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  1. E3 Trailer Analysis

    Here are a few small things I noticed but haven't really seen commented on yet. 1. Tomes don't appear to be in the game. None of the mages are holding them and magic is a separate command from attack. Theory: magic will work just like it did in SOV. When Edelgard was asking the teacher what to train, magic wasn't an option even though she could clearly use it. I don't think magic will have a weapon rank; I think units will have set spells they learn by leveling up. 2. When Edelgard is in the pre-combat window, there is a banner that indicates you can toggle between weapons using X and Y just like the 3DS games. When Byleth is in that same window later in the trailer, we see that same banner. However, unlike Edelgard, he has another banner above that one that says "None" with ZL and ZR as the toggle buttons. Theory: Byleth will have some mechanic like combat arts but unique to them that they learn/acquire throughout the game. 3. Dimitri is only shown using lances, but when he uses the triangle formation, his whole squad switches from lances to swords. Theory: the squad unit's weapon type doesn't have to match the main unit's and can even be switched around. Furthermore, the formation mechanic will work like magic in that each unit will have a specific set of formations they learn by leveling up. Some units, like Dimitri maybe, will emphasize using the formation mechanic. Since Dimitri uses lances, maybe he can use the formation command with a sword squad to gain the advantage against axe users. Other theory for all of them: it's just an oversight by the developers/ too early in development.
  2. March's Legendary Hero (DATAMINE/SPOILER)

    So we're getting an Earth based Legendary Hero who is actually a flying villain... hmm. Fire is the only legendary hero I'm missing, and since there are none this round I might skip. That being said, Earth now has access to attack and speed boosts. Plus, since she's a flier, she'll pair nicely with L!Ike's Def Tactic.
  3. March's Legendary Hero (DATAMINE/SPOILER)

    So the Arena season that starts next Tuesday is going to feature a character that releases on Wednesday... uhh... gonna say there is a whopping 0% chance of that happening.
  4. Grand Hero Battles I'd like to see

    Morva and Aversa are my most wanted. There are currently no freebie breath or flying mages, and these two seem like the most likely candidates I'm aware of for those classifications to make it in as a GHB unit (I think final bosses may get there own thing if they ever become playable, so that counts Idunn out). Plus, I would really like to see them reuse Aversa's map gimmick of fighting stat inflated versions of your own units. That was a really neat surprise the first time I played her Spotpass map.
  5. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    Spring Units: HAREna = S!Sharena TheWinglessWhitewing = S!Catria Ninjabbit (obviously) = S!Kagero Axefonse = S!Alfonse
  6. The Branded King (New Heroes Banner)

    Based on Chrom's damage using Aether, he looks to have 41 HP and 37 Atk
  7. The Branded King (New Heroes Banner)

    Gerome is shown in the trailer, so he could be a consideration too. He seems more like a TT reward, though.
  8. The Branded King (New Heroes Banner)

    Falchion is now effective vs colorless breath. Biggest news from the trailer.
  9. New Heroes - The Branded King

    Falchion does effective damage vs. Colorless Breath... guess that will be a thing soon
  10. This topic has had more discussion than I thought it would… interesting. Anyways, I’m back to stir the pot some more. If you’re like me, and you have difficulty wrapping your head around quantities of money over 100 dollars, here is some fun math for you. Switch games usually retail for 60 USD. Assuming a season pass of DLC will retail at 20 USD, IS would need lifetime sales of FE Switch and its season pass to reach about 3.7 million and .92 million (25% of base game sales) respectively to gross as much as Heroes is estimated to have grossed in its first 10 months. That’s roughly double the sales of the series’ best selling game of all time, Fates. That’s right. In terms of purely gross income, Heroes is the best selling FE game of all time by well over double the next closest contender. Just something to chew on. Now for some conjecture. There are 3 parties at play here excluding the customers. IS, Nintendo, and their mobile partner DeNA are all trying to make a profit out of this. DeNA only makes money off of Heroes. Seeing how successful it is, they will likely try to push Nintendo/IS to focus more on Heroes than main games. IS makes money off both mainline games and Heroes, but they have to share their earnings from Heroes with more people. Thus, they may be more inclined to keep development focused on main entries. Finally, there’s the Big N. Nintendo also makes money off of both games, and probably has the greatest say in what gets developed anyways. Nintendo’s initiative to enter the mobile market has so far not been met with amazing success (Pokemon Go is technically not part of their mobile initiative. The profits they made from that game are more closely akin to royalty checks). Mario Run missed its goal, Animal Crossing doesn’t seem to be doing all that hot, and Miitomo was a complete disaster from what I’ve heard. That leaves just FEH still left in the ring moving into their second year. When it comes time for Nintendo to divvy up their mobile budget this year, I’d be inclined to think IS will get a bigger piece of the pie than they did last time. That extra capital will likely come with the stipulation that it can only be used towards development of FEH. The balance tips towards Heroes. But, wait! Nintendo also has a hugely vested interest in its brand spankin’ new hardware, the Switch. As part of Nintendo’s goal to sell 20 million units, they are relying on an up and coming first party series, FE to help drive sales with their highly anticipated new main series game. Now it seems they would be inclined to dump money into IS for the development of the new game. The tension rises. At the end of the day, I think it will come down to Nintendo’s faith in the series. If they believe FE is truly a second tier IP, they will give IS the capital and clearance to develop both at a steady pace. If they still view FE as a fringe IP on the rise, they may only give capital to one of the teams. I’d have to think Nintendo would choose the Heroes dev team in this scenario. I just don’t think FE Switch is as crucial to their console’s success as Heroes is to their mobile market’s success. Nintendo can afford to slow down FE mainline development in favor of focusing on Heroes at least until some of their other mobile games start achieving success. They can’t really afford to slow down their most successful mobile game at this point in time. Either way… PLEASE RELEASE A REVEAL TRAILER. I’ll take even just an official tittle at this point.
  11. This is why I think Nintendo/IS will continue to develop both at a fair proportion. To play devil's advocate, however, I will say this. One of Heroes' original characters recently placed in the top 10 of nearly all characters in the series in a poll by Nintendo. This character is not even playable. In addition, nearly all the original characters placed in the top 100. While the poll was geared towards Heroes players, these results would suggest Heroes actually might not need the main series to keep feeding it new material. Don't forget, there is a portion of Heroes' paying customer base that has never played a Fire Emblem game and only plays Heroes because it is a fun mobile game. Also, slowing down development is not the same as ending development. When IS has something like Heroes to lean back on in between releases, they may be more inclined to take their time developing a new game. Fates released 2015. SOV was 2017. Switch is slated for 2018. That is a pretty ambitious development cycle. IS may just want to start slowing down instead of rushing into things. Just some food for thought.
  12. As of December 2017, Heroes has grossed over 240 million USD. To call it anything other than successful would be a huge disservice to the game. Do you think this success has impacted the development of the main series games at all? I'm interested to see if there is a split in opinion here. Source:
  13. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    This is slightly unrelated, but I've never been a fan of the "XYZ Emblem" nomenclature for a team of four of a kind apart from "Flier Emblem." For instance, now that we have access to four different Lyns thanks to Booklyn, I don't call a team of Lyns "Lyn Emblem." I call that team "Lyntelligent Systems." Four Lucinas? Easy. That's "Crewcina." For reference, I also use "Dragon Wagon," "Horse Force," and when CamillaCuatro comes, I'll use "Wu Tang Cam." EDIT: I didn't see it in the OP, but I also like using Gleirika for the tome wielding Eirika. I've seen others use it, too.
  14. CYL 2 Unit Type/ Skills Prediction Thread

    I don't think they will follow a "theme" like they did last time, but I think they will have one from each color. If they do follow a theme, I think it will be mentors/guardians. I also don't think just because a character had a Prf. weapon in their original game that they didn't get yet means they'll get it now (i.e. Beloved Zofia). Lucina didn't get Noble rapier, and if I remember correctly 3 of the 4 weapons from the last CYL weren't even in the characters' original games. Hector: Lance armor (Uther). No ideas on skills but Lycian/Ostian blessing will be one. Celica: Staff infantry (Nomah). Saggitae - 14 Mt, Atk+3, grants damage +5 while special is fully charged. Martyr+. Earth/water balm. Brazen def/res. Twin God blessing - dazzling/wrathful staff combined. Ephraim: Axe cavalier (Dussel). Garm - Spd+3, built in Granni shield. Quick Riposte. Hone Atk/Spd. Veronica: Sword Cav (Xander). Enhanced Siegfried - normal Siegfried with Def+3. Earth/fire boost. The effect of great flame; some seem to think it will be called earth sweep. I picked the skills just because they seemed neat to me, but the movement types and weapon types are logical for the theme I stated above while covering all colors.
  15. You're hearing it here first: Xander!Veronica incoming. But seriously, I'm so glad a heroes OC made it in. Would've preferred Sharena followed by Gunthra and Alfonse, but all of them seemed like longshots anyways. Sacred Stones is my favorite game, and I really like Ephraim, but Marth losing because of the split votes feels like a slap in the face. I guess IS just doesn't think characters from two different games are the same. Oh well. Now that we know Legendary Heroes can be main series characters, maybe Marth will be one. Overall really happy with the results. EDIT: So glad Aversa made it into the top 50! She's probably my favorite villain. I'm glad other people seem to like her too. Hopefully it's not just because of her design.