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  1. Thracia 776 Complete Menu Translation, VWF, Double RNG

    If you're getting garbled pixels where the new graphics should be (text, Engish title screen), then it's probably a memory mapping problem with the emulator. Meaning, it's failing to access the expanded ROM space where the new data is, and instead loading garbage from somewhere else in the ROM. If you have Snes9x make sure you're using the latest version, or you can also use the ZSNES 8MB custom build, or use bsnes with the memory map XML file as described in the readme. This issue will often make the game fail to start up at all, as well. Eventually, but I no longer have the time to work on it consistently, so unfortunately I don't have a good sense of how long it will take.
  2. Thracia 776 Complete Menu Translation, VWF, Double RNG

    Feel free! I uploaded a new version of the patch that should hopefully fix the rescue bug. Let me know if you still have problems.
  3. Thracia 776 Complete Menu Translation, VWF, Double RNG

    I think I've figured out what's going on with the Karin rescue bug -- on the rescue window the game sends a zero value as the equipped weapon text pointer to indicate not to draw anything, and apparently this is the only place in the game where it does that since my code doesn't account for it. (Normally it gives a pointer to whitespace characters.) So that causes a cascade of weird behavior, although in my game (using bsnes-plus) nothing actually goes wrong except for the window's appearance. Hopefully this is the root of everyone's problems. You might want to try a different emulator until I get a fix out.
  4. Hey there, you're correct that the palette differences are because of me and not a difference in the NP/ROM versions, and sorry that they're not to everyone's taste. In retrospect my release was kind of a hurried mess in which I threw everything I had at the moment online, knowing I'd be too busy to get it done if I waited any longer, so I just hadn't put much thought into removing these fun little hacks. For future updates I plan to make graphical mods optional so they're not forced upon everyone using the translation.
  5. Thracia 776 Complete Menu Translation, VWF, Double RNG

    Looks like I somehow missed the first couple posts on page 2 when I last checked in. Given that two people are actually having the bug with Karin, that's something I'll look into more seriously when I have the time. Not that I know of, but maybe you'll find something I missed if you search hard enough. This was all done using my own programming and some general SNES hacking tools, so unfortunately I didn't create any standalone tools along the way. The patch is actually for the cartridge ROM, even though it has the title screen of the NP ROM. That's just me being careless while in a hurry to throw together the patch files and release.
  6. Thracia 776 Complete Menu Translation, VWF, Double RNG

    Sorry I've been away this past week, I just moved and started a big new job so I've been really busy during the transition. Glad to see that people have been enjoying it, and those videos too! Unfortunately no, but I'm working on getting the script into my patch. Hmm, I tried to replicate that and it worked fine for me. Are there any other changes to your ROM that might be causing it? See if it goes away if you rebuild from a clean ROM and/or use a different emulator, but let me know if it persists or is emulator-specific. I'll want to fix it if my patch is causing it, so thanks for letting me know.
  7. Thracia 776 Complete Menu Translation, VWF, Double RNG

    It's not. Not sure why it would seem to be different, but I think I remember exp gain being fairly quick at the beginning of the game. Bsnes plus, TLP, WindHex, CoffeeScript/Node for generating text images and patching data into the ROM, and most importantly this patching assembler. It uses the approach of expanding the ROM, filling it with pre-rendered text, and changing the rendering routine to load that stuff to VRAM dynamically instead of using a tileset. Funny you should ask actually -- I built it using the NP version, and in the end I made the patch off of the ROM version since it seemed more common (I might be totally mistaken, not that familiar with the differences). I still need to set those straight to avoid confusion. Thanks for the feedback everyone!
  8. Well, let's just say my quest to play Thracia 776 turned into a bigger project than I ever imagined... After seeing what the only English patch for this game was, I decided to take a shot at making one myself, gradually figuring out what on earth I was doing as I went along. Now that I've played through the whole game using this translated interface, I think it's ready to come out of the shadows (also because my life's about to get a lot busier). I'd say it's beta-quality, thoroughly tested by me but not perfect. There are some other things I did to the game as I figured out more about hacking it: Added double-roll RNG for hit/miss calculations Updated the color palettes for map sprites Changed some flying unit sprites Made it ignore the checksum on save files (this was really just for my convenience, but I'm sure others could find it useful). But of course, I understand not everyone wants these side effects just to play the translated game. The current release includes two separate patches for single and double RNG, and I plan to make the graphical mods optional in the future as well, but they're in the patch for now. The major issue with the patch at this point is that a lot of the text rendering is throttled and doesn't appear instantly, although it still appears quickly enough that it never bothered me while playing. There's a little flickering in some unusual situations too, but you won't see a lot of it. This is all a consequence of DMA/HDMA conflicts with the gradient window backgrounds. So what now? After everything I've figured out about the game's programming, there are so many cool hacks I think I could do with enough time and effort, but unfortunately I don't think I'll ever be able to. This project was sort of an anomaly that I poured all my effort into while unemployed, but I have a busy life again with higher priorities, and lack the spare brainpower and time to put into it. I'm determined add the script though to have a complete translation of the game, so you can expect that much at some point. Hope you enjoy! Download v0.1.2 (Fixes bug when rescuing unequipped units) Larger screenshot album Past releases: Download v0.1.1 (Added separate patches for single/double roll) Download v0.1 (Initial)