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  1. Legendary Hero Banner (Ft. Vanguard Ike)

    I'm probably going to spend a few orbs for Vangaurd Ike (because I don't trust the fanbase enough to vote for him on A Hero Rises) and Faye for Firesweep B!Lyn. So far I got my first Takumi, which is nice even though I don't have anyone who wants Close Counter unless I'm using a meme build. I don't really know what to think about Ike being a legendary. On the one hand, I didn't care about the OCs at all. On the other hand, I'm not a fan of alternate forms of characters we already had taking spots from more creative decisions.
  2. Banner: Sacred Memories

    I spent about 90 orbs sniping green and red. Shortly into it I got Y!Tiki (Def+/HP-) Immediately after that I got a second Eldigan (Spd+/Res-) It took me about 70 orbs to roll Gleirika, but she's Spd+/Def-, so I guess it's fine. I also got some fodder, like Odin, Shanna, and three (3) Sorens. I'm trying to build up the willpower to start hoarding orbs again, but I really want Myrrh.
  3. What would you want out of a FE5 Echoes?

    A support system. There are a lot of characters with interesting backstories that I'm pretty sure are only detailed in outside sources, like how Eyvel made Dagdar a good guy by beating him up. Tone down some of the really unfair parts. Status effects should wear off over time, and 24x should be completely reworked. Make it so the player has a reason to choose Cyas over Ced.
  4. Banner: Sacred Memories

    Myrrh looks great. I don't run a dragon or flying team, but I really want her. I like L'Arachel, but I don't know if I'll actually roll for her. I already have most of the blue mages, and I don't really know when I'd use her over Reinhardt for sheer power or Delthea for support. Eirika confuses me. It's neat they acknowledged the Stone glitch, but why is she here? I saw a theory that IS planned for her to win CYL2 and already designed her but she ended up not doing too well, but it still seems strange to release her now. I'll probably roll for her since I like her and I only have Celica and Arvis for red mages, but I hope the trend doesn't continue.
  5. 1. Finn 2. Lewyn 3. Julia 4. Lukas 5. L'Arachel 6. Leif 7. Reinhardt or Hector If they release a midterm, I'll just choose my favorite of the top ten and dump the rest of my votes to them.
  6. Thracia 776 : First playthrough

    The game uses same turn reinforcements. It won't bother you too much in the early game, but some late game chapters drop a ton at once. Every unit has a very slim chance of leveling up their movement stat. If a random blob of gibberish pops up after a level up, that unit has one more move. Avoid using lance knights besides Finn (no bias I swear). Finn has time to build his sword rank up, and both Axe Knights you get are really good. Normal Cavaliers/Paladins and Sword Knights obviously don't have to worry about their sword rank. Go the A route for better units and maps. Go the B route for better items and a unit with Bargin The Elite Sword isn't a prf. weapon. Also, don't be too afraid to use the early game prf. weapons. Obviously don't drain them early, but they're really helpful and some won't be usable for the last few chapters (Specifically the Brave/Hero Lance and the Dragonlance).
  7. Which FE has the best final chapter?

    Despite there being generic enemies that were more of a struggle to face than Veld, I still like 776's final chapter the most. I like how the challenge comes from the map instead of having enemies with super inflated stats, and the Dreadlords were a neat idea, especially if you forgot to recruit somebody.
  8. Heroes you're still waiting for?

    Archanea: Hardin, Wolf, and Astram. Valentia: Kliff, Kamui, and Tatiana. Jugdral: Quan, Lewyn, Chulainn(if only to see what Regnal Luna would be), Shannan (but only if Shannam was secretly added on the same banner), Ares, Brigid, Leif, Finn, Nanna, Ced, Othin, Sara, Deen, Dagdar and Travant. Elibe: Percival, FE6!Karel, Canas, and Leila. Magvel: L'Arachel, Dolza, Franz, Vanessa, Myrrh, and Lyon. Tellius: The rest of the Greil Mercenaries and Reyson. Awakening: Owain, Walhart, and Morgan. It would be neat if we could get some of the legendary characters we could never play as too, like Altina and Anri.
  9. My Hopes: A second pull on the guaranteed CYL banner. My pipe dream is a free 5* of our choosing, but I know that will never happen. Brave Varients of Chrom, Hector, Tharja, and Camilla. One last chapter to end Book 1 that ends in us getting Bruno. Weapon refinery for all the outclassed legendary weapons Re-balancing the summoning pool. Announcing a second CYL poll without the original winners. A good amount of free orbs. Maybe 15 immediately and then 2 a day over ten days. A new permanent game mode. Maybe a survive as long as you can mode? Thracia content added by then, or at least coming soon Leif will be a Master Knight and he'll have a special B skill that will let him equip any weapon class as long as it doesn't have a bonus effect (so just Iron->Steel->Silver->Silver+ and magic equivalents). This will probably never happen. My Expectations: Bringing back the original two banners and maybe the CYL one at an increased summoning rate. Another chapter to Book II. 20 orbs over ten days. One free upgrade to one of the weapons of the Askr trio. You have to refine the other two manually. A discount on orbs or some sort of package (I saw there's datamined text for being unable to purchase something a second time).
  10. Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year!

    For whatever reason, this Tempest seems much easier than the others. I'm regularly able to beat Hard 5 on Auto with one team, even when one of the members on that team is a 4* level 20 NY!Corrin. I want to go for all the rewards since I got distracted and spent most of my orbs trying to get Micaiah and/or Zelgius, but I don't know if I have the time and willpower to score ~8333 points a day.
  11. I saw somebody once say that Lief could be added as a Red Sword who becomes a Blue Tome when attacked at range, and Nanna as a Red Sword who becomes a Red Tome at range to reflect the Light/Earth sword. My dream scenario is that Lief is added as a Master Knight even if he could just use the Silver + versions of other weapons, but I don't think we'll ever get to that level of power-creep. Duma could fit as a physical Manakete. They could put in the Laguz with their timer mechanic to make them different, but with how fast paced the game is I doubt many people would use them. Knoll, Silque, or even Lyon could be added as summoners. Instead of fighting themselves, they generate a random unit to attack for them. The summon would match the star ranking, level, and amount of merges of the opponent, but otherwise has random skills, class, and weapons.
  12. FEH: Winter's Envoy Banner

    The Legendary Banner said that the next time we would be able to roll for Fjorm would be late December. Most people are assuming it's going to be another legendary banner, but it could be a 3% or 5%.
  13. FEH: Winter's Envoy Banner

    Part of me wants to go for Robin since I need a blue armor and I don't like Effie and Wendy and even if I did I don't have them, but there's supposed to be a Legendary banner soon, so I'll probably just keep my Hector/BK/Amelia/Arden armor team. Also, I'm surprised everyone's so shocked they're armored. It takes forever to walk through snow, even thin layers.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Somehow I managed to roll a better Sigurd (Hp+/Res- vs Def+/Atk-) and a Mia (Res+/Def-) with my stockpile of 25 orbs. Part of me wants to go for Dorcas, but the rest of me knows to save for the Legendary banner.
  15. I'm kicking myself now for foddering off that five star Shanna I pulled from the banner, but oh well. I got a high enough score with Kat to hold a good overall ranking.