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  1. Interviews

    I'm back again just before your interview ends! Sorry if any of these have already been asked. 51. 5 things from previous FE games you'd like to see repeated in future games? 52. Favourite colour? 53. What's the best way to spend a day off/holiday? 54. If you were to call a child a FE name, what would you choose (male and female)? 55. Have you enjoyed your interview?
  2. Interviews

    I'm sending these on my phone, so I'm sorry if they end up messed up or something. I think I got to 40 but I'm not sure. 41. Favourite Star Wars film? 42. Favourite Star Wars character? 43. Do you like sci-fi? 44. Ever read any of Tolkien's work? 45. Do you like apple pie? 46. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? 47. What's the temperature like where you are right now? 48. Favourite weather conditions? 49. Do you like swimming? 50. Are there any FE characters that you most relate to/empathise with?
  3. Ike, Nino, Nowi and Olivia did it for me~
  4. Interviews

    So you want at least 18 children but you're not in a relationship, huh? We need to get you fixed up if soon if you're going to have time for all that! 31. When I was little I wanted to own a farm because I played Harvest Moon haha. Tell me something great about farming! 32. And something terrible about farming! Thanks I guess haha. 33. What do you think about baby pink? 34. Why aren't you going to call one of your children Natalie? Natalie is a biblical name! 35. I'm afraid I'm a filthy agnostic. Tell me an interesting story from the Bible! 36. Have you ever done any research or explored other religions? 37. How many FE games do you own physical copies of? 38. Do you speak any other languages? 39. Do you run? 40. Do you like Star Wars? I'll try and ask more questions if I have time while I'm away, but if not, see you in two weeks!
  5. Yay Sully! You look so sweet.
  6. Interviews

    Oh my gosh thank so much! That's so nice of you. I think you're great too! Good choices on both accounts! Sain is my bae but some people dislike him *cough*Hatty*cough*. I actually used to have turquoise hair when I was like 16 but it was a nightmare to keep it that way. One day I'll show you a picture haha. YOU CAN GROW WATERMELONS IN YOUR GARDEN THAT IS SO COOL. I can grow strawberries in mine, so I guess we're even. Sullivan is like the best name ever. You're so awesome! 21. How many siblings to you have? 22. Favourite game or game series? 23. Opinion of people who dye their hair? 24. If you were to dye your hair for one day what colour would you pick? 25. Do you play FE Heroes? 26. Opinion of fanservice in FE? 27. Tea, coffee or other? 28. Do you know about milk's terrible secret? 29. Do you cook? 30. Favourite dessert?
  7. Interviews

    SULLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYY I'm going to be away for most of your interview unfortunately, so I'll ask a lot now. 1. First and current impressions of me? I can ask this one now because we both hang out on this thread all the time. 2. What gender do you think @Arcanite would be if they were human? 3. Who are your favourite female FE characters? 4. Who are your favourite male FE characters? 5. Least favourite FE game you've played and why? 6. How were you first led to join SF? 7. Do you remember your first post on SF, and if so, what was it about? 8. Do you like cats? 9. Do you play any instruments? 10. Are there any instruments you'd like to learn? 11. Do you like art (as in viewing artwork)? 12. Do you do any art yourself? 13. What do you think about the Robot and Hatty as a couple? 14. What has been your favourite interview thus far? 15. Lemonade or cola? 16. Favourite fruit and why is it strawberries? 17. What do you like about L'arachel? I hope I can do her justice with my painting. 18. Favourite ice cream flavour? 19. 5 countries you'd like to visit? 20. What countries have you already been to?
  8. Thank you so much! I wish I could draw Wolt, I'm just so bad at drawing men. But if there's any females you'd like, I'd be very happy to draw them instead.
  9. Tears of joy~ But maybe a robot just doesn't understand... A second request? Sheesh. Nino is a baby nuke so that's fine with me. Wow, so much pressure to keep me busy sketching on holiday. When am I going to find time for swimming?
  10. Thank you Hatty. Pelleas is a bum anyway for not being a cute girl. Aww thanks Sully! Of course! I'll add her to the list, but it might take awhile. And @Arcanite is using my Oboro too! Everyone is so nice to me ahhhhh. I'm crying right now.
  11. Oops I totally forgot to post as promised yesterday! Here's your finished (but I'll probably keep changing later) Rebecca @Claudius I. There's so much I need to improve on but I've been having a block lately. I'm not really sure about purple, but whatever colour I blocked in behind didn't seem to work, and white hurts my eyes. And I tried to make her look younger than my usual drawings, similar to my Oboro piece. I also found that she looked kind of basic when I first blocked in colours, so I took some ideas from her Cipher and Heroes artwork. Feel free to critique everyone. Oh, that's totally okay, having kids is very time consuming. Thank you so much! Yes, I'm still taking requests, but I'm away for a couple of weeks, so I'll have to make a start after then. Titania is one of my favourites so I'm looking forward to painting her. Aww, thanks. There's still so much I need to work on, but I think I've improved a lot since I started in May.
  12. Interviews

    So it wasn't a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference after all? Shame. I nominate SullyMcGully and Bartozio.
  13. Interviews

    Sully... wat even? I know I stole your Robot, but revenge is not cool. y u stalk me bro? Admittedly I don't actually own a 64, but I do have the series of Zelda ports to Gamecube. Pls don't hate me Rex. Heh heh heh. Nah, it's cool. You have redeemed yourself. 119. Why do you think the number that describes you is the meaning of life? Are you that special? I'm likely heading in a series of no answers, but ehh. My dad made me cultured. 120. Have you ever read any of Douglas Adams books? 121. Do ya like Sci-Fi? 122. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep/Blade Runner? 123. Have you seen the Alien films? 124. Favourite Avengers film? 125. Favourite Marvel film? 126. Do you like DC? 127. Why do you think I'm weird? 128. Favourite day of the week? 129. Favourite holiday? 130. Where will we most likely see you on SF after your interview ends?