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  1. I may be remembering wrong, but I believe Reggie said all the DLC would be like Joker, new franchises not seen in Smash yet.
  2. Will there be a datamine of new information after tonight's maintenance, or do those generally happen only after full blown updates?
  3. My out-there prediction: Loki is revealed as Sharena's mom. We find out Alfonse's mom shortly died after he was born. Loki stole her identity and later gave birth to Sharena. That's why she has pink tips in her hair. As we know, hair color is one of the key indicators of genealogy in the Fire Emblem multiverse. It's one of the only constants. Also, I may be wrong, but I think this is at least the second time Loki has singled Sharena out in a conversation. As an aside, when the realm of the dead is mentioned in detail in most mythologies, it's in a story about traveling there to bring someone back to life. These quests usually end in failure or something akin to the Sacred Stones scenario with Orson to reinforce that the dead stay dead. That being said, the three most recent games all featured at least one character who was "dead" but later revealed to not be dead. I'd prepare yourself now for characters not staying dead.
  4. Aether Raids General Thread

    Are people getting points for defense wins now? Why is the top score 1680 Lift and not a multiple of 100? I thought defense stuff didn't kick in until 4000 Lift.
  5. Aether Raids General Thread

    @Ice Dragon, @Alkaid, @Robert of Normandy, I also haven't gotten any all day. If you don't mind me asking, are you in Tier 3? I think matchmaking works off of Tiers. If you reached Tier 3 later in the day, its likely there weren't as many players with stamina left "strong enough" to face you. This is why you may have had some earlier before you made a defense team, but none after. Just my theory.
  6. Aether Raids General Thread

    I really enjoy this mode so far. Unfortunately, I can't comment on the replay aspect because no one has attacked me yet, but I am super stoked to hear it is included. That's probably the thing I am most excited about. I am also looking forward to what special structures are added on the 18th. I wonder if saving up blue stones for them is worthwhile. I already spent all the dew maxing out the Aether Amphorae, so my Fortress (D) is probably doomed too be under-leveled for the rest of the season. I wouldn't want to miss out on some cool new structures later too.
  7. Feh Channel on the 7th 7:30pm PT

    At 10:31, they show a structure in the defensive zone called the Aether Amphorae that can store up to 100 Aether. If the raiding team destroys it, they get all the stored Aether, so it looks like it may be farmable after all. Not only that, but there is another building with a similar effect they show right after.
  8. New Legendary Hero: Eirika

    I don't know about all that, but the bigger tell they're not the same is actually her default special Moonbow. When I first read Lunar Brace's description, I also thought it worked like Luna, but it doesn't. Unless the Valter in the trailer only has 25 defense, Lunar Brace activates after Moonbow. This means it adds half of the foe's now 30% reduced defense, meaning it adds 35% of their actual defense, not 50%. For any special besides Luna and Moonbow, it is functionally equivalent to Luna, but for those two, it is significantly weaker.
  9. New Legendary Hero: Eirika

    Exactly. Moonbow goes from 2 turns to 3, just like Black Luna. Sol goes from 3 turns to 4, just like Radiant Aether. Unless I'm missing something...
  10. New Legendary Hero: Eirika

    Lunar Brace gives L!Eirika access to Black Luna AND Radiant Aether with her default weapon. With the Slaying Edge build you list, those cooldowns get reduced to 2 and 3 respectively. Insane. In the build you specifically list, I don't think there's any need for the Desperation seal anyways. Maybe for the 2 turn cooldown Black Luna, but that requires a Cavalry Rush/Flash to really get going which is unlikely to come, I think. EDIT: You could put Heavy Blade in her A slot I guess, but without knowing her attack stat just yet, it would be hard to judge if she can sacrifice the damage output, let alone even use the skill effectively. Will be neat to see though.
  11. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Myrrh isn't a dracozombie because... why? Her transforming into her regular dragon form really threw me off. I probably should have seen it coming after summer Y!Tiki, but still... a bit miffed.
  12. E3 Trailer Analysis

    Here are a few small things I noticed but haven't really seen commented on yet. 1. Tomes don't appear to be in the game. None of the mages are holding them and magic is a separate command from attack. Theory: magic will work just like it did in SOV. When Edelgard was asking the teacher what to train, magic wasn't an option even though she could clearly use it. I don't think magic will have a weapon rank; I think units will have set spells they learn by leveling up. 2. When Edelgard is in the pre-combat window, there is a banner that indicates you can toggle between weapons using X and Y just like the 3DS games. When Byleth is in that same window later in the trailer, we see that same banner. However, unlike Edelgard, he has another banner above that one that says "None" with ZL and ZR as the toggle buttons. Theory: Byleth will have some mechanic like combat arts but unique to them that they learn/acquire throughout the game. 3. Dimitri is only shown using lances, but when he uses the triangle formation, his whole squad switches from lances to swords. Theory: the squad unit's weapon type doesn't have to match the main unit's and can even be switched around. Furthermore, the formation mechanic will work like magic in that each unit will have a specific set of formations they learn by leveling up. Some units, like Dimitri maybe, will emphasize using the formation mechanic. Since Dimitri uses lances, maybe he can use the formation command with a sword squad to gain the advantage against axe users. Other theory for all of them: it's just an oversight by the developers/ too early in development.
  13. March's Legendary Hero (DATAMINE/SPOILER)

    So we're getting an Earth based Legendary Hero who is actually a flying villain... hmm. Fire is the only legendary hero I'm missing, and since there are none this round I might skip. That being said, Earth now has access to attack and speed boosts. Plus, since she's a flier, she'll pair nicely with L!Ike's Def Tactic.
  14. March's Legendary Hero (DATAMINE/SPOILER)

    So the Arena season that starts next Tuesday is going to feature a character that releases on Wednesday... uhh... gonna say there is a whopping 0% chance of that happening.