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  1. I like mangoes day has been good so far, still getting used to dorm life
  2. Master of Arms is so underrated

    While I did have to spend a couple of arms scrolls on Mozu in MOA to use good swords and axes, I really enjoyed using the class, it made her one of my favorite units to use!
  3. I’d be all on board for it if not for stuff like speed boost and protean but having started with speed boost and protean would make them insanely lopsided and unbalanced. all three should balance eachother with no clear winner in the base game and an item like a secret capsule should exist but only in postgame. Basically I 2nd everything @Regalia said
  4. Women of Serenes Forest!

    I kinda get the same way. The few times I drank coffee I was just sleepy afterwards.
  5. Oh right it does is robin in his tactician or grandmaster class in smash?
  6. Which is why I went with close to 50, my thought was that taking into account the 50 uses of the bronze sword, his luck is high enough so that the bronze sword Seems unbreakable, meanwhile since the levin sword has much less uses it’s possible to see it break mid fight
  7. By extension since the bronze sword never can break because armsthrift is always activating on it, wouldn’t he probably have Limit breaker as well to boost his luck stat closer to 50? he also has Bolganone for his final smash
  8. Seems like fun let’s try Ike, I’ll only be going over his special moves ike’s Eruption seems similar to how he glows after being powered up by yune in the final battle, so maybe Yunes blessing or whatever it is? (Only played POR) Aether is easy, the aether skill counter is the counter skill, although in tellius it’s activated by skill% I think? It was only a chance if it activating instead of using it whenever you want to Quick draw looks similar to his critical animation in POR, but that’s not a skill As for possible items, obviously Ragnell, but that’s all I can think of
  9. Let’s see BB: Lilinna has gotten SUPER speed blessed along with a good amount of skill letting her destroy absolutely everything with only fire BS: I know hector is a pretty good unit, but my hector was so blessed, that he CAPPED speed as a great lord! Needless to say, the game turned into a slaughterhouse for the enemy. SS: Moulder the Boulder got incredibly blessed in magic which let him do amazing damage to everything upon promotion, especially since he can use the divine tome so well. POR: Elincia actually ended up VERY strength blessed and with amiti one rounded damn near everything for the few maps I had her Awakening: Stahl has always become a cornerstone of defense for me. Everytime I have used him he has had stupidly high defense. Fates: Charlotte was a nonstop critting machine with a killer axe, and even without those she was able to one round a lot of things with her strength and speed, and gave Xander AMAZING pair up bonuses. I got pretty skill blessed as well so her hit wasn’t that bad at all. Echoes: Mage Kliff got very attack blessed for me and with his high speed he doubled so many things. I even gave him the speed ring because why not and he was regularly doubling with SAGGITAE
  10. Women of Serenes Forest!

    I flat out hate tea, I’ll happily go without it hot cocoa is nice
  11. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    Good on you using the average stats patch, rules out any posibilies of blessed or screwage? Which mode is this on?
  12. Sleep is a waste of time