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  1. Who was your first S support?

    BR - Jakob; CQ - Leo; REV - Jakob The funny thing is that I don't really like Jakob that much because of his support conversations with Dwyer. I just keep marrying him because I reach S-Rank with him stupidly quick because I play with him at my side so often, and none of the other bachelors but the brothers and Kaze (who I keep sticking with Azura) appeal to me. I think I just need to play the games again and actually pay more attention to the everybody.
  2. When Do You Think We'll Next Get More Information?

    We probably won't hear anything until January in a big Direct focusing on all the games coming out for the year. Maybe we might get a Famitsu article or a small teaser trailer in December, but I'm not going to hold my breath. IS's marketing strategy seems to be to announce a game title, show a trailer, and then go dark for several months until we get closer to the release date. Once spring comes around we are going to be getting multiple trailers and Famitsu articles to go over.
  3. It's Nintendo. It is going to be limited just because Nintendo seems to like under stocking a lot of their special products. I personally don't really care much about limited editions and only got the Fates one because it was the only way to get all three routes on one cart. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered.
  4. My Thoughts/Hopes for Three Houses

    Yeah there was that, and also people leaving him out of a bunch of fanart unless it was picking on him. That died down pretty quick, but I still felt bad enough for him to give him some bais. Honestly though, none of their designs really stand out that much to me. I just favor guy characters so they get ahead haha. It is why I call it my husbando bias. I actually made a couple of typos when I was writing about Byleth because I was exhausted. I meant to say I don't have any interest in him because he looks too much like a bad guy. His name implies he is, his design implies he is, but his role is that of a teacher? And of such obviously good people? It doesn't match up and makes me wonder if they are going to play it off as him being in league with the bad guys all along, and then he'll either change his mind or be revealed as the big bad later. However, if he is an Avatar that is going to piss a lot of people off if they play it straight so they might just pull a Conquest on him. Except if they are going to do that then they shouldn't even flipping bother because it is going to go down terribly. He is actually part of the reason I am so reserved on this game. Depending on how they play him + how integral he is too the story it could ruin it really quickly. Of course this is all speculation and I'm probably wrong, but this is what I am getting from him so far.
  5. My Thoughts/Hopes for Three Houses

    Going down the list: 1) I am hoping that the story centers around Edelgard, Dmitri, and Claude. The less focus on the Avatar the better although since he is going to be their teacher it would make sense for him to be there for them to lean on during emotionally charged moments. I also think the fourth choice here will also be true. I wouldn't even be surprised if she is going to be our final dragon boss. 2)As somebody who likes the marriage mechanic but is meh on the children in Awakening and find their method of inclusion downright idiotic in Fates, I think my choice here is kind of obvious. I do like to ship characters, but more then that I like to read all of their support conversations and get to know them better. Obivously this could be done without marriage but if I can have the best of both worlds then why not? I don't think that everybody should be able to marry everyone else, and would like to see more same sex conversations show up though. 3)My favs go Dmitri ->Claude ->Edelgard----->Byleth. I have no interest in Byleth at all, and am kind of hoping he doesn't end up being an Avatar even though he probably will. Edelgard reminds me a bit of Lucina whom I was pretty meh on. Claude has husbando bias and that is about it. Dmitri also is pretty much husbando bias but since everyone kept picking on him I've kind of felt bad for the guy and favor him a bit. Plus he looks like he is going to be the more serious one, and I tend to like those characters quite a bit. 4)I choose three but I'll probably get it day 1. The question whether I will play it day 1. I've been pretty meh on a lot of what I've seen so far, and nothing has really made me very interested besides it being another FE game. 5)Number 1 is the only way they are going to get a lot of positive advertisement I feel. If somebody makes it into Smash a lot of the Smash fanbase is going to be mad that yet another FE character made it into the roster. I mean it will still be good long term if people like playing as them, but I already saw some of this sentiment with Chrom and he is just an Echo fighter + a character people feel got snubbed last game (giving him more positive feedback). The third one is definitely going to happen. We already saw them do it with Echoes so it will definitely happen with Three Houses. How much of that translates into sales is another thing entirely.
  6. Now that the community has turned her name into a meme she is stuck with it forever. I'm not going to use it personally, but I will probably now misread her name in game if I'm going through the text quickly (menus, character screen, etc...
  7. The 21 Crests/Emblems (for quick reference)

    This would be a pretty cool scenario, but it might not just be the Church who would be keeping their crests. Depending on what the crests do, there would be other houses that would not want to give up their crest but are not overly religious. In the trailer Edelgard says that the crests "are tokens of the goddesses power". If this means that every crest holds a bit of the goddesses power then getting rid of them would not be a smart move as it would render your house weaker then the others around it by getting rid of it. I can see this being a major conflict with getting one of the boys recruited as well. The most interesting part of all of this is how Edelgard would convince the other houses to start getting rid of their crests to start forming her army. And a big army is going to be what is needed to fight the church since it seems to be the largest organization in the continent. I wouldn't be surprised if the head of the church is the one ruling the actual continent. All we have heard so far are that there are lords, but we have yet to meet a member of the royal family after all.
  8. Thanks for everybody that corrected me! I'm not sure how I got them messed up. Although I agree on the thieves and dancers part, I can see how having a team of clerics would still look realistic. In the video we can see that when characters get hit some of their squad disappears. Assuming they aren't all dead but severely injured then when they get healed they would then just fade is again to show that they have been healed. If this is how healing works then it would make sense for there to be a squad of only medical personnel to heal everybody and not just the commander.
  9. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I'd like something similar to SoV that way we can follow along all three of the lords, but I'm expecting something more linear. I can't really picture a way for all three of them too stay together for the whole adventure considering what Edelgard says in the trailer about not forgetting about her. So either we have to choose between Dmitri or Claude only or Byleth gets separated from all three as soon as the main conflict starts. We then go around recruiting everybody as we learn more about what is going on in the continent.
  10. The 21 Crests/Emblems (for quick reference)

    So after watching the trailer again I noticed that the automaton that Claude is fighting has a crest that looks similar to number 1 and 6, but isn't actually like them. So now I'm wondering if the tapestry only showed the crests of the original houses. If instead of being a physical object, the crests actually represent each individual house then it would make sense why there are some that don't look like the ones on the tapestry exactly but still resemble some of them. Over time some of the houses probably merged together, fell from grace, or had their crests changed for some other reason. Although this probably isn't true since Edelgard seems to be speaking of the crests as if they were actual objects. There does still seem to be more then what we see in the tapestry. Even the ones that are obscured don't really seem to resemble the one on the automaton much.
  11. I don't know how I missed that the automation enemy didn't have a squadron while I was checking through the video. Maybe it is only the human characters that will get squadrons then, or maybe some classes are the exemption. Large enemies and allies like the automaton and manakete wouldn't need squads while an assassin would just outright not want to have one around for obvious reasons. I love this idea btw. It reminds me of one of the cutscenes I've seen in Radiant Dawn where Dheginsea takes down a castle by himself.
  12. I wonder if we are going to get a playable one in this game. I noticed from the trailer that the units in each squadron hold the same weapon as their commanders in the trailer. Claude's have bows, Edelgard's have axes, Byleth's and Mercedes have swords like them, and Dmitri's have lances. If we get a playable manakete then would that mean we get a squadron of dragons Please? Or would the manakete not transform and instead use a weapon?
  13. - At least one person (most likely female) will be obsessed with Byleth if they are the Avatar - A female character is going to have an unrequited love with a lord. Hopefully they are more an Oboro who can actually get together with said lord as the latter can get annoying quick. - Cain and Abel trope - A "quirky" character like Peri and Henry - The flirty character that women get annoyed by - The serious retainer that takes their job way too seriously - The "canon" love interest for at least one of the four main characters. I have a feeling this is going to be Edelgard to Byleth ala Corrin and Azura but I really hope not... - The bad guys are going to be able to be spotted immediately - Dragon loli either acts like a child or considers us a sibling after a conversation - I think all three of the main lords embody different tropes just from how little we know about them, but hopefully they will subvert them or be deeper then that
  14. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Ah okay, I'll keep that tabbed then. Thank you!
  15. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I'd actually like it if IS just made all gender specific classes unisex from here on out. I wasn't a fan of Subaki or Charlotte, but I liked that we finally had a male pegasus rider and a female berserker. On a separate note, this is the first time I am actively trying to follow a Fire Emblem game prior to release and I'm curious if we are going to have a thread that updates the first page/first couple of posts with any new information that gets released. I don't really have time to check on the forum much until the weekend which is why I was asking.