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  1. Defiant skills trigger at the start of turns on the battle map, so they are not assumed to be active in the simulation. You can assign a 7 in the bonus field for the given stat to simulate the buff being active.
  2. None of the new abilities that require custom logic are implemented yet. I plan to do them this weekend. These should all be working now. Thanks! Not a bad idea. Might be easier to just use a bookmark! Search on KageroChart already goes directly to the hero page. As people continue to link KageroChart pages search rankings will improve. Gamepress/Wiki had a couple month head start and existing content to boost them up.
  3. That's actually some info from the damage simulator that needs cleaned up. You're seeing raw output without formatting, basically.
  4. I may change things up in the future, but if you are on desktop you can hover for the description. Any reason you are interested specifically in weapons and not passives, specials etc? PSA:
  5. Process for Building Characters

    Last update was July 14. There is no changelog because I am busy working on the new version. Enjoy buggy indev version! I must ask that you please do not make and spread assumptions like "never updating again". In reality it has been less than a week without the banner heroes on the calc, and this is the only time I've been behind more than a day. Build creation/sharing will be implemented soon(tm) and it will be easier to load in arena builds vs other arena builds. Thanks
  6. A few people have complained about the left => right listing and this will be addressed . Will check into the 2 damage thing as well. Small fixes are currently noted but not being fixed until I finish a major design update. Please keep the reports coming. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the clarification, I'll put this on the suggestion list. Cheers
  8. Will you clarify your request for BST please? This should be on the hero pages and charts already so I don't quite understanding what you are asking for. Search results should open in the same window now if they weren't already. Thanks
  9. Who should be my go to green tome unit?

    My go to green tome is Cecilia with Gronraven, Triangle Adept and Green Tomebreaker. Very broad coverage, and takes hardly any damage vs colorless or blue.
  10. You using a super old PC or phone? That sounds like performance related problems. No one else has reported this, and I have not been able to reproduce it. Sorry :(
  11. Hey @Okigen There should not be any caching issues, what type of problems are you having? Team saving is something I will most likely do after I get the build creator finished. Until then, there is an import/export feature tab in the combat log section. Pretty rough but it works.