.