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  1. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    I don't think these are matters that needed to be resolved. There are hints and it's pretty obvious Loki had some agenda in Nifl. Once we learn more about her plans we might get also more insight into events that already occured. Sutr job is being hated and defeated at the moment. Once we see greater picture his role in it also might change. It wouldn't be first time it happened in FE.
  2. How long you've been playing Heroes?

    I started on lauch day, but I don't remember how long it took me get Account with Lyn so...
  3. That's true, in other hand Laev has busted legendary weapon. Weakest unit of three would be Laegjarn, so if someone were to drop I would guess it's her. Well I agree there will be probably no demotion from this banner.
  4. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    Yes we first defeated his army and then on him. And we could do it only because Sutr go betrayed by his own. It's pretty hard "outwit" group people when they suddenly appear behind your back with smug Loki.
  5. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    It was integral part of him possibly for majority of his life. And it required very complicated procedure to deprive him of that. Compared to that getting few green rocks doesn't look like big deal. And yes Fjorm trash talking Sutr wasn't really anything but bragging, hardly related to Sutr actual power as fighter. Don't forget it wasn't duel, but straight down ganging up on him that allowed us win.
  6. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    I don't think Sutr and Muspelflame is something that should be though separately. You don't say that Superman is patheticaly weak when deprived of his photosynthesis powers do you? As for reason why Fjorm won easily it wasn't probably because he is that weak without flame, but simply because she had higher moral ground.
  7. Favourite Heroes OC

    I don!t think Alfonse is leader of order per se. I got more impression of him being strategist and bringing ideas on table while Anna is still one who call shots (even if there isn't much focus on that part).
  8. Favourite Heroes OC

    On top of that she still take on herself protect such as Hellbindi from Sutr too. It wasn't something she needed to do or probably even good idea. This is what was actually put her above most Camus for me (along side of best character design among them and her intelllect.)
  9. Favourite Heroes OC

    I don't think it's Alfonse fault that he is only one with decent writing. Yes, he get more atention then Anna and Sharena (and as I noted I like Sharena much more then him), but what he got is still bare minimum for character getting fleshed out. His sister and Anna should get more screen time that's for sure, but it certainly shouldn't be on Alfonse account, otherwise he himself would be one lacking. I wouldn't say he is generic "blue haired lord" either. His smarts sets him apparts from such as Marth, chrome or even Eliwood (despite not being blue haired If there is someone who could get less screen time for sake of other it would be Fjorm instead. Putting aside she got barely any characterisation on her own despite all that focus she was given, she could reasonable get half without missing anything for sake of Anna or Sharena.
  10. Favourite Heroes OC

    Laegjarn obviously, she is awesome character in every possible way. Especially personality. She is really kind of person I would love to be aquinted in RL. Second would be Sharena and third classic Veronica. Sharena is there simply for being cute though as there is lot of way more developed OC characters. Well pretty much all OC come out pretty well when compared to Fate cast for example though.
  11. Does anyone still use Hones/Fortifies?

    They are easiest to use, and have no downside. Tactics and stuff are fine, but they are still inferior.
  12. Tell that to my +10/ Gronblade+/ close counter/vantage Cecilia. With her balanced stats she is perfect for that kind of build. Maybe even best.
  13. Legendary Ryouma needs refine much more then regular one (either with Iote shield or getting Raven properties at least) though. Kaegjarn's Niu: standard efect, - 1 cool down.
  14. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    Legion is everything but boring. That aside given that Grima out of all people got some fun lines I don't see why be pesimistic with Sutr either. If nothing else it should be impossible avoid memes from getting born. Not that I think we will get him playablel in first place though.
  15. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    Well, it makes most money of all nintendo mobile games. Actually it make more than half all revenue in that regard. Mantainance and new content would have to be more expensive than all other games combined. Feh was also voted to be best mobile game of year altogether. Even without being able see all numbers, there doesn't seem to be any reason for paranoia.