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  1. Cipher Give-away Contest

    Winners officially announced! congratulations!
  2. Cipher Give-away Contest

    Winners will be announced on Wednesday!
  3. Cipher Give-away Contest

    Actually, if anyone follows that would be great but that's not the goal here. My channel is purely out of hobby. If people find it entertaining that's great. But the only thing needed to enter the contest is a comment on the video =)
  4. Cipher Give-away Contest

    Unfortunately for this contest, I'm running it though Youtube. But you have about a month!
  5. Cipher Give-away Contest

    Video Here Basically because I drew my first SR+ with an autograph on my channel, I'm giving away some of the post cards that came with pre-ordering boosters. All you have to do is watch the video and make a comment! Good luck :D
  6. Agreed. Sacred Stones and Awakening are my two faves. Going to buy like 2-3 boxes of this to get all the cards and aim to get all the promos.
  7. Why does everyone love Eirika ?

    Personal reason why I like Eirika is the fact that she tries to have faith that everyone has good within them and will make the right choices when given a chance.
  8. Amelia and Marisa please! And don't forget the best mage ever! Lute!
  9. Favourite Children of Awakening

    Was not expecting to be in the minority but I really like Kjelle! She's one of my fave children!
  10. Yes yes all my yes! As someone who got into Cipher recently I've been bugging Zero about Sacred Stones packs since I started. SO happy.
  11. Ahh, that explains it. Thank you. Did not see that in the original post so was not sure what was wrong.
  12. I have tried syncing three times. Logging out of my account and back in. Syncing again. Logging out of Discord and back in. Leaving the group and rejoining. Still can only see the validation channel.
  13. Cipher Daily booster openings

    Hello all! I've been doing a Fire Emblem Cipher booster pack-a-day for a while now (over two months! :D) While I'm not perfect at knowing who everyone is, I welcome any and all comments and feedback. Especially when it's about who I get right and who I get wrong. I also plan to expand the series with the help of a friend and another board member here Zero. Whom also will be joining me for pack openings in the near future. Playlist found here
  14. Greetings

    Greetings and Salutations, My name is Nel Celestine. I have been lurking here for a bit and finally made an account. I hope to partake in sharing my Fire Emblem experiences with you all. Until next time~