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  1. Return of Genealogy/Thracia's Bloodline Mechanic?

    And what if it does? Some people find complexity that you'd consider unnecessary appealing and engaging. I personally don't like the Holy Blood system or how Radiant Dawn handles the Trinity of Magic, but others might find it gives the game more personality.
  2. FE - Sacred Texts

    Okay, moving on. Chapter 4: I find it strange that the Village gives you a Hatchet when nobody so far can wield Axes unpromoted. Not Butter's stats are also strangely low for a promoted enemy. He also has a Brave Sword that he can't use and that you can't steal. What's the music that plays when you fight him? Have you considered making a second right-facing portrait for the Gonzalez lookalike? The "micky Ds" on his shirt gets reversed when he faces right. Nergal in FE7 has two portraits to avoid stuff like this. The Hatchet still costs 0G and can't be sold. Chapter 5: I think some of Dianea's Str growth rate could be moved to HP instead. Also for some reason she has a Skl debuff at the beginning of the chapter. Wind looks pretty worthless compared to Fire, as April has enough Con not to get weighed down by it and it costs significantly more. I would give it some kind of Critical rate or make it effective against Flying units. Who's the Vendor guy? Why does the Armorslayer look funny? Had I known Full Horse dropped a Regal Blade I would've saved my money for a promotion item. Oops. Speaking of Full Horse, what in Kaga's name are you thinking with him? The only person on my team who could reliably hurt him was a Level 20/1 Tristan promoted to a Sage with an Elfire tome and given the Knowledge, who still had poor hit rates. "Wow that was easy" my butt.
  3. Why dose no one make Peri a paladin?

    I didn't find her all that great as a unit, either. But is it madness? Or Sparta?
  4. Weapons and Items That Should Return

    I think the implication in his statement is that more complexity is a bad thing, especially if doesn't look necessary.
  5. Why dose no one make Peri a paladin?

    I dunno, we've had plenty of villainous Paladins in the past, like Petrine and tons of minor bosses throughout the series.
  6. Weapons and Items That Should Return

    SRPG Studio does have three Ice tomes among its default assets. One idea I had for Triangle-independent Tomes was that Fire tomes would be the most durable and have higher Might than the other elements, but wouldn't be effective against a particular class type. Ice, Thunder, and Wind tomes would have lower Might and Durability, but be effective against certain class types, with Ice being effective against Cavalry, Thunder being effective against Armored, and Wind being effective against Flying. Light and Dark tomes would have special quirks between them like HP drain, Brave attacks, higher Critical, etc.
  7. Weapons and Items That Should Return

    If the Trinity of Magic comes back, magic wielding classes need to have more varied defensive stat spreads to justify its existence. Otherwise Tomes should be Triangle-independent, with regular Mages and Sages having exclusive access to Light magic and Dark Mages and Sorcerers having exclusive access to Dark Magic.
  8. Why dose no one make Peri a paladin?

    It's also worth noting that Great Knight is portrayed as her "canon" promotion in Birthright.
  9. I just experienced a never ending game...

    Human beings can just be jerks sometimes. That's really all there is to it.
  10. Weapons and Items That Should Return

    I think he's referring to the Tomes/Daggers/Bows part of the RGB Triangle. I hope that doesn't come back, because those weapon types are specialized enough that they have no business being part of a Triangle.
  11. Weapons and Items That Should Return

    Weapon durability provides all the incentive you need. Even without it, anti-class type weapons (i.e. Armorslayers, Ridersbanes) and Killer weapons are also a thing.
  12. Weapons and Items That Should Return

    Fates would really have benefited from having Restore staves for those nasty debuffs.
  13. FE - Sacred Texts

    The River Folk's weapon can be made 1-2-Range, but don't lower Brandanh's stats. Just make it so that the River Folk can leave him at low health but not one-shot him.
  14. FE - Sacred Texts

    Indeed, that's also possible in SRPG Studio. But just because you can doesn't mean you should. Brigands, Thieves, and Pirates being able to ransack makes sense because they're traditionally criminal classes. Dragon Riders are not. I've just finished Chapter 4 with the newest patch. The Boop renders the boss a complete non-issue because of its infinite durability and 2-3-Range. I thought the River Folk with the Foot Things was supposed to be some kind of puzzle boss with him being able to one-shot the only person who can reach him, and the Toxin Lance would appear to play into this, but disappointingly I was able to just kill him by tossing Javelins at him until he died. This took several turns due to both its high Avoid and the two Elixirs it had. As for the other chapters, the difficulty increase is appreciated. I think I better understand now what you were trying to do with Batta. EDIT: Bleachigo's talking frames are off.
  15. FE - Sacred Texts

    Hey, hold on a minute! Dragon Riders can ransack Houses/Villages? Not cool!