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  1. I am over 100k now. I would like get to 120k to see if I can got mor feather (currently around 9k in ranking).
  2. Yes, escape route on Bridelia is brutal, thank for that idea. It worked.
  3. She has 38 speed, but with 36 hp and 14 defense (LoD) he should be able one-shot her even without doubling, shouldn't he?. You answered before my edit so If you would willing provide more advice, I will point it was enemy phase by turn 4.
  4. I tried your strata, while substituting a little (Rein -> Olwen+2/ Klein -> Bridelia and mine Xander has fury 1 and no bonfire yet), it works fine, but than Valter decide go toward Xander instead Bridelia by turn 4 and mess it whole for me. Is it because less fury buffed stats?
  5. To be fair, Narcian has a lot of personality...
  6. Basically still same though. Well Guidance indeed can greatly alter course of a battle. BTW WoM can also greatly change course of battle. And speaking of things that can greatly alter course big battle we shouldn't forget about ER. And that's still is not all! Drag back can do that too as can Lunge. Regardless still easier to deal with than Rein in Vantage.
  7. It's not like you need any convenient unit to counter it in first place. It's practically same as with WoM or ER. If you can deal with these, you can deal with Guidance as well.
  8. It's not completely impractical if you have enough skill fodder for your disposal. It practically mean your unit has double of sp it would have by merging on lv.1
  9. I think it's great idea. For armor emblem DC Effie is better than Zephiel imho as red mages are worse for Hector than green. Berkut lance would certainly improve that potential too.
  10. Is there any patch that turn it into good game? I might also try if that's the case.
  11. Yeah don't give up when I was hunting for Bride Lyn, Kagero broke my pity rate TWICE, than it was Bridelia, Sakura and even two b!Caedas (even though I didn't even roll for blue). But it was worth! Just remember we humans are beings that can live without food (or paying rent) as long as we have enough enthusiasm! You live only once and you will not have much use for money once you are in the grave.
  12. Used Xander instead Stahl and ended few turns faster, tried use Olwen instead of Ursula, but that didn't work, good I have her trained as well. Without Nstyler I would miss that orb.
  13. RNG purpose is force you use more units and make every playthrough different. It's alright if your unit get screwed, next time it will be broken instead. With wast amount of units there is plenty of replacements. I think some units should get boost by remake though. Cecilia for example, she is supposed be elite but totally fail, being prepromoted is one thing but she doesn't have even decent base stats (I usually spent all items I get to make her mediocre, but still...). Cath: You go through plenty of pain recruit her and as reward you get like worst sword unit in game (she also should get support with Roy) and several other examples.
  14. I am running secondary team just to accommodate bonus unit, but I am cleaning it with Palla / Minerva / S!Corrin / Cordelia. Can manage even without any healing (though I did give Minerva and Corrin Renewal today as I had some spare Faes and got lot of SP from grinding TT.) Quickpulse Galeforce Cordelia is really addictive :D
  15. Insulted? How?