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  1. Hiya Dreams! 1. Do you like to cook? 2. Favourite things about Christmas? 3. WHAT IS IT LIKE BEING ENGAGED? 4. Favourite flavour ice cream? 5. Favourite FE archetype?
  2. I used to think that as I got older I'd stop procrastinating... Now I just avoid work. 324
  3. Kind of. Like there's parts of the main quest that you don't need to do. You can literally start the game, run over to Hyrule Castle and beat it if you wanted to, but I wouldn't advise it haha. I think the length of the game depends on how much you want to do; I missed a lot of stuff near the end (one thing in particular that I was very annoyed about later), but I did a lot at the beginning. They aren't hard to find on Ebay and stuff. I got Seasons simply because it was cheaper than Ages at the time. I also picked up my GBC from there too, as I had long gotten rid of my original. Man, SPs are so so SO good. I had a limited edition gold Zelda triforce one that was only released in Europe with Minish Cap. Child me liked to get rid of things, which I deeply regretted later... 261
  4. BotW is pretty hefty, but not as much as you might imagine. There's a reasonable about of 'stuff' to do, but the main story is very short. It took me months though because I spent most of my time on it riding around Hyrule. The open world idea was pretty nice, but it was lacking the big dungeon aspect, which made playing for shorter amounts of time easier though. I'm playing Oracle of Seasons on my GBC, rather than a download. But sometimes it can be pretty annoying without a backlight haha. It feels like the dark ages. 257
  5. Apart from mainly FE I'm just generally bad at finishing games. I've only beaten Twilight Princess and BotW. But I'm part way through Oracle of Seasons and Windwaker though! 254
  6. Natalie's Art (New: L'Arachel)

    Two gold stars in one day. I am one very lucky girl! Thank you~
  7. Yep, really stupid. You're welcome. I did only do it once mind... but then did manage to burn my shield almost straight away in Twilight Princess. I like that other people never really got past the first areas of Zelda when they were younger too. It's one of my favourite game series, but I've actually only ever completed two of them. 242