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  1. He is probably both, leader of one of three houses AND enemy (allies don't come with prf weapons so easily). Not sure why assume all three countries will be on friendly terms, when war is inevitable. Well, that doesn't mean he is necessary bad guy. He could be this game Rudolf.
  2. To be fair, Micaiach getting out of spotlights saved story writing and IS did try give Celica equal role to Alm. That they ended write her as total dumbass is unfortunate, but again hey they tried.
  3. What the story is about...

    All that said I don't think they will "defend church" per se. If we go by conventions, first enemy will be indiscriminate aggressive Empire -tm- (likely candidate is Fergus) so it will be about defend ownself along with church as ally rather then especially fighting for their sake.
  4. What the story is about...

    Well, all these churches in fiction are based on Catholic one. And that one for all it's flaws was always responsible for education even before medieval times. It's not that hard imagine noble families would have their children attend school run by church, especially as it would "neutral ground". EDIT: Important point, real nobles would have ties with church not because they are devoted, but simply because church itself is so relevant you can't really run country without it's support. It wasn't rare that nobles or rich merchants would give their childrens who aren't to inherrit bussiness to study for priest as it simply was really good carreer as well as it was useful have supporter in church.
  5. What the story is about...

    I think it's only reasonable assume Church is not enemy from start. Such thing would be pretty hard justify.
  6. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    Well yeah, I certainly can see lot of people don't share it. I will keep this sentiment for myself at least for while as I copletely lack ability understand that way of thinking regardless whether it right or wrong.
  7. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    Hmm, but it still sound as lesser evil that getting hopes up to romance waifu you want only find it dissapointing because creators don't have clear idea how write that particular reltaionship and just put something together randomly for sake of it being there I mean try imagine you like girl, confess and she say yes. Then you find you don't understand each other at all. Would you still be happy because you "succesfully" romanced girl you wanted?
  8. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    Ok, then what exactly is benefit of being able choose anyone?
  9. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    Well, after few playthroughts I gave up on finding interesting chemistry for anyone with Robin and keep him single. And it certainly is expression of my free choice. Do you personaly prefer quantity over quality?
  10. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    If they don't like choises, they don't have to support Avatar with them. There is nothing wrong with Avatar being single. . Yeah I wanted support Chrom with Panne, that option didn't exist (not even non-romantic!) and you don't see me throwing tantrum about it. Whyhy should MU get special threatment? Well I think if you could choose Avatar personality from several templates and each came with own set of supports, I wouldn't mind if it ultimately covered whole roster. but otherwise I don't see how that could work any better then it did in Awakening or Fates.
  11. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    Which worked so well up to this point? Putting avatar aside, S rank supposrts are fine, but please not everyone x everyone type of thing! Have each character two or three option (including avatar if he/she has to be in) and writte these supports properly, not 3xBear meat = marriage.
  12. What the story is about...

    Well I also agree that japanese title has important meaning (or at least it could). But what I am saying poem itself seems to have enough underlying meanings that FETH can choose which and how many use. That's all.
  13. What the story is about...

    How exactly "somehow key to the story" equal "literal"? By using word "somehow" you already creating leaveaway that IS might use imaginery from famous chinese poem (That I can't find anywhere) in it's own way. This poem apparently also refer "peaceful utopia" Which is something I am quite certain is not what we will get in it's literal sense of word for example. FE16 is not direct adaptation of it, it use it uses it to tell own story and give it depth. Trying use every single possible meaning could do it diservice even.
  14. Not sure about "all these images", but I found this one on Danbooru.
  15. Roy doesn't have this problem early in game. He can handle Iron sword, rapier and then Killing edge just fine (he still suck as unit but not because his poor con, though it didn't helped either) Micaiah had problem with con alright, but Tani was OP enough to carry her through first part regardless.