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  1. FE6 auction draft

    So are you going to do the auction like person A bids $X for the unit and then person B has the opportunity to bid higher than $X and so forth until everyone has bid on that unit? Or am I misreading it. Isn't that going to give the people who are at the ends of the bidding order a big advantage? I always figured that the reason Warp was banned is because it's basically impossible to get anyone not named Saul, Niime or Yodel to reach Warp, plus the fact you get Warp relatively early would make Saul too broken, whereas in the other GBA games you have quite a lot of units that can Warp by the time you get it so everyone has the opportunity to draft a Warper. I never thought it was really anything to do with it being too easy. Also just fyi the past of bid is just bid not bidded. I'm not entering btw, I can't bear two FE6 drafts. @Kebe You need to finish the other FE6 draft otherwise I'll win by being the only person to finish..hey I'll get there probably around August
  2. FE11 H5 0% growths warpless LTC

    Just got finished watching the first seven chapters, nice job so far, especially the Chapter 1 seven turn! That 17 hit on the Hand Axe triggered my OCD about having certain things in blocks of five though... I was a bit surprised you skipped the Devil Axe, I would have expected it would be too valuable despite the turn it costs to get it but I guess you have more time to get other units into position to deal chip damage to compensate for not having it? Also, is there any reason why you're using the Bord-Barst support and not Ogma-Barst, I would have thought the latter is more preferable seeing as it's slightly faster and Ogma is the better unit (I guess that's trivial if they're just being support bots but still) and also you would benefit from the Ogma-Shiida support that way as well. 0 luck, too strong, I guess. For the endgame I'm hoping to see a huge Pachyderm forge being traded around by Jake, Beck and Beck!Xane with the Geosphere and just nuking everything in sight, not sure this will be a thing but I'd like to see that .
  3. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    Yeah, that makes sense, I think actually with Marcus being available until chapter 19x you probably have to be a bit more careful not to let him run off with all of the experience and leaving the rest of your team too weak. Lowen is probably OK as he can get the experience he needs but I can see if you don't have good units to pick up the slack when Marcus leaves you might hit a wall if you're not careful. Ah, I see, so basically it's designed so that it's disadvantageous to put all your eggs in one basket so to speak? I was actually wondering about what the best method for bidding was but I basically did that bid my 'true value', my method was I thought about how much I should give Florina (the most expensive unit) and then gave everyone else bids relative to how I thought they compared to her. I think this is a good idea to have some level of balancing but I think too much is obviously going to make the teams homogeneous. Probably weighing things so that Orion's Bolt and Fell Contract user's are likely to be split is a good thing but Guiding Ring and Knight's Crest users should probably be weighed less so you'd have to have maybe 3 or 4 of one before it was likely to rearrange, this is probably already the case to an extent? 118 turns, so I need to complete the game in 133 or less with my Handicap, yeah that's going to be tough to beat and I'm already 5 turns down. amg's turn count is better than I thought it would be, nice job! you could have used Marcus and taken the penalty in some of the earlier maps, not sure if you considered that, might have left your other units too weak though.
  4. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    Did up to Chapter 16 over the weekend: Chapter 11: Another Journey. Turns - 6/6, 48.21 with Handicap Chapter 12: Birds of a Feather. Turns - 4/10, 52.21 with Handicap Chapter 13: In Search of Truth Turns - 6/16, 58.21 with Handicap Chapter 13x: The Peddler Merlinus. Turns - 6/22, 64.21 with Handicap Chapter 14: False Friends. Turns - 5/27, 69.21 with Handicap. Chapter 15: Talon's Alight. Turns - 2/29, 71.21 with Handicap Chapter 16: Noble Lady of Caelin. Turns - 6/35, 77.21 with Handicap
  5. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    @athena_57 Yeah Kent being somewhat redundant is something I hadn't thought about but at least he's a Paladin so he's useful in rout maps or at least he would be if he didn't have that 14 Strength, Marcus needs to get out of retirement and whip this boy into shape. It's somewhat of a balancing act about not going too low as to not get the units you want but not going too high as to have redundancy which is something I think I'm going to encounter with Rath and Eliwood when I already have Heath to carry Hector. So now I'm stuck with Scrubwood in the early game and he probably won't redeem himself late game to make up for it. Also good job you decided to focus Canas as the main Staffer and not Erk
  6. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    Ah, interesting teams have been decided this should be interesting to see how the dice have fallen as it were, I'm eager to see how this format pans out to be honest. I figure I'll give my two cents on everyone's bids and team composition etc. First thing I notice Athena is already at chapter 29x lol, at least the rest of us will have a goal to aim at. As for bids this is what stands out to me at a first read through: Oswin: I'm slightly surprised at the low bids for him I thought he'd be pretty decent in early rout maps though without Marcus (or Lowen) to carry him to where he needs to be maybe he won't be as good as I thought. Eliwood: yeah I figured this might happen I gave extra credit to mounted units who can carry promoted Hector I have a feeling I might end up with several Hector carriers but I really didn't want to end up without one so I probably over bid. Lowen damn I knew I should have gone higher . Rebecca: I'm not sure what past me was thinking when I went 3, she's got that perfect availability I guess? Bartre/Dorcas: I'm slightly surprised Athena rated Dorcas twice as good as Bartre though at the same time I know where he's coming from, yeah that is kind of an oxymoron now that I think about it. Priscilla: 12, she's not at all bad but I think someone's a Priscilla fan? Maybe I underestimate her. Florina: Athena laying down all the big money bids, I think I'm beginning to see who's going to have the best team. Wil: I'm going to end up with him aren't I? Raven: I'm surprised a bit at the low Raven bids, one of the best combat units in the game I thought would be worth more especially with the defend as rout rule, maybe Jerme's version of Pale Flower of Darkness is that off putting? Heath: Here's hoping 11 is enough to secure him. Rath: Yeah as I said in Eliwoods' bit I probably overbid for multiple Hector carrying mounts, not going to be upset if I get Heath and Rath both though. Hawkeye: Similar deal to what I said about Raven. Nino: I'm going to get Nino aren't I, Wil and Nino please no... Auction process: First of all it's probably obvious but I can't see where the value for Price is calculated from I thought average bids but I tried that and it didn't work, could you enlighten me, Wargrave? I thought Athena would have loads of units from glancing though the bids but I guess he had a higher spread of bids, me and Gentlewind look like we've gone for the highest on average, with amg and Wargrave going for the lowest. This little tug-of-war contest between me and Gentlewind with Lucius and Erk at the beginning is kind of amusing . I gave Kent and Sain to Athena? R.i.P... and I lost Marcus...and Dart... and Canas... and Raven...I guess I got rid of Wil although I'm not even sure that's good at this point. Ok let's see what the teams look like then 'crosses fingers': Wargraves' team: You have a pretty rough start and you have Wil AND Rebecca, ouch. Marcus is going to have to do some heavy lifting even starting with his bases in chapter 20, hopefully Dart will be nice for you and Afa's drops Nino for the big finale . You also have no one who can pick up promoted Hector so Serra will have to get that big magic stat for Warping, real men get Nino to be their Warper though. A relative Handicap of only 3.20 though could let you hold on? Athena: That team is pretty damn good! Several of what I would say are first round pick units in there, but it's not perfect, Kent and Sain are going to be fighting for experience along with Florina to some extent that's the biggest flaw I see and I guess on a lesser note Canas and Erk is kind of redundant for Warping unless you need multiple Staff users for certain Warp/Rescue strategies? 40.59 turns Handicap is big though it will be interesting to see how much work Marcus can put in early and then Florina/Kent/Sain along with Canas/Erk can do later. Moi: Hmm, immediately I see no mounts early this is not a good start, Eliwood, Oswin and Hector joined by Lucius. Then my fortune changes completely in one map, getting three mounted units (as I suspected I have 3/5 mounts who can carry Great Lord!Hector) and Hawkeye shortly after, wishing it had been Raven though. My Handicap isn't even low, I guess I'm going to have to pull out all the stops come Chapter 22 and on if I hope to win. Maybe I can pull of some Rescue-chains on Hector also I can carry Oswin so he won't be dead weight in the later maps with low move. Overall I'm not optimistic though. amg: Ow, that team does not look nice, I'm sorry to say. Five Sword locked units, well Lyn gets Bows eventually I guess but really it's mostly on Farina and she can't even lift Hector. You have no Handicap I guess but I think that team just doesn't have what it takes sadly, just comparing your team to Wargrave's, his while not a stellar team by any stretch, is noticeably better I feel for only a 3.20 handicap. Don't let me get your hopes down though! Gentlewind: Again a fairly good team and I think you have less problem with units vying for experience than Athena, maybe that could be the difference maker? The Handicaps do match up to how I would rate the teams from best to worst so I guess that's a good sign? Though just in ranking rather than value, I think particularly that Wargrave's team seems relatively good in comparison to his Handicap, we'll have to see. Oh, lol, guess I should have scrolled down more I guess there's more to it than I thought , oh well I'm not going to delete all I've written now. Looks like I got Raven in exchange for Hawkeye so I'm not going to complain. Ok Final team analysis I guess: Wargrave: So you traded Serra and Rebecca for Sain and Matthew, and your handicap went up by ~2 interesting, well Sain is obviously much better for you than Rebecca especially as you still have Wil. You now have two very solid mounts for later on and one of the best combat units in the game in Sain and Dart if he gets out of his bad start in a timely fashion. However, you lost Serra for Matthew so now Nino really is your only possible Warper, plus you also have no one who can carry Hector (Well I guess Body Ring!Bartre but is that really going to be useful, mabye?). I feel wierd saying this but I actually think Nino might end up being the make or break unit for your team if she can get the Warping done I think you might hold on but if she can't I think you may lose too many turns in the late game chapters, this should be interesting to see I think. Athena: So you traded Sain and Vaida for Lowen and Rebecca for a ~4 turn Handicap. I think trading Sain for Lowen is very nice for you personally though some might disagree with that, Vaida for Rebecca I don't know I mean Rebecca is bad but at least she exists. Your early is now super strong with both Lowen and Marcus I think you'll have to make up a lot of ground in that early Marcus stage though or others might be able to hold you off with your very high handicap. Moi: So it looks like my only change was Hawkeye for Raven which I'm pleased about I think that's worth the two turn handicap but my team is still going to struggle a lot early game slightly alleviated by Raven compared to before my late game is still going to have to be really good if I hope to stand a chance, I think though comparing my team to Athena's if I can avoid haemorrhaging enough turns early I'll be able to at least level later on, I think it might be tough to do though. amg: You traded Serra for Matthew, while not great that's an improvement, at least you have a unit with 1-2 range combat later on and a Warper other than Renault that's about all I can say though. Gentlewind: You traded Hawkeye and Lowen for Vaida and Raven. Well Raven for Hawkeye is not too big of a deal but Lowen for Vaida is a feelsbadman moment if ever I saw one but your Handicap did go down by a huge 10, more considering everyone else's went up in comparison but your team is clearly worse for it. Well Good Luck, Have Fun, it should be interesting to see how closely the turn counts converge as the game goes on. Inb4 Athena has finished by the time I submit this reply. Time to read through what people have done so far now.
  7. Chapter 10: Western Resistance. Turns - 7/68 Chapter 11: Hero of the West. Turns - 8/76 Chapter 12: The True Enemy. Turns - 5/81
  8. Chapter 8x: The Blazing Blade. Turns - 8/55 Chapter 9: The Misty Isles. Turns - 6/61
  9. FE7 HNM auction #3, A Marcus Divided

    This seems like a pretty interesting idea, I'll throw myself in, I'll PM you my bets when I have time, probably tommorow.
  10. Ok, so I ended up restarting which is why I haven't posted in a while, I felt like it was better to get back up to where I was first. I figured out that I could save some turns in the first few maps, I also found out that you can get door keys in Chapter 5 which I overlooked and I wanted to try something in Chapter 6 (didn't end up working out anyway) and finally I wanted to get Sue some more experience for Chapter 8. She needed to kill a Soldier so that Marcus could advance but she was just one damage short of killing him, the stupid thing was there were a bunch of one defence Soldiers she could one round but this one Soldier that she had to kill always had two defence and it kind of triggered me I probably wouldn't have restarted for one or the other reason but all combined I decided I would, so here's up to Chapter 8: Chapter 1: Dawn of Destiny. Turns - 4/4 Chapter 2: The Princess of Bern. Turns - 5/9 Chapter 3: Latecomer's Sorrow. Turns - 6/15 Chapter 4: Crumbling League. Turns - 5/20 Chapter 5: Fire Emblem. Turns - 3/23 Chapter 6: Entrapped. Turns - 5/28 Chapter 7: The Ostian Revolt. Turns - 7/35 Chapter 8: Reunion. Turns - 12/47
  11. Chapter 6: Entrapped. Turns - 5/31 Chapter 7: The Ostian Revolt. Turns - 7/38
  12. OK I've got the first five chapters done: Chapter 1: Dawn of Destiny. Turns - 5/5 Chapter 2: The Princess of Bern. Turns - 6/11 Chapter 3: Latecomer's Sorrow. Turns - 7/18 Chapter 4: Crumbling League. Turns - 5/23 Chapter 5: Fire Emblem. Turns - 3/26
  13. [FE8] A Typical FE8 Draft

    Chapter 17: River of Regrets. Turns - 1/94 Gilliam broke the Snag hitting S Lances and Tethys danced Myrrh so she could go North and get some experience. Garcia, Dozla and Phantom #3 dropped Eirika over the river and she killed the Heroes for some experience and to get the Brave Axe for Dozla. Artur Warped Cormag to kill Lyon and L'Arachel Hammerned the Warp. Unit Class Level HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Eirika Great Lord 18/02.57 35 17 20 22 18 15 14 S Swords Gilliam Great Knight 12/07.10 42 20 11 13 05 18 07 E Swords, C Axes, S Lances Garcia Hero 14/06.53 43 22 18 13 10 12 06 C Swords, S Axes Artur Bishop 12/08.09 32 24 16 19 07 09 18 A Light, A Staves Ephraim Great Lord 19/01.00 40 19 23 18 14 13 09 A Lances Cormag Wyvern Knight 16/10.71 53 25 19 25 09 20 06 S Lances L'Arachel Troubadour 05.20 19 08 08 10 14 05 09 C Staves Dozla Berserker --/02.93 44 16 12 09 04 11 06 B Axes Tetyhs Dancer 02.64 19 01 02 12 10 05 04 --- Knoll Summoner 10/02.01 24 13 10 11 00 03 13 C Dark, E Staves Myrrh Manakete 09.35 24 23 21 10 04 28 32 ---
  14. I think I should get a ten turn handicap for taking the Sacae bullet straight to the chest like a champ.
  15. Well, I've been intentionally not picking Sue despite her being better than the other scrubs because then I'd be guaranteed to go to Sacae but fuck it I'll go there anyway, Sue it is! Should have taken Dayan so I could have the Nomad Meme Team. It can't be that bad anyway, right? right? right?