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  1. It seems I underestimated Ephraim!Duessel's ability to double without needing the Speedwing so I could see him in Low B/ High C I guess, I would probably have put him Low C/ High D before, I definitely think he should be below Garcia though. I agree with a few of the things Hawk King said, in particular - Eirika!Saleh: I agree he probably shouldn't be in the same tier as Franz/Vanessa they have virtually the entire game whereas he has about half the game, still A tier though. Natasha: Should be a bit below Moulder but not much. Innes: He probably could be seperated by route as well, and should drop to maybe C on Eirika route and probably Low D on Ephraim's route. Joshua: I agree he's too high being Swordlocked when you already have Eirika, I never really understood why people seem to rate this guy so much especially when Garcia is a better Hero Crest candidate. There's no way he's the second best boss killer earlygame either. Neimi: E does seem a bit harsh for her actually, she starts out shit but if you actually use her and she promotes she can be pretty decent and she has a horse, still shouldn't be higher than D though. Colm/Rennac: I don't agree with Rennac being above Colm but I think they could probably be moved closer together.
  2. Chapter 15: An Oasis of Magic. Turns - 5/87 Jagen went back to Dracoknight so he could go shopping for 2 Killing Edges, 2 Javelins and 2 Mends while Hardin went Archer for effective damage on the Dracoknights. Cain used a Pure Water and took care of everything on the way to the Gate by himself, Jagen helped him kill one Dracoknight with some Javelin chip. Everyone else just made themselves busy getting experience while Marth walked to the Gate, Horace hit C Bows so he can use the Killer Bow now which should be helpful and Cain got D Axes which is cool I guess. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Marth Lord 11.67 26 12 00 07 16 15 10 00 B Swords Cain Dracoknight 13/07.76 37 18 01 20 18 10 16 03 A Lances, D Axes Jagen Dracoknight --/08.58 23 08 02 14 09 03 13 04 A Lances, E Axes Wrys Curate 16.27 23 00 08 08 12 11 03 16 B Staves Barst Hero 17/2.82 39 20 01 25 18 12 12 03 D Swords, A Axes Hardin Archer 18.36 32 13 00 16 15 09 12 01 E Bows Athena Sniper 18/2.56 41 17 04 15 16 08 10 03 C Bows Bantu Manakete NOT RECRUITED Caesar Pirate 05.84 24 06 00 01 10 06 06 00 E Axes Jake Ballistician 10.06 23 11 00 07 05 09 17 00 --- Horace Horseman --/03.99 24 13 01 15 12 07 08 03 E Swords, C Bows Beck Ballistician NOT RECRUITED
  3. Thanks mate! Always good to meet another Prog Rock enthusiast! You should have a listen to Van der Graaf Generator if you haven't heard them, they're one of my favourites and a bit less well known, if you like KC you'll probably like them. H to He, Who Am the Only One, Still Life and Pawn Hearts are all great albums. You have a point about Franz being able to use Swords I hadn't thought about that but I still don't see it putting him above Vanessa, anyway they're almost certainly 2nd/3rd best unit after Seth so it's probably just nit picking to say which one is slightly better than the other. Don't get me wrong I don't think Ephraim!Duessel is bad by any means but I just don't see him as A tier, I seem to remember him needing the Speedwing to double stuff but if he doesn't need it I could see him being somewhere in B maybe but A I just don't see it at all.
  4. Chapter 14: Land of Sorrow. Turns - 6/82 Cain went back to Dracoknight, Jagen went Sage (he has C Staves as Sage now) and Caesar went Pirate so he could cross the River and open the Door to the Treasure Room in time. Jagen lowered the Draw Bridge and Hardin weakened the Ballista for Jake to kill and get the Stonehoist, it's good he has a weapon with a decent number of uses now it's just a shame it can't hit the broad side of barn, Barst killed one Armour and Athena and Horace ganged up on the other while Cain weakened one on the way to the Treasure Room. After the first turn, Cain, Horace and Caesar went to get the Silver Card while Marth, Hardin, Jagen and Barst went towards the Throne and Athena just killed the Archers through the wall. Barst went to kill Jiol with the Hammer hitting A Axes as a Hero in the process and Horace convoyed the Silver Card so that Hardin could grab it and he bought 2 Armourslayers, 6 Silver Lances, 2 Ridersbanes and 2 Silver Bows plus Jagen took it the next turn and bought 15 Door Keys which should be enough to open basically every remaining door in the game and 2 more Pure Waters. Marth hit B Swords and Catria got fed to Jake by Hardin. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Marth Lord 11.67 26 12 00 07 16 15 10 00 B Swords Cain Dracoknight 13/06.44 36 17 01 20 18 10 15 03 A Lances, E Axes Jagen Sage --/08.49 25 03 05 11 06 03 06 06 D Tomes, C Staves Wrys Curate 15.65 23 00 08 07 11 11 03 15 B Staves Barst Hero 17/2.67 39 20 01 25 18 12 12 03 D Swords, A Axes Hardin Cavalier 17.58 34 13 00 14 16 09 12 01 D Swords, A Lances Athena Sniper 18/1.79 40 17 04 14 15 08 10 03 C Bows Bantu Manakete NOT RECRUITED Caesar Pirate 05.84 24 06 00 01 10 06 06 00 E Axes Jake Ballistician 09.29 23 10 00 07 05 08 17 00 --- Horace Horseman --/03.73 24 13 01 15 12 07 08 03 E Swords, D Bows Beck Ballistician NOT RECRUITED
  5. All right here's my two cents for what it's worth: Vanessa should definitely be above Franz I feel, his combat isn't that much better than hers especially after she promotes, nowhere near enough to mitigate the advantage she has from flight. Also I don't see how Vanessa can't contribute in chapters 3 and 8. I agree with Horace about Duessel, he's nowhere near A/B tier. Ephraim!Duessel is good if you give him the Speedwing I guess but there are better alternatives like Cormag most obviously and Eirika!Duessel is going to kill a few things in the desert and probably nothing else, I'd put him around bottom of C/top of D. Ephraim!Saleh should probably be lower his combat is still good but Artur/Lute have more time to level and outperform him by the time he joins plus he can't really reach Warp until much later if at all. Kyle and Forde I feel might be a bit too high they're usually pretty underlevelled by chapter 9 but they're both Cavaliers/Paladins so they probably should be top of B I guess, not really sure about this one. I think Moulder is too high, I mean he does some healing which is nice but he shouldn't be A tier, especially over the likes of Tana. Innes should be lower I think especially Ephraim!Innes he can make some contributions due to Silver Bow mostly but I don't see him being top of B at all. Lute I feel should be higher although that's probably just because some of the people above her I think should be lower. She's worse than Artur almost for sure but I think she's pretty solid once she gets going. Gilliam I think should be higher, nearer Garcia, sure he's slow and he's a knight but I think he's pretty decent especially after he promotes (Great Knight obviously), although having said that he's going to be made almost entirely redundant by the likes of Vanessa/Franz/Seth/Forde/Kyle etc so maybe it's more warranted where he is. I guess in a vacuum I'd say he should be higher but compared to others probably not. I think there's a pretty big difference between Ephraim!Cormag and Eirika!Cormag to the point where I wouldn't even bother waiting for Eirika!Cormag to show up. At least a tier difference I'd say maybe even more. Syrene is missing from the list.
  6. Chapter 13: The Wooden Cavalry. Turns - 3/76 I decided to promote Athena and Barst here and keep Hardin unpromoted for the time being so he can get some more levels before chapter 16 although it probably won't make a difference to his stats in the long run anyway. Cain and Hardin went back to Paladin/Cavalier and ran to kill the boss between them while Barst went Hero and cleared the way for Marth as well as grabbing the Ridersbane from the Thief. Athena went Sniper because why not and she killed the two Ballistae in the North, I can't really see her getting anywhere on her Lance rank and she's already at A/B Swords as a Swordmaster/Paladin anyway. Jagen went back to Paladin as well and Horace went Horseman and they killed two of the Ballistae in the south including the Hoistflame one so Jake actually has another weapon to use now. Midia recruited Astram for his weapons and then they both died on turn two distracting a bunch of Ballista fire, they made it pretty reliable actually along with Wrys and Caesar distracting some Ballistae on turn one, I think the only person who had a chance of death was Horace. I didn't think Beck would be worth the two turns it would cost to recruit him especially considering I already have Jake. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Marth Lord 11.17 26 12 00 07 16 15 10 00 C Swords Cain Paladin 13/05.40 37 15 01 20 18 09 12 06 D Swords, A Lances Jagen Paladin --/08.24 25 01 04 11 06 03 06 09 D Swords, A Lances Wrys Curate 15.26 23 00 08 07 11 11 03 15 B Staves Barst Hero 17/1.40 38 20 01 24 17 12 12 03 D Swords, B Axes Hardin Cavalier 17.17 34 13 00 14 16 09 12 01 D Swords, A Lances Athena Sniper 18/1.26 40 17 04 14 15 08 10 03 C Bows Bantu Manakete NOT RECRUITED Caesar Mercenary 05.84 22 05 00 08 14 06 07 00 D Swords Jake Ballistician 07.33 23 08 00 05 04 07 15 00 --- Horace Horseman --/03.24 24 13 01 15 12 07 08 03 E Swords, D Bows Beck Ballistician NOT RECRUITED
  7. Chapter 12: The Ageless Palace. Turns - 6/73 Cain rushed around the outside to grab the Boots for Marth accompanied by Jagen who distracted one of the Mages so that Cain would have enough HP to fight Heimler's group after taking a hit from the Manakete without needing a Physic and he also got the Master Seal from Heimler. Hardin, Athena and Caesar went with Marth through the Treasure Room while Barst stayed at the start and weakened the Thieves and some reinforcements. I fed both Thieves, the Sniper, Volzhin and a Horseman to Jake so he could catch up on some levels. Shiida, Sedgar and all of the prisoners except for Midia who I spared so she can recruit Astram for his Silver Sword were killed off to access 12x. I also used a lot of Master Keys here to get the Master Seal, Boots, Arms Scroll, and the Dragonpike while Marth got the Large Bullion, I'm not really sure if the Arms Scroll or the Dragonpike were worth getting, especially the Dragonpike, but it's done now. Chapter 12x: A Traitor's Worth. Turns - 0/73 Jagen and Athena joined Wrys as members of the Clergy to maximise experience and so that Athena had an existent Magic growth for those sweet Levin Sword strategies later on, I used all the save points to make sure she got Magic while Hardin went Archer mostly just for the hell of it, who knows maybe getting him to Silver Bows as a Sniper might be useful probably more so than getting his Sword rank up would be. Hardin and Caesar stayed with Athena near the bottom area while the rest went North. A lot of the map was just training Weapon Rank, Cain hit A Lances and started on Axes, Marth is pretty close to B Swords, Jagen is well into C Staves as a Bishop and probably pretty close to C as a Sage, Barst is getting near to A Axes and Hardin got about half way through E Bows so probably about a 1/4 to a 1/3 of the way to B Bows as a Sniper and I guess Athena is probbaly pretty close to C Staves as a Bishop as well if I need three Physic users at some point for whatever reason. Jake got fed a couple of kills at the beginning but I didn't want to waste too much of the Arrowspate so he didn't do anything for most of the map. Oh and I got Horace I guess if only he could ride a Dragon he'd probably be pretty good, still might be able to do some odd jobs as a Hero or Berserker with Devil Axe or maybe even Horseman, he can probably get to Killer Bows pretty quickly as Horseman. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Marth Lord 10.89 26 12 00 06 15 14 10 00 C Swords Cain Dracoknight 13/05.29 35 16 01 20 18 09 14 03 A Lances, E Axes Jagen Bishop --/08.18 25 01 04 11 06 03 06 09 E Tomes, C Staves Wrys Curate 15.26 23 00 08 07 11 11 03 15 B Staves Barst Pirate 17.08 34 19 00 15 11 12 09 00 B Axes Hardin Archer 16.71 31 13 00 14 13 09 10 01 E Bows Athena Cleric 18.47 32 10 04 07 09 08 04 08 D Staves Bantu Manakete NOT RECRUITED Caesar Mercenary 05.84 22 05 00 08 14 06 07 00 D Swords Jake Ballistician 07.33 23 08 00 05 04 07 15 00 --- Horace General --/03.00 32 15 01 12 08 07 17 03 B Lances, D Bows
  8. Chapter 11: Knorda Market. Turns - 9/67 Cain used the first Master Seal at level 13 and reclassed to Dracoknight, I choose him over Hardin to make use of the Lance Rank thus giving me three Silver Lance users while Shiida went Myrmidon so she could recruit Jake without being eviscerated by the Arrowspate. Cain flew over the Mountain towards Linde's Village and thinned out the Mercenaries to work on his Lance Rank while the rest started making their way round with Marth. Barst stayed with Wrys near the start and took care of the two Pegasus Knights as well as giving Wrys a heal target. After a few turns Cain backtracked and killed the Cavaliers near the castle and cleared the Gate while Hardin led the way for Marth and Shiida. He went ahead to clear the way so Marth wouldn't get blocked, killing the Thunderbolt!Ballista over two turns and then the Horseman with the Ridersbane. Afterwards he and Jagen killed the Killer Bow!Sniper which they could just barely kill between them with Silver Lances and Cain weakened Khozen so Hardin could take the kill. Athena took out the rest of the Mercenaries as well as the Thief with a little help from Caesar, who I think is basically irredeemable at this point and is pretty much just relegated to Athena's Bitch oh and he opens chests and goes shopping which he did a lot of here; buying two Steel Swords, two Steel Lances, a Steel Axe, a Mend, a Rapier, a Silver Lance, a Javelin and a Hand Axe. Athena got rigged a Strength/Speed level from the first Save Point and then I used the second to enable her to get a round of Arena, she got lucky with a 1200 gold bet against a Fighter that she could just barely 5HKO and getting two dodges at 60% hit for a nice bit of cash as well as getting another Strength/Speed level. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Marth Lord 08.39 24 10 00 05 13 12 09 00 C Swords Cain Dracoknight 13/02.44 34 16 01 17 15 07 13 03 B Lance, E Axes Jagen Dracoknight --/06.21 23 08 01 13 08 03 13 04 A Lances, E Axes Wrys Curate 11.94 21 00 07 06 10 09 03 11 C Staves Barst Pirate 13.87 31 17 00 12 11 10 09 00 B Axes Hardin Cavalier 15.03 32 13 00 13 14 08 10 01 D Swords, A Lances Athena Myrmidon 15.04 30 13 00 14 16 07 07 00 C Swords Bantu Manakete NOT RECRUITED Caesar Mercenary 04.34 21 05 00 08 13 06 07 00 D Swords Jake Ballistician 01.55 20 05 00 01 03 03 14 00 ---
  9. Chapter 10: Princess Minerva. Turns - 8/58 Finally decided to do some more Shadow Dragon, this one was a little bit trickier than the last few but nothing too difficult. I split my team into two groups here; Marth, Cain, Hardin, Athena and Caesar went south around the Castle to escort Marth to the throne while Jagen and Barst, accompanied by Vyland, Roshea and Radd who were sent to abate the wrath of the horde of reinforcements went north to get the Master Seal. I had to do a bit of trial and error on where to position my units on turn one to get the four cavaliers to make a line against the castle and get the Dracoknights to go south while Minerva (who got killed by Barst, R.I.P., your axe will live on) and one Pegasus Knight went north. As such Cain, Hardin and Marth could kill a Cavalier each with Ridersbane and Rapier while Athena crit the other with the Save Point use. The Dracoknights were the biggest problem but conveniently they choose to go after Hardin rather than Cain who could 2HKO one with the Silver Lance while the other was pulled away and finished by Athena. Cain and Hardin had the same Luck and Defence so I was expecting them to go after Cain because they would take less damage, if they even factor that in, maybe Cain was getting a Support Bonus from Marth and that meant they preferred going after Hardin? Whatever the reason it worked out in my favour. Hardin and Cain then went with Marth to the Gate, and finished off Zharov together after Marth chipped with the Rapier on enemy phase. Cain got fed the Boss kill which will most likely be his last as a Cavalier and got a stellar level out of it while Athena went with Caesar, the designated thief, to get the Physic Staff. Meanwhile Jagen weakened the Master Seal!Hero so Barst could finish him and then went to kill the Levin Sword!Thief who had gone through the Castle to escape. I thought the Hero might be a threat but he actually only 6 or 7HKO'd Jagen, Dracoknight defence base too strong. Sedgar went shopping for 6 Door Keys, 2 Bridge Keys, 2 Vulneraries and 2 Pure Waters. I should also have deployed Wolf to hit the other Save Point so Athena could have killed the Silver Bow!Sniper with a Killing Edge!Crit but I wasn't thinking that far ahead and didn't think it was worth redoing the map just for that. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Marth Lord 08.39 24 10 00 05 13 12 09 00 C Swords Cain Cavalier 13.44 31 13 00 13 13 06 10 00 D Swords, C Lances Jagen Dracoknight --/06.06 23 08 01 13 08 03 13 04 A Lances, E Axes Wrys Curate 10.76 20 00 06 06 09 08 03 10 C Staves Barst Pirate 13.41 31 17 00 12 11 10 09 00 C Axes Hardin Cavalier 13.33 30 13 00 11 13 06 09 01 D Swords, A Lances Athena Myrmidon 13.58 28 11 00 13 14 07 07 00 C Swords Bantu Manakete NOT RECRUITED Caesar Mercenary 04.12 21 05 00 08 13 06 07 00 D Swords
  10. Part 3 - Chapter 12: The Price. Turns - 3/136+8 I figured I would probably have to make do with a 4-turn here due to not having Jill but thanks to the combined efforts of Battle Save, a Shine Barrier and FIONA I was able to just barely pull of a three turn and so only end up losing one turn to not having Jill. Sothe got one Bonus Experience level so he would have 24 Speed to double Warriors and Halberdiers, he only ended up killing four things over the whole map but I want to raise his Speed anyway and also to a lesser extent his Defence so he can contribute in Part IV and still be somewhat useful, he also got Shade so he could follow Micaiah for the Support Bonus without distracting enemies away from her. I sold some random stuff that was still lying around and bought the Taksh for Leo and another Beast Killer for Sothe, you can never have too many Beastkillers in my opinion. Micaiah was also supposed to use the Arms Scroll for A Staves but I forgot to actually have her use it, I'll do that next map. Leo took the deployment spot directly south of Sothe so he can just about reach the steps to the west on turn two and Micaiah was rescue-dropped down the ramp by Sothe and Fiona while the Allies were sent to cower in the northwest corner. Micaiah got put into Resolve range by the first Halbedier that attacked her and killed about the nearest 7 or so enemies. On turn two Sothe killed a Warrior that was blocking her and she full moved south killing about another 7 enemies on the Enemy Phase while Sothe killed two Soldiers and a Halberdier that couldn't reach her, Leo made it to the steps and killed the Halbedier with a Taksh critical and two Pegasus Knights on Enemy Phase. Turn 3 Micaiah moved southwest and killed a Halberdier and was then shoved one space west by Sothe putting her just in range of exactly enough enemies to be able to finish the map on that turn, Leo dropped the Shine Barrier to his north and then the Halberdier occupied the space to his west so all the 2-range enemies near him were forced to suicide on him. Leo got 5-levels here and got Strength a few times as well so he should easily be able to get enough Strength to OHKO Ike with a Lughnasadh Deadeye or Critical after some Bonus Experience. I also rigged a shameless level for Fiona and I'll do the same next map, I wish I could just forget about her but I think she needs to contribute in Part IV in one of the maps, probably Tibarn's route I'm thinking seeing as she only has to be useful in one map rather than two in that case. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Skills Micaiah Light Sage 16/12.55 29 10 28 17 20 27 12 28 A Light, B Staves Sacrifice, Shove, Resolve Leonardo Sniper 20/10.07 35 24 03 28 22 26 19 15 C Bows Cancel, Critical +10, Shove, Paragon Sothe Rogue --/10.50 40 22 05 26 24 22 16 14 S Knives Steal. Shove, Adept, Shade Fiona Lance Knight 13.16 29 11 07 10 14 09 10 07 C Lances Imbue, Canto
  11. You shouldn't think about using Marcus as stealing experience, in fact it's quite the opposite he actually increases your experience. Think about it like this, I'll use Sain as an example, Sain needs to be around level 13 to match Marcus in Strength and Speed and he starts at level 4 in Eliwood/Hector's mode meaning that he needs 900 experience to be at the same level as Marcus is with 0 experience in terms of killing enemies, so by using Marcus your team actually has more experience as whole. Keep in mind that this is only comparing their Strength and Speed, Marcus has the lead in pretty much every other stat compared to level 13 Sain so it would be fair to say that Sain actually needs much more experience than 9 levels to be as good as Marcus with 0 experience.
  12. Part 3 - Chapter 11: Just Cause. Turns - 4/133+8 Very straight forward, Jill takes Saviour and with a small boost from Leanne she can drop Ike in range to Seize on turn 4 with no issues. The bigger concern here was getting as much experience for the rest of the group while Jill does the actual work. Tanith took the second Paragon and she was prioritised in terms of getting experience as I wanted her to hit level 20 by the end of the map which she just about did. Makalov kept the other Paragon and he reached a point where he's probably good enough to be Bonus Experienced and be promoted for 3-E now. Originally I was planning on giving Ilyana the third Arms Scroll when she hit B Staves but after thinking about it I realised it was much easier for her to get to A Staves normally than it would be to get to SS Thunder so I bought the Thoron from the Bargains pretty much just for the Weapon Experience and gave her the Arms Scroll to get her to S Thunder. She spent the first few turns beating up the Paladins with a Physic Staff and along with a few heals she hit A Staves by the end of the map. Ike just barely didn't level up thanks to Shade and Oscar hit B Bows so he can use the Brave Bow now for whatever little that's worth. Unfortunately not everything went as well as I could hope; Kyza couldn't reach S Strike, he's so close but yet so far, I was hoping he would have it by the end of the map so he can actually kill things by himself in 3-E but I'll probably have to dump Bonus Experience on him now and Sign him. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Skills Ike Hero --/19.90 50 27 03 30 30 16 25 11 S Swords Shove, Smite, Shade Oscar Silver Knight --/20/04.97 51 27 13 29 27 27 22 19 SS Lances, B Bows Canto, Sol, Pass Ilyana Arch Sage 15/15/05.69 44 21 29 28 30 15 17 24 B Fire, S Thunder, C Wind, A Staves Shove, Flare, Adept, Counter Kyza Tiger 23..06 60 28 06 30 26 17 24 14 A Fang Quickclaw, Shove, Blossom, Provoke Jill Dragonlord 20/15/06.15 49 33 10 28 30 34 30 20 B Lances, SS Axes Canto, Stun, Celerity, Saviour Tanith Falcoknight --/20.09 36 23 12 24 25 23 22 21 A Lances, A Swords Canto, Paragon Leanne Heron 06.63 26 00 04 02 14 28 04 22 --- Blessing, Galdr, Shove, Canto
  13. Part 3 - Chapter 10: The Heart of Crimea. Turns - 3/129+8 This one was a bit harder than the previous couple of maps and took me a while to figure out, mostly because of all the stationary enemies especially the ones that are locked to two-range. I gave Ilyana Adept and Counter so she had a higher chance to kill the Swordmasters, everything else she cleanly one rounds, Counter was actually not useful as Counter + an attack wasn't a kill anyway so only a Flare or Adept would kill them, I could also have given her Shade so they would prioritise JIll instead. Reyson got Daunt and Miracle both of which ended up being completely pointless, I thought that I needed him to be attacked so he could transform by turn three to refresh multiple people but it actually wasn't needed in the end thanks to Pass!Oscar. My first attempt at the map actually ended up going wrong because I was an idiot, I hadn't realised that Jill needed a Speed proc to double Sergei which she must have gotten mid map when I was trying to figure the chapter out but she hadn't in my actual attempt so she needed to get a Hand Axe critical. In itself that wouldn't have been the worst thing however Ilyana was on low HP and needed to dodge a hit at 60% or Flare to heal herself, I should have reassigned Daunt to her after I found out that Reyson didn't need it as her survival was pretty reliant on getting enough Flares and dodges (it's not even like -5 hit is going to help him survive much anyway compared to Miracle). The real act of stupidity came next though Oscar was a best Biorhythm so I decided he could just use the Killer Lance instead of the Brave Lance to kill some Generals but that made it even more down to luck than it already was and after pausing for a minute and thinking about the likelihood of everything actually working out I realised I should just redo it because I probably would have been there for months. So after that Jill got a Bonus Experience level for 28 Speed and I also gave Ike a level, rigged so he didn't get Def for when Leo has to kill him, I'm hoping I can get him to see little enough combat before the end of chapter 11 that he won't level up again and so be at 25 Defence. The middle area of the map was no issue, Reyson gets shoved a few times and he can Galdr Jill carrying Ilyana and they can easily reach a point on the map where they can kill pretty much every non-stationary enemy on turn one. The tricky bit though was figuring out if there was a way to kill all the stationary enemies in the northeast with only those two, Oscar could also have gotten there but Ike and Kyza wouldn't be able to clear the south by themselves in that time. It took me a while to work out but it turned out to be doable, the way I did it is at 6:25 for Ilyana and 6:41 for Jill on turn two and at 8:35 for Ilyana and at 8:50 for Jill on turn three which is probably a lot easier to see than me trying to explain it in words. The south was a bit problematic as well which is why I thought Reyson needed to transform so I could get enough player phase attacks to finish everything by turn three but it worked out that Pass!Oscar could kill one of the Paladins and then Canto to the Bishops while everyone else was out of the Purge!Bishops range so they were forced to suicide on him and then he killed the other Paladin and Cantod to kill the Generals on turn three while Ike protected Reyson who was tucked into the small alcove in the trees. Kyza used a Laguz Stone here as well so he could keep getting Strike experience, I'm hoping he might even get to S by the end of next map, they're in such low supply that I'm kind of frightened about running out of them and really needing one for something important but I'm close enough to Part IV now where I'll get another one from Skrimir that I think I can get away with it. I'm probably being overly conservative to be honest and I'll end up with 6 Laguz stones to spare and 20 uses on each Brave weapon at the end of the game or something. Oh and Ilyana's now only one point from her Speed cap, she just keeps on getting Speed the whole playthrough even when she gets a bad level she gets Speed, I rigged one Bonus Experience level for Speed in Part I and then she had Blossom for one map but those were the only times I specifically made sure she got Speed, I feel like she has a 70% growth rate or something. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Skills Ike Hero --/19.54 50 27 03 30 30 16 25 11 S Swords Shove, Smite Oscar Silver Knight --/20/04.72 51 27 13 29 27 27 22 19 SS Lances, C Bows Canto, Sol, Pass Ilyana Arch Sage 15/15/04.74 43 21 28 28 29 15 16 23 B Fire, A Thunder, C Wind, C Staves Shove, Flare, Adept, Counter Kyza Tiger 22.13 59 26 06 28 24 16 22 14 A Fang Quickclaw, Shove, Blossom, Provoke Reyson Heron 17.00 40 06 14 14 24 32 16 34 --- Blessing, Galdr, Shove, Canto, Miracle, Daunt Jill Dragonlord 20/15/04.21 48 32 10 28 29 32 29 19 B Lances, SS Axes Canto, Stun, Celerity
  14. Part 3 - Chapter 9: Maraurders Turns - 4/126+8 I decided to Bonus Experienced Geoffrey all the way to Silver Knight as I wanted him to get some Speed anyway so instead of Bonus Experiencing him to 20 and then Crowning I just saved the Master Crown which will probably go to Makalov. I bought the Adept, Arms Scroll and the Shine Barrier from the Bargains and sold the rest of the junk that wasn't transferred over at the end of Part II. The map was just the standard Geoffrey show while Makalov got as much experience as he could with Paragon as well as fetched the Speedwing, he's definitely playing catch up but with Paragon in 3-11 and 3-E hopefully he should get there. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Skills Geoffrey Silver Knight --/20/01.80 45 27 12 26 26 20 23 20 S Lances, C Bows Canto, Sol Makalov Blade Knight --/11.49 37 21 06 19 22 24 20 10 A Swords Canto, Paragon
  15. Part 3 - Chapter 8: Incandescent Glow. Turns - 4/122+8 Jill and Ilyana both promoted here after one level of Bonus Experience each so that they capped Strength and Magic respectively, Ilyana was quite behind on her Magic average but she must have got magic every level in the last map or something. I decided it wasn't worth it to Bonus Experience her defence up though and she would have more likely gotten HP, Luck and Resistance anyway. Ilyana used both Arms Scrolls for C Staves so she could use Physic straight away and Ike used the Talisman which I could have given him ages ago but I never bothered. Ilyana traded Vantage for Daunt, Jill took Celerity, Ike took Smite so I could shove Reyson far enough and Oscar took Adept as he can't ORKO Generals unlike Jill and Ilyana so he needs a Sol or Adept to do it. I also Forged a +5 might Javelin and two +5 might Hand Axes for Oscar and Jill, the Javelin and one of the Hand Axes had a Coin for +1 might each but the third coin was +20 hit so I didn't use it. Ike, Ilyana and Kyza Shoved/Smited Reyson four spaces south so he could Galdr Jill after she had rescued Ilyana and then Canto back just out of range of the nearest General. Jill dropped Ilyana off near the centre and they took care of most of the enemies there, afterwards Jill went to the south while Ilyana took care of the Warriors and then two stationary Generals at the entrance to the south east part. Oscar took the western route killing some Generals and the Longbow!Sniper and Kyza took care of the north west with help from Ike and Reyson as he couldn't do it alone, I suppose the fact he's too weak to 2RKO Generals means he gets extra Strike experience at least, hopefully one day he'll be decent. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Skills Ike Hero --/18.46 49 27 03 30 29 16 25 10 S Swords Shove, Smite Oscar Silver Knight --/20/04.09 51 27 13 29 27 27 22 19 SS Lances, C Bows Canto, Sol, Miracle, Adept Ilyana Arch Sage 15/15/02.73 42 20 28 26 27 14 16 23 C Fire, A Thunder, C Wind, C Staves Shove, Flare, Wrath, Daunt Kyza Tiger 21.18 58 24 06 26 24 15 22 14 A Fang Quickclaw, Shove, Blossom, Provoke Reyson Heron 16.70 40 06 12 12 24 32 14 34 --- Blessing, Galdr, Shove, Canto Jill Dragonlord 20/15/02.91 47 31 10 28 27 30 28 18 B Lances, S Axes Canto, Stun, Celerity