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  1. I luckily randomly pulled a hinoka back in June, but still have no S!Corrin. Its a shame as I already have Hinoka, Minerva, and Palla ready to go. I have been using Catria in the meantime, but the lack of magic hurts.
  2. Free summons are always welcome. Also another tome wyvern is useful. Flier Emblem is now more viable! Not sure how to feel on the new echoes trials, but the balance changes are welcome.
  3. I'm surprised no one brought up Together We Ride. Pretty much the first song in the series heard internationally thanks to Melee.
  4. I would like to see the whitewings, if I had to choose one, I would have to go with Palla just for personal bias. *shrugs* Camus would be really cool, if he's like Lu bu or Volga. Appearing suddenly and being really powerful as a boss. I really want to see an armor knight, could be Effie or Draug, as long as its not Kellam, cause characters that are only treated as a joke don't really suit my tastes. Minerva would be cool as the classic Wyvern Rider plus having a regalia weapon.
  5. Luckily, the og pegasus trio isn't the least likely of the pegasus'. That would likely go to Sumia, Subaki, and Rinea. The 2nd gen pegasus kids honestly have no chance at all besides being referenced in skins if they are lucky. Their main competition is Cordelia, Caeda, and Hinoka. 2 of them have a lot of plot relevance in their games and have lots of fans. The other is extremely popular. Aversa is kind of a wildcard and being mostly magic centric, doesn't really hurt the other pegs chances (besides taking up resources/dev time.), whether she appears or not. I expect at least 2 peg units. One using lances, the other using swords. If they have a 3rd it will likely be Aversa. But honestly I expect if we do get her it might be DLC.
  6. I'm going to rule out the magic triangle just for the fact that Robin's gameplay uses all different sorts of anima magic. I assume it might be Fates style for gameplay balance, so Mages, Archers, Ninjas won't have an advantage over the rest of the roster.
  7. I'm assuming there going the DQ Heroes route and start out with both of 'em. Chrom will definitely be the first 'Hero' you meet besides the OCs.
  8. What could Fire Emblem Switch learn from past games in the series. There's a lot of discussion to be had here, whether it be the inclusion of Voice Acting like in Echoes or having Dragon Vein styled mechanics like in Fates. There's a lot to be said of what this new game will take from what it's learned over it's 15 game lifespan. If anything at all, what would you like to see return? I wouldn't mind seeing the return of FoW maps maybe with a dragon vein style mechanic to help disperse the for in certain hidden away areas, for example.
  9. Given we know that Alexis Tipton is voicing, do you think her inclusion gives the whitewings more of a chance of an appearance in the game? I sure hope so as it would be nice for Camus and them to continue to hold the record of most appearances in a Fire Emblem game (barring Anna). I feel worried that they may only appear as npcs, but it would be nice to see at least one of them playable with costume switching. Also the idea of a triangle attack in a Warriors game sounds too good to be true. With how much attention to detail the other warriors spinoffs have, it would be a shame not to have that as a nod to the mechanic.
  10. I have faith the devs aren't going to be lazy and clone her, I mean look at all the unique sword users in in other warriors games. Barring OCs like DQHeroes and custom characters, most movesets are unique. Though there is overlap between similar characters in Dynasty and Samurai.
  11. Lissa and Frederick with Axes are quite nice. Now all we need is Camus for the Horse Emblem triangle. I like Lucina and she was pretty much guarenteed. Even as a sword user. Robin being our first mage is cool. Hopefully there'll be others showing up as well.
  12. There's no way I could've gotten through Thabes Labyrinth without Tim Horton's. Definitely my favorite unit in echoes.
  13. Barth is now a pirate with the bases and growths of Dart. Comes with Hand axe, and swordreaver. His pallete is change to purple. Sword of Seals is now a dragonstone for Roy with the same stats. It is now known as Stone of Seals
  14. Vulneraries are now Doritos. Same effect just different icon. Elixers are now Mountain Dew. Garcia is now Greil. Has the prf. Weapon Urvan with a mt of 10, crit +10 Knoll and Lyon have been swapped
  15. So Klok on the FEXNA subreddit updated us on a unit comparison tool. Pretty interesting with allowing it to be for both difficulties also. I hope to have a lot of fun messing around with this engine. The possibilities with adding code seems limitless. :)