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  1. So About Ike

    I happen to have high fuctioning autism as well. I'm rather blunt and social awkward at times, so I'm probably a lot more like Ike than I like to admit, lol.
  2. So About Ike

    He's rather over hyped. I dont dislike him, but he's far from my favorite lord in the series. I like his personality for the most part, and what he stands for, but his storyline isnt that much different from other FE lords, despite growing up as a commoner. Imo, Alm did the whole commoner thing better than him. I would have much rather Elincia been the main protag in PoR and Micaiah in RD. Those 2 are for more interesting characters to me then Ike ever was.
  3. How Would You Rewrite the Story?

    I believe part 1 is good as it is. Part 2 is good, but maybe the aftermath should involve some of the other countries. Maybe something like some of the powerful lords that supported Ludvecks' rebellion go and defect to Begnion and later become involved in the upcoming war between Begnion and the Laguz Alliance. Maybe Elincia eventually catches wind of it, with Crimea later joining the conflict. Part 3 is good for the most part, other than the Blood Pact. I can see Daein being unable to join the Laguz Alliance, since many Daein citizens likely still loathe the Laguz, though they need a better reason to join the conflict alongside Begnion. I'd probably build off of some of the paired ending as well. I'm content with most of the ending we got, maybe add some for characters that don't already have one. Supports would definitely help with this as well as more base convos. These were all just some random thoughts off the top of my head, not sure how I would expand upon this though.
  4. Definitely hoping for either Tharcia or RD for the next banner. Who'd I'd like to see from these banners Tharcia - Leif, Finn, Nanna, Altena RD - Micaiah, Sothe, Geoffrey, Lucia. The last Tellius banner was somewhat random with its selection of characters, so I see this as a possibility.
  5. Crack Pairings, Anyone?

    Ike/Lyn is probably my go to crack ship. I feel like they would just compliment each other really well. Ike/Lucia - read a few fanfics of them, and I dont know why, but I really like them together for some reason. Also the idea of Geoffrey and Ike being brothers in law seems kinda awesome. Geoffrey/Nephenne seems like it would be really cute, despite how hardcore I ship Geoffrey/Elincia.
  6. Radiant Dawn Supports?

    I wouldn't say he was just oblivious to it all, I think he was most likely just not interested in any of it. Ike always struck as being fairly asexual, in that he just doesn't show much interest in being in a romantic relationship. And yeah, I feel forcing him into a romance with someone would kinda hurt his character, imo.
  7. Radiant Dawn Supports?

    Most of the Ike/Elincia stuff was just localization, and honestly, even in the english version, I personally dont see what the big deal is. Those 2 are more interesting to me platonically anyway. Micaiah and Elincia is one I really want to see though. For many of the reason you listed.
  8. Radiant Dawn Supports?

    Elincia: Geoffrey, Lucia, Bastian, Renning, Brom, Calill, Micaiah, Sanaki, Tibarn, Leanne, and Pelleas Micaiah: Probably everyone in the orginal Dawn Brigade, Jill, Nailah, Volug, Elincia, Sanaki, and Pelleas Dont really have much of a preference for Ike tbh.
  9. Radiant Dawn Remake

    As a said, Ike should have had a bit of a more minor role in the game, or at least in part 3. Like instead of giving him complete control over the Laguz Alliance and the rest of the armies supporting Sanaki. Give him command over his group as well as partial command over the rest of the Laguz Alliance, alongside Ranulf and Skrimir. Give Geoffrey command over the Crimean army, and Sigrun and Tanith over the Begnion army. That way he isnt completely stealing the spotlight by the end of part 3, and it would possible give some other characters a bit more screen time aswell.
  10. Radiant Dawn Remake

    Sounds pretty good. It would give Elincia a lot more involvement in part 3. Those 2 deserved the main character spotlight more than Ike, imo. Ike should have played a more minor role, cause he really doesnt add much to the game as its main character since he's already fully developed by the end of PoR.
  11. Radiant Dawn Remake

    That honestly sounds perfect. I really wanted to see some interaction between those 2. IIRC, they dont interact even once, which is really disappointing.
  12. Radiant Dawn Remake

    I agree that it was very well written, and Elincia's character development was amazingly well done despite how short it was. I just personally feel, with her being my favorite character and all, that she deserved more screen time then what she got.
  13. Radiant Dawn Remake

    Adding actual supports would be nice, though it would be rather difficult with all the army switching, it's likely they'd be rather limited, but even that would be better than the generic one's we got. Maybe give all the pairs that got special endings together actual supports. Also give certain characters more play time. Lucia gets like 3 chapters of availability, Elincia and Geoff get like 4, and Tomords' gang get maybe 5, its pitiful. Make part 2 longer, as much as I love that part, its way too damn short. You could easily take at least 2 chapters from part 3 and make part 2 longer. Lastly, give Micaiah the main spotlight, not Ike. Ike already had an entire game dedicated to him, he didnt need to take the center stage again.
  14. NFL 2017-2018 Season - Dat helmet TD catch by AB

    Holy shit, Jax is defense! They walkin all over Pits, and I love it (not a pits fan tbh)
  15. NFL 2017-2018 Season - Dat helmet TD catch by AB

    Bit of a Panthers fan myself. I admittedly also have a bit of a crush on Cam. That damn smile of his is just <3