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  1. Hello

    Welcome to the Forest! Introducing yourself is always nice ^^ I hope you enjoy your stay here~ Covers of what are you searching for?
  2. So first off, a little disclaimer. It has nothing to do with the topic so I'm putting it in spoilers. Alright. So I know Awakening (and Fates, but that's maybe for another time) got kind of a hard reception in the story department, and I can totally see why. We all know by now that it's not a masterpiece when it comes to the way the plot is written and/or presented to the players. But I'm not here to add salt to the injury and keep complaining on how it's "so bad". Because I know it is, I've played Awakening several times. I'm here to give a... kind of unpopular opinion, I guess. Hear what the rest of you have to say about this and maybe help some people see the story from a different perspective. Let's get straight to the point: Now don't kill me for this but I like Awakening's story, I think it's really good. Where I think the issue recides in is the way it's presented, the way it's written. So maybe many of you already came to this conclusion, but I just want to expand on it. Awakening had really nice ideas plotwise, interesting and feel-packed if I may add. It could've turned out to be such an incredible experience had they worried on how to present it. It's kind of a shame, really, that an amazing idea like that one is looked over and ignored 'cause the writing didn't do it justice. Let me go through Awakeing's first chapters of the story a little bit differently, for example. Beware as this is going to spoil this entire part of the game. Congratulations if you read all of that, and I hope that helped prove my point a little better. What I mean is, the concept of the story is so good I can't begin to explain how much I love it. It just bugs me a lot how they managed to present it so... badly. I mean, Awakening's story is the tale of a Prince, a brilliant Tactitian and their companions trying to save their kingdom in a terrible war in which many die, including (spoilers, I guess) the current ruler of their kingdom, who is also the big sister of the Prince and the symbol of peace of their lands. But it's not only that, since it's also the tale of a Princess who saw the rise and fall of her kingdom, the end of her family and her friend's parent's lives and the destruction and chaos that fell upon the land she grew up in. Is the tale of a Princess and a group of young orphans who left everything behind to travel back in time and try to save a future that would never be theirs again. I just felt like the story is sometimes ignored due to the bad writing, and that we tend to forget just how good is the story that lies behind Awakening's bad storytelling. Someone please tell me I'm not the only one.
  3. ciarre's art thread [latest: edelgard fe16]

    Damn, wish I could draw hands like that. I like your style though, love it.
  4. Like, the first episode of the first season? The very fist one? Not sure what the name is, though. I don't remember.
  5. Pairings logistics

    If you're asking if it's possible to pair the units in a way that doesn't exclude any kids and has Corrin marry a 1st gen unit, then the answer is yes. The children you obtain in Conquest are Siegbert, Nina, Forrest, Ignatius, Ophelia, Velouria, Soleil, Percy, Kana, Shigure, Dwyer, Midori and Sophie. So 13 kids if I'm not counting wrong. Considering you'll get Kana one way or another by just marrying Corrin to anyone (except for Niles, if your Corrin is male), you'll have to succesfully marry 12 units. You can also not consider Azura, since you'll most likely marry her to one of the guys that has a kid of his own thus making Sigure almost an obligatory child. So around 11 pairings. It is possible. If you're wondering who should you put with who so no kid gets forgotten, then simply make a little chart with the fathers' names + Corrin and Azura and who can each of them support with. Then write it down and listo! Just make sure you plan this before starting the game or early on, since Conquest doesn't allow free grinding and you only have the chapters themselves to get all the supports. I hope that was of help. I'm sure you can find many charts online if you search "fire emblem shipping chart conquest" and you're feeling lazy. Also, you can check who can marry who on the wikia.
  6. I'm pretty sure there is a cheat that allows you to buy anything from the convoy armory. As in, the vendor has all the existent items, including whatever you forge. Or was, at least. I had a saved file with that thing some time ago 'cause of curiosity, but now that I try to find the cheat again... it just seems like it doesn't exist anymore. But why are you asking anyway?
  7. Greetings, SF.

    Adding to what Jedi said, Path of Radiance has a sequel (the 10th FE title) called Radiant Dawn released on the Wii. So if you do end un checking out FE9 then I guess you'd want to go with FE10 afterwards, since it still stars Ike (along with other characters). Anyway, it's kind of late to say this but welcome to the forest! Respect the rules and entoy your stay~
  8. Hello

    Probably late for this too, but welcome to the forest! Respect the rules and enjoy your stay~
  9. I'm no expert in Japanese but I think the name is quite literally "Two Mages". Should we keep it like that, then? Because I'm still convinced that the reason why it was changed to Sorcerers is just because it sounds cooler.
  10. I was thinking that too, but I believe some magic user refering word that actually has a class in FE would fit better. I guess, at least –I mean, there's not a class in FE12 called "wizard", after all.
  11. hi!!!!

    So I'm kind of late to this, but welcome nonetheless! I just wanted to come fangirl over your drawings because hOLY BUBBLES Those are some A++ drawings right there, friend. Man, I just love them! You really are good at that! The style is just... I don't know, so good. I've been staring at them now, help me, I can't stop. Whatever, welcome to the forest!
  12. That sounds great, though I feel like we're getting a bit off from the original title. While "Two Rival ((<-- is that how you put it? or you put Rivalry? idk)) Disciples" sounds just awesome, since it inmediately tells you these two dudes have a rivalry going on, something along the lines of "Two Mage/Sage Disciples" could also kind of work. I mean, we would still keep the part of the title where a magic class is mentioned.
  13. Let's have fun with "What If-s"

    Then... then it's pretty probable the game would end just like Lucina's timeline, 'cause she wouldn't exist to go back in time to try and prevent it. What if Tharja didn't stalk Robin?
  14. Post a fact about the person above!

    Knows Majora's Mask plot.
  15. Post a fact about the person above!

    Knows Majora's Mask plot.