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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Somehow I managed to roll a better Sigurd (Hp+/Res- vs Def+/Atk-) and a Mia (Res+/Def-) with my stockpile of 25 orbs. Part of me wants to go for Dorcas, but the rest of me knows to save for the Legendary banner.
  2. I'm kicking myself now for foddering off that five star Shanna I pulled from the banner, but oh well. I got a high enough score with Kat to hold a good overall ranking.
  3. Create a Skill

    Skills: Capture 1 ->2 -> 3 (B skill): When initiating, if this units has at least 100 -> 50 -> 0% of their HP left when defeating an opponent, this unit takes the foe's buffs until the next turn. Melee units only. Karma 1 -> 2 -> 3 (B skill): When this unit is attacked and cannot fight back, attacker takes 3 -> 5 -> delayed special cooldown (Cooldown count +1) during combat and 7 damage after combat. Soothing Familiarity 1 -> 2 -> 3 (C skill): When this unit is next to a unit from the same game, grants Def+2 -> Def+3 -> Def/Res+3 during combat. Fiery Familiarity 1 -> 2 -> 3 (C skill): When this units is next to a unit from the same game, grants Atk+2 -> Atk+3 -> Atk/Spd+3 during combat. Weapons: Mercurius: Astram exclusive. Grants Atk+3 Sagittae: 10 mt Blue Firesweep Tome Spoiler for Echoes I guess?
  4. When I first saw the banner, I thought that this was a new form of the "Heroes with _____" banner. I'm probably going to go with Katarina since I rolled her when escaping from a no green round. I also rolled a Shanna so now I can give her the full -blade build.
  5. I read at multiple places that they recently changed how summoning works to make it so sniping doesn't work as well, but I can't find any details about what makes that the case. Can somebody please explain?
  6. One thing I saw other talk about that I agree with is the fact that a large part of this power creep is caused by uninheritable skills. Tana and Guidance was the best example I saw. While the unit the skill came on was good, if you didn't like Tana you could give Guidance to somebody else. Yet Ayra, who comes two skills that could save the overall fairly bad Myrmidon units (being Ayra's Blade and Regnant Astra) is also the only unit that can use those skills. The fact that Ayra, of all characters, got such treatment scares me the most. Sigurd I can justify by the fact that he's arguably the most overpowered lord in the franchise and him getting CYL treatment is just their way of carrying that fact over. He also spends a large part of the plot trying to reunite with his father, and fatherhood tied together all the CYL units. He even got Tyrfing from his father, just like the others got their weapon from their fathers. With Ayra, it's much harder for me to justify. She gets trainee stats because she starts out a little underwhelming but becomes a monster? She gets her own personal sword because units couldn't trade in FE4? Regnant Astra because in Jugdral Astra/Meteor Blade is a bonus of Od blood? I get that Ayra is pretty popular (She's one of my favorites from FE4 too), but I don't think she deserves all these toys. And if Ayra can get all these bonuses, imagine what a more important character will get.
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    It's pretty lousy what they did with Ayra, but there's nothing original I can add. Although if this is going to be a trend with Odo's descendants, we should all be on the lookout for Chulainn with his Heavy Blade 3 and Reigning Luna.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    After eighty orbs I finally managed to get Sigurdeth. On the plus side, I got like ten Sophias, so when I do roll Sigurd, I can give him Dragon Fang I guess. I got an Atk-/Def+ Tailtiu when trying to escape from five blue orbs. At least I have a bonus unit. Hopefully the TT overlaps with Sigurd's banner like MoF did with the Elincia banner.
  9. Holy war banner

    I'm a little dissapointed it's Tailtiu as the blue instead of Cuan to reform the Chaply Bro Alliance, but I'm more glad Jugdral is finally getting more units. I'm definitely rolling for Sigurd, and then Deirdre if I have enough orbs. Also, if those leaks keep getting proven true, I guess an Arvis GHB is coming one of these days. Hopefully he's our first armor mage.
  10. Which seals upgrade do you prioritize?

    I don't have enough coins to justify getting to level three, so I've been focusing on getting the ones I use the most to level two. Right now, I have DD2 and +2 Attack, and I plan to get +2 Speed next. From there, I'll upgrade those to level three. After that, maybe I'll work on the ploys.
  11. Is FEH getting stale lately?

    I'm kind of uninterested with the game right now. Part of it is that I spent almost all the orbs I saved for Jugdral trying to get Ike and ending up with an Atk- version, but the lack of a schedule this month is the main culprit to me. We don't know what's coming next, so we have nothing to look forward to (excluding the leaks and the Voting Gauntlet but personally the only good thing to come from gauntlets is the salt).
  12. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    I'm planning to go with Ninian, but I might go with Faye last minute since I have a level 1 version of her.
  13. Going off my more reasonable hopes (because I doubt we'd ever see Xane and Finn): Ike Camus Sigurd
  14. Your unit wishlist (Current pool)

    It would be nice to finally get a Minerva and Ike, although I've given up on rolling for Ike since every time I do I waste a lot of orbs and end up with trash. Genny because she's cute. Effie to start an Armor team. More Cains because I have a 40+4 5* with LaD3 and I want him to be even stronger
  15. Stay updated or stay away?

    I'm staying updated. Odyssey makes it so I won't be buying this game at launch, but so long as Ike, Minerva, Hardin, or Camus (or some other completely unrealistic characters) are found in the game, I'll buy it. On my quest to discover this information, I've spoiled myself to so much I don't really care about what else I see.