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  1. FE16 "leaks"

    Well it doesn't have to all be boat maps. Although there will be quite a bit of those there can be just as many maps on land. I can see some being escape and defend your boat maps as well as your regular route missions. Pirates do eventually have to hit land to restock on supplies and get themselves in trouble. They can also design the sailing sections as free roam to get to the island and maybe you can hit another ship or a sea monster in the same vein as the monsters you can fight in the dungeons in SoV to escape requiring so many boat maps. They are visible and will make a beeline for you if they see you, but you can also avoid them if you like (easier in the sea then in a cramped dungeon for sure). Most of the actual story important moments will occur on land this way.
  2. When Ryoma's cutscene starts in Conquest he actually ends up setting the whole castle on fire. The next map is an escape mission out of the now burning castle with a quick scene at the start of Ryoma, Kagero, and Saizo bickering about how they told Ryoma not to do that. Ryoma of course responds with "But it was cool!"
  3. Can Fates Work with a Golden Ending?

    I like golden endings so I want to say yes, but the problem with Revelations isn't that it is the golden ending but that it makes no flipping sense. If they try this again in the future I would love for them to have a golden ending that actually works with the story they created not introduces a lot of plot holes and sweeps any actual conflict under the rug in favor of a new bad guy nobody knew about until now.
  4. Thoughts on overclasses?

    Nice to look at, but annoying to actually get to. I didn't buy them but the fact that you need to grind just to be able to promote to them is kind of stupid in my book. If you are going to be spending money to get OP classes you should be able to use said OP classes without having to go through such an annoying extra step. It doesn't help that grinding in SoV is especially slow.
  5. Not normally no. However, SoV is a special case for me because you are always going to be deploying everyone outside of dungeons normally. I felt like I had to get everyone promoted, and so I did the extra grinding to make sure no one lagged behind level-wise. I'm glad I did it but there is no way I would be able to do that in Awakening or Fates.
  6. Yay I got my Bunny Alfonse, and his lines are golden! I really love how the voice actor voiced all of his lines. He sounds both like he doesn't want to be in the bunny costume, but is still kind of amused by having to do it.
  7. FE16 "leaks"

    There was a leak saying that the game had been delayed in order to give it a worldwide release so I suppose there is a small chance Mutiny is still a thing. However, pirates wouldn't work well with the FE formula unless someone at IS remembers how to write morally gray characters. Pirates are rarely ever depicted as the heroes from what I've seen, and most FE lords are very much the good guys. Yeah some do some morally grey stuff but for the most part they are pretty good people just trying to stop the big bad from whatever it is they are trying to do. Not that any of this matters since the leak is obviously fake but just wanted to get my two cents in on Pirate Emblem.
  8. FE16 "leaks"

    I feel like this is a stupid question but data mined form where? As far as I know you can't data mine something from nothing. There isn't abig event coming up except for E3 and that is still months away. So that sounds fake from the get go. Then you have those Pokemon game names that sound to close to that fanmade one called Uranium and it just sounds like someone that is trying to hype up the Nintendo fanbase again...
  9. Tempest Trials: Invisible Ties!

    I was waiting for this Tempest Trial to start capping out Hero Merit on some of my units but then I pulled the whole family and I can't really bring myself to switch them out. It's FRobin, BChrom, FMorgan, and MMorgan just soloing the TT and they actually synergize well enough to do Lunatic 7 without my backup team needing to be called in. I guess I'll switch them out if I manage to cap their HM but for now I can't do it. Currently I'm at 35,304 and am hoping to get to 40,000 by the end of the day although I might go beyond that. I want to get to 99,999 by the end of the weekend so I can kind of ignore TT like I did last time. It felt so nice to not have to worry about it for a couple of days. Makes these longer ones feel like less of a grind although I know that is only because I grinded so much the first couple of days.
  10. FE16 "leaks"

    The problem with this is that Fire Emblem can no longer be called niche, and that is what all of those games are. As much as people talk about loving Metroid and wanting a new F-Zero game the numbers don't lie. All of those game series are niche and have always been so. That is why it can take longer for a new title to show up as opposed to their much better selling franchises...of which FE is one of them and that is the reason they had 3 games practically back to back. Fire Emblem will sell well and the Smash rep will keep it in the minds of people who use that character or who see it on the roster. Will it sell as well as it could have if they had released it earlier? No. I said this before as well that by doing this Nintendo is going to have to hope that the game has long legs, and it just might but they are gambling without knowing they are gambling. One of the worst and best things about Nintendo is that they don't pay attention to the competition. It means they don't pull some of the stunts that the others do, but it also leads to scenarios like this one where they are ignoring big name games that can affect the profit of their other games. Then again what big name games are coming out around November and December? I feel like everyone is doom saying because the only two big games coming out so far are Call of Duty and RDR2. Both of which come out in October so a Nov and Dec release date for FE isn't going to be too badly affected. In my experience the majority of people who want these games will buy them on release or around there. Some parents will be buying CoD for there kids during Christmas and of course others will be gifting them as well, but the majority of sales will be in the release week. That is when most video games make the majority of their sales.
  11. FE16 "leaks"

    It being the wiser decision doesn't really matter when it comes to Nintendo. You are absolutely right, but I can see a November or December release anyway. Nintendo isn't up to date on what all the other game companies are doing, and since RDR2 isn't even coming out on the Switch they probably don't care at all. I doubt that the game will bomb though. It will not do as good it would if they released it earlier, but it will not bomb. The two crowds aren't so interconnected that one will majorly affect the other, RDR2 comes out late October so the majority will get it then and leave late Nov and Dec for other titles, and then there is Fire Emblem Heroes and the inevitable Smash rep. FEH will keep the hype for the game up, and you should never underestimate the impact Smash has on a series. I don't think we are going to see a PoR and RD situation here too much because of all of that. Still initial sales are going to get hit, and Nintendo better hope this game has long legs to get the best from it.
  12. FE16 "leaks"

    Nope your right I misremembered. I was thinking about that interview and another one and threw dungeons in there because I don't know. I scratched it out of my original comment, and apologize for the confusion and false information. And I have to apologize to you as well for misinterpreting what you said. That was my bad! I feel like it will partly because of Fire Emblem Heroes though. It has gotten a lot more people interested in Fire Emblem, and so more people are going to be hyped to look for news based on the new game. Even people who aren't going to buy the game are going to be interested in looking at the new heroes they will be able to summon and pick out their favorites. So the hype will be there unless they royally mess it up.
  13. Over a year ago we had an FE direct

    I know it is one of Japan's favorites, but I'm not sure that number is correct. It is actually pretty low on the list based on lifetime sales. It only sold second best to Mystery of the Emblem if you only include the Japanese games that were never released internationally. However, if you include the internationally releases it is only the sixth highest barring Awakening and the others after it. That is still very high and the game has quite the cult following even amongst Western fans but I doubt it will do any big numbers. I think FE4's gameplay actually has some of the same problems as FE2. Some parts of it are pretty experimental like the trading system being annoying, and the large maps making it difficult for anybody not on a horse to keep up. The story will probably still make it the second highest selling remake regardless of them keeping it the same or not, but I feel like it would sell more with some gameplay changes. Again though I doubt IS would care. All the remakes are just going to be quick projects they work on in between main series development so we probably shouldn't expect much.
  14. Over a year ago we had an FE direct

    I feel that when we get another remake it is going to be Blazing Blade since that is what some of the developers said they were interested in remaking. We might get Blinding Blade first though just because it is the prequel. Although Genealogy is a favorite among the Japanese, it also contains a bunch of content that would need to be looked over and fixed. The story itself can cause controversy, but I think it would be best left alone as no matter what they do I can see there being backlash from people. The main problem is going to be the gameplay. I haven't played it but some parts of it really sound annoying, and I can see sales dipping if they keep too much of it like with Echoes. Then again I think IS and Nintendo are going to have low sales expectations for all of these remakes so they might just not care. We are definitely going to get one after the Switch release. I think they saw how well it worked out for them with Fates and then Echoes so they might make it a regular thing, or maybe have 2 new games and then a remake.
  15. FE16 "leaks"

    I doubt it is going to be the focus of E3. I have a feeling they are going to set up their E3 booth in a Smash Bros theme, and Fire Emblem will just have a trailer in the Direct and gameplay footage from Treehouse. In that sense it doesn't have to be very impressive because the majority aren't going to analyze it as much as we will here. Everyone's main focus is going to be on Smash Bros just like with this recent Direct. Jeez I saw maybe a couple of mentions of Mario Tennis and some Splatoon stuff, but the majority of the internet that saw the Direct was talking about nothing but Smash Bros. I'd imagine we are going to have some dungeons since IS wanted to put them into Fates, and will probably still want to include them in this game (This part is something I misremembered ignore it!). They will also be open-world esque, but these are just small parts of the game (hopefully since I didn't really like the dungeons or My Castle much) and I don't think it is enough to compare it to an actual open world game. The way @Hawkwing described it would be the only way that makes feasible sense, but it also doesn't sound like a traditional FE game and might lead to another Fates situation.