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  1. To echo everybody else, it just seems like something that would get frustrating very quickly. I'd prefer if they do more with the battle animations instead to give me a reason to not want to skip the animations (the first time through). They keep improving this with every game iteration, and I'm really looking forward to what they come up with on the Switch.
  2. Least favourite character(s)?

    I don't really dislike anybody, but Delthea kind of annoyed me sometimes. Mostly because sometimes she sounded like a brat, but then I remember that is because she is a child that has been told she is amazing for a while, and just get over it.
  3. Reclassing Dread Fighters.

    This ^ Although to actually use the answers in the survey, all cavaliers because I don't know what else to put them in. I don't like buying DLC unless it is story stuff so the first choice is out, soldiers aren't the best, it would be weird to see any of them as mages, and I don't have the resources to create enough Killer Bows (the only bow I give to them) for all of them. So Cavaliers it is.
  4. FE16 "leaks"

    My guess is that all this stuff with the indies and third parties was being planned alongside all the first party stuff from Nintendo. However, they realized (or somebody from one of the indies/third party companies mentioned) that if they showcase their first party stuff along with their stuff that there is a good chance that the news about anything not first party would be drowned out. So they planned this mini Direct to be shown first, and then a regular length one will be held next week or the one after to give them their time in the sun. It would be a smart move since even now I see a lot of hype for Mario Tennis and not much else except Dark Souls. Mind you, Mario Tennis isn't even as big as FE (at this point), and some of their other bigger franchises are and yet this is still happening.
  5. FE16 "leaks"

    I'm happy to hear that it was debunked, but who is Oscar and why would he know for sure if it is fake or not? Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question.
  6. Oh okay. Then a Tempest Trial starting in January could be it. They could frame it as getting a free New Year's unit for the games first year anniversary. Hopefully not though. I need a break from TT.
  7. FE16 "leaks"

    Oh no...Welp at least we know who our Camilla is going to be. I can't imagine Bontessa being dressed in anything but fanservicey clothes. Women that are pirates usually have that midriff showing top, with a short ass skirt, and thigh high boots. Okay I just checked googled Syrenne and yep here is one of our Camilla's. If this game has a lot of pirates I have a feeling some more of the female cast will be dressed similarly, but then again maybe I'm just being overly negative because of some of the art in Heroes... As for the plot, it sounds weird. If Hzir and Bontessa aren't the main protagonists then the plot has to deal with them heavily to get them introduced in the first trailer. Maybe Prevaza is trying to find her (sounds like a girl name to me) brother, but then how would that play out in a fire emblem game. Unless the pirate nation is considered evil by the main character's home nation, but Bontessa's crew isn't actually doing anything wrong or I don't know but I hope this isn't true. I'd take the vampire game over this, but then again I was never really into pirates.
  8. Would you like me to day 1 Stream this game?

    It would probably be very helpful for anybody here who is undecided on whether they want to pick it up or not.
  9. Nothing An anniversary log in bonus, with some new banners or a rerun of the old ones (or both), new quests for the year, a voting gauntlet about the first 8 characters to be summonable, and a new Tempest Trial. Honestly I'm not expecting anything that will actually get me excited. I'm finding TT more and more of a slog and VG's are boring if you aren't heavily invested in a character. Hopefully they introduce one of those new modes they mentioned in the survey since they seem like they can be interesting to mess around with for a while. I hope NYCorrin isn't included though. He is supposed to come out sometime in January, and if they push that back even more I am going to be seriously annoyed. I guess he might be part of the TT and that it starts late January, but didn't the original tweet mention him being part of a quest line?
  10. I was going to go for all three, but after having to use my 80 stocked orbs and getting nothing (even though I was pulling on all of the orbs) I gave up on that idea. I used the Jan orbs and some extra bought ones to get the soup prince and quit the banner. On a kind of related side note, I keep reading the NY that people are putting on the characters name (NYTakumi, NYAzura, NYCamilla) as New York XD.
  11. Favourite Box Art

    I choose the Awakening box art. I love how they managed to put every plot important character in the character in such a way that it doesn't look cluttery, but that you can still see a hint of their personalities. There are also the little details like Kellam's face being obstructed, and Frederick having his hand around Lissa protecting her (my fav pairing for them). Besides them I also like the box art for the special edition of Fates, and Echoes artwork is pretty nice too.
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Winter Festival vs. New Year’s!

    Joined Chrom and am prepared to lose to Tharja, but not without my Klein putting up a good fight! I just wanted to join the unit I liked most, after him I'll go to Takumi. If Takumi isn't there then I don't know which team to join and might just not participate at all except for random matches here and there. I can't even muster up the desire to play it for the feathers anymore. This is just boring, and I'm already dealing with TT plus grinding sp in the Warrior maps.
  13. No, I don't see the reason for PvP in the mainline FE games any more then in Heroes as they both have the same problems. The person who moves first is likely going to lose, matches will take forever, and it makes it so that there are only a small number of viable builds you can really have (if you want to win in multiplayer). FE is better served as a single player game first, with cooperative side content like the Fates castle systems. I don't mind the AI battles much because the AI doesn't suffer from the first two problems I mentioned making the third not that bad to deal with.
  14. Skill Inheritance through Supports

    I'd say keep the lowest level skill inheritable just to give people more of a reason to switch classes, but keep the best skills tied to that class. I don't really see a problem with them being unlocked at levels 5 and 15 to give people something to work for though. Other then that I didn't really like how weapon skills worked. It was annoying how long it could take to unlock some of the skills, and how a weapon's skill was tied to the person. It makes perfect sense as to why it would be tied to the person, and if weapon skills do come back then it should stay the same. As annoying as this is, the mechanic would be broken in half otherwise. They should change how quickly some of them gain skills though. Maybe make it so that the speed at which they learn it is based off the soldier's weapon rank. So a soldier with a B rank in swords would learn skills from an iron sword faster then someone at D rank. Just increase the speed by .5 for every rank above they are. I'd also prefer if it only the legendary weapons and weapons of a certain rank can gain skills. I think giving every weapon in SoV skills worked there only because there aren't that many weapons to begin with, in comparison to other mainline FE titles. I like the ideas for innate skills and support skills though.
  15. So I'm diving into colorless hell for this one then. I'm hoping to get all of them (for once) but my order of preference goes Takumi<-MCorring<-Azura<-Camilla (just because she has good art though because I have a kind of built Elincia).