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  1. haha me too, I didn't even beat Lunatic first attempt :(
  2. My buddy did this in one turn on inferno and we put together a video/writeup.
  3. Updated original post with current and planned features.
  4. This is not going to happen as part of the current combat sim. The only way it will make it in is if I create a create a combat engine that is separated out from the simulator app. I am working on some social features that could go that direction if popular, but at this point it is looking unlikely. Sorry! Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Great suggestions. I plan to condense the skill pages down into "chains" soon and adding the unlock level will be part of that. I'll check into that formatting bug too, probably introduced recently on accident. Thanks!
  6. I touched up the hero index and hero pages if anyone wants to weigh in on my design decisions. I plan to use the open section of the hero pages in the center (on large screens) for some generated highlights such as "has the highest attack in the game" , "only flier with a ranged attack" or "4 star source of fury 3" I also have an update ready for later this evening after I get off work that resizes and compresses all the images, so things should be much snappier once I get home and release it. I will take this into consideration, but I'm going to focus on more functional aspects of the site for now so you may not see anything major change on this front for a while. Appreciate the suggestions! I would be interested in looking at a site that uses the techniques you have in mind, though. I can generally copy or adapt someone else's designs, but doing them from scratch is a challenge for this left-brain :). A lot of people have asked for something similar or better so I basically need to make this already. Edit: Also added a small convenience, you can copy/paste markdown into reddit or forums that support it with a pre-formatted summary of hero stats/skills.
  7. This is a bug, and will be fixed when I replace the spinners with dropdowns. Thanks for reporting!
  8. This is implemented now, and no mention of IV anywhere on the page @Ice Dragon! @Clogon I removed the coloring on meters for now since I wasn't happy with the outcome anyway. Better? I'm not sure what you mean by celtic, like runes and such? I tend to find most game sites gaudy with heavy use of stylized borders/headings etc but maybe we are thinking of different things.
  9. Hopefully this will clear up on its own as I work on the design a bit in the future. No one else has reported this yet and I have not been able to reproduce it :( While the matchup chart is maybe 50% of what I want it to be, do you find it useful while the combat simulator exists? I think most would say no and prefer the hard "who wins in a duel" information the simulator offers. I think having some aggregate info on there would really help it to be a useful "at a glance" link but I'm not sure people really care at this point. Haha Re:colors - I prefer the darker colors for similar reasons, but apparently there are minor power consumption benefits as well. I may offer a dark/light theme switcher in the future, but that's super backlog.
  10. Yeah I screwed up and set the header to cache JS on client. Should hopefully not happen again :/ OS and Browser version? Tough to get things 100% consistent, I am only testing chrome and firefox on 2 devices.
  11. what browser? I think its more for planning skill inheritance but I can see about adding that functionality.
  12. This was a joke initially haha. A friend of mine and I go back and forth about how ridiculous we can make a domain name and still get traffic. For example, it could have been or I chose KageroChart because of the thread @MrSmokestack mentioned, yeah
  13. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm working on a list of quality of life requests people have to implement in the next week or two. Keep 'em coming. I pushed out a new version of the calc a couple hours ago and addressed a few of the concerns mentioned here, namely the swap button being inaccessible and collapsing menus. Let me know if you find any issues! Work in progress preview: This one is more of a restyling. We'll see if I can get it mobile friendly with pure CSS (ideal since I don't want to maintain more applications)
  14. The combat simulator should be mobile friendly now and runs more efficiently. Let me know if you guys find any bugs or issues. I do still need to do something different with the swap arrow as was previously suggested, but I may have missed some legitimate bugs. I had to re-do a large portion of the application to get this fast and looking good (my opinion) Let me know what you guys think. Thanks