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  1. I have Bowfaire on him; he's ready and waiting. Castle Address: 08515-28180-60331-86514 (Court of Skills)
  2. I feel a little silly for picking this up on Ebay last night, but now I'm glad other people don't have to for now. Your announcement is appreciated.
  3. Sol-Effie is ready to go on mine. Castle Address: 08515-28180-60331-86514 (Court of Skills)
  4. The internet has taught me that the only prerequisite to making a meaningful contribution to any thread is to read only the two latest posts. Even then, I suspect going that far is optional.
  5. That combo is available in my castle: 08515-28180-60331-86514 (Court of Skills)
  6. I just put that pair into my castle. I'll put my address into my signature once I figure out how to edit that (yikes, I feel dumb). Until then, you'll find it here: 08515-28180-60331-86514 (Court of Skills) For everyone else, I am currently trying to collect Move +1 on everyone. I still need to acquire it for the following characters: Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I have Dragon Fang on Xander. Castle Address: 08515-28180-60331-86514 Name: Court of Skills