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  1. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    Sharena: sHareNa S.Catria : Chillwing Agree with Ninjabbit and Axefonse
  2. New Voting Gauntlet!

    My choice is clear clear, my support goes to Sharena. If she were to loose because multiplier shenanigans (because it's impossible for her to loose for any other reasons), I will go with Usagi no jutsu.
  3. I am pretty sure Axzura was first Prf weapon seasonal. Hector might be second, but not sure if there weren't any one between.
  4. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    Casa Blanks = White House is self evident... for Spanish speaking members. Which is far from universal knowledge. In same manner it's not great idea assume all people can peak Italian, Chinese, Russian or French (not to mentioned various minor languages). I guess Japanese should be plus minus alright as majority people here watch anime and stuff. Edit: About WRRRY, I didn't intend be mean, but I am not particularly smiley kind of person so I didn't bothered soften that joke with it. Though I briefly considered doing so. Not sure if it helps.
  5. Yay second best princess got even cuter! Gotta get her no matter what. Kagerou looks also nice I will try get her too if I get some leeway. I don't have clue how can anyone resist that smile...
  6. Who Should Be a Future Legendary?

    This so much, but let"s be honest, while Lae has some chance, not so Marth. Sooner we Marths pants became legendary hero then Marth itself.
  7. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    It's about very famous meme from Jojo bizarre adventures, it's so famous that everyone, except you know it. Takumi damaged arts is spitting image of it and in general Fallen Takumi is very WRYYYworthy. BTW I never seen single episode of it. Also about "President Eliwood" I doubt lot of people will get it. Speaking of him, what about "Hollywood" instead being hero from "LA"?
  8. New Voting Gauntlet!

    What do you mean she looses CYL gauntlet, because Ike is there? Irc she was like least popular character in that gauntlet. Only getting fight Ike because she got last hour multiplier at least once (and she didn't even fought Lucina who would also get more votes then her without multiplier shenanigans).
  9. So I'm Pretty Sure Tharja Is Morgan's Mother in Heroes

    Looking on picture above, I would say Morgans father is actually Alphonse. It make lot of sense if you think about it.
  10. Lance is bad idea for either of them. Sharena (best princess on good side), need upgrade not another competition.
  11. Legendary heroes are permanent addition to the pool. That include Ike and Ephraim. Though it would be fun if all Lords got their nonseasonal non CYL alt. We need more Lyns and Hectors (jk).
  12. Well, while she Isn't sharpest knife in the drawer, she and by extension whole army under her command would follow Sutr's orders to the letter. For tyrant like him that might be quite valuable asset. And Laegjarn can take care of enemies who wouldn't go down with brute power. In other hand first princess might not be exactly enthusiastic about genocide and such...
  13. I don't think FEH would go that far. I mean burning world to the ash is fine and dandy. Everyone would like try it at least once right?, But rape? That's unforgivable!
  14. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Grimma just told her to give up for sake of "greater good". As usually nothing make her more happy than making senseless sacrifices...
  15. Roy as a Manakete.

    Nah, I bet Ninian can just dragon punch some discipline into her son, when it come to it. Remember what she did those three young summoned dragons?