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  1. Part 3 - Chapter 3: River Crossing. Turns - 8/94+8 The multiple objectives of this map combined with the small team size inherent to a draft make it quite tricky to figure out the optimal way to burn the supplies as well as find time to visit the three tents that give very useful items. Oscar hit his speed cap last map and his skill cap a bit before that so I Bonus Experienced him to promotion which helps out his main weakness; his mediocre strength, as well as making durability largely a non-issue thanks to Sol. I used Gatrie as my free unit, not much of a surprise there, and he got Pass and Provoke while Ike got the other Pass, Pass really is an invaluable skill on this map. Ilyana took care of the supplies in the south as well as visiting the Blossom!Tent, the three Mages there gave her some nice Wind weapon experience while she was at it and don't pose too much of a threat of killing her, they'd all have to hit and the Thunder one has 30% displayed hit or so. Ike took care of the centre and north-west supplies as well as getting the Master Crown!Tent and getting the White Gem from the Senator. Oscar ran all the way up to the northern supply and the Hammerne!Tent dropping Gatrie off on his way so he could take care of the north-eastern supply. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Skills Ike Hero --/15.08 46 26 03 30 26 16 23 07 S Swords Shove, Pass Oscar Silver Knight --/20/2.28 50 27 13 27 26 26 21 19 S Lances, C Bows Canto, Miracle, Celerity Ilyana Thunder Sage 15/07.76 31 15 18 16 20 11 06 15 C Fire, C Thunder, E Wind Shove, Adept, Vantage
  2. Chapter 8: It's a Trap! Turns - 6/51 So I actually spent quite a bit of time devising a plan to get both Artur and Gilliam in range to kill Tirado on turn 6 with Eirika in range to seize which allowed Gilliam to get one last level as a Knight. It looked pretty cool and involved such things as Garcia chugging two Elixirs whilst carrying Artur plus Gilliam actually got a six stat level up as a result, but then it all was for nought because Artur did six damage to Tirado nowhere near enough for Gilliam to finish him because of course Thrones give +5 resistance which I had completely forgotten about, c'est la vie. After that ill fated detour Gilliam just promoted to Great Knight before the map and using his new horse was able to move just far enough to drop Eirika in front of Tirado on turn five who she promptly deleted from the game. Garcia grabbed the Angelic Robe while Ephraim got some nice experience in the south. I also deployed Seth, Vanessa and Franz so I could trade chain the Silver Sword over to Eirika, no one else is going to be using it at least before she rejoins and it could be helpful for her to have in chapter 15. Unit Class Level HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Eirika Lord 16.62 28 13 16 19 16 10 08 A Swords Gilliam Great Knight 12/2.40 37 16 10 09 05 15 06 E Sword, D Axes, A Lances Garcia Fighter 11.83 33 15 12 08 05 08 02 B Axes Artur Monk 9.68 25 12 11 12 05 03 10 D Light Ephraim Lord 11.09 30 11 14 14 12 09 03 B Lances
  3. Part 3 - Chapter 2: Stormclouds. Turns - 2/86+8 A nice quick boss kill map that can be easily two-turned with the right units and with Ilyana rejoining, my small team of three is perfectly set up for the task. Ike gets Saviour, Oscar takes Celerity and Ilyana takes Vantage and Adept. Oscar charges ahead killing one of the mages that pose a threat to Ike while Ike rescues Ilyana, Oscar faces quite a decent risk of death against the Axe Paladins thanks to being at worst Biorhythm but nothing too bad. On turn two Ike hands Ilyana over to Oscar who drops her into the thicket at the edge of Istvan's range and she makes short work of him with a Thoron crit. I bought a bunch of weapons as well as the Wyrmslayer and Arms Scroll with the Silver Card, most of which I probably won't use but I can just sell stuff back for the same price if I need some cash. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Skills Ike Hero --/13.96 45 24 02 29 24 16 21 07 S Swords Shove, Provoke, Saviour Oscar Lance Paladin --/16.04 42 21 08 24 24 22 18 13 S Lances Canto, Miracle, Celerity Ilyana Thunder Sage 15/05.84 29 13 16 16 20 09 06 14 C Fire, C Thunder, E Wind Shove, Adept, Vantage
  4. Chapter 7: Waterside Renvall. There's not much you can do here to save any turns if you don't have Vanessa or Pirate!Ross, it's just up to Eirika to walk over the river and head to the Gate while others mingle around self improving. Garcia and Artur dropped Eirika onto the river on turn one which saves one turn while Gilliam went off to try and get as much experience as he could before his promotion next chapter, unfortunately he was about 1 kill away from level 13, maybe I can get him one last level before he promotes next chapter it won't be the end of the world if he can't get it though. Unit Class Level HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Eirika Lord 15.24 27 13 15 18 15 10 08 B Swords Gilliam Knight 12.75 33 14 08 07 05 12 04 B Lances Garcia Fighter 10.68 32 14 11 08 05 08 02 B Axes Artur Monk 8.57 24 11 11 12 05 02 09 D Light Ephraim Lord 8.00 27 09 12 12 10 08 02 D Lances
  5. Part 3 - Chapter 1: Laguz and Beorc. Turns - 3+4/84+8 I decided to just enlist the help of Titania here and pay the penalty cost, I think it was still faster even with the penalty and definitely easier not having to deal with the reinforcements or try to keep undrafted units out of the way. Another reason I used her is because Oscar's Short Spear was down to 5 uses at the start of the map so dealing with the Mages and Javelin!Halberdiers would not have been very fast. Ike took Adept and Titania got given one level of Bonus Experience to have 22 speed so she could double the Crossbow!Sniper that she needed to kill on enemy phase. Oscar headed south to the Blue Gem house and took care of the Generals down there while Ike headed towards the gap in the wall to take care of the enemies coming through. I used Shinon as my free unit and he took care of two-range enemies over the wall as well as the Longbow!Sniper that was pulled against the wall by Ike on turn one and then got the Seraph Robe on the last turn. Titania ran up to the north-east to take care of the lone Halberdier hiding up there while taking care of most of the Mages and 2-range Halbediers on her way. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Skills Ike Hero --/13.68 45 24 02 29 24 16 21 07 S Swords Shove, Provoke, Adept Oscar Lance Paladin --/15.57 41 21 08 24 23 21 17 13 S Lances Canto, Miracle
  6. Part 3 - Prologue: The Great Advance. Turns - 7/81+4 This was probably the map I was least looking forward to in the entire game to be honest, anyway I decided to stop procrastinating over it and it actually turned out to be nowhere near as bad as I thought. Oscar got given Adept and Miracle while Ike took Provoke and Vantage. Titania came along to provide vision and also to do other things like switch out Ike or Oscar's weapons or rescue Ranulf as he sometimes goes on a suicide mission after untransforming which thankfully he didn't. Oscar did most of the work here because of better movement and two-range, I don't use Oscar much because Titania exists but he does have the advantage of a better deployment position than Titania here which probably helped. He just ploughed ahead positioning himself to take out as many units as possible while what was left either suicided on Ike or was killed by him on player phase. I also have to give credit to the Laguz who were probably the most based I've ever seen, I think they did literally everything right, especially Skrimir and Ranulf who actually used their turns to kill stuff that only they could ORKO and that needed to die to advance rather than attack a 2HP Sniper or something, that definitely saved turns as Oscar didn't have to spend time helping them break through. Even the Tiger that moved in front of Silvano at the end had the decency to run out of gauge so Titania could rescue him for Oscar to get the kill on Silvano. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Skills Ike Hero --/12.13 44 24 02 29 24 15 21 07 S Swords Shove, Vantage, Provoke Oscar Lance Paladin --/14.73 40 21 08 24 22 20 17 13 S Lances Canto, Miracle, Adept
  7. Chapter 6: Fire Emblem. Turns - 6/34 This map was a decent challenge to figure out but also pretty interesting as well. Jagen reclassed to Paladin while Wolf and Sedgar took up their true calling of General. Everyone did useful things here and it was a definite team effort. Hardin took the forward deployment spot and he and Cain led the charge, Cain has one less defence so he positioned himself just out of range of the Archers but in range of the Knight so neither he nor Hardin would be at risk of death. It was important that none of the enemies were weakened to below half health as the Curate would have moved to heal them and blocked the space that Roshea needed to occupy on turn two. Conveniently Iron Lance!Cain left the Knight on exactly the right amount of HP for Marth to finish with the Rapier while not dropping him below 50% HP. Barst cleared the way and Jagen and Cain teamed up on the Knight with Jagen using the last of his Silver Lance to ensure Cain didn't take a counter while Silver Lance!Hardin one shot the Mage. Jagen and Cain then combined to kill the Angelic Robe!Thief with Cain positioning himself to pull the Knight and Archer. Wrys hit D Staves just in time to use Mend which was very important as Heal alone would not be enough to keep my units in fighting shape. Cain killed the remaining Archer and he, Barst, Wrys and Marth proceeded to the Throne while Hardin and Jagen took out the remaining Thieves and the Master Key!Cavalier was one shot by Ridersbane!Hardin. Vyland backtracked to lure the Archer through the Wall and Barst hit C Axes on the very last enemy before fighting Emereus which was important as Cain didn't have enough HP to survive a hit even though Devil Axe!Barst plus Steel Lance!Cain could have gotten the kill. I'm honestly not sure how I want to distribute experience in 6x I'll probably let Marth get a lot just so he doesn't become a liability and Jagen will probably go Bishop to train Staff rank as having another Physic bot aside from Wrys could be useful. Cain is my strongest unit for sure but on the other hand he could use the weapon ranks so I'm not sure whether I want to focus on stats for others or weapon ranks for him, I'll see how it plays out. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Marth Lord 3.40 20 06 00 03 09 09 08 00 D Swords Cain Cavalier 8.98 27 12 00 11 11 05 07 00 D Swords, D Lances Jagen Paladin -/3.30 23 07 01 12 08 02 10 06 D Swords, A Lances Wrys Curate 4.33 17 00 03 06 06 05 03 06 D Staves Barst Pirate 8.67 26 14 00 09 10 08 08 00 C Axes Hardin Cavalier 8.22 25 10 00 09 08 05 09 01 D Swords, B Lances
  8. Chapter 6: Victims of War. Turns - 4/39 Fairly easy map, Gilliam and Garcia rescue drop Eirika onto the forest so she can reach Novala by turn four and then they and Artur self improve while she does her thing. Got the Iron Blade which might be useful for Garcia once he becomes a Hero as well as the Elixir, unfortunately no Halberd which is a shame. I also bought a Torch Staff for Artur to spam on Phantom Ship. Unit Class Level HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Eirika Lord 13.27 25 11 13 17 13 08 08 B Swords Gilliam Knight 10.79 31 13 07 06 04 10 04 B Lances Garcia Fighter 10.49 32 14 11 08 05 08 02 B Axes Artur Monk 7.47 24 10 10 11 04 02 08 D Light Ephraim Lord 8.00 27 09 12 12 10 08 02 D Lances
  9. Chapter 5: The Empire's Reach. Turns - 6/28 I had to visit all the villages here to get the Guiding Ring for Artur, if I was going Eirika's route I would wait for the one you get from Pablo but on Ephraim's route you don't get one until later and Artur wouldn't be able to hit Warp in time. It only ended up losing me one turn which I'm pretty pleased with although it did take a while to work out though mostly because I didn't realise Eirika could visit the Secret Book village and still reach Saar by turn six but once I noticed that it was not too hard. Seth, Franz and Vanessa were deployed to help Natasha reach Joshua and to hem an archer in against the wall. Eirka also had to burn quite a few Rapier uses here but I should have more than enough to last until her show down with Tirado (who she's probably going to one round seeing how strong she is). Chapter 5x: Unbroken Heart Turns - 7/35 Orson and Ephraim stomp some scrubs the map. Had to burn a few RNs so Ephraim would survive turns three and four but aside from that pretty straight forward. Orson doesn't even need the Silver Sword so Forde took it at the start meaning Orson only made off with a lone Steel Lance. Ephraim didn't quite live up to his sister in terms of level ups but he's Ephraim so I doubt he'll have many issues, plus he'll have plenty of time to level up, one good thing about going Ephraim's route I guess is that both Lord's are likely to be at or near level 20 by the time they can promote. Unit Class Level HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Eirika Lord 11.47 23 11 12 15 12 08 04 B Swords Gilliam Knight 9.51 30 12 06 06 04 10 04 B Lances Garcia Fighter 8.96 30 12 09 08 05 07 02 B Axes Artur Monk 5.84 22 09 09 09 03 02 07 D Light Ephraim Lord 8.00 27 09 12 12 10 08 02 D Lances Yeah, getting first pick and being able to take the first flier is always a big boon. Rennac's basically a dump pick true but then so are Marisa, L'Arachel and Ewan more or less I suppose Ewan gets 15 free levels so less so for him. Healers are kind of tough to use in an LTC I feel because their exp gain is so slow, Moulder promoting around desert sounds about right but from there all chapter's are Warp skips aside from one so there's not much room to level up in battle, Natasha would have it even worse. Their magic stat just ends up being really low no matter what, especially as they tend to start with low base magic as well; Moulder has 4, Natasha 2, which is not so good seeing as their main purpose is for warping. They also have the downside of being useless in rout maps and are even a hindrance due to enemies targeting them. Personally I would have taken Lute over Moulder much harder to hit Warp in time true, though if you're diligent about it I definitely think it's doable by chapter 16 on Eirika's route at least, and you actually have someone with good Warp range and combat once she gets rolling. In a game like FE7 where there are lots of defend maps it's not so bad though, as they will actually have time to level once promoted. Still any Warper is definitely better than no Warper at the end of the day even if they only have five or six range.
  10. Chapter 3: The Bandits of Borgo. Turns - 6/18 The first map that takes a bit of thought and isn't just going through the motions, in particular not getting blocked by two-range enemies that neither Garcia nor Gilliam can ORKO causing Eirika to not be able to proceed. Seth was helpful here, he blocked the gap in the second wall so the Thief couldn't steal the Chest Key from Garcia while Eirika took Gilliam's Vulnerary so the Thief attacked her and was finished by Gilliam for some nice experience. He also blocked the Archer from attacking Eirika which would have meant Gilliam couldn't kill the Mercenary in her way. Chapter 4: Ancient Horrors. Turns - 4/22 Garcia and Gilliam are very helpful here if you don't have Vanessa or Franz, probably one of their best contributions before the route split. Garcia ran as fast as he could towards the boss while Gilliam helped Eirika break the Snag so she could take care of the enemies around Lute's village before heading back to take out the reinforcements from the north west and Artur took out the Mogalls and Skeletons in the east. Eirika continues to get all the stats and Artur and Garcia also got nice level ups here plus more speed for Gilliam is always welcome. Unit Class Level HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Eirika Lord 8.91 20 09 10 15 09 07 04 C Swords Gilliam Knight 8.86 29 11 06 05 04 10 04 C Lances Garcia Fighter 7.96 30 11 08 08 05 06 02 C Axes Artur Monk 4.16 21 08 08 09 03 02 07 D Light
  11. Yeah that was my thinking, I'll just treat him like any other undrafted unit then.
  12. Prologue: The Fall of Renais. Turns - 2/2 Seth kills an RN and Eirika gets the bloodlust and goes ham on three unsuspecting Fighters, R.I.P. O'Neill. Chapter 1: Escape! Turns - 5/7 Eirika walks to the Gate murdering things on her way Gilliam kills some Soldiers and pokes the reinforcements. Eirka got one great level and one meh level, while Gilliam got a standard Gilliam level Hp/Str/Def, had to burn one RN before the boss fight or Eirika would have missed one of her attacks Chapter 2: The Protected Turns - 5/12 Eirika rolls over most of the Bandits while Gilliam takes the two reinforcements and Garcia and Ross take the Fighter and Archer in the east. I didn't technically need to move anyone else but it changed how Ross and Garcia acted for whatever reason, as did visiting the Red Gem Village, so I just stuck with what worked once I found it. I don't think I'll miss 2500 gold, famous last words. Eirika got another great level up, I would prefer if Gilliam got the good level up, as well as more of the experience, but he did get speed so can't complain. Unit Class Level HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Eirika Lord 6.35 19 07 10 13 08 05 02 D Swords Gilliam Knight 6.18 27 10 06 04 03 10 03 C Lances Garcia Fighter 4.00 27 08 07 07 03 05 01 C Axes @Peppy When it says Seth is banned from all use, is he still allowed to do stuff other undrafted units are allowed to do or is he strictly not allowed to do anything whatsoever?
  13. Chapter 4: Battle in the Lea. Turns - 7/24 I was expecting this to be an ease up in difficulty after the first three chapters but it really wasn't, in fact I think it was the hardest chapter yet, I guess I just forgot how good Shiida's Wing Spear is. My team is simply not capable of dealing with the Cavalier group well, especially factoring in the threat of the Horsemen and Archers, the best I could do is take out two of them in one turn and sacrifice units to buy time. Fortunately however the very right corner of the river is just out of range of the Horsemen so Jagen re-classed to Dracoknight so he could occupy that spot while Cain ran towards Merric's Village this resulted in two of the Cavaliers going after Cain while the other's ran to Jagen who could only be attacked by one at a time so he kept them busy for several turns. This left the Archers and Horsemen to be dealt with as well as the fast approaching threat of the Fighters coming from the east. Barst re-classed to Pirate so he could kill one of the Archers at one range while the other one was forced to suicide on him on enemy phase thanks to the stationary Knight, as well as pulling one of the Horsemen. The other Horseman needed to be distracted though as I didn't have enough firepower to take both out in one turn, this was a job for Pirate!Ogma who ran up near the arena to pull the second Horseman, he was accompanied by Jullian who distracted the Hunter so Ogma could do his job, both died as a result as well as Draug who was left behind to hit the save point. Two attacks from Silver Lance!Jagen put Bentheon just in range for Steel Sword!Cain to finish while Barst took out the Horseman for some nice experience. Chapter 5: Champions of Aurelis. Turns - 4/28 Thank goodness the Wolf Guard are here because I needed to sacrifice my last two meat-shields Bord and Cord to the three Cavaliers in Wendell's group. Hardin joined and was immediately put to good use, his stats are not as good as Cain's but his access to Silver Lances is a big point in his favour. Wolf and Sedgar ran west to pull some enemies out of the way while Roshea distracted one of the Archers. Jagen flew as far north along the river as he could to pull the other Archers towards him, one was taken out by by Cain while the other was taken out by Jagen and Hardin who had a Javelin delivered to him by Shiida. The two Knights and the Cavalier didn't pose too much of a threat, one Knight being taken out by Barst while the other suicided on Marth. Cain got one of the Thieves fed to him by Hardin and reached D lances in the process. Merach was taken out by Steel Lance!Cain, Devil Axe!Barst and Silver Lance!Hardin, while Vyland went and bought a Steel Lance, two Javelins and a Hand Axe. Barst is still about a 1/4 to a 1/5 of the way from C Axes so I really hope he can get there in time to Hammer the boss in the next map, it'll be close. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Marth Lord 2.67 19 05 00 03 08 08 07 00 D Swords Cain Cavalier 7.44 23 12 00 10 11 05 07 00 D Swords, D Lances Jagen Dracoknight -/2.99 20 08 01 11 08 02 11 03 B Lances, E Axes Wrys Curate 3.38 17 00 02 06 06 04 03 06 E Staves Barst Pirate 7.12 25 13 00 08 10 07 08 00 D Axes Hardin Cavalier 6.89 24 09 00 07 08 03 08 01 D Swords, B Lances
  14. Chapter 3: A Brush in the Teeth. Turns - 6/17 This chapter wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Marth headed to the Village to grab Barst's Devil Axe which was almost immediately useful and is sure to continue being so. The hunters near the boss don't move if you stay further away than where Jagen goes to on turn one so everyone hangs back and lets the three Fighters approach, this doesn't cost turns as Marth is visiting the Village anyway and taking on all 5 units at once would be too tough. Once the Fighters approached I made a wall consisting of Marth, Barst and Ogma (Abel was also there but he wasn't needed for the actual formation) while Jagen and Cain moved ahead. This resulted in one Fighter attacking Barst who had equipped the Devil Axe so Cain could finish him off the following turn, the second was just distracted as no one was free to kill him and the third attacked Jagen who took him out with two Silver Lance hits over EP/PP. Barst could OHKO one of the Hunters with the Devil Axe which was fortunate as Marth needed to take his spot so that both he and Barst could reach the gate by turn 6 and no one else was free to chip in any damage, the other Hunter was taken out by Jagen and Cain. Abel was the only necessary sacrifice in this map as he needed to pull the two Fighters near the boss as they would otherwise have blocked either Barst's or Cain's route to the gate. Darros, Lena and Navarre held up the eastern group even though it wasn't really necessary but I need to kill people of anyway. Reynard is a scary guy and could ORKO Jagen, Cain and Barst, fortunately Devil Axe!Barst does enough damage to allow Jagen to use a Steel Sword instead of the Silver Lance reducing Reynard's hit on him and Cain to just over 50% and with the use of the second save point made killing him not too tough. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Marth Lord 1.40 18 05 00 03 07 07 07 00 D Swords Cain Cavalier 4.88 23 09 00 08 08 04 07 00 D Swords, E Lances Jagen Paladin -/2.15 22 07 01 11 08 02 09 06 D Swords, B Lances Wrys Curate 2.36 17 00 02 05 06 03 03 06 E Staves Barst Fighter 4.91 25 11 00 07 09 06 07 00 D Axes
  15. Damn, I figured no one would pick Duessel. I'll take Dozla instead then, he's kind of the same right? Also Knoll because Phantoms might be useful for the egg chapter.