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  1. Exactly what the topic asks, is there one? And if so... is it good? Like, can you customize the stat screen before the fight and add in all the weapon modifiers and that stuff? If so, I would like to see it possibly used for stuff like RP.
  2. Salutations!

    Greetings to all here! I'm not too new to the FE Hacking community, but I'm certainly no veteran. I've only done a few basic splices here and there, and most of my experience just comes from watching Ragefest, which I personally enjoy. I enjoy taking criticism and I hope to eventually create custom mugs/sprites someday! *Bows*
  3. Corrinquest Castles Required!

    Ah, apologies. I'm playing in the NA region.
  4. Salutations! I'm starting up a brand new Corrinquest on the Revelations path, with a few modifications. I am currently in need of Corrin's, and the rules for this are... 1. They must be below level 15 Unpromoted. 2. They must already have been class changed. No Nohr Prince/Princess. 3. DLC classes are allowed. 4. The team in your castle must be moved away from the throne, and all on Hold. My modification is that I can take a single unit from the normal game, and use him/her as a support/marriage unit. Only one! These are my rules. Please post your Castle Code, Boon/Bane, and Level and Class below.
  5. Requesting Manakete Mug!

    Salutations! Just a simple request for a Manakete mugshot, one that would go on the statscreen. I don't plan on paying for this, so it's more something if you have free time. It would be greatly appreciated if you did. Here is the description for the character. In public, Niedell wears a thick brown cloak, a hood covering her head, and her body. Standing short at about 5"6', the back of her cloak tends to drag across the ground, normally seen torn and ripped up around the back. Underneath the cloak would be a light blue tunic, draped along her knees, with thin traveling boots strapped to her legs. Behind the hood over her head would be silvery blue hair, hanging down to almost her ankles, with her bangs tied up to hold up some of her hair, and dark orange eyes. Her bright blue Dragonstone would be shaped into a pair of earrings, shimmering faintly in reaction to frost magic. In her dragon form, Niedell becomes a bright shimmering Ice dragon, about 7 ft tall, her wings would be wrapped around her body when weak, small chunks of frost surrounding her body, dropping to the ground with a blueish green hue. Anything that fits that would be great!