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  1. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    Say hi to scarlet as well and complain about your lack of supports
  2. Create a Class

    But even with semi decent luck you will pretty much never get Critted, unless the enemy is using a killer weapon which is rare, in that Kase just use a Mage or a javelin. most enemy's have stupid low crit rates if not non existent, so having it be based off enemy ciritcal hits basically makes it useless
  3. DisobeyedCargo does a nuzlocke of Pokémon Gold!

    Yeah he's pretty cool i wish ghost was usable on an actual ghost, but the punches will help with offense
  4. Create a Class

    Maybe have it Lower the activation rate of enemy skills by like 10-15 percent?
  5. DisobeyedCargo does a nuzlocke of Pokémon Gold!

    I know right? this gym has gone downhill ever since his father stepped down
  6. Well to be fair they did reseal it for another thousand years presumably i like to think of it like this either grima would have grown powerful enough to break the seal on his own soon and they delayed his return. Ooorrrr they never travel to Thabes and grima releases on his own in a thousand years, or they travel to Thabes and smack grima, but levaing Thabes unsealed allows grima to leave after 1000 years. It's a catch 22.
  7. DisobeyedCargo does a nuzlocke of Pokémon Gold!

    Well training is finished, and Rocky managed to learn rock throw, so I've basically won already as promised here is the team We take care of the two generic mooks first, then we talk to Falkner or a rock, or a freaking snowflake The battle begins! we lead with Jetstream on Pidgey to get Jetstream closer to water gun, and I pretty much just press scratch untill it's dead Jetstream grows to level 12 but does not learn water gun unfortunately... We next switch out to Geodude and Falkner brings out his hacked in Pidgeotto we use our press here to win button in rock throw, and Pidgeotto does down after some mud slap shenanigans, winning us the Zephyrbadge! Falker has dissapointed his father and himself in letting his bird Pokémon die in this nuzlocke, so he gives us his last possession, and BOY is it pathetic Well that's it for tonight, my copy of Shadow Dragon arrived today, and I need to play it
  8. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    maybe they place her in a deep realm for like 10 seconds
  9. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Dang what's with Arthur and exact damage?
  10. DisobeyedCargo does a nuzlocke of Pokémon Gold!

    Don't worry I'm taking it nice and slow, we will start off as just friends Oh dang I forgot about that well I don't have anyone with gold,but my friend has yellow and I have red, so I can pull some time capsule shenanigans
  11. DisobeyedCargo does a nuzlocke of Pokémon Gold!

    I uhh... don't think that support is up to code but I don't want an HM! I want my ride Pokémon back! Since we only have one possible encounter, we walk around braving our fears of the unown for a truly ghastly encounter We FINALLY catch her after like 15 poison stings! aren't I creative? After that we spend some time training our new team member outside the tower we then return and continue to climb the tower until we reach the top, and meet and old friend we luckily don't have to battle him, our team is low on health isnt that like 90% of the competitive fan base? we battle the old man and beat him fairly easily, gaining the power to flash people. We then escape rope out of here and do a bit more training before heading out to the gym. The gym battle shall get its own update in just a bit, I need to train Rocky somemore
  12. DisobeyedCargo does a nuzlocke of Pokémon Gold!

    Alright let's go time to adventure! we start off by going and getting Joey's number cause why not? On the way however we stop in Dark cave to get our encounter there, and what we get will rock your world: Geodude may not seem like much but I was actually hoping we would run into him, this is because I now have a flat out counter to Whitney's Miltank, and Golem is a pretty powerful pokemon on its own, and hopefully it won't come to this, but he can explode if I need to kill something. thankfully the Geodude is actually a dude, so there's no awkward gender reveal mid capture. Fun fact male Pokémon in gen 2 actually have a higher attack iv than females due to the attack iv being used for gender, so this means I might have a decent attack iv. we manage to catch our first real team member and nickname him after a true fighter like he will be we make our way back to Joey, and tell him we're his biggest fan, and he makes our day by giving us his phone number with that out of the way we make our way to sprout tower to train for the first gym!
  13. Funny school stories

    I broke my own glasses at school
  14. Durability. Yes or no?

    That's also something that bother someone me. I often hoard all my good weapons untill I don't need them i will concede that this is partly my fault however due to me holding onto everything I find in RPGs and never using it
  15. Durability. Yes or no?

    Fair enough I suppose