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  1. Sprite opinion

    The sword does look better, though it will need to be re-shaded. That might be all the help I can give for now. Though I will add this: For actual sprite editing, it's best to make a pixel of your sprite equal in size to a pixel in the editing software you're using. One pixel in your sprite took up a 4-pixel square in MS Paint and it made your sprite harder to edit while maintaining consistent pixel size.
  2. Sprite opinion

    Like this. His sword should be shaped like what's outlined in blue.
  3. Sprite opinion

    That isn't enough. You also need to start from the top of the sword and add more pixels to the sides as you go down. The hilt also needs to be made larger. I'll see if I can make a demonstration of what I'm talking about.
  4. Sprite opinion

    An improvement. Next you should adjust how certain parts of his body are drawn to make it look more like the actual Goblin Slayer art. One thing you could try is making the curvature of the helmet look a little more pronounced and/or change the way the head is facing. Like, the way the head is drawn, I could not tell at first glance that this was supposed to be a sprite of Goblin Slayer. You could also try pushing it forward a little more, it looks like it's too far back. I would also make the shoulder pads smaller, as you may notice that his shoulder pads don't protrude that far out. The shield, too, which looks like it's supposed to be midway between a buckler and what you have now. The sword should be shorter and wider at the base, with more of a triangle shape than the straight one here. How good are you at drawing? I would try making a hand drawing of Goblin Slayer at roughly this size (a light pencil drawing, perhaps), then putting it on your computer if you can and pixelling over the outline with your darkest color.
  5. Sprite opinion

    Ooh, boy... Well, for one thing, the pixels in your sprites aren't even the same size. That's a big problem. You should also make sure your sprites have no more than 16 colors (including a background color to be made transparent) if you want them to be within GBA color limitations. Usenti is a very good program for sprite editing, especially because it lets you see how many colors you have (if you're within 16 colors, your palette should only take up a single row).
  6. Sanctaea Chronicles (SRPG Studio) (v1.1 NOW AVAILABLE)

    The problem is definitely fixed in Chapter 7! Woo! Now I just need to playtest the new chapters to make sure they don't have the same problem, either.
  7. Hello there!

    It's fine. I find it to be the perfect greeting song, whether you end up being a lurker or an active participant.
  8. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    The top one is ...interesting. Please explain. I can wholeheartedly agree with the bottom statement. Radiant Dawn's artstyle looks a little too polished (shiny?) for my tastes.
  9. Sanctaea Chronicles (SRPG Studio) (v1.1 NOW AVAILABLE)

    The maximum amount of characters that can be present on a map is 200, considerably more than the ~75 total that should be present in Chapter 7 at any point. I may have fixed the problem by making reinforcements spawn one at a time with the Wait for Completion option, but I'll need to do more testing to know for sure. I had started over my playtest run to verify the problem's been fixed partly to be safe, but also because Fritz got a blank Level Up and Marcela was getting Def-screwed and that made me sad. :( I'll try to re-test Chapter 5 when I get home and continue on from there.
  10. Nintendo Switch

    To my knowledge, the only Fire Emblem game currently out on the Switch is Fire Emblem Warriors, which may or may not be your cup of tea given that it's more of an action game and the playable roster is primarily composed of characters from Archanea (that includes both Shadow Dragon and Awakening) and Fates.
  11. Hello there!

    So you already knew what I like to greet people with? ...Crap.
  12. Under Grey Skies: An FE8 ROM Hack

    I for one welcome our new SRPG Studio overlords
  13. Sanctaea Chronicles (SRPG Studio) (v1.1 NOW AVAILABLE)

    Uggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh I've finished all of v2.0's chapters and am now doing final playtesting. I'm attempting to playtest Chapter 7 again and for seemingly no reason the game just locks up the moment the first Pegasus Rider reinforcements spawn. Obviously some of you will know that this didn't happen in previous versions of the game. I have no clue what's causing it now. So v2.0 will probably take a little longer to come around than expected. If enough time passes and I still can't figure out what's wrong, I may have to temporarily remove those reinforcements and maybe restore them in yet another later version. What a pain in the ass.