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  1. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    Well maybe, but in that case it would better be Greenlincia
  2. August Legendary Banner Expectations

    So armors and dragons aren't thing in arena anymore? While I am pretty far from this tier 21 thing, I do meet lot of bulky units in arena. @Lord-Zero OC we got were also part of main cast and lords to boot. With bit of luck these units you want will get in as GBH, but almost certainly not as legendary hero. Rules are pretty obvious at this point
  3. August Legendary Banner Expectations

    I don't denny that. Though making use of that kind of reach sound like lot pain to set up and I don't think better offensive stats make her better PP unit especially as she physical attacker and there are also few units she might not be able double, which is not issue with Rein She might indeed be bothersome in defense teams. Certainly better than legendary Lyn in that aspect. Maybe better then Rein because WoM and FV. Though I would like to see it in action first. Anyway do defense team get bonus from blessing? I have vague impression it's not the case.
  4. August Legendary Banner Expectations

    there is lot of green units that can do same job, but that honestly doesn't matter as there isn't much green meta-defining unit, which you want have in your team for any cost. There might be better green, but they aren't better a lot and of course they don't give blessing. There is certainly much bigger competion for blue spot than for green. Also with low bulk she still will have trouble to fight High high atk DC swordslike Xander or Ryouma (Or Aira as she occasionaly runs DC in her A slot) unless in desperation range, where there isn't much blue mages Lyn would have disatvantage against. PP infantry is much worse then cavalry or flyers, but for EP movement type doesn't really matter. Team support is perfectly non-issue for EP units too. I will ask you, what would rather replace in your team to get blessing. Rein/Nowi or Julia/F!Robin?
  5. August Legendary Banner Expectations

    I don't think so. Lyn can cover such threats as Rein or Nowi, wher Lucina would want be replaced by Rein or Nowi. Lyn also does relatively good job as counter unit as she stack lot of buffs, where I don't think Lucina can reliable kill swords and Lances (Dragons would eat her alive) with DC because low bulk.
  6. August Legendary Banner Expectations

    Thing is neither Ashmard nor Zephiel ever were main character Grima is still sort of Robin so can pass for legendary. While I agree Lucina is lackluster, Lyn being green make her great. Blue is pretty dangerous color in metagame.
  7. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    I think Lyns without atk and spd bane are just myth
  8. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    Got -ATK Lucina, if she had good nature I might keep her because she really look good, but in general I don't feel her star's and skill set as much as Gunthra and Lyn (especially Lyn). Well can't be hellped, my dragons will have fun with DG. And regarding whole this sexism nonsense. I really thing females should be one express whether they feel insulted first before all these white knights jump on case and start point finger. Same goes for LGBT, racism and other fashionable issues (not that members of these group has monopoly on truth either, but it would filter out 90% unnecessary bulshit)
  9. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    Honestly all this salt is stupid. Legendary heroes = Main characters. That of course include Lyn and Lucina. I think it's OK dislike whole notion of legendary heroes, but if you are fine with eventual legendary Sigurd and Marth you have no right complain about any other hero that fit same criteria as them. Well, there is lot of thing I am unsure about. Should I pass completely and HOPEFUL comes soon. And if I roll and get her should I keep her for glorious art or make my dragons awesome with Distant Guard. So many thing decide...
  10. Veronica is interesting enough. She isn't even In my top10 and probably not even close to it. But she has personality, interesting background and pretty much everything that makes decent character. Also why do you consider her getting more votes after midterm results bad thing? It's not like it's unfair to characters that didn't have shot as they.. didn't have shot.
  11. There are still chances for some underdogs emerging. This year we got Veronica, next it might be Hrid or Laeg, not to mention there will be Edelgard and other characters from Three houses. These things itself make pretty good arguments for CYL3 That's so much true. Myukichi voice alone is best part of Fates. Loki is interesting villain . It's shame lot of people (like you) judge characters based solely on volume of their chest...
  12. Hrid is certainly very cool (pun not intended) character and I would be happy if he became playable... ... but you know what? I still want playable Laegjarn more.
  13. Libra is as guy as Lucius. So you are obviously wrong.
  14. I think it's almost necessary if you want put galeforce/ Aether on unit with Refined legendary weapon and inherited swift sparrow...