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  1. Nintendo Labo

    The part of me that also really likes building things and wants to promote that same enthusiasm in younger audiences and the part of me that is a Switch fan also wants it to do well. It's just... there are definitely better options out there. Amazon has the robot Labo listed at $80. The trailer makes it seem like you need four joy cons. That's another $80 for the additional pair. That's $160 (assuming you already have a Switch) dropped on a cardboard toy that a child will probably beg their parents to build anyways and then disregard two weeks later. And that's the real kicker. Most kids don't have a real perception of the value of money, so they don't care if they really only see themselves using it for two weeks as long as it looks cool. But parents do, and if they just do an ounce of research into other DIY/building toys, I can't see them buying Labo.
  2. Definition of Power Creep

    I think the problem arises in that we are trying to use one term to describe two different things, which causes confusion. One group thinks the word "creep" would suggest a slow, constant increase in power. This slow increase would be healthy for a game such as Heroes as it creates a steady flow of vested interest in the game for the consumer and profit for the developer. People who use "power creep" in this sense use it with a positive connotation to describe a natural change that is fair and balanced. Units or skills that fall into this definition of power creep can certainly invalidate similar skills or units and even change the meta, but they are only a small increase in power relative to ease of use and cost. Players without those units or skills still have a fair chance at doing well, and players with those units or skills are not left in a position where they feel there is never any reason to use anything else. I personally would use power creep in this sense if I used it at all. I would consider a character like Ayra to be a part of this definition. The next group use it to describe a huge increase in power that is unfair or not balanced. These increases are generally considered unhealthy as they create unfair advantages for those who have access to the unit/skill. Players without the unit no longer have a reasonable chance at success for either PvE or PvP environments, and players who do have the unit feel there is never any reason to use anything else. A more apt term for this definition would be "power spike" and would carry a negative connotation. I don't feel Heroes has ever released a character that falls into this category, but I can come up with an example of one that easily could have existed. If H!Nowi's unique tome had 2 effects, the one it has now and an effect that ignored the weapon triangle, and instead of her A slot skill giving her Atk/Res +5 when next to an ally, it had an effect that nullified effective damage to Nowi from other units and gave Nowi effective damage against all weapon types whenever she was next to an ally, and she had a special skill that was Galeforce but with a 3 turn cooldown, that would fall into this definition. Players with H!Nowi would almost never need to use anything else, and players without her would be at a huge disadvantage. I like this point you bring up. Knowing your audience is key to any form of communication. At the end of the day, as long as the vast majority of people will be able to understand what you mean when you use a term, then you should use it. If not, just explain what it is you are trying to say (ex. Instead of "Ayra is power creep..." say "Ayra is unfair and not balanced because..."), or define the term yourself at the beginning so everyone can see what it is you mean going forward.
  3. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    I'm still failing to see how Azura's weapon passive is as useless as Takumi's. It seems like it would be incredibly useful on any team that doesn't need to run a Sacred Twin, which is pretty much every non-bladetome, infantry/hybrid team. I don't see how Nephenee, B!Ike, Ike, BK, Nowi, Ryoma, B!Lucina, any Reinhardt counter, any QR user, or any enemy phase functional unit at all won't benefit from this skill. Not to mention how easy this skill makes grinding. Not only can I run a team with the unit I'm trying to grind and 3 dancers, but also I can give that unit a free fury 3 buff with no drawback and no wasted moves. How is that useless? The skill isn't broken, but it's definitely useful in many modes and situations.
  4. Sacred Coins

    Now that they've been out for a while, and their use still hasn't been determined, I have only a few ideas as to what they would be for. The first, and most likely in my opinion, is that they will be used to promote units to 6 stars. My reasoning is the amount received each week and the in game description which states "A valuable ceremonial coin used in antiquity." I'm expecting it will take 200 coins and 20 great badges to promote a unit. Even if a unit took 50 coins to promote to 6*, it would take even the top scoring players a minimum of two weeks just to promote 1 unit. Also, when the game first released, the only way to regularly get large amounts of feathers (used to promote units) was through the arena. Now, the only way to get coins (speculating usage to be promoting units) is through the arena assault, a sub mode of the arena. The next thing would be as a new currency for an in game shop. This shop would sell multiple things from stamina portions to skills and seals to even exclusive new units. My reasoning behind this is the only other gacha game I've played, PAD, doing a similar thing a while ago. The price range would be anywhere from about 50 coins for portions and stuff to about 500 for exclusive units. Those are my opinions. I can't see it being used as a trade in for feathers or things already in the game, because they would have just made that feature available as soon as we got the coins. Whatever they are used for will probably be a huge new feature that they felt would have taken up too much time to explain/reveal in the FEH channel.
  5. Heroes "Fusions" Idea

    "Fusion" Summoning is illegal if it is unrestricted. It is considered Complete Gacha. Essentially what it means is that a game like FE Heroes cannot require specific units from the gachapon to be used to get other units. Even the child units thing would likely be illegal unless you kept both the "parents" after the fusion, and the child unit was randomly determined or something along those lines. However, units that are not available in the summoning pool (GHB units) would be able to be used for a "fusion" summoning because they are not locked behind orbs which are monetized in real world currency (they're free).
  6. Wedding Banner Speculation

    I think the right will be Eirika. I don't get why people think if the "bride" and "groom" are from the same game that means it is a canon pairing. They could just be two characters from the same game. For instance, if they did Ephraim and Eirika, that doesn't mean Ephraim and Eirika are a canon pair. They might not even do two characters from the same game. Personally, i'm speculating it to be two males and two females: Lyn, Roy, Ephraim, and Eirika.
  7. I meant to mention this yesterday, but I’m a new member and my account just got approved today. I was alerted yesterday that the limited addition went back on sale, so I went to check it out because I couldn’t believe it, and sure enough it was available, so I placed an order. I have since gotten order and shipment confirmation, so it seems it really was restocked. It seems it has since been taken down again. I don’t know why exactly it was restocked, but I’m thinking they simply were shipped more stock then they initially expected. I am mentioning this just as a heads up that Gamestop and others MIGHT also restock tomorrow so be on the lookout. Also, some Gamestops MIGHT have in store stock left over. When I preordered the standard edition from Gamestop, the sales associate told me if a preorder was cancelled I could be upgraded to the limited edition, so they might have stock left over if people canceled or didn’t pick up their preorders.