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  1. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    As far as I'm aware they haven't ever revealed anything through Cipher or Heroes. Cipher has th same problem the expo has since it is Japan only, and although Heroes is extremely popular there is no real way for them to give us a substantial amount of information (which is really what this game needs right now). At most we can get a couple of lines of dialogue from Edelgard, Dmitri, and Claude that would give us hints as what Three Houses is about, if thy decide to first ho the Heroes route. I still think we are going to get a little more in January and then a Famitsu article every month until the Expo/release date. Closer to the release date we will also be getting gameplay videos like with the 3DS games.
  2. Maybe. I hope they don't because that is part of what made Fates story as bad as it was, but it was profitable so who knows. I don't trust IS to not get a little greedy and try and pull that stunt again. We have a separate example of this in Fates with the children mechanic. They were obviously only thrown in there to get some extra sales because they make no sense otherwise. Even in SoV they seemed to have locked some support conversations behind DLC for very little reason. We'll have to wait until we get more information.
  3. No. Amiibo is fine, and DLC like Awakening where they had those card versions of past characters is pretty cool. However, I do not want any actual characters time traveling again. I really didn't like it in Fates, and just thought it was lazy to have them there. Unless this story is directly tied to another game then just give me an all original cast please.
  4. 1) I choose the third option because the only Avatar character I've liked from them is Robin so I'm not holding out much hope that they would do it well in Three Houses. Also, I forgot that an Avatar character had basically been confirmed by Nintendo at this point. If I could take that vote back I'd switch it to the second one. Either give us dialogue choices or give them a small bit of personality. Even without that though I'd still be fine with it so long as every single playable character isn't falling all over themselves to mention how perfect we are and how we can do no wrong... 2) I picked the third option just because I don't want any child units to return. Although I actually wouldn't mind if some endings ended up in marriage but only if it makes sense. I actually liked how some of the Fates couples ended with them wanting to get to know each other better, and then the ending mentioned the marriage. 3) Both are important, but I choose story because that is the one I care about most. Unless the game in painful to play I will do my best to finish it if the story is good. Specifically the characters though.
  5. Are you worried about Three Houses?

    I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little worried after what they did with Fates, but I'll remain optimistic for now. From the small amount that we know of the game the only thing I don't like is the potential Avatar character, but that isn't a big deal. I just hope we get some more info soon.
  6. Should the weapon triangle return?

    I think the weapon triangle is an easy way to get new or less experienced players thinking about their strategy's early on. That having been said I'd prefer if they only stick to the sword-axe-lance triangle.
  7. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I'd actually like it if it was both. Sort of like how the Hoshido and Nohrian kingdoms have their own classes and those classes have a certain look towards them. This could just be the look of the class that is only really seen or obtained from somebody who lives in that specific kingdom. I'd like that as it would also serve as some nice world building for each major area of the game.
  8. I expect the frame rate to be fixed by the next trailer. The textures will be nicer as well, and it might not have as much clipping but I don't think anybody should expect too much from the visuals for this one. It is their first time working on the Switch as well as working on something with as much power as it has. Think of how they didn't add feet to the Awakening models because they didn't think they could, but then they updated the models for Fates once they learned how much they could do. Even so, I believe the majority of their hard work is going to go towards the main hub/towns and major battles. Just look at the difference between the tutorial fight's battlegrounds and the academy. The tutorial area looks like a generic plain battlefield with some trees thrown in, but the academy seemed to have so much detail put into the little we saw of it.
  9. 1) I had to google what affinities where because I'm an Awakening baby. That having been said, no. From what I read it seems to be too complicated, and like something you would need a guide to fully understand which is a nuisance when applied to gameplay mechanics. If I'm wrong somebody please correct me. This isn't the first time I've heard of them, but I don't think I ever understood what they were. 2) Yes! I am a shipper at heart, and love pairing up my units although I'd be fine if the S-support ended with them just dating like Leo and Sakura's. The rush to marriage has always felt a bit odd to me. It made sense in Awakening since they have to mention the rings for second gen, but even so some of them ended up being weird. On the note of second gen, no just no. Unless they do it as a time skip I do not want children coming back. If you must tie a pair a kids to the first gen units then just give them their own game. Awakening's addition was fine because time travel was a central theme of the game, but Fate's execution made me not want to pick the majority of them up at all. 3) I feel like only certain support conversations fit the mood of a battlefield. It just makes more sense for people to have conversations and arguments with each other off the battlefield when everyone isn't trying to stay alive and defeat the other army. 4) Now that we have had full voice acting for support conversations I feel like anything else would be a step back. Full voice acting brings the characters to life so much more then just simple text would do. I would gladly sacrifice the number of support conversations we get in favor of that to an extent. 5) And only to an extent because having multiple different support partners helps flesh out a character just as much as full voice acting if those support conversations are done right. I think we should have an equal amount of romantic and non-romantic supports and not just limit the romantic ones to only the member of the opposite sex. It is just more realistic and not every single one of them has to end in friendship. Most of the soldiers go their own way after the war anyways so it would work just fine. I think 3 romantic supports and 5 to 7 non-romantic ones would be fine. But that might be too much or too little for some people. I'm not sure what a good ration would be.
  10. I'm hoping that the high school is only the main hub for the prologue and then we get moved to another castle that will serve as the actual main hub for the rest of the game. It could be that the game starts off during a regular time of peace, and you just got hired to teach these kids at this prestigious school owned by the church. Then the war kicks off and you either volunteer or get conscripted to go fight in the war because the church noticed how good you were as a tactician. If the high school does end up being the main hub my expectations for the game are going to drop. High school settings bring to mind nothing but anime tropes. It doesn't help that Fates itself was filled with them, and putting the majority of the characters in high school (which is what the majority of the army will reasonably be in this setting) will just seem like a continuation of that.
  11. Who was your first S support?

    BR - Jakob; CQ - Leo; REV - Jakob The funny thing is that I don't really like Jakob that much because of his support conversations with Dwyer. I just keep marrying him because I reach S-Rank with him stupidly quick because I play with him at my side so often, and none of the other bachelors but the brothers and Kaze (who I keep sticking with Azura) appeal to me. I think I just need to play the games again and actually pay more attention to the everybody.
  12. When Do You Think We'll Next Get More Information?

    We probably won't hear anything until January in a big Direct focusing on all the games coming out for the year. Maybe we might get a Famitsu article or a small teaser trailer in December, but I'm not going to hold my breath. IS's marketing strategy seems to be to announce a game title, show a trailer, and then go dark for several months until we get closer to the release date. Once spring comes around we are going to be getting multiple trailers and Famitsu articles to go over.
  13. It's Nintendo. It is going to be limited just because Nintendo seems to like under stocking a lot of their special products. I personally don't really care much about limited editions and only got the Fates one because it was the only way to get all three routes on one cart. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered.
  14. My Thoughts/Hopes for Three Houses

    Yeah there was that, and also people leaving him out of a bunch of fanart unless it was picking on him. That died down pretty quick, but I still felt bad enough for him to give him some bais. Honestly though, none of their designs really stand out that much to me. I just favor guy characters so they get ahead haha. It is why I call it my husbando bias. I actually made a couple of typos when I was writing about Byleth because I was exhausted. I meant to say I don't have any interest in him because he looks too much like a bad guy. His name implies he is, his design implies he is, but his role is that of a teacher? And of such obviously good people? It doesn't match up and makes me wonder if they are going to play it off as him being in league with the bad guys all along, and then he'll either change his mind or be revealed as the big bad later. However, if he is an Avatar that is going to piss a lot of people off if they play it straight so they might just pull a Conquest on him. Except if they are going to do that then they shouldn't even flipping bother because it is going to go down terribly. He is actually part of the reason I am so reserved on this game. Depending on how they play him + how integral he is too the story it could ruin it really quickly. Of course this is all speculation and I'm probably wrong, but this is what I am getting from him so far.
  15. My Thoughts/Hopes for Three Houses

    Going down the list: 1) I am hoping that the story centers around Edelgard, Dmitri, and Claude. The less focus on the Avatar the better although since he is going to be their teacher it would make sense for him to be there for them to lean on during emotionally charged moments. I also think the fourth choice here will also be true. I wouldn't even be surprised if she is going to be our final dragon boss. 2)As somebody who likes the marriage mechanic but is meh on the children in Awakening and find their method of inclusion downright idiotic in Fates, I think my choice here is kind of obvious. I do like to ship characters, but more then that I like to read all of their support conversations and get to know them better. Obivously this could be done without marriage but if I can have the best of both worlds then why not? I don't think that everybody should be able to marry everyone else, and would like to see more same sex conversations show up though. 3)My favs go Dmitri ->Claude ->Edelgard----->Byleth. I have no interest in Byleth at all, and am kind of hoping he doesn't end up being an Avatar even though he probably will. Edelgard reminds me a bit of Lucina whom I was pretty meh on. Claude has husbando bias and that is about it. Dmitri also is pretty much husbando bias but since everyone kept picking on him I've kind of felt bad for the guy and favor him a bit. Plus he looks like he is going to be the more serious one, and I tend to like those characters quite a bit. 4)I choose three but I'll probably get it day 1. The question whether I will play it day 1. I've been pretty meh on a lot of what I've seen so far, and nothing has really made me very interested besides it being another FE game. 5)Number 1 is the only way they are going to get a lot of positive advertisement I feel. If somebody makes it into Smash a lot of the Smash fanbase is going to be mad that yet another FE character made it into the roster. I mean it will still be good long term if people like playing as them, but I already saw some of this sentiment with Chrom and he is just an Echo fighter + a character people feel got snubbed last game (giving him more positive feedback). The third one is definitely going to happen. We already saw them do it with Echoes so it will definitely happen with Three Houses. How much of that translates into sales is another thing entirely.