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  1. Team If

    Ahh okay thanks for the heads up.
  2. Team If

    Don't want to sound like a beggar but are chapter summaries on the world map translated or you guys gonna translate them later? I only see Chap 0-4 translated. Thanks again for the hard work. :)
  3. Team If

    Thanks for all your hard work!!
  4. Team If

    Wow nice to see good progress made. Thanks for all your hard work Teamif :).
  5. Team If

    Yeah my bad for my mistake. It only works for the main game not dlc. Tested up till Chap 6 didn't realize Chap 7 is when the Invisible Kingdom started.
  6. Team If

    Thanks for the guide it works Kyonko802. :) The guide is a great ref for those who want to know how to patch dlc in general . However, to let you guys know there is an easier way without having to go through the hassle and headaches of patching the game and dlc. If you have luma 7.0+ then you can take advantage of the romfs system that was implemented. The folder structure should be (root of sd card:luma\titles\(gameid)\romfs). Put the patch files in the romfs folder and bam you are done (works with dlc also). I recommend a clean copy of the game and dlc for this.