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  1. how to reset history mode maps without making new file

    Why do you want to reset the map? If it's just to replay the cutscenes, there should be an option in the menu when you open it on that map. Otherwise, I'm pretty certain there isn't a way to reset them. Getting the rewards the first time unlocks some of them in the general pool, so resetting the map would need to remove those drops. Even if it didn't, there wouldn't be any benefit to resetting versus simply replaying the levels other than viewing the cutscenes, but as I mentioned those can be replayed separately.
  2. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Kintoki wouldn't have replaced Astolfo. The Kintoki considered was Zerker!Toki, so he would have replaced either Spartacus or Fran. Rider!Toki was created from one of DW staff members who drew up a Kamen Rider version of Kintoki for fun, and the staff liked him so much they made him a servant (which means it was way after Apocrypha was written). IIRC, he was considered for Berserker of Red, but discarded because there's no way he would have gone along with the Red Faction's plans (though I don't remember where I read that, so take it with a grain of salt).
  3. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    A to select the character, move the cursor over, and A to order the default action (Attack this guy for an enemy unit or fort, guard this guy for a friendly unit or fort, move here for a blank space). If you press X instead of A on the target, you get a list of extra actions (for example, the ability to heal an allied unit, or pair up). After they've finished whatever you ordered them to do, they'll act according to the Auto-Battle rules set up for them (which can be changed at deployment in the Auto-Battle menu). Move is generally the most useless order, because it finished immediately when the unit arrives, so they go immediately to auto-battle mode, which means you can miss them arriving if there's a huge notification log, so you have to pay attention to the map if you want to switch to them when they arrive. Generally, as Jedi said, it's best to order them to attack or defend something. That way they'll still be around their objective for a bit, and you can switch to them if you need whatever you ordered them to do taken care of immediately.
  4. my favorite characters

    I'd imagine that has less to do with the moveset and more to do with the character and quotes. On topic, complaining about the number of swords is out of fashion right now. Complaining about clones is the current cool thing to do when hating on the game.
  5. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    On the other hand, Ryoma and Hinoka got 2 new ones while Xander and Camilla got 0, Lianna's had one less than Rowan since the Fates DLC, and Sakura now has 1 more than Elise. Edit: Counting things, Hinoka has 8 conversations to Camilla's 5, Ryoma and Xander now have the same number at 10, and Elise and Sakura now both have 7 (apparently I was misremembering). Lianna and Rowan are still no longer equal. It's still lopsided, just not as much as I initially thought. I'm pretty certain they aren't trying to balance out the number of support conversations certain characters get in the DLC.
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    They might just reuse the previous Warriors maps, like they did for the Fates DLC. SD didn't have any maps for it's Warriors characters before, which is probably why we're getting ones specifically for the DLC characters. Fates had 3 maps already, Awakening had 2.
  7. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    SD didn't have Kris. That was NMotE.
  8. Personally, I find it hardly worth it on high Luck characters using Lethality, because more often than not Lethality will proc and kill them, and the armor break just slows down the death animation. It feels better for lower levels than it does when you have maxed out weapons and skills. As for Fury Builder, I think generally it's good for characters that you spend most of the map playing, like Tiki. If you're constantly switching on the map, you won't get as much out of it (can't build stacks while not controlling the unit, and you aren't benefiting from those stacks either).
  9. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Emiya isn't really good until he gets at least his first strengthening. Then he's decent until he gets his second. Getting his Bond 10 CE also gives him a better niche, as it helps him generate stars, but that requires a lot of grinding. So right now it's perfectly normal to be disappointed with Emiya.
  10. Shadow Eliminations are bad for material grinding, as the shadows despawn before they die, which means they don't drop anything. So you end up with only the drop from the boss. You could try Chapter 20 on Easy if you want it to go fast, as I don't believe the difficulty affects the drop rate for materials (though I'm not 100% sure of that). Other than that, I can't help much. If you mention which characters you're grinding, other people can probably provide suggestions.
  11. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    It's misleading when most people use "unique" one way, and you insist on using it a different way. My point was less about what you personally might care about, and more about clarity of communication. Your definition is incredibly reductive, and lends itself to the overall negativity surrounding the roster. It makes sense from a developer point of view, but not from a player's point of view, and most people only consider the player's point of view.
  12. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    Most people refer to "unique" movesets in terms of playability. NPCs don't matter for most people because you can't play as them. Edit: Your definition reduces unique movesets down to Azura, Lissa and generic Fighter. Those are the only movesets not used by multiple units, IIRC.
  13. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    Personally, I'm not looking for negatives. I enjoy the game a lot, and already have the season pass (IMO it's worth it regardless of whether the new characters are clones or not). I just expect clones because that way if they do end up as clones for any reason, I'm not disappointed. It's pessimistic, but I'd rather expect the worst instead potentially being let down.
  14. Fate/Grand Order USA

    According the list on the wiki, 26 requires you to clear 8, which means it shows up after the sixth floor. http://fategrandorder.wikia.com/wiki/Kara_no_Kyoukai_Collaboration_Event/Mission_List
  15. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    I was looking at the website updates, and one of the Linde pics shows the blue energy that usually gets drawn in when a character is charging a crit. So I think the giant light circle is her yellow stun gauge smash. It's not conclusive proof that she's not a Robin clone, but it looks likely that she isn't since crits don't change for all the other clones, only specials.