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  1. FEH: Winter's Envoy Banner

    Wow, I am not interested in characters at all this time, but dat Bold fighter. I mean sure Christmas weapons sound great too, but why bother if you can get guaranteed quad and trigger ignis ever combat you initiate? Not gonna delphin for this banner, but I might give it shot with free orbs...
  2. Ike strength isn't in "driving you into corner" though. In arena he is pain because his resilience. There is almost no unit (not even red ones) that could ORKO which is dangerous in meta where glass canons have main word. And if there are some behind him than you are in trouble. In my case he ruined more deathless runs than Rein and Lyn combined that way. And he is even better in PvE.
  3. There is no need for unit have non-inheritable skill to perform as well. Why should all four unit get one although they are best for their role regardless? I will say it again ALL FOUR UNIT ARE ON TOP OF THEIR NICHES. Exactly as IS intended. Edit: Also you still didn't addressed question "What makes all or nothing a more correct means of rewarding victory than tiered rewards?" Whole your argument stand on it, yet you are avoiding giving it's rationale.
  4. You wouldn't find ANY banner with even approximately equal characters (with CYL being closest to it) anyway. With Choose your legend we got four excellent unit with different niches. Even if Lyn and Ike are somehow better (with Ike being slightly ahead Lyn) in the end it doesn't matter as each of them are used differently and don't even share colour. Lucina is best spur support, Roy (were) best offensive sword. cavalry. Trying say that IS didn't do them justice is just attacking straw man. straw. Well, it's most appropriate one. So we (and many others I dare say) would choose it.
  5. Why not give more popular characters more special threatment? This "All or nothing" policy doesn't make sense. Ike and Lyn got stat bonus as winners. Lucina and Roy didn't. That's normal. You don't see Olympic athletes complain about getting "only" bronze medal and not same gold one as actual winner do you?
  6. Lyn and Ike are pretty equal. In hindsight he might be even better.
  7. I would say, if you think Roy is that much inferior to other two, you just aren't using him right.
  8. I wouldn't say so. Under right conditions Roy is more useful then Lyn. On top of that he is one of very few units capable ORKO BIke which is pretty impressive. In general I agree he is "weaker" but not significantly.
  9. Fire Emblem 7 Remake?

    Echoes is remake done well. Especially because it didn't try shoehorn mechanics in it. That don't really work that well even in games that came with it. I am not against being able modify Mark. It would be nice be able choose his hairstyle and stuff, but there is no reason for Tactician fight, because he/she is well...tactician. In other hand it would be nice meet Lyn, Dorcas or Pent in BB and in general tie both works together better. And some tweaking wouldn't hurt (like being less tutorialy, give Lyn Myrmidon-ish crit bonus or gave Cecilia base stats that can justify her title. Oh and of course the promotion times). To sum it up. FE7 doesn't need remake, though it's not like I wouldn't be pleased if it got one as long as IS doesn't mess it up and doesn't try turn it into another Fates/Awakening
  10. Is he? I guess I will take your word for it. Anyway I am aware, Lancina is best spur unit as well as it's advantages. What I said took it in consideration.
  11. Yeah, as far as I know Lancina is weakest of four. She is infantry with spur gimmick. Compared to meta changing Lyn, meta (and everything else) countering Ike and "one turn galeforce" best offensive cavalry sword Roy her use is limited.
  12. Holiday banner predictions

    1)Tharja and Robin are clearly meant for next Christmas. 2)Until recently all banners were 4 units, alas... 3) That was point of whole joke. So answer for your "seriously?" Is no. That said, Iwould like run Lyn emblem so still need one...
  13. Holiday banner predictions

    I think it will be 3 unit banner. Christmas Xander, Christmas Lyn and Christmas Lucina. You can't go wrong with these .
  14. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    I second these sentiments. Your Beruka is the national treasure and by all means MVP in my runs.