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  1. We see in Genealogy that holy blood allows one to wield great power, Use holy/unique weapons, and is marked by a brand on the user. Alm, Celica, Robin, and Chrom all have Brands. Chrom, Alm, and Celica all have unique weapons (Falchion for Chrom, Falchion/royal sword for Alm, and the Beloved Zofia for Celica.) All of them are capable of harnessing some sort of great power(Robin can use Grima's power, Chrom can perform the Awakening, and Alm and Celica have their Ultimate arts, Scendscale and Ragnarok Omega, and while using those arts, their brands can be seen glowing, hunting that they may be drawing power from the brand or from Mila and Duma themselves. There seems to be a lot of evidence pointing to them all having Major holy blood.
  2. What's your favorite Pokemon?

  3. Cash Money

    I know it just seems relevant for cash monies
  4. Newcomer here!

    No problem. Now go make some honey cakes I want som
  5. Cash Money

  6. No, you are not undatable. I have autism and currently in a stable romantic relationship. Someone that truly loves you won't care about your autism.
  7. Cash Money

    I like your username
  8. What do you think is the best battle theme in the series?

    yes Yes YES
  9. Press Ctrl+V

  10. Newcomer here!

    IT IS AMAZING for XC1 I know pretty much all the ins and outs of that game by virtue of several 100% runs. So feel free to PM me for advice on the game
  11. Pokemon Draft League: Battling Thread

    And I need to include some set up of my own
  12. Pokemon Draft League: Battling Thread

    Checked my schedule and I get off Sunday at 3:00 so I should be good then