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  1. Who’s your favorite “Bad Unit” in FE?

    I’m gonna go with conquest Odin, his stat growths may be all over the place, but I love the guy way too much to not use him!
  2. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    I mean I understand but at this point we’ve presented our arguments and evidence many times over. The best we can do at this point is to just let it go and tell newcomers about units like Marcus and what they are capable of.
  3. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Because the turnwheel trivialies all difficulties why am I so bad At FE?
  4. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    No clue since I havent played it why do I feel like shit?
  5. Seth is Nuts...

    Seth is one of the most broken units in the entire series. He’s too good.
  6. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    Jesus fucking Christ can we PLEASE end the “is Marcus good” debate now?! At this point we are beating the skeleton of a several month dead horse that has been dug up out of its grave! @Corncake FE7 is a pretty easy game barring hector hard mode, which I’m assuming your not starting on considering this says first team, so the best advice I have for you is experiment while you play and see what works best for you.
  7. Press Ctrl+V

  8. Doesn’t atlas have several little brothers he looks after and takes care of?
  9. Skipping arvis cause haven’t played genealogy Zephiel- a hesitant 8.5. He seems very powerful and could likely change the flow of battle on his own, but he doesn’t really do that much at all. Berkut- I’ll give him a 7/10, which seems more than fair. He’s really hyped up and his strength is always praised, but every battle we see him in is a defeat for him.
  10. Im readying my giant death laser as well
  11. I’d say yes if you Weren’t what looks like a terminator
  12. I’d also rank Gray a 7. He’s shown to be quite skilled and above Tobin, but far from invincible. While Tobin did say that he’s far below Alm and Gray, I’d imagine if Gray and Alm were to fight each other at full strength, Alm would still come out as the victor fairly easily. Tiki id rank a 9/10 simply due to her raw power. and Pent I also agree with a 9/10.