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  1. @SatsumaFSoysoy @KongDude @shadowofchaos Thank y'all for pointing out. I had my game running on "Traditional Chinese". Those options aren't there. Just switched to "Japanese" setting. It's there all along. Sorry for the hiccup.
  2. Have yet to get an English copy of the game. Been watching some Ghast Station's videos as of late. In his latest video, "BERKUT DESTRUCTION STRAT", when he's visiting the blacksmith, I noticed there are two new options not in the JPN version. One being "Inscribe", and another being "Erase". Apparently, those allow you to either assign or remove nicknames for your weapons. That's so cool! Now I gotta get myself an English copy because I'm just a huge sucker for that.
  3. Unaddressed concern(s): 1. "Maybe the bonuses are already there. The game is just not showing them properly. I forgot to post these four shots originally, depicting unchanged rates regardless whether Mathilda is beside Clair. Not only did the original support bonuses (+5 AVO for Clair, from Mathilda; +5 AVO for Mathilda, from Clair) disappear completely, but also the "supposedly" new support bonuses are nowhere to be found.
  4. @SoulWeaver I really hope so. Wish IntSys'd focus more on their game, instead of jumping on the dlc-bandwagon.
  5. *Update* Once again, I adhered to the method mentioned previously. After testing the other support pairs, they work as intended. However, like before, the conversations are completely silent. (Unsure whether the "support bonuses" will remain once reached A or B rank for each pair. Have to test that, too.) What were the QA testers doing during production? Jesus Louise...
  6. @The DanMan The Gradivus room can be accessed via the portal, in the first teleportation room, that has Celica's Brand on it. Good luck!
  7. This post is for FE fans alike. Just been grinding for the new "Support Convo" added to the game recently. Not sure if anyone else is having the same problem, it seems the support bonuses that Mathilda and Clair provide to each other completely vanished as soon as you reach C rank. I thought if I have them reach A or B rank, then those bonuses would return. Unfortunately, that's not the case, as shown in the picture #2. (Sadly, I did not take any photos of their C rank and B rank prior to making this post.) Surprised, I immediately tested another support pair, Lukas and Forsyth. For this pair, I recreated the scenario in which Mathilda and Clair first had their C rank conversation. The map is "Lord of the Grave", one of the maps from Wave 2 DLC. As shown in picture #3 through #5, their support bonuses retain, working as intended. Interestingly, their conversation is completely silent on this map, though the sound returns when playing on "non-dlc" maps or replaying their conversation via Mila's Turnwheel. Note: As of now, I have yet test the remaining support pairs. Perhaps there are more glitches as such to surface. I certainly hope not, as I'm a tad agitated with IntSys's devs at the moment. Had they just left these in the base game, this would not have happened, as they'd have ample time to play test it. Hopefully they'll patch this before next week, when "The Rise of the Deliverance" pack releases in the west.
  8. This post is for FE fans alike. Note: I'll not be talking about the story, voice performance, art direction, etc. Those are subjective. I'm only sharing my experience with a certain in-game feature. Now FE: SoV is finally out for everyone to enjoy, and the game's reviews are slowly pouring in. Let's talk about some of the issues that players may or may not experience. Personally, I find the "Storage System" and "Item Management" in this game are extremely frustrating. 1. Instead of grouping the same item together, the game treats each one as a unique entry on the item list. Consequentially, you have to scroll through a long list of junk before finding the 'item' you need 2. Unable to highlight/select the amount of items you want to sell while visiting a blacksmith; you are stuck with confirming the same prompt over and over again for each item sold (Would you like to sell an "Orange"? Y/N Would you like to sell an "Orange"? Y/N Would you like to sell an "Orange"? Y/N ...) Jesus Louise!
  9. Well, if IS ever gets around releasing an FE6 remake, wish they could bundle FE7 together with it. Also, no more DLCs please. I just want a vanilla FE experience.
  10. Oh, that's too bad. Well, hope he'll be in the next entry then. Really appreciate his enthusiasm and energy in "Awakening" and "Fates".
  11. Hey Armagon, thanks for the reply. Yeah, in the Japanese version, Faye has a roundabout way of saying sorry. Starting off saying "I feel lonely when you(Silque) stopped talking to me. I'm sorry for being so selfish before."
  12. Please tell me one thing. Is our boy Kaiji Tang in this game?
  13. For this post I'll be using "Mrperson0's" video as a reference. Video title: Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia All Support Conversations English Version Video link: First and foremost, Studio 8-4 absolutely knocked it out of the park with the "Support Convo" in this game, at least in my opinion. The team did accentuate on some relationships and a certain character a tad much. Positives (IMO): - The translation closely follows the original script, with a few charming twists. - The voice cast is fantastic; resembles the Japanese cast very much so (in terms of delivery and tone.) "Miss(es)" (IMO): - Studio 8-4's over-emphasizing on Ephie's/Faye's feelings for Alm in the support, and removing the subtlety of Alm's awareness to Ephie's/Faye's love (In the original A-rank support, she comes to terms with her infatuation with Alm, instead of droning on how much she loves him so) Rough translation (original dialogue): - picks up where Ephie says "What do you think? Do you think my dream will be realized?" Alm: ...sorry, Ephie. Alm: I'm not planning on returning to the village. I no longer can. Alm: There're so many things I have yet to accomplish. Alm: And that's all thanks to my friends... Alm: Thanks to you (everyone in Alm's army), I was able to find my purpose in life. Alm: That's why, I thank you, Ephie. Alm: It's been my pleasure to be able to travel with you. Ephie: Ahem... I knew you would say that. Ephie: I'm also very glad to be able to travel with you, Alm. Ephie: Once this journey ends, it's time for us to go our separate way. Isn't that right, Alm. Ephie: But until then, hope you permit me to keep on loving you like before. Just this one thing, Is that fine? (Less clunky - Ephie: But until then, please allow me to hang on to these feelings of mine. Is that alright?) Alm: Of course... (Can't find an appropriate onomatopoeia to convey Alm's feeling, so I have this phrase instead; the original sound closely resembles "um" or "erm") I don't think Studio 8-4 needs to go that extra mile, as shown in the video (around 8:10 - 8:15), to make clear that Alm is not interested. Perhaps just me, I really don't think Alm is a blockhead like Tiz or Yew, protagonists of the "Bravely Series". He knows what's up. Overall, like what I'm seeing so far. Definitely going to pick up an English copy in the future. Hope fans alike will continue to support the franchise, no matter good or bad time. "Hum de dum de do" - Jail bait #???
  14. Damn, really hoping to see Anna as a playable character. Oh well, Lando's fabulous hair makes up for it.
  15. To quote one of my favourite people: "I just really like girls" - Yoko Taro.