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  1. Eh I like them. They don't really stand out that much, but I am liking what I'm seeing so far. Edelgard's outfit is pretty cute for the most part, and she looks like she is going to have Lucina's personality. She is going to be very serious and goal driven, but going to have a kind side to her hence the smile. Dmitri I feel is going to be the very serious, plays by the rules guy. I really like his outfit and color scheme, but his hair is weird. I don't hate it, but the bangs just look very odd to me. His in game model makes it work though so I don't know. Claude's outfit is nice, and the color suits him. I really like his design so far with the only problem being his character model. I still don't understand why they made it white unless the decision to make his skin tone tanner was a last minute one. Regardless, he seems like he is going to be the playful one of the three. I can see him teasing Dmitri and Edelgard, and maybe even being a bit of a flirt. Byleth's armor has too much black. It looks so flipping edgy especially with the crest design in the middle being red. He actually looks like he could be an antagonist with that color scheme, and his face is very serious as well. It seems like he isn't going to be as friendly as Robin in any case, and maybe be more of a straight to the point Avatar (I still think he is one). Would be a refreshing change of pace, and fit his role as an instructor.
  2. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    This is bad wording on my part, sorry about that. What I was referring to was how instead of just calling him Byleth, Mr/Sir Byleth, or Mr/Sir whatever his last name is they instead just refer to him as a gender neutral teacher. This sounds extremely odd in English where nobody is ever heard just calling their teacher just teacher. Teach? Sure, but that is usually done informally which Edelgard doesn't seem like she is doing. We refer to them by their last name, and from my extremely limited knowledge of Japanese culture (and somebody please correct me on this if I'm wrong) they also usually refer to their instructors by their title and then last name. Other JRPG's will also just have the other members of the cast refer to the Avatar by a general term so that they don't actually have to use their name in voiced cutscenes. All of this led me to believe that Byleth is an Avatar character.
  3. I'm expecting traditional but would prefer a more Gaiden style. I think that if we get to focus on all three houses it would make for a much more interesting story, but with an MU being included it would be pretty difficult to do unless we get to choose which house we want to focus on and then have them all reunite later. The tactician being there could open up side stories that the regular lords wouldn't be able to access because they don't have our experience, but otherwise leave the story as is.
  4. The 21 Crests/Emblems (for quick reference)

    I wonder if the ones that are obscured belong to groups that have since disappeared. It is odd that only 5 of them are damaged in the tapestry, and you can't even really tell what number 12 is supposed to look like.
  5. Except doing that would make the quality of all three stories suffer for the effort. They showed with Fates how badly they can handle that concept, and if they do it again it will just be a repeat of the same because FE does not have the budget to handle something like that. I think from the way Edelgard worded it though, we are probably going to jump from house to house. Maybe their clothing is just the uniform that everybody who attends any military school has to wear, but all three are not going to be attending the same school. It is possible we are just being hired from house to house, and that is why they all have different color schemes to go with their uniforms.
  6. Will This Game's Playable Roster be Elite Heavy?

    I'm going to be echoing everybody else by saying that the cast will probably contain more members of the upper crest then commoners. It would only make sense if the squads are being led by nobles, high ranking military commanders, fresh knights with a lot of potential that have some connection to the former 2, and mercenaries. Your random farmer is more likely to end up being part of the squadron then leading it.
  7. Do you want an avatar & S-rank supports? (Poll)

    That would actually be hilarious, and I can imagine him saying it too because of how serious he looked in the trailer. You actually just remined me about the Avatarsexuals. If we are getting another Avatar then I really hope they only limit it to one for each gender, or remove them completly. It is so annoying to see people who clearly have relationships with others be limited to only the Avatar because of player pandering. no I am not still salty about Ryoma and Scarlet what are you talking about
  8. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    That was only in the animated cutscenes though. Byleth never shows his face in an animated cutscene so he could still be an Avatar. Also, if he wasn't one it would be weird to hear them call him teacher all the time instead of his actual name.
  9. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Some people think it might be Naga, but I see Y!Tiki as well. I wish they had just localized the name as FE: Four Seasons or something that had more to do with the lore behind the name. Three Houses sounds odd, and immediately made me think of the localization group.
  10. Future forms of the Fire Emblem

    From the trailer I would imagine it is either the sword that the dragon lady is hugging, or has something to do with those crests Edelgard was talking about. They seemed to have been handed down by the Goddess so they have that going for them.
  11. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    My initial impression is meh. I'm glad the continent and the places seem to have a name, but it seems we might have more Dragon problems again. The character designs are nice and I am loving the female main lords outfit (and Claude's everything). Dmitri looks like he is going to be the serious one, and maybe even be the Camus of the game. If the church is part of the reason for the conflict, he looks like the one that would be the most hesitant to stop following its orders and join what seems to be a rebellion? The way Edelgard was speaking made it sound like she was going to start one against the Goddess anyway. I am going to be honest I like what I see about the gameplay except for durability being back, and the whole squadron thing we have going on. Durability was a coin toss, and it is just a small annoyance that I am going to have to manage my inventory again. The squadron looks weird though. It also sounds like it is going to impact gameplay with formations doing something, and seeing how Bayleth and Edelgard don't attack the commander of the squad but other people in it. Then there was that special attack Dmitri did when his squad got into a triangle formation. I don't think I'm going to like it much. The big bad doesn't look as obviously evil as Garon although he is still easy to point out, and we have another dragon loli. Oh and we have another Avatar although they look to be taking a back seat so yay? Long as children don't come back and nobody starts hero worshiping us for breathing I'm good.
  12. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    The fact that they named the three main lords, but just keep Bayleth and Teacher screams Avatar to me. At least it seems like they are going to be taking a backseat this time, and just instructing the lords. As to whether or not they could be a Jeigan, they could be but they could also just start out at level 1 like the others have. After all being a teacher does not mean that they have actual combat experience. They could have just come out fresh from military school and are teaching the lords about how tactics work. They might have even taken the job specifically because it would give them the combat training they sorely lack. It would be cool to have them be a Jeigan though, and it would fit more with the idea of the Avatar taking a backseat to what is going on.
  13. Advanced Wars x Fire Emblem?

    I got the same vibes but I hope not. I honestly don't like the squadron thing to begin with, and apparently they are going to have an effect on gameplay as well so I actually have to pay attention to them.
  14. FE16 "leaks"

    I'm going to be at work during the Nintendo Direct but hopefully I should still be able to catch it on my lunch break if the internet doesn't decide to act up. I'm kind of excited for it, but it isn't too the point where I would be disappointed or mad if it doesn't get revealed or if it is delayed. I just want to see something already!
  15. I think it would make a great Advance Wars game. I'm not being completely sarcastic it is a good story, and having a FE game that actually tackles classism (not just kind of mentions it here are there like Echoes) and the resulting civil war would be interesting. Not to mention a nice reprieve from all the evil cults/dragons. However, I've always associated Fire Emblem with fantasy, and I feel that shifting the focus from that to a more realistic steampunk setting would be way too jarring. It wouldn't really feel like a Fire Emblem game, and would be better off under a different name as its own series where the developers can really go all out, or under the Advance War series.