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  1. When I first started playing the game I didn't care who I got as a 5* because I needed as many 5* as I could get. But now I only pull for specific colors because I usually have specific heroes in mind that I'd like to get, considering I already have a pretty good selection of heroes now. It may take a bit longer to build up the appearance rate but it is worth it to me because you save more orbs towards getting the hero you want, and you won't have as big of a risk as breaking your appearance rate, especially when you could potentially get another one of the focus units that you didn't want if you go for all of the orbs.
  2. Special heroes of the 21st May

    We're totally getting another wedding themed banner and I'm convinced one of the units will be a bridal Anna. I know people are going to hate me for this but I really hope that Tharja will also be one of the units on the banner. If they put grooms on the banner, I have a feeling one of them will be Marth. I would love to see Saizo or Hector as one of the other grooms, but I doubt that will happen.
  3. I don't think we need any changes to current units but that it would make things interesting if they were to add a skill like that to a new character. They could make it be an A or B slot skill that gave the option of inverting the weapon triangle, and then people would get the option of keeping it on them or getting rid of it and using the unit with the regular triangle advantages/disadvantages. I think that would work better that way than if they were to make a weapon that did the same thing.
  4. Mechanist is a weird class

    yeah it's a really weird class that's never really appealed to me. but replication is nice to get from the class, if nothing else lol. but now everyone can just get it from castles, so that defeats the purpose of going into the class for that reason, unless you want to get the skills naturally yourself.
  5. Voice actors [Scattered Fang complete]

    after listening to her I will say that she does sound very similar to how she originally sounded, so I'm glad that at least worked out.
  6. Voice actors [Scattered Fang complete]

    dammit I hate that female Kana has a new voice actor
  7. Skill Request Thread!

    Does anyone have Wary Fighter on Female Kana? Thanks!
  8. More orbs and the fact that Kaze is free is enough to make me happy any day.
  9. Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)

    Thanks to reducing the stamina cost down to 0 for these maps, I took the initiative to try harder to clear these maps since you don't really lose anything if you happen to fail the battle. So last night I finally beat the map on Infernal, with my team made up of Winter Tharja, Deirdre, Male Morgan, and Inigo. Now it's time to move on to finishing those pesky quests for the battle...
  10. Chef's Hats, once again

    I completely didn't see this post until right now, I'm so sorry! I just sent you one and I'll send you two other ones in the next two days if that is okay for you. Again, I'm sorry about not seeing it sooner and any inconveniences this caused. >.<
  11. But what if you think the cheaper food tastes better? Would that contradict the concept of it being pay-to-win, since the more expensive food wouldn't be considering "winning" to you? Idk, maybe I'm just thinking too deeply about this. I'm just saying nonsense, lol.
  12. I'm so happy to see the artwork for these two because I absolutely love Saizo and Kaze. I'm really excited to see how everyone else's art will turn out for the book!
  13. Chef's Hats, once again

    I can help send you some, and I can send you some each day. If you want, I can send you one today when I get home. When I visit you it'll be under the name of Matt, since he's my avatar. If you want to visit me back the castle code in my description will link back to my Revelation file, and I've got a lot of good skills on people if you want to pick some up. I'm happy to help out, and hopefully Jakob will make some good meals for your team.
  14. I'll just go against you and become a part of the corpse throne. Sounds cool, and I would probably be too weak to win anyway.
  15. That happens to me all the time. I'll watch something so much that I'll just hear the songs from it all the time, or think about it and want to watch it when I can't. It's a little bit annoying but I'm used to it, lol. I haven't actually heard of that anime, but I will have to check it out. Thanks for the suggestion!