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  1. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    That's all @Icelerate fault! Anyway, you can be happy your Reyson has ideal Tibarns IV. Better then nothing?
  2. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    I would even say +Atk/-Spd is best IV Tibarn can have.
  3. Entrusted Grand Hero Battle: Naesala

    Pretty easy this time. At least with my +10 Cecilia. My team was her, Rein, Titania and N!Gunthra. Cecilia killed everything but Red dragon and Naesala. Gunthra killed dragon and Rein with Titania teamed to kill Naesala.
  4. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Wow, Tibarn is truly beast (pun not intended?)! He is killing high defense lances like colour wasn't even his bussines. Nailah in other hand is more difficult to use then I expected (still, I love her battle animation and never missed one). In the end I decide aim for Lenne too, transformation mechanic turn to be more annoying with regular dancers having to stay step behind...
  5. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    200 orbs and I got both Tibarn and Nailah (plus some pests). Tibarn has relatively ok-ish IV, but Nailah is -Atk (+SPD, but still...), I will try get better wolf before banner ends. That was fast now I got -HP/+Res. Should be better, maybe?
  6. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Do people even hate Naesala? I never heard about such thing.
  7. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Except Lenne I found jap voice acting much better, especially when it come to Naesala, his english voice doesn't fit at all.
  8. Beast transformation mechanic treat both dragons (breath users) and beasts in same way. So yeah dragon laguz will be normal dragons if powercreepy.
  9. Forging Bonds: Hearts as One

    I certainly wouldn't mind bit flirting with Nailah. But I do hope everyone else will have better writing.
  10. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    That's different I think. Dragon basically is user of breath, where flying/armour is movement type. you can be ONE weapon user and have ONE movement type. Every beast/dragon have access to two kind buffs already (Nowi is for example Dragon/Infantry, Lenne is Beast/Flyer ect...). I don't think game has mechanics to make someone dual weapon user.
  11. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Doesn't really matter. Point is, percentage rate up ISN'T for unit but for ORB that contain rate up units. Basicaly if game determine session has one rate up unit under marble you have 1:4 chance it will be let's say blue one (Nailah) and 3:4 it will be red, colourless or green marble (Tibarn, siblings). If Lenne wasn't in banner chance that rate up unit will be under blue marble and not red or green will rise to 1:3
  12. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Nice banner, having two refreshers sounds odd (Caineghis would make sense in place of one of them), but who really care? Anyway Three squares movement flyer refreshers are as much busted as Tibarn or Nailah imho. I will snipe only for wolf and hawk though. I am pretty sure I will get some herons eventualy along the way anywaly. Also given dragons are threated as shifters by Laguz weapons, I would say it's safe assume dragon laguz will be just standard dragonstone users, which is cool with me.
  13. Voting Gauntlet - New Year's Showdown!

    While I am not saying it's the case, why should Veronica being more popular then Lucina or Celica be considered weird? Plus unit performance always played important role in franchise when it came to character popularity, so there is no reason single that out.
  14. Voting Gauntlet - New Year's Showdown!

    They should put in Alphonse or Helbindi instead. You know... popular guys. Well so far it's good to be in team Gunnthra
  15. Voting Gauntlet - New Year's Showdown!

    Sending request. That said most troublesome foes are bows (especially Lyn), so I am not sure how helpful your Hinoka will be.