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  1. Yuzu on a horse (Alm's army). Silque as a priestess.
  2. Finn Deserves Better

    Yes he shouldn't be stronger or equal to Mathilda , They should nerf him or buff her !
  3. Tempest Trials: Thunder’s Fist!

    Tobin french title is "jeune innocent" ("Young innocent") ,it's what my grandmother say to describe what she consider mentally handicapped person. And the the final looks nice ,love the change 14 day is exhausting , however i find the castle weird , don't know why .
  4. There is a french YouTube series about role-playing game called "aventure" and this is what happen at the end of a season (critical miss at the most important moment ,it's hilarious and sad. ) My moment from fire emblem 8 the dialogue between caelach and Joshua is changed and Joshua called Caelach "Bro".(fire emblem 8 ) .
  5. Nohr: A country of villains?

    Arthur is a fanatic , Kaeton a monster , Odin Laslow and Selena are the goofy type of vilain ( like team rocket) , Felicia is deadly maid (black laggon but clumsy). Benny is a troll who leave under a bridge and I have no idea for Effie and Silas .
  6. I'm Bored.... Beast Unit Ideas!

    Velouria should have skill that let heal herself like renewal . I remember in conquest when she was able to survive the death wall of ninja and restore all her hp right after . Stat Wise high hp (52) , decent speed (33) good def ( 35) low res ( 18 ) and good Attack (35) (173 bst but with a lot of weakness , i think ridersbane should work on beast unit )
  7. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    It exist , kind of , it's name is "Blue dragon" .
  8. What Next?

    Anything exept Warriors .
  9. I'am going for Olwen , there is alway's the possibility of a surprise and Is choosing to give us the unit that we want .(but if not then V-Ike I already have Hector and we he is a special unit so he as more value )
  10. I can see Velouria enjoying movie like "distric 9" or some Tarantino , gory but with some reflexion behind . SInce she is bored easily she needs action movie with great visual (and by great i mean with imagery that she like ,dirt ,trash , weird animals or creature etc) . And Forrest movie like "Coco" or "Little miss shunshine " and also documentary (Velouria too but only for criticize how wrong they are and complain ) Siegbert might Watch movie like "Virgin suicide" ,"Schidler's List " , "Les amours de Céladon et d'Astrée"from Rohmer (because fin amor) and "In Bruges"
  11. Old units getting unique weapons

    All of your idea are nice but they migth be to powerfull , i think that Odin is really decent and can be already really powerfull , only weakness is the low Attack but with blarblade it's absolutely not a problem (I have a 5 star Odin +Attack with fury and paired with Eirika Killing him instantly is really hard with his bulk and he can destroy a lot of things ). Also I won't complain if they give him a legendary blarblade i like him a lot ^^ .
  12. Old units getting unique weapons

    Odin has blarblade , I can't see how his grimoire can compete with that (with the actual skill list) .
  13. Pairing Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn.

    Eliwood with Fiora , Hector with Farina and Lyn with Florina , easy puzzle .
  14. I hope Shanna beat Takumi a seconde time , the memes must survive!