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  1. There's no way I could've gotten through Thabes Labyrinth without Tim Horton's. Definitely my favorite unit in echoes.
  2. Barth is now a pirate with the bases and growths of Dart. Comes with Hand axe, and swordreaver. His pallete is change to purple. Sword of Seals is now a dragonstone for Roy with the same stats. It is now known as Stone of Seals
  3. Vulneraries are now Doritos. Same effect just different icon. Elixers are now Mountain Dew. Garcia is now Greil. Has the prf. Weapon Urvan with a mt of 10, crit +10 Knoll and Lyon have been swapped
  4. So Klok on the FEXNA subreddit updated us on a unit comparison tool. Pretty interesting with allowing it to be for both difficulties also. I hope to have a lot of fun messing around with this engine. The possibilities with adding code seems limitless. :)
  5. FEATURING DANTE FROM DEVIL MAY CRY. The only thing I could ask for is some BS, Berwick and Tearing Saga. Also add a new in there. Anyway on a more serious note, I'm sure Ninty/IS has bunch of titles stockpiled somewhere waiting to be used.
  6. At least marth's design looks nice. It's pretty much FE12 with some liberties taking such as the brooch.
  7. Been with Robin since the beginning as Nino wasn't part of this unfortunately. Still it's Time to Tip the Scales.
  8. I was lucky enough to get Genny first pull on the banner. Its nice to have Elise contributing a bigger part in the team. Unfortunately she's -atk. Still its better than standard staves
  9. I pulled Genny, but I forgot to screenshot :/. I pretty much just used her for wrathful staff on my Elise.
  10. Any pc game with a ton of hot keys, like Elite Dangerous/Simulation games, any moba/MMO, etc. I typically prefer few buttons or a controller honestly. I just can't keep what every button does specifically remembered nor do I have the muscle memory to press the right key when needed for those types of games. Otherwise I'm typically the prodigy of my friends being able to pick ip new games quickly and efficiently
  11. Thank you. Not the worst iv at least but certainly not the best, I'm just happy to have my favorite lord who got me into Fire Emblem in the first place. Now just to train him up.
  12. I think joining this site gave me luck, I just pulled Ike after many orbs trying! So happy and boy I'm glad to say I'm still f2p Does anyone know the IVs I got?
  13. After playing FE7x, I can't wait to hear more about this engine. I wonder how easy would it be to add trial maps similar to FE7x where its entirely separated from the ongoing chapter by chapter gameplay. By that I mean having predetermined units that may even be already in the campaign, but with different stats and items that don't carry over. I really liked that, cause they were by far the most replayable chapters.
  14. Long time guest on Serenes (probably for a good 3 years or so), but haven't joined until today. I love seeing the fan projects on here, its what drawn me to this site, alongside being part of other forums. Being "FireEmblemnier" on Smashboards for instance, though I haven't posted as often there as I used to. It wasn't until Heroes came out that I've been going on this site just about daily, so I decided to join in the discussion. I've played all of the US released FE games, I should get around to playing FE4 and FE5 eventually, but I bet that won't happen for a while.