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  1. Wants to be called Al
  2. To kidnap princess peach. the proper way to beat Cynthia's garchomp is...
  3. Hey I was also thinking of Yuga!
  4. Is perhaps talking about Lusamine
  5. It is a New 3DS that I have, otherwise my copy of Xenoblade Chronicles would be completely useless.
  6. Ohhh. I haven't played that game, really want to though, may buy it off of the virtual console
  7. Wow, that is just OP. Did you see Kommo-o's new Z-move? is playing Ocarina of time?
  8. To not get smashed in the first place. the proper way to train Pokémon is...
  9. Wheat reason was it banned for this time? isnt training for the elite four
  10. Nym suggested a nickname and was upset that I didn't use it.
  11. His name is now slifer
  12. I can't see signatures, I'm on mobile
  13. He has chomp in the name though
  14. Think of a nickname for my gible
  15. I LOVE Giratina's battle theme!