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  1. Chapter 12x: The Thunder Axe. Turns - 5/86 Chapter 13: Rescue Mission. Turns - 6/92
  2. [FE8] A Typical FE8 Draft

    Chapter 20: Darkling Woods. Turns - 2/102. Cormag rescued Ephraim got Danced and Artur Warped him near the Gate and he dropped Ephraim and then canto'd above Riev so all the Wights suicided on him instead of blocking the route to the Gate, Artur hit S Staves. L'Arachel used Barrier and got to B Staves and Myrrh flew over the mountain to kill a few Wights. Turn two Artur used the Latona to heal Cormag and he chipped Morva twice with a Javelin, L'Arachel Rescued Myrrh back over the mountain and Artur got Danced and Warped her over to finish Morva. Eirika also killed a Wight for another level so she had 25 Speed to double Formortiis not that that's really needed seeing as I trained Myrrh but whatever. Unit Class Level HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Eirika Great Lord 18/05.14 37 20 21 25 20 16 16 S Swords Gilliam Great Knight 12/08.23 42 20 12 13 05 18 07 E Swords, B Axes, S Lances Garcia Hero 14/09.05 45 24 19 13 12 13 06 C Swords, S Axes Artur Bishop 12/12.08 33 25 18 21 08 10 20 A Light, S Staves Ephraim Great Lord 19/02.86 41 20 24 19 14 13 09 A Lances Cormag Wyvern Knight 16/13.58 56 25 20 27 12 21 08 S Lances L'Arachel Troubadour 07.51 20 09 10 10 16 05 10 B Staves Dozla Berserker --/03.75 45 16 13 09 05 12 06 B Axes Tetyhs Dancer 03.24 20 02 02 12 11 05 05 --- Knoll Summoner 10/03.89 25 14 10 12 00 03 13 B Dark, E Staves Myrrh Manakete 18.55 34 32 30 17 08 35 35 --- Endgame: Sacred Stone . Turns - 2/104. L'Arachel Barrier'd Myrrh and Artur Warped her forward a bit and then got Danced and Warped her next to Lyon, breaking the Warp. Myrrh attacked Lyon and Ephraim, Eirika and Cormag killed a few things on Enemy Phase before Lyon attacked Myrrh and she killed him on the counter. Eirika attacked Formortiis with Sieglinde for 2 x 21 Damage then L'Arachel rescued Myrrh and she attacked for 44 and then Artur Rescued Tethys to Dance Myrrh and finish him off. Very stronk and powerful final boss. Unit Reviews: Battles: 81, Wins: 55. I think Bishop!Artur is definitely the preferred Warper for Ephraim's route given the lesser opportunity to spam Staves and Tethys' later join time compared to Eirika's route. Although it costs a turn in 'Darkling Woods' due to the lower magic cap, something I didn't know at the time, giving Artur more experience early so he could promote quicker would have meant taking away experience from my other early units that would probably have cost turns elsewhere anyway. Decent at combat when it was needed but obviously not enough durability to see a lot of combat, but he can fight when he needs to. Battles: 139, Wins: 114. Nice unit intelligent Systems, really balanced. Yeah, Cormag is a unit, he pretty much single-handedly redeems Ephraim's route, it's still probably worse than Eirka's but without this guy it would be a much bigger difference. There was absolutely zero reason to give him the Angelic Robe but no-one else needed it in the end, although Eirika would have liked it for Morva if I hadn't trained Myrrh, so it wasn't a big loss. Basically just eat all stat boosters and solo half of Phantom Ship and then he was easily my best unit for the rest of the game, pretty much no enemies could even touch him and then Vidofnir gives him General level defence as if he needs more of it, lol. Battles: 30, Wins: 18. I was going to pick Duessel but I'm actually glad I ended up with Dozla as he was useful in 'Flourspar's Oath' thanks to his water walking. The rest of the game he was just a backup combat unit killing the odd thing here and there, ORKO'ing a Bael with the Brave Axe was probably the greatest thing he did after that point. Duessel obviously beats him in pretty much every way but he was good enough to do his job and Duessel would just be overkill really. Battles: 96, Wins: 61. Carried most of the early game up until 'Waterside Renvall' after which Gilliam promoted and then she left. She soloed her part of 'Scorched Sand' which almost certainly saved turns there and then pretty solid for the rest of the game with Sieglinde. Swordlock really doesn't hurt her much I don't think at least in early and late game not so sure about if you take her route. Battles: 87, Wins: 66. Ephraim is, well Ephraim I guess, it's pretty hard for him to not be good. He was quite useful in 'Fort Rigwald' as he could ORKO the Mercenaries and also doing most of the fighting in the centre on 'Flourspar's Oath' but he lacked the durability to front-line on maps like 'Scorched Sand', he could more or less always be relied on to do what he needed to do. Battles: 120, Wins: 77. Garcia is just a solid combat unit from start to finish really, especially without Franz or Vanessa. His best performances were probably in 'Ancient Horrors' and then in 'Scorched Sand'. Garcia is probably slightly better on Ephraim's route because he can use Garm in the Desert greatly boosting his performance there and of course it's great for killing some late enemies, most notably Riev, and fixing his speed which is really his only weakness. Battles: 125, Wins: 78. He helped out a bit with routing in the early game and the occasional rescue-drop, but definitely playing support for Eirika and Garcia. After he promoted though he came into his own and definitely carried the team from that point until Cormag joined and took the reigns. He had a few moments later where his Canto was needed most notably in 'Father and Son' to save some turns. He was also very useful in Scorched Sand thanks to his durability allowing him to take out a bunch of Wyverns there and generally take the brunt of the enemies attack something Ephraim wouldn't be able to withstand. Battles: 8, Wins: 7. I drafted him to help out in 'Two Faces of Evil' with his Phantom and they did a nice job there, having an extra unit was nice for being able to compensate for L'Arachel's lack of ability to attack, I'm not sure if it really saved a turn but it did make it easier for sure and he helped out a bit in 'Scorched Sand' as well. Plus the Phantom allowed me to drop Eirika over the River to get the Brave Axe which was nice I guess. Battles: 2, Wins: 0. If she started with C Staves even I think she'd be a lot more useful. She helped a bit with reliability by providing some healing in 'Scorched Sand' and I think she helped a bit with some rescuing, at least she has a Horse. She hit rescue for the last few maps which was nice I guess but could have been worked around if she hadn't, I guess she Barrier'd Cormag so he wouldn't get Stoned and then Myrrh so she could take two hits from Lyon that was probably her best contributions. Battles: 34, Wins: 24. I probably wouldn't have trained Myrrh if Artur had had the Magic to two turn 'Ruled by Madness' as she can be useful in 'Two Faces of Evil' even at base, but having her trained up was actually pretty nice for late game as Eirika couldn't take a hit from Morva and Lyon especially is very durable and hits like a truck. Myrrh is basically the only person who could dream of taking two hits from him without a heal and Artur used both his actions to Warp. She can pretty easily hold her own and become very strong quickly unlike Fae or some other units of that type who struggle a lot more. Flying movement is also nice for a few things as well. Battles: 4, Wins: 0. She danced stuff, even though she turns up later than on Eirika's route she's still irreplaceable and even more so for helping Artur to hit Warp on time. Final Turn Count: 104 Turns.
  3. [FE8] A Typical FE8 Draft

    All right, I finally summoned the willpower to play Chapter 18 and hopefully finish this. Chapter 18: Two Faces of Evil. Turns - 5/99. I tried to see if I could come up with a four turn strategy for this but even with Knoll's Phantom providing an extra unit, L'Arachel's inability to contribute to routing meant that I just a tad short of having enough units necessary to kill all the eggs in time so I had to settle for a five turn. L'Arachel Barrier'd Cormag and he rescued Myrrh, got Danced and Artur Warped them up to the top. Ephraim rescued Garcia and Dozla rescued Gilliam while Eirika killed the nearest Egg and Knoll summoned a Phantom to kill the one on the Cliff. Turn two Artur Warped Dozla to the southeast and got Danced to Warp Ephraim over to the east. Knoll and Phantom killed the two Eggs blocking the path, Cormag killed the Gorgon boss and Myrhh killed the Shadowshot Gorgon, by the end of the enemy phase all the non-Egg initial enemies were dead except for one Gorgon, and two Gargoyles. Turn three Ephraim, Myrhh and Cormag started to kill the Eggs in the north/northeast, Dozla equipped the Brave Axe so he could ORKO one of the reinforcement Baels and killed another Egg in the south and Gilliam killed the Gargoyle and Garcia started killing the Eggs in the east. Artur Warped Eirika up to start clearing out Eggs in the northwest and L'Arachel Hammerned the Warp breaking the Hammerne, Knoll killed the remaining Gargoyle, Tethys Danced L'Arachel to spam Barrier after this point, Enemy Phase the Bael reinforcements suicided on Myrhh. Turn four and five was just clearing out Eggs, Artur used two Purge uses to help clear out the northwest which saved having to use another Warp to send Knoll up to help out and the final two Bael reinforcements killed themselves to Garm!Garcia on turn five Enemy Phase. Unit Class Level HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Eirika Great Lord 18/04.57 36 19 21 24 19 16 16 S Swords Gilliam Great Knight 12/08.23 42 20 12 13 05 18 07 E Swords, B Axes, S Lances Garcia Hero 14/08.15 44 24 19 13 11 13 06 C Swords, S Axes Artur Bishop 12/10.77 33 25 17 20 07 10 19 A Light, A Staves Ephraim Great Lord 19/02.30 41 20 24 19 14 13 09 A Lances Cormag Wyvern Knight 16/12.97 55 25 20 26 11 21 07 S Lances L'Arachel Troubadour 06.79 19 08 09 10 15 05 10 C Staves Dozla Berserker --/03.75 45 16 13 09 05 12 06 B Axes Tetyhs Dancer 03.14 20 02 02 12 11 05 05 --- Knoll Summoner 10/03.74 25 14 10 12 00 03 13 B Dark, E Staves Myrrh Manakete 14.36 30 28 26 14 07 35 33 --- Chapter 19: Last Hope. Turns - 1/100. Riev is kind of tanky for a member of the Clergy but Garm is kind of ridiculous and Garcia is no slouch either so he had no problem ORKOing him after L'Arachel lit the way and Artur Warped him over. Dozla and Cormag dropped Eirika forward a bit so she could kill a couple of things in the North and Myrrh killed a General as well, didn't bother with any treasure not that I could even get it anyway because Tethys had to refresh Garcia so he could walk up to Riev. Unit Class Level HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Eirika Great Lord 18/04.87 36 19 21 24 19 16 16 S Swords Gilliam Great Knight 12/08.23 42 20 12 13 05 18 07 E Swords, B Axes, S Lances Garcia Hero 14/08.92 44 24 19 13 11 13 06 C Swords, S Axes Artur Bishop 12/11.19 33 25 18 20 08 10 20 A Light, A Staves Ephraim Great Lord 19/02.30 41 20 24 19 14 13 09 A Lances Cormag Wyvern Knight 16/12.97 55 25 20 26 11 21 07 S Lances L'Arachel Troubadour 06.94 19 08 09 10 15 05 10 C Staves Dozla Berserker --/03.75 45 16 13 09 05 12 06 B Axes Tetyhs Dancer 03.24 20 02 02 12 11 05 05 --- Knoll Summoner 10/03.74 25 14 10 12 00 03 13 B Dark, E Staves Myrrh Manakete 15.24 31 29 27 15 07 35 34 ---
  4. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    Chapter 32x: The Value of Life. Turns - 1/116, 154.21 with Handicap. Endgame: Light I. Turns - 2/118, 156.21 with Handicap. Endgame: Light II. Turns - 1/119, 157.21 with Handicap. Old Greybeard Athos tells Eliwood of his role as the prophesied Dragonborn of legend and he proceeds to one v one the Dragon, well with a little support from Nils and Athos but we ignore that bit. Turns out Hector knew of Athos' true identity this whole time. Credit to @Finalinsanity for the inspiration for this totally original idea. Unit Reviews: Cost: Free. 'Athos? Never heard of her'. - Eliwood, 2018. Cost: 5.40, Bid: 7.00. The man, the myth, the legend. I've never had a unit get so stat blessed I don't think. Just overall a solid unit with great availability. I think 7 was fine for him, I kind of regretted it at first seeing as I ended up with Heath to carry Hector but he was useful on the majority of maps and very good on a few most notably 'False Friends' plus having an extra mounted unit was needed for a few late game strategies that saved some turns and he also picked up the slack after Oswin started to fall off and before the rest of my units joined/caught up. Cost: 9.40, Bid 11.00. Getting a flier is obviously a very important thing so bidding 11 for him is something I'd clearly agree with. I'd say he's about equal with Fiora though definitely worse than Florina. He has the advantage of being able to carry Hector after the latter promotes but Fiora has some maps she can ferry before Heath joins, he's obviously stronger and more durable but she's faster and has a bit of a level lead so I think it probably balances out. There's one thing though that really pulls Heath up in rating in my opinion and that's free Genesis aka Pinatas of experience, this map along with Unfulfilled Heart really gives him a huge boost in experience without costing turns, it's definitely very strong for any team that can get it and was for sure the right choice to sacrifice a turn on Living Legend to go there. Cost: Free. Hand Axes are a pretty good weapon, as is the Wolf Beil. I don't know what I can say about Hector really, pretty good in rout maps I guess and not afraid of anything. Most useful in early game rout maps and Whereabouts Unknown where he just murdered his way through the castle, after the mounts joined he did very little really. Cost: 5.40, Bid: 7.00. The real question here is why is she worse than Marcus in pretty much every way when she joins 10 or so Chapter after him? Nice job Intelligent Systems. I'm not too surprised I got Isadora to be honest I considered going a little bit higher but I took the risk and it worked. I think she's a pretty overlooked character, a Paladin is a Paladin after all and she doesn't really require any training to start being useful, just the Body Ring from the map after she joins and she's a pretty good candidate for the Angelic Robe she comes with though I horded it, actually I think I never used it, whoops. It's hard to say if how much of a difference the Afa's Drops made to her but they definitely didn't hurt and she turned out very well, honestly she was stronger than she really needed to be she could have ORKO'd most late game stuff with maybe only 18-19 Strength and pull out the occasional Spear or Silver Lance use for some enemies would have done the job. Cost: 8.00, Bid: 8.00. Obviously having a good Warper is similar to having a flier in that they're always going to be very important to any team. I don't think there is much difference between Lucius and the other main Warpers: Erk, Canas, Pent. I don't think there's any maps that need a higher magic stat than 25 to pull of at least those that only involve one Staff user and instant C Staves doesn't really make too much of a difference as the number of defend maps make it pretty easy to get to Warp from E Rank. In terms of combat he was pretty useful for a bit through the mid game where Eliwood and Raven were Swordlocked so his 1-2 range and good Magic/Speed was useful. Late game he's too squishy to take a lot of abuse and his lack of Luck kind of mitigates his Speed in terms of avoid but I had a bunch of other units to perform the combat duties. in this sense he's maybe a bit worse than Canas, Pent and Erk as they are more durable/join earlier so they can provide better late game Combat than Lucius but his main role is to Warp people which he did very well. Cost: 4.01, Bid: 6.00. I'm pretty happy with Oswin's performance, he was an important unit in the early part of the game, one of the better early units I would say despite his four move. His ability to pick up Hector also came in handy a couple of times being able to move Hector forward just a square or two made a difference on some maps. After Isadora, Heath and Rath joined he did almost nothing other than a couple of kills on rout maps and occasionally handing Hector of to one of the mounts on the second turn but I fully expected him to do very little late game, he was there for early-mid game and he performed nicely there. Cost: 3.80, Bid: 7.00. I'm not sure how Rath got such a high B/W rating compared to some of the units with 1-2 range, I guess I favoured him a bit more. A late joining, underlevelled, bow-locked unit with mediocre bases doesn't sound very appealing at first, but there are a few things that redeem Rath I think. Firstly having base B Bows is very nice allowing him to use the Brave Bow immediately which makes a big difference although he didn't use it that much really. Secondly possessing the omnipotent creation known as 'a horse' but not just any horse a horse that can move very well through Snow and Forests which was great in 'Crazed Beast' and 'Pale Flower of Darkness' and of course he can ORKO Lloyd in 'Four-Fanged Offence'. The other thing that really makes him much better is Genesis even more so than someone like Heath as it's more or less tailor made for Rath to farm experience thanks to the Walls. Not really so useful on Rout maps like Cog of Destiny due to no 1-2 Range but that was more or less the only map after he joined where he really had to be on the sidelines. Cost: 6.20, Bid: 7.00. I think actually Raven was probably the unit that performed the least compared to what I expected of him, that's not to say he was bad in any way but just overshadowed by other units. Swordlock for a while meant he wasn't really doing that much compared to Eliwood who had better stats across the board and the others who had 1-2 range. Late game he was pretty useful being durable and able to ORKO more or less anything with a Hand Axe, Devil Axe training was nice for the extra hit and crit as well, but there were a lot of maps like 'Battle Before Dawn' and 'Pale Flower of Darkness' where the strategies required a mount so he was sidelined, most useful for Cog of Destiny I guess and all right in Living Legend as well. Overall team performance was great actually, much better than I had thought, early game was rough with no mounts but having four for late game as well as a good Warper and another good combat unit in Raven made my teams late game very strong and able to pull back a bunch of turns I didn't expect to be able to. Final Turn Count: 119 Turns, 157.21 with Handicap. As for the rules the idea behind bidding for units is an interesting one and I'd definitely try this style again, I also like the rule of defend as rout that was a nice idea and definitely brings something to those maps and the fact that most of my units are at or near level 20 promoted just goes to show how much experience this game throws at you though obviously Genesis and Night of Farewells made a big difference there.
  5. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    Chapter 31: Sands of Time. Turns - 2/107, 145.21 with Handicap. Chapter 31x: Battle Preparations. Turns - 5/112, 150.21 with Handicap. Chapter 32: Victory or Death. Turn - 3/115, 153.21 with Handicap.
  6. [FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

    Random thought: this game has so many playable characters, lol. I don't know why but it never occurred to me probably because 90% of them are terrible and when I read you say there are 63 draftable units I thought 'nah mate, that must be a mistake' but then I counted them and you were right . On a different note whats the rule if you give someone a class that doesn't have a base class that that unit can be, like General!Linde for example, do you just name a base class as well? That could really screw the unit over if you made them be say a cleric and then promote to a physical class but I guess that's the idea anyway, next level strats .
  7. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    Chapter 28x: Night of Farewells. Turns - 0(20)/99, 140.21 with Handicap Chapter 29: Cog of Destiny. Turns - 3/102, 140.21 with Handicap. Chapter 30: The Berserker. Turns - 3/105, 143.21 with Handicap.
  8. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    Chapter 26: Unfulfilled Heart. Turns - 11/91, 132.21 with Handicap Chapter 27: Pale Flower of Darkness. Turns - 4/95, 136.21 with Handicap Chapter 28: Battle Before Dawn. Turns - 4/99, 140.21 with Handicap
  9. Sacrificing Jagen in the prologue is not really something to worry about, well other than the ridicule. On normal mode your other units will be fine without him, it's on higher difficulties that you need him because the enemies have such high stats that the only way to deal with them really is for Jagen to use the Silver Lance on them which isn't necessary in normal mode. As for a tip I would say when considering re-classing a character pay attention to their Weapon Ranks as well as their Stats. Weapon ranks build slowly in this game as you only gain 2 exp per battle and no more for double attacking or killing enemies like in the GBA games and you really want characters to have a C rank so they can use some of the better weapons. Gaining a few stats but being forced to use Iron weapons is probably not worth it.
  10. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    @JudgeWargraveForgot to mention this the other day and then I forgot again now and I can't edit my post, but I was pretty impressed you managed to 6 turn Jerme's version of Chapter 27, I always hear people deride that map for LTC compared to Kenneth's version (I don't even know if I've ever even done it to be honest) but that didn't seem so bad, I don't think you could hope for any better than 5 Turns on Kenneth's map because of the Snow.
  11. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    Chapter 21: New Resolve. Turns - 2/70, 111.21 with Handicap Chapter 22: Kinship's Bond. Turns - 3/73, 114.21 with Handicap Chapter 23: Living Legend. Turns - 3/76, 117.21 with Handicap Chapter 23x: Genesis. Turns - 0(20)/76, 117.21 with Handicap Chapter 24: Four-Fanged Offence. Turns - 1/77, 118.21 with Handicap Chapter 25: Crazed Beast. Turns - 3/80, 121.21 with Handicap
  12. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    OK, time for some more chapters: Chapter 17: Whereabouts Unknown. Turns - 10/45, 87.21 with Handicap Chapter 17x: The Port of Badon. Turns - 4/49, 91.21 with Handicap Chapter 18: Pirate Ship. Turns - 4/53, 94.21 with Handicap Chapter 19: The Dread Isle. Turns - 5/58, 99.21 with Handicap Chapter 19x: Prisoner of Magic. Turns - 5/63, 104.21 with Handicap Chapter 20: Dragon's Gate. Turns - 5/68, 109.21 with Handicap.
  13. FE6 auction draft

    So are you going to do the auction like person A bids $X for the unit and then person B has the opportunity to bid higher than $X and so forth until everyone has bid on that unit? Or am I misreading it. Isn't that going to give the people who are at the ends of the bidding order a big advantage? I always figured that the reason Warp was banned is because it's basically impossible to get anyone not named Saul, Niime or Yodel to reach Warp, plus the fact you get Warp relatively early would make Saul too broken, whereas in the other GBA games you have quite a lot of units that can Warp by the time you get it so everyone has the opportunity to draft a Warper. I never thought it was really anything to do with it being too easy. Also just fyi the past of bid is just bid not bidded. I'm not entering btw, I can't bear two FE6 drafts. @Kebe You need to finish the other FE6 draft otherwise I'll win by being the only person to finish..hey I'll get there probably around August
  14. FE11 H5 0% growths warpless LTC

    Just got finished watching the first seven chapters, nice job so far, especially the Chapter 1 seven turn! That 17 hit on the Hand Axe triggered my OCD about having certain things in blocks of five though... I was a bit surprised you skipped the Devil Axe, I would have expected it would be too valuable despite the turn it costs to get it but I guess you have more time to get other units into position to deal chip damage to compensate for not having it? Also, is there any reason why you're using the Bord-Barst support and not Ogma-Barst, I would have thought the latter is more preferable seeing as it's slightly faster and Ogma is the better unit (I guess that's trivial if they're just being support bots but still) and also you would benefit from the Ogma-Shiida support that way as well. 0 luck, too strong, I guess. For the endgame I'm hoping to see a huge Pachyderm forge being traded around by Jake, Beck and Beck!Xane with the Geosphere and just nuking everything in sight, not sure this will be a thing but I'd like to see that .
  15. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    Yeah, that makes sense, I think actually with Marcus being available until chapter 19x you probably have to be a bit more careful not to let him run off with all of the experience and leaving the rest of your team too weak. Lowen is probably OK as he can get the experience he needs but I can see if you don't have good units to pick up the slack when Marcus leaves you might hit a wall if you're not careful. Ah, I see, so basically it's designed so that it's disadvantageous to put all your eggs in one basket so to speak? I was actually wondering about what the best method for bidding was but I basically did that bid my 'true value', my method was I thought about how much I should give Florina (the most expensive unit) and then gave everyone else bids relative to how I thought they compared to her. I think this is a good idea to have some level of balancing but I think too much is obviously going to make the teams homogeneous. Probably weighing things so that Orion's Bolt and Fell Contract user's are likely to be split is a good thing but Guiding Ring and Knight's Crest users should probably be weighed less so you'd have to have maybe 3 or 4 of one before it was likely to rearrange, this is probably already the case to an extent? 118 turns, so I need to complete the game in 133 or less with my Handicap, yeah that's going to be tough to beat and I'm already 5 turns down. amg's turn count is better than I thought it would be, nice job! you could have used Marcus and taken the penalty in some of the earlier maps, not sure if you considered that, might have left your other units too weak though.