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  1. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Silhouettes!

    Yes maybe we will not get two OG and Est.
  2. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Silhouettes!

    But last year we got two Askrians, this year we got two Emblians. Well I guess we could get Ygr with Hrid, even if Nifl (except Gunthra) are not exactly interesting.
  3. Tempest Trial+: To Defy the Gods (DATAMINE)

    Well, flyer team with Tibarn, Reyson and Leanne in is better horse emblem. I will make concession on that. But Grave Waves comes only with Legendary Azura and Formation, guidance and orders aren't really consistent. They need to be set up thinking turn or two ahead (or some crazy improvisations). Using cavalry gives more leaveway. You either dash and kill enemy or just get into spot from which you can dash and kill enemy.
  4. Tempest Trial+: To Defy the Gods (DATAMINE)

    Trenches made using cavalry less broken, that much is true. Horses still clear map faster and safer then flyers.
  5. Tempest Trial+: To Defy the Gods (DATAMINE)

    Of course everything above is relevant. player cavalry will almost always be able run circles around flyers, while Flyers will need special maps and/or long set up to not pressured by cavalry. Cavalry vs Cavalry is irrelevant and so is Flier vs Flier and they both perform comparably against armors (so only stats matter). That's why only Cavalry vs Fliers count. Cavalry (player) can always run circles around Fliers(enemy), but unless map is full obstacles Flyer (player) would need considerably more control to ambush Cavalry (enemy). And of course magic matter. Because flier bow is relevant only in Flyer emblem, but in Flyer emblem magic is better, while cavalry and armor bows can be used regardless of team.
  6. Tempest Trial+: To Defy the Gods (DATAMINE)

    mageThat is all true, but three squares of movement still beat it. It's much easier kill ranged flier with ranged cavalry then vice versa. Plus with inferior stats Loki will have much harder to sweep, can't deal with DC (even Kinoka with her bow can't consistently kill armors) and get one-shot by any enemy bow. Having to avoid few threes is pretty easy trade. Same goes for Jakob, superior mobility means nothing if you can't kill enemy and armor having ridiculous enemy phase make problem of mobility irelevant. To be honest only time when 'I find flying bow useful is difficult map with enemy flier emblem on it otherwise even with my own Flie emblem using magic is practicaly always better anyway.
  7. Tempest Trial+: To Defy the Gods (DATAMINE)

    That doesn't feel right. Even now three squares moves is better then two squares of flight imho, but real difference is still stats. As for Jakob, I don't see Loki beating even half of units he can.
  8. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Silhouettes!

    Wonder which unit we get next year. Est, Laegjarn, Helbindi (he will be glorious in bunny costume),??? with ??? as free unit.
  9. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Shieldbro might be supbar story, but Titania makes everything better
  10. Grats, in all honesty she is not just good looking, but also incredibly good sword unit.
  11. Got LA!Roy, pretty much only colourless I am not excited about.
  12. Sturdy impact can do anything good.
  13. I am using double Swift Sparrow, which work well, but then again he has +10 stat bonus...
  14. Anyway, I sent feedback too, I am not really complainer (This was my first time), but this is really terrible and unless IS deal with it fast they gonna loose my respect.