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  1. Voting Gauntlet: Short-Haired Ladies vs. Long-Haired Gents!

    1000% joining Soren on this gautlet. And i'll probably play hard untill he loses. After that....guess i'll just join who will win for easy feather....again.
  2. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    And here I thought it would be long to get a dragon voting gauntlet, i actually expect a cavalier gauntlet next. That said, haft-blood vs pure-blood theme sounds awesome but I'm torn if Soren is in, since it means big spoiler but at the same time this also means the first ( and potentially only) chance for me to back my favorite >_<. I also don't mind a fates royals battle, actually. Because after Leo lose ( sadly, again, does IS hate him ?) I won't have to check the game every 30 minutes and can efficiently hunt for feathers. ( not really matter cause i have more than 100k, the former does thought) ps: this is my first post beside the introduction one so, hello everyone in the fandom ( and please go easy on me).
  3. Hello to everybody!

    Hi everyone, After quite some time lurking around the forum, specifically the FEH forum, i started to find the discussion in here quite enjoyable and interesting. Thus i very much hope to be part of it starting now. I got into Fire Emblem series long ago, but only when Fire Emblem Heroes is out that i get to see more of its fandom. And so far i like the fandom here very much. Well, i have really nothing else to say about myself. So, nice to meet you all !