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  1. A portrait splice of Carol. This one uses Tate as a base with Dorothy's shoulders and pieces of Florina's hair, with a few of my own modifications.
  2. I think I've had gray hairs since I was 16. Given these trends, I'm going to be really afraid when they start trying to pander to 2000s nostalgia in the 2020s. ...If the 2000s had anything at all to be nostalgic about, that is.
  3. The thing that stands out to me about Gen 1 of Genealogy of the Holy War is how a ton of problems could've been avoided if Deirdre wasn't dumb as bricks and stayed in the damned castle like Sigurd said to do.
  4. Yay! Someone else who likes Gonzalez and Charlotte! BERSERKER BOIZ Don't really care much for Arthur, though. He didn't really impress me as a unit and his character just felt a bit out of place given the setting.
  5. Fire Emblem: Uprising Chapter 6: Game of Death Objective: Have Carol Survive for 10 Turns Early that morning, Carol awakes from the same dream she had back in Ferenca, finding herself imprisoned underground, presumably below the Colosseum. She and her friends are all trapped in separate cells, waiting to be sent into the Colosseum's pit to die. They are struggling to figure out what to do when Aetius appears with Claudus, the Avatar, and their own men. Now that Claudus, Carol, and the Avatar are all together, Aetius decides it is time to explain to them all the history their elders never exposed them to: Long ago, Rema's god, Iopter, tried to overthrow the other gods and take over the entire Ferencan continent, but he was stopped and sealed away by the other gods with the help of two heroes, one wielding Excelsior, the Sword of Heaven, and the other wielding Peacemaker, the Axe of Earth. The gods granted these two the Mandate of Heaven and placed them and their descendants on the throne as Rema's new royal family. This family's greatest treasure was the Fire Emblem, a normally colorless pendant that turned red in the hands of those of royal lineage and was considered to be the physical manifestation of the Mandate itself. Claudus, however, does not ever recall hearing about this Mandate; Aetius continues with his story, adding that some twenty years ago, a Reman general named Tarquin amassed an army to overthrow the royal family and seize power for himself. He was able to kill all of the royal family except for the queen's sister, who managed to escape with the Fire Emblem into Ferenca, never to be seen again. Aetius finishes by taking out the "good luck charm" he'd taken from Carol earlier and returning it to her; it turns from black to red in her hands, signifying that she alone and not Claudus's family is the rightful ruler of Rema. He adds that it is her duty to save not just Rema, but the entire continent from Iopter's influence as a result of Cato's conquests. After hearing everything, Claudus and the Avatar also decide to help Carol, but none of them are sure how to go about protecting the whole continent from Cato. Aetius advises them to start by figuring out how to escape from the Colosseum and Rema to a more favorable land. However, before they can do anything, Aetius and Claudus's party is forced to hide as guards appear to take Carol's party into the arena to fight. Now pressed for time, Claudus and the Avatar try to think of an escape plan for them all. Here, the Avatar demonstrates his resourcefulness by remembering that there is a port directly east of the Colosseum. Once they make their way to that end of the Colosseum, everyone can be broken out of the arena and they can all escape to the port town to take a ship off of the Reman mainland. They must hurry, though! Outside, Cato is observing the arena fight from the royal family's personal box, where he himself grants permission for the fight to start. I'm not lying when I say I've been looking forward to this chapter. After all, you cannot have a story with a Rome-like kingdom without gladiatorial arena combat. All you need to do is last 10 turns without letting Carol die, at which point Claudus and the Avatar will appear to bust everyone out. Until then, the player gets to enjoy listening to an arrangement of Adversity from Thracia 776 as they struggle to have everyone survive. Carol and friends all start in the middle of the arena surrounded by enemies. Once again, you will need to use the terrain to your advantage, having everyone (especially Chaucer) take cover in the pillars. At the top of the map, you can see Cato himself in his private box. He has a unique class, Emperor, that is essentially a stronger version of the Bishop class, having an S Rank in Tomes, an A Rank in Staves, and Immune Status as a Class Skill. Cato himself also has very high stats for this point in the game and can wield both Light and Dark Tomes. He is armed with a Seraphim tome for self-defense, but this is purely cosmetic as the player won't be able to actually reach him. Furthermore, if Carol and friends defeat all of the enemies in the arena, Cato will immediately warp more in on the designated spawn areas regardless of whose turn it is to move and will continue doing so until the time limit is met. Also worth noting is that on Turn 6, the ground will give away into a spike pit that damages units that begin their turns in it, making the central four pillars unusable. So watch out for that. Once the time limit is met, Claudus and the Avatar will come in through the eastern gate (covered up by the map) and everyone will escape. Cato cries out in vain to have the Colosseum guards catch them, disappointed but perhaps not surprised that his little brother has turned on him. In Chapter 7, Claudus has an opportunity to settle the score with a certain racist old Paladin as his and Carol's armies continue their escape through the port.
  6. Funny you should ask this. I always had a headcanon that Waddle Doo from Kirby ate by zapping his food with a beam to turn it into pure energy and then absorbing it back into his eye. I assumed that was how Magnemite ate, too.
  7. Sorry about the lack of updates lately, particularly since the next chapter doesn't even have any recruitable characters. I've been doing some practice with SNES/GBA sprite editing, and so I made this attempt at a portrait of Claudus. ...Now you can see one of the reasons why I'm not trying to make this into an actual hack. I cannot draw in any Fire Emblem artstyle for jack crap, so I had to resort to splicing to make this portrait. Even then, as a splice this is very conservative. (If you're wondering, it's basically young Zephiel with Hawkeye's skin tone, Kent's hair color, and Matthew's shoulders, as well as a few of my own edits to his hair and cape to make it look more like my own art of him.)
  8. The only playable character I can think of liking who isn't very popular is Gonzalez, and even then his reception seems more mixed than anything else. I'm not going to lie, I have a huge soft spot for traditionally "evil" classes like Brigands and Dark Mages. Still, I can understand why a lot of people don't like him due to his atrocious accuracy.
  9. Pretty self-explanatory. I feel like Warrior would be a fitting class for me, but it would have to promote from a bow-wielding class since I've barely ever used an axe before and I like to think that I'm a fairly competent shot with a bow or gun.
  10. Favorite - Marty (Thracia 776): Give him nonzero base Skill and Speed and boost his growths in those stats just a little and that would honestly be enough for me Least Favorite - Severa (Awakening): I would say make her less of an annoying, whiny brat, but Fates already did that
  11. Fire Emblem: Uprising Chapter 5: Second Thoughts Objective: Defeat Barret On the way back to Rema, everyone is still in shock from witnessing the Massacre of Ioklos. Claudus in particular has spent a good portion of the trip holed up in his quarters, crying. Overhearing him, the Avatar comes into the room to try and comfort him, reminding Claudus that he can always turn to him/her when he's not feeling well. Claudus confides to the Avatar his remorse for being unable to stop the massacre, but also his disgust at the possibility that his own country is not only capable of such acts of brutality, but may even be perpetrating more in Ferenca and elsewhere on the Aegan Islands. Finally, he outright says to the Avatar that if this is the case, he does not want anything to do with the fighting. Suddenly, Ferrum, who has been eavesdropping on them the whole time, enters and tells them that would be a bad idea. Angered by his flagrant disrespect of his authority and his personhood, Claudus furiously socks him in the face with a hard punch. Ferrum shrugs it off and reminds Claudus that they are both bound by their positions and the expectations accompanying them to advance the cause of perpetuating Rema's superiority throughout the continent. Claudus demands to know why killing everyone else is necessary, but before he can be answered, there is a loud noise outside and they all must head to the deck to see what's going on. It turns out that pirates under a man named Bloody Barret have intercepted their ship and are attempting to board it. Barret demands that they all surrender if they wish to preserve their lives, but, of course, Claudus and his men do not listen to him, and resolve to protect themselves by defeating the pirates. Oh, goody, a boat map! These are always fun, right?... All kidding aside, this map is one in which you'll need to be a bit more careful. For one thing, Barret's daughter, Petricia, is waiting in front of one of the boarding planks to pounce on anyone unfortunate enough to enter her movement range, and you do not want to mess with her Killing Edge. Furthermore, your fighting space on this map is much more cramped that what you may have seen so far, so attacking the pirates first is not recommended since they're likely to surround you, especially the reinforcements that spawn on Turns 4 and 8. Also note the two chests. The one on the right has 10000 Gold, and the one on the left has a Beast Killer. Both of these will be extremely useful, so make sure to get them. There are two Chest Keys for them that are dropped by enemies. Petricia has one, and the generic Commander at the top of the map has the other. If Vincenzo is still alive upon starting the mission, he will recognize Petricia as a major threat and tell Claudus to let him deal with her. However, Claudus observes that she looks a bit reluctant to fight and wonders if she can be talked out of hurting them. The best thing to do is to let the pirates come to you so that you can handle them in more controlled amounts. Your first priority is to deal with Petricia with one of your tougher units. The best way to do this is to remove all of Ferrum's equipment and put him in Petricia's movement range so that he can soak up her attack without possibly killing her. Speaking of Ferrum, this is the last chapter in which you can use him before he leaves permanently, so it's especially important that his equipment be given to someone else so that it isn't lost. On the first Enemy Phase, Barret will tell Petricia to "make her pappy proud" as she leads the charge. Petricia, however, appears a bit irritated for some reason. Once Petricia is within your range, talk to her with either Claudus or Vincenzo to recruit her. If Claudus talks to her, he will try to convince her to stop fighting them and offers to take her away from the pirates if she doesn't want to continue fighting for them. She accepts the offer, finding that she has developed unusual feelings upon seeing him that compel her to be by his side, struggling to keep her composure all the while. If Vincenzo talks to her, he will ask her not to kill him, insisting that there are others more worth his time. Curious, she asks to know where such people can be found, and he offers to show them to her if she joins them. Doubting that she wants to keep wasting her sword on weak sailors as one of Barret's pirates and spying Claudus's handsome face, she agrees, compelled to do so by unusual feelings... Petricia is this game's Navarre character. She is rather close statistically to Vincenzo, but has better Resistance at the expense of Defense and a higher Weapon Rank to boot. There is not much difference between her performances as a Swordmaster or Mage Fighter, but Swordmaster is still recommended since she will not be able to take much advantage of her low Magic as a Mage Fighter. Starts with a Slim Sword, Killing Edge, Vulnerary, and Chest Key. You can start to enter the pirates' ship once most of the enemies have been cleared out. Beware of the generic Commander miniboss; he is armed with a Mythril Axe, Mythril weapons essentially being "Steel Slim" weapons. The only enemies on the map who do not move are Barret and the two Myrmidons with Kodachi standing near him. Barret himself is armed with a Steel Axe and Hand Axe, so you should deal with the Myrmidons at close range, where Barret won't be able to reach you. As always, Blaise will be helpful for his ability to attack the boss at 3-Range. After clearing out the pirates, the survivors (everyone if you're playing Casual Mode) will all make it back to Rema to rest. That night, Claudus decides to confront his older brother the Emperor about what's going on. When he enters Cato's chamber, Cato congratulates him for his excellent work in both wiping out the rebellion AND defeating Bloody Barret's pirates, remarking that he may consider sending him to Ferenca or even Tirna next. Dismayed that even his own brother is condoning mass murder of dissident subjects, Claudus demands to know why it's necessary to kill so many people just to assert Rema's dominance. Thinking Claudus to still be somewhat naive about why they're fighting, Cato decides to give him a little refresher: their father, Tarquin, believed that the Reman kingdom, while at peace, was losing the fortune it had under its god Iopter and being held back from its full potential. Believing that the gods and other countries were complicit in treating them unfairly, Tarquin worked until his death to rebuild Rema's army stronger than ever, so that the kingdom could reclaim the prosperity it deserved and show the gods the error of their ways. Not believing Cato's explanation to justify anything, Claudus reasserts his refusal to participate and runs out of the room. Disappointed, Cato hopes that Claudus will eventually be able to see eye-to-eye with him. Early the next morning, the Avatar is unexpectedly roused from their slumber by Aetius, who tells him/her to come with him to the Colosseum if they care about their country. Being awoken by them, Claudus overhears their conversation and asks what's going on. Aetius has already been told about the massacre and Claudus's reluctance to continue fighting for his brother, so when he offers to let Claudus come with them, he accepts. In Chapter 6, Carol and her friends are forced to fight for their lives against seemingly endless waves of gladiators in the Colosseum, all for the amusement of thousands of spectators.
  12. 10/10, quality shitpost Here's my video: I made this back when Takumi Stand-Up was a thing. As of this post it has over 77K views, more than any of my other videos combined. I give it an 8 out of 10, mainly because of goofs on my part an average human being likely wouldn't have noticed (using Selkie and Velouria instead of Kaden and Keaton, for example). Also, Takumi accidentally hallucinates that he's Haitaka talking about putting people in logs and throwing them off waterfalls.
  13. Fire Emblem: Uprising Chapter 4: Caught Objective: Rout the Enemy The chapter opens as a troubadour and his bodyguard are departing from a castle off in the distance. This is Leopold's castle, and these two men are trying to escape from it. The troubadour expresses his relief to have seemingly escaped, only for he and the mercenary to get surrounded by armed soldiers. These are Leopold's guards, who are patrolling the outside for intruders. However, their commander recognizes the troubadour as Leopold's son, and he orders his men to capture them. They run away until they encounter Carol's group. Carol asks the troubadour and mercenary who they are: they introduce themselves respectively as Chaucer, son of Duke Leopold, and Mastiff, Chaucer's bodyguard. Carol explains Leopold's actions and the rest of the situation to Chaucer, and she agrees to protect them if they help fight the guards. This is the first chapter with forts, which can be used for defense and healing. There is also an Armory and Vendor that sell the same items as the ones in the previous chapter. Other than that, there isn't much else to talk about. So let's meet Carol's new friends: Mastiff is the other Mercenary you get, having the edge in HP, defenses, and Constitution over Vincenzo. His better defenses make him better suited for a Doppelsöldner than Vincenzo. Starts with an Iron Sword and Kodachi. Chaucer is the initial healer for Carol's group on top of being another mounted unit. Compared to Helena, he is both more durable and evasive, but worse at healing. Promoting him to Hussar will make him stand out more as a physical fighter since his Strength growth is decent for a healer. Starts with the same equipment as Helena. Like the previous chapter with Carol, you should make your way towards the boss while taking advantage of forests and forts for evasion bonuses. Definitely make sure to keep Chaucer out of harm's way and deal with the Hunter adjacent to the boss. Once all of the enemies have been defeated, Carol asks everyone if they're alright when they are suddenly surrounded by Reman forces led by Aetius, who is the Avatar's father and will have the same hair and skin tone as him/her. Aetius is one of the more moral Reman generals, being around since before the coup and disagreeing with Reman imperialism. He recognizes Carol's "good luck charm" as the Fire Emblem, shocked that a member of the original royal family could have survived and realizing that she should be the true ruler of Rema and not Cato. Before he can do anything to help her, however, his less savory superior Crassus shows up and forces him to hand her and her friends over. Unable to do anything, Aetius takes the Fire Emblem from Carol for safekeeping and cryptically tells her "not to worry" before her group is taken away to the Reman capital, where they will be forced to fight to the death against numerous gladiators in its famed Colosseum. In Chapter 5, Claudus begins to question if Rema's conquests are really the best course of action for the country before his ship is attacked by pirates.
  14. Maybe if Kaga stayed we could've gotten Fire Emblem 64? I dunno.
  15. Funny you should say that, Lot ended up being the most difficult axe user for me to use in the early game. I think I was able to get more use out of Wade, though he still wasn't particularly good either. Meanwhile, my Bors got some lucky Defense procs and eventually ended up being very useful at endgame.