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  1. I feel obligated to point out that that number includes the Legends re-release and it's own DLC wave. Wii U version only got 3 new characters, 2 special mode characters (Beast Ganon and Cucco), plus extra weapons and costumes for most non-DLC characters. It also had the three OC villains added as free DLC, but their weapon upgrades were locked behind the Master Quest DLC. Legends added 5 characters, 1 free DLC character, and 4 paid DLC characters. We don't know how many characters we'll get in each DLC pack, but don't get your hopes up for all DLC to add 15+ characters in one wave. Class movesets might make it easier to add new characters, but they might go for more unique characters instead.
  2. I don't know what happens, though I think they have a secondary. I don't have a Toon Link amiibo or an account without the Legends characters that I can test it though. Admittedly, I stopped scanning amiibos a while ago, so I don't actually remember if amiibos for Legends DLC got updated with the Wii U version. For DQH, the first one was point defense. Almost every mission involved surviving waves of enemies, and killing enemies could drop medals that you can use to deploy your own monsters to defend or use abilities. Combat felt a lot slower than HW for most characters (I think Terry felt the most natural to me, going in from HW, since he was the fastest and could speed himself up). Can't really answer on DQH2, since I never played it.
  3. Given that it's a costume, the dress would have problems on a pegasus, and I'm not sure you can ride side-saddle very well on a winged horse. If she does get a bride costume here, it'll probably have a skirt instead of a dress.
  4. Bride Lucina's the bonus for getting the season pass, in addition to the pass being cheaper. First pack is Fates (with Azura hinted at), second is SD, third is Awakening. Fates will be in 2017, SD and Awakening will be in 2018. DLC still focusing on the same games as the base was kind of expected for me, since it's more or less what HW did until the Majora's Mask pack. Kind of curious if all DLC will be released at the same time internationally as the JP DLC, or if we'll have to wait. I don't think there was a delay for HW, but I don't remember.
  5. Bride Lucina is a bonus costume for the season pass. Similar to Dark Link from HW.
  6. Here, I think: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-oWi2hPz5Y
  7. It wasn't entirely random. Scanning an amiibo for a character in game (such as Link or Zelda) gave you a random weapon for that character. There were a few that never got updated (I think Toon Zelda amiibo still gives Zelda weapons).
  8. TBF, there was more standing around as Tiki than as Caeda.
  9. Sort of. They're not really wraps, given that they go over her middle finger like bridal gauntlets do, but the part around her arms is very wrap-like. Given that they appear to go around her entire wrist as a single piece that's connected to the piece that goes over her hand and up to the middle finger, I'd consider them more gloves than wraps. Her 'dragon meter' is the Awakening meter for other characters. Tiki's C1 takes her musou gauge (which is only used for special attacks by other characters), and converts it to Awakening meter. I don't remember seeing any combos subtract from her Awakening meter. If you need a comparison, look for Young Link gameplay in HW, as he does the same thing.
  10. Those aren't bandages, those are gloves (of a sort).
  11. Yeah, Tiki's using Young Link's gimmick. Able to convert musou gauge to Awakening gauge, and she transforms for the Awakening.
  12. Lianna does not have the same hair-style Noire has. They are similar, not the same.
  13. Given all the salt regarding Celica being a clone of Marth, I was thinking things over and realized that there is one minor benefit to having 'class' based movesets like this: 'Permadeath'. Main FE games usually provide multiple characters in most classes, which lets you keep using the class if you happen to let a character die (admittedly, this seems to be happening less in the recent games). Here, if a class has multiple characters for it, and you really like the moveset, you can switch to the next character in the class if you accidentally let one of your die, so you can still keep using the moveset you like. It's a really minor benefit, so I kind of doubt it was taken into consideration for development (generally speaking, most people probably don't want their characters to die anyways). I figure 'Classic mode' will probably be available for History Mode in some fashion though, where if a character dies, you won't be able to use them anymore on that History map until the full map is complete, or you restart that History from the beginning.
  14. I specifically meant the refreshing part. Maybe they weren't satisfied with it being a morale boost/stat boost for allies. Moveset potential is not the issue, its the fact that Refresher units in FE specifically give up their turn (and potentially combat, depending on the game) for another ally. If the devs didn't find a way to translate that into something for Warriors style gameplay that they liked, Azura's just an infantry lancer with part of her original, semi-unique class missing. This isn't what people want to hear, given that Azura does have a lot of potential for a unique moveset, but it is a valid reason for deciding to exclude her from a development standpoint. If Lucina was potentially on the chopping block, I doubt Azura is much safer, especially given that she's considerably less popular.
  15. The main reason I can think of to exclude Azura is that they couldn't figure out a way to turn Sing/Dance into something that makes sense for a warriors game that they were satisfied with.