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    Thracia 776
  1. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    I can't play the game!!!
  2. Notes on Thracia 776 Events

    I am very interested in 776 too, but I don't know much about hack, I only find a topic about "fe5 battle animation editor" , clikc here
  3. Fire Emblem Multiplayer

    I need a AI team!!!
  4. Emblem Chronicle VII

    Then how can you get map sprites? What's the difference between them
  5. Emblem Chronicle VII

    I have a question, how can I get battle sprites from fe5 rom? thanks!
  6. FE5 Map Sprites

    wow, it's awesome! I only like fe5
  7. How to edit battle animation in FE5?

  8. There is a article by Pukachi,but I don't know how to use it, thx!
  9. my new fe for android & ios

  10. my new fe for android & ios

    Which webs have Tutorials about splicing maps, thanks! my maps is very ugly...
  11. my new fe for android & ios

    Hello everyone, I am a Chinese player, I like fe5/6/7/8 very much. so I want to develop a new Game like fe on phone. my English is poor, but I can give you the link of my demo. click this. auto fight and manual fight