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  1. Nym used rest!
  2. YES! YES! YES! Absolutley needs to watch this
  3. I went with Aegis
  4. I have always nickname my Arcanine a blaze or blazer due to my inability to be creative.
  5. Should know that I saw and I like the idea
  6. Ask them what they are observing.
  7. What do you think about aegis or pavis? Just thought of them now?
  8. Should know that I need some nickname ideas for Cobalion.
  9. I guess I've just been hanging around to many Apotheosis pairing threads, where you need to have units in specific classes in order for them to perform best (hero, sage, wyverlord, beserker, etc...) and developed the idea that good means it's used on Apotheosis.
  10. Avi is an eevee
  11. https://www.tumblr.com/search/arete (fire emblem) Qrow Branwen from RWBY Scp-076 from SCP wiki.
  12. So luckily I was able to capture cobalion in my white 2 nuzlocke without any deaths thanks to Popper my Reuniclus and Stickler my Galvantula, but I am horrible with nicknames. I would love some suggestions and ideas on what to name it.
  13. Well, my phone is currently facing north, soooo.... is a glaceon, possibly with max special attack investment due to your classification as a sage.
  14. Is north of my post
  15. Fell victim to the glitch