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  1. That happens to me all the time. I'll watch something so much that I'll just hear the songs from it all the time, or think about it and want to watch it when I can't. It's a little bit annoying but I'm used to it, lol. I haven't actually heard of that anime, but I will have to check it out. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Awakening or Conquest?

    Awakening is better. I found it to be more challenging and had a better story than Conquest did. I also liked the characters in Awakening better than the ones in Conquest. It was easier for me to like them and become attached to them than the characters from Conquest, who were just really...odd, I guess is the best way to put it. It also offers more gameplay than Conquest, which is pretty important if you really value the gameplay you're getting from it.
  3. a throne of corpses sounds pretty cool, let's go with that
  4. I watched people argue over who should and shouldn't go to thrift stores. It was this one person who started it all by basically saying that anyone with a lot of money shouldn't be allowed to shop at thrift stores because they are taking away from people who don't have money and who had no choice but to shop at thrift stores. They also attributed these types of people to being entitled and oppressing minorities. Tons of people argued with them and told them the rational side of the argument, that it's stupid to even say anything like that because anyone should be allowed to go to thrift stores if they want to. But this person kept responding by saying it was just elitism and racism in America, and that if you did that you were a terrible person. I swear, it was the stupidest, most pointless thing I've ever seen in my life. It was on Tumblr, which isn't all that surprising. It's part of the reason why I can no longer tolerate the entire website and had to leave to save my own sanity.
  5. Yep, it's almost a given at this point that fan service in a banner is the main topic of discussion, more so than the actual units themselves. And I agree, it's always fun to see the cool and often goofy designs of characters. It's so draining to only talk about the negatives and to constantly criticize, so I'd rather focus on what I actually like about it. To me, all of the seasonal banners have offered fun alternate versions of characters and have made me excited each time. But to each their own! I guess some people just can't help but complain. Thank you! I still have yet to finish the anime. I'm halfway through it still, and keep getting sidetracked with other things. I have the tendency to start things and never finish them, for whatever reason. I do really want to finish it, and I might do so next week when I'm on spring break. From what I watched, I absolutely loved it. It was really funny and I thought Kanna was so adorable. Plus, the opening and ending songs of the anime are so darn catchy I can't help but love it.
  6. Who Should Be a Future Legendary?

    The one that definitely deserves it the most out of anyone is Marth. The poor guy has been screwed over by this game for too long. Give him the recognition he deserves! As for others that I think would be interesting to see as Legendary Heroes, I would have to go with Lyn, Celica, Tharja, and Veronica. I know I'll probably get backlash about those choices but I chose them simply because I love all of them and want more versions of them. Tharja Emblem when? Not sure how Veronica would go down as a Legendary Hero, but it's not that far fetched to think that she may one day become one, since she is getting a CYL version sometime in the future.
  7. I agree. The age-old debate of the whole fan service issue needs to stop because anyone making that argument just sounds like a broken record at this point. The game developers obviously don't care, or they would have stopped implementing those designs in the game long ago. Nothing is going to change, so everyone should just save their energy and move on. I also agree about Kagero being the most popular of the units, and I'm not really looking forward to fighting her in the arena as a +10 unit. I do hope I get her though! She would be a wonderful addition to my flier team.
  8. Rival Domains Discussion

    I like the Rival Domains and think it's pretty fun to finally be able to use your friends' lead units. I've heard some people complaining about a lack of rewards and while I can kind of see their point, I don't think it's that big of a deal. We regularly get rewards from different quests that are put out and we do technically get some rewards from completing Rival Domains, so it's not that big of a deal. I'm just glad to have a change of pace on Heroes for once. It's made me need to look for new friends though because a lot of mine have bad lead units.
  9. Good point. Out of Effie, Benny, and Ignatius, Effie has the lowest Res, unless you make Ignatius have a mother that brings down his Res stat. They are not so bad with dealing with mages, if you can keep them away from a lot at one time, and it's good that they have so much HP, which helps somewhat. They should still be pretty good tanks, even when you factor their Res in. EDIT: You could also consider running Aether on an armored unit so that they can deal extra damage while healing themselves. From what I remember, the armored units all had decent Skl, so it should trigger fairly often because it uses the Skl stat x 0.5 for its trigger rate. It will make them more of a tank by helping them survive longer and potentially reducing the amount of times they need to be healed by someone else, which can help you heal more units and save you some staff/rod uses. You may also want to consider using Benny and Ignatius as your Generals, because they tend to be more of a tank than Effie. Ignatius's Def and Res may fluctuate depending on who his mother is, but he still performs the role well and is arguably better than Benny. Effie works nicely as a Great Knight and can help knock out more enemies in other areas quickly, since she will be mounted, while you focus your other armored units in another area, if you choose to use them all together.
  10. I got so excited when I saw the whole "Spring Ninja" thing. I thought it would be Saizo. But no, it's Kagero. I'm still holding out for a special version of Saizo. I mainly want Alfonse because I couldn't stop laughing at how tight his pants were, and for some reason I though his cape looked like a wedding veil at first, lol. But the rest of the units seem pretty nice too and seem to offer some interesting skills and weapons, and even though I was disappointed with Kagero, I'm glad she is a dagger flier. I was wondering when they would add one to the game, so I'm hoping I can get her too. I just hope they will turn out better than the spring units from last year. Those looked promising but were pretty mediocre to me.
  11. Well... I guess you pointed out the main flaws with armor units, lol. To me the biggest problem was definitely low movement and crappy Spd, but then again that issue is somewhat fixed with the Wary Fighter skill. In Fates they were really good for pair up bonuses and Effie passed down good modifiers to her child, so there was that. I did end up making Effie a Great Knight because I had no patience for the low movement. If you don't mind buying skills from other castles, you could get the Mov+1 skill and then give them a pair of boots to increase to help them move more. I don't really know a way of helping their low Res stats other than with pair ups, but if you wanted to give a big middle finger to mages you could always put the Counter Magic skill on them so that mages would at least still hurt themselves, in addition to hurting your armor units. It could help you wipe out more mages so that they can avoid causing more damage to your units, given that they were able to survive a magic blow. There is also the skill Aegis which you could either buy or learn from the Paladin class that could help halve tome damage, but since it triggers based on the Lck of the unit they would likely have a hard time triggering it, although it could still help save them. I do agree that it would have been nice to have a skill like Paragon, because trying to train them up is like pulling teeth. If they did have a skill like that, I'm sure more people would rely on them.
  12. About to play BR. Suggestions for Team?

    I wasn't taking those stats into consideration and was mainly thinking of her Mag stat, so I didn't think of that originally. To me, Orochi's best stats arguably are her Mag and Skl, which would both be higher than Felicia's, even though it's only by a point or so. I agree though that Orochi doesn't have many outstanding stats, so I guess Felicia could potentially function better than her. Rhajat's Skl can be fixed, depending on who you choose as her mother. It usually doesn't change too much but it's possible to make it not be completely horrible, since you could give her weapons with higher hit rates or the skill Certain Blow to help with that too. I ended up doing that and had her mom as Mozu, who helped add more Skl and Spd to her. In all honesty, all three would perform about the same, when you don't take into account who you have as Rhajat's mother and exclude bonuses from statues. Sakura is a really good unit and I think she's pretty flexible. I liked her using a bow in the Priestess class but in my recent playthrough, I decided to change things up and see how she was as a Swordmaster. It's a little bit different for sure than what most people do, but I wanted to experiment. It's been fun so far playing with her in that class. I think in the end she will end up having stats close to Hana's, but I think she will be better than Hinata. The only thing I really miss from having her as a Priestess is her outfit with the class, since it matched Mikoto's. But on the other hand, it is pretty hilarious watching her kick ass with a sword, lol. I agree that with Asugi it does depend on who the mother is, and I should have took that into consideration. Generally, I've seen Asugi as having more Mag than Kaze, who usually has really low Mag for me. In some cases he may have the same Mag as his dad, but it's usually higher by a couple of points. In that aspect, he is most hurt by Oboro who decreases it more than anyone else in Birthright, as far as I know, unless Saizo marries a F!Corrin with bane Mag. His Res is generally very close to Kaze's, with it only being a little bit lower. He also usually has very high Skl and is on par with his father, or in some cases surpasses him. The main thing with Asugi that is important with the mothers is how much Spd he ends up with, which is almost always a pretty high amount, unless his mom is Orochi, who makes it pretty abysmal. Because of all this, I guess Saizo would also be a good choice, since you get him earlier on in the game and don't have to worry about any modifiers from parents. I just wanted to offer someone else in the same class as Kaze who could maybe offer something different in some areas, and work as another Mag unit. I'm actually glad you pointed that stuff out because it made me think more and compare them more, so now I might have some new ideas for my game. Plus, it's always interesting to hear other thoughts on the matter. This is slightly off topic, but now I'm curious as to who you chose as Rhajat's and Asugi's mother, if you decided to get both kids. Like I said earlier, I chose Mozu as Rhajat's mother for the hair color but then she turned out to be pretty good. I initially chose Orochi as Asugi's mother for ship reasons, but I found out that it made Asugi pretty bad, lmao. When I played the game again, I instead made Sakura be his mom, which proved to be a much better decision.
  13. I don't really see a reason not to use them. Other than a little bit of a lower Mt than some of the other weapons, I don't see a downside. They can be really handy and it's quite fun to watch the characters demolish the enemies with them. They are pretty easy to obtain, as you said. I think you do generally get about 3 or 4 from each path, and maybe even more than that, if you do the Museum Melee DLC and happen to get some from it.
  14. I do the same thing, but I try not to do it too much. I still like having the challenges that come a long with not grinding, because it makes things more interesting and makes you have to think through situations more, but I also don't want my units to be too weak. I like to try to have a nice balance when playing. When the game is over with though, I tend to go back and build my characters up even more, not just because it bothers me if I don't, but because I actually enjoy it. Maybe that's a little bit weird, lol. I just have a lot of patience.