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  1. FE16 "leaks"

    I doubt that'll be the case. Shadows of Valentia was announced in January and released in April in Japan and May internationally, so that's about 3-4 months between announcement and release. FE Switch will likely be a bigger, more ambitious project, so I think a release around October sounds more realistic at the moment.
  2. Well this is ...rather bizarre. It's better than it sounds. I personally like the sweet and salty taste.
  3. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    Yes, WTF indeed. Still no Thracia 776 sucks hard, but at least we got at least two cool new units out of this. Fallen!Robin looks pretty nice, and his attack animation is absolutely hilarious. "Hold on, lemme just conjure this giant dragon head real quick..." Hardin also looks really nice. To think I was considering training a Gwendolyn as the blue spot on my secondary Armor Emblem team... Fallen!Celica I'm indifferent on. Another Sword Fighter, yawn. Hopefully Fallen!Takumi will have Close Counter in case we don't get Winter!Tharja as our free unit.
  4. Conquest: Early Class Changes?

    Swords were always Owain/Odin's true calling. He can make better use of his Strength as a Samurai/Swordmaster than he can in either of his default promotions, and his Magic growth is unreliable anyway. I find it pretty hilarious to see Odin with higher Strength than Magic upon promotion to Dark Knight, but unless you've been training him in Swords as a Samurai it won't be very practical for him since without reclassing he'd have to grind his Sword Rank all the way up from E. What I would do is reclass him back into a Dark Knight upon promoting him into a Swordmaster so that he can make use of his better offensive stat while also having a mount and decent options for 2-Range fighting, but this would take two Heart Seals total, at least one of which you might want to give to someone else. That said, if Odin gets too Magic-screwed to perform adequately as a Sorcerer, it may help to keep him as a Swordmaster to save a Heart Seal and marry him off with someone (preferably Elise) so you can get Ophelia. I haven't tried this myself, but from what I hear she can be quite potent as a Sorcerer if she inherits Astra from her father.
  5. Conquest: Early Class Changes?

    It's not so much the stat boost that helps her out so much as it is the simple fact that having a second Bow user besides Niles helps a ton in dealing with pesky fliers. I think Chapter 10 is where this is most apparent. Then again, I had much better luck in catching Mozu up to everyone else's Level than you did.
  6. Not trying to support the pro-incest people on this thread, but wasn't this only because Arvis and Deirdre both had the requisite Loptyr blood in them?
  7. At any rate, I found Anacybele's Frederick analysis, which gives me a few ideas for fixing him.
  8. Oh? In that case, how can I salvage him?
  9. Ugh. Screw me. I guess that was 20,000 Feathers wasted on Freddy boy. Looks like it's Felicia's lucky day! I seem to have the worst luck with IV's when it comes to summoning. Why are so many of the units I want to pull +HP, for instance?
  10. Once again I'm close to getting 20,000 Feathers and trying to figure out what to do with them. Here are my options: Work towards a Brave Axe build for my Frederick by promoting either my Camilla or my Hawkeye to 5-Star and giving Frederick a Brave Axe+/Death Blow 3. Would Darting Blow 3 be a good alternative, since he's +Spd and also going to run Threaten Spd 3 with it, or should he stick with Death Blow like I'm thinking of doing? Promoting my neutral Felicia to 5-Star after training her some more. Which of these do you think would be better?
  11. Is Fire Emblem Fates a "Good" game?

    I've never heard of idea of the Eight Aesthetics... But they sound interesting. Did you come up with it? If not, where can I read more about it?
  12. Is Fire Emblem Fates a "Good" game?

    Oh no, I meant to switch gameplay with story in my first sentence! *buries head in arms*
  13. Is Fire Emblem Fates a "Good" game?

    From what I can tell, every game in the series has story problems in some fashion. It's just that relative to the older games, Awakening and Fates have it worst of all.
  14. Is Fire Emblem Fates a "Good" game?

    Well, story is more important than gameplay for a game, so I don't think you're wrong. If anything, I think a lot of "veterans" prioritize story a little too much relative to gameplay. Sure, it does suck if the story is bad, but at the end of the day, if it's still a fun game to play, it doesn't matter. Although, to give them credit where credit is due, the gameplay isn't perfect either, what with its iffy level design and questionable balancing choices. I'd still say it's a step above Awakening's gameplay, though.
  15. FE16 "leaks"

    Like IEatLasers said, Directs don't happen on Saturdays. I imagine if we do get a Direct/other presentation for the Switch's anniversary, it'll be a few days before or after.