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  1. FE16 "leaks"

    Actually, no. It's Samael, who is known in Judeo-Christian lore as a demon or an angel of death. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samael http://megamitensei.wikia.com/wiki/Samael (shows his more dragonlike portrayal in the Megami Tensei series; I have a gut feeling that IS would use a similar portrayal if these leaks are real)
  2. FE16 "leaks"

    Didn't Fates have Kodachi and Wakizashi for this reason?
  3. FE16 "leaks"

    Isn't the Brave attack Skill normally called Adept? Pursuit is the one that lets you do follow-ups.
  4. What is it that People Love About FE5?

    It might depend on the character. I know I had an easier time training Marty and Asbel than I did, say, Lara.
  5. What is it that People Love About FE5?

    I suppose the beautiful thing about Thracia 776 is that you can Arena and Scroll Abuse as much as you want and the game can still be a decent challenge to play, even on Paragon Mode. Screw Chapter 5, though. (And maybe 24x, but I never played that far, so I dunno.)
  6. Endgame Team in Binding Blade.

    Mine: Roy (Mandatory) Fae (Mandatory) Rutger (Durandal user) Bors (Maltet user/rear guard) Gonzalez (Armads user) Sin (Mulagir user) Elen (Saint's Staff user) Lilina (Forblaze user) Raigh (Apocalypse user) Melady (Alternate Maltet user) My plan was to give Elen Aureola, but I didn't know you could only get an S Rank in one weapon and her Light Rank was too low anyway.
  7. Artwork and Sketches of the Book II Characters

    Hence why I think IS is trying too hard. Seriously, I think those things are almost as big as her head.
  8. Why Lyn is a bad unit?

    I never considered that. I don't suppose it would hurt to try giving her one if I'm not planning on using any of the potential Swordmasters.
  9. Artwork and Sketches of the Book II Characters

    Just because Felicia and Flora do it too doesn't mean it isn't stupid. No, not at all. If that's your thing, then fine. To tell you the truth, I think the real problem with Loki's design isn't that it's oversexualized so much as it is uninspired. Her design looks as if IS is trying too hard to capitalize on Camilla's popularity and it's a bit disconcerting. If my understanding is correct, lots of veterans who don't play for waifus/fanservicey character designs are afraid that this type of design will start to become shoved down their throats increasingly often in future games, and while I think these fears are certainly exaggerated, Loki's design doesn't help a whole lot.
  10. Best Team in Blazing Sword.

    My preferred units: Hector, Raven, Oswin, Bartre/Dart*, Wil, Lucius, Pent, Canas, Priscilla, Sain, Florina, Heath *I didn't use Dart much in my first playthrough, but would've put more effort into training him had I known about the Ocean Seal in Living Legend. What can I say? I love Berserkers.
  11. Artwork and Sketches of the Book II Characters

    Aside from Laevateinn, I can't really say I'm impressed by most of the new characters' designs. Loki's true form disappoints me most of all. Upon hearing they were a servant of the Demon King, I was quite curious to see what their true form would look like (maybe some sort of monster), but was dismayed to find that it looks like what appears to be a Camilla clone. Ugh.
  12. Underrated/Overlooked Fire Emblem Characters?

    I see what the problem is. By sequels I suppose you're thinking direct follow-ups like X-2 and XIII-2. In that case, you'd be right.
  13. Underrated/Overlooked Fire Emblem Characters?

    Are we talking about in general or for a particular series? Because Final Fantasy and Megami Tensei seem to do it all the freaking time.
  14. Underrated/Overlooked Fire Emblem Characters?

    I agree. Beck made a great support unit, especially when given Boots. But I thought he only had this long-range utility in FE11?
  15. I feel like my entire world has been shattered

    What What am I even hearing