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  1. Of course I mean feathers, what can fans offer anyway? I might decide to side with less irritating team if it became vocal again though.
  2. Hmm, no Serra nor Wrys, what a farce. Well I will go with team Sakura, because I have her. Afterwards I will go full mercenary and for whoever offer more.
  3. Hmm, I think new version of Lyn will be prize of next TT. If you think about it carefully it became clear why she didn't make appearance in Binding blade. It's because she got lost in time vortex. There is no other explanation.
  4. I am pretty much fine with current FE weapon triangle, but I think gem weapons would be nice addition Also grand heroes battles as after game content to recruit boss units.
  5. Finally managed beat infernal, though honestly I don't have clue how. Probably I managed beat both mages in same turn and had archer and both Legions kamikaze on Cecilia and Eldigan respectively. So I got 2k feathers and all I have to do is spend 2k feathers to promote Laslow! Great deal if you ask me.
  6. That's true, she can't. Mine has desperation, but without other stuff it's not that game breaking. Well I usually use my other units (Hector, Tharja, Azura) bait enemy and finish them with Bridelia while healing everyone who took damage. She doesn't get hurt herself often.
  7. Without much thinking I gave axe breaker to Eldigan, but now I wonder if he were good enough without fury to do job...
  8. Why are you not using Bridelia as healer? considering you want farm SP you should be shooting a lot anyway. You could Tharja or some other bonus unit instead of Genny.
  9. 50k mark reached. I will probably try get some orbs later, but now I will pour effort into my Infernal Legion team. Pulse might be good match for Eldigans Bonfire. Yeah, I feel so refreshed doing something different...
  10. Lucky boy, I had to promote mine (still only red mage in my stock lol).
  11. 1) Hector (Sol/pivot), Tharja, Azura (both vanilla), Bridelia (desperation3, BoL seal), Initially it didn't work that well, but now they can semi regularly clear quickly first 6 maps. Bridelia is best healer. 2)Palla (repo/DB3), Cordelia (repo), Camilla (smite), Minerva (Iote shield). Yeah my regular flier team. If Tharja teams got unlucky fliers take over. Very versatile and sturdy team. 3) actually I am not sure, it's completely random team with sole purpose to surrender in final round. 4)Azura, Cecilia (Blade/Glimmer/HA3), Olwen (DB3/Glaciers/WC),Titania (MoonB/LoD/D3/HC). Classic cavalry. With dummy team before them they can clear map in 2 turns unless Leo spawns. They can clear map even without softening enemy before, but it's always nerve wrecking. Getting 600+ score with A rank speed.
  12. @JSND OK, I will take your word for that.
  13. Thank you, Kagero seems pretty good choice. Don't they have also fury? @Zeo Anyway here you have specialist. Hope you find it as useful as I did.
  14. OK if I can ask you for further correction. Neutral atk Kagerou with DB2 and axebreaker would be 44 (35+5+4), infernal legion has 28 def. (44*1,5 - 28)*2= 76 damage so neutral kagerou with axb and db2 should ORKO Legion. I am not really sure, so... Edit: but they have fury 3 so he barely survive.
  15. There is never too much of Lucia fans.