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  1. Mistakes or errors on the site 2

    Looks like the dots from RD's availability tables have disappeared.
  2. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    And those trainees level up quite quickly, so you can get a sense on their growths before they're even t1's. Unless he's under leveled or below average, Harken will be doubling most Cohorts in 7 and probably all the fighters 7x (while Uther often can't). That means he's the closest to being able to one round both of those units with his huge str. That's a benchmark that growths can't tell you. All this is to say that I get that knowing growths can theoretically help you plan better, but this isn't a game where some units are obviously better than others. Leveling up your units a few times will give you a rough estimate of growths, and unless you don't care about turns/rankings, every trainee will be getting a few levels. Also, growths can be more misleading than helpful about how useful a unit will be in the future to most players, so including the middle man of needing to ask or do some calculation to figure out growths is a good way to tend knowledge of growths towards those who will use them more correctly. So I'm not sure if you're arguing that players in general will use knowledge of growths correctly, or that the game's current way of conveying them is too vague/too much trouble. I find the colouring gives a good idea on both how units are supposed to turn out and why a given unit is over or under performing.
  3. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    I'm still not sold on it as a general difficulty thing. It definitely makes the game more puzzle like. When you can always use a certain tool to clear a certain challenge if you know they'll be exactly on their average, certain aspects become "easier" due to repeatability. Though yes, by nature of only keeping some units while dropping others, I can see it being on average a slight difficulty increase for general combat. I expect the creators won't have a fixed mode, due to wanting higher replayability. Not sure what you meant by this? Ranking players against eachother? Just have them play a large enough number of ironmans and compare scores, if you can even get them to agree on the criteria. Yeah, +20% is less than +10 (9.4) at end game for a lvl 1 trainee. So average of +5 for that unit tops, except that unit probably isn't a lvl 1 trainee, so half that again to 2.5%. Earlier stats are more helpful than late stats generally. And most units won't reach 20/20, some might gain hardly any levels. It all adds up.
  4. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    It's not that people won't expect the RNG, it's that people won't consider other arguably more important factors, such as base stats and starting level, utility, challenges faced, supports, etc. Because of stat colouring, growths can also be calculated with a few playthroughs/a little crowd sourcing. Less data's needed if you don't need as exact an idea. However, yeah, character balance is good enough that in general you should be dropping redder units and keeping green ones. So you can find the growths, but not without getting a sense on how base stats and starting level (and other aspects of the unit) affect their performance. You'll also get a sense of some of the challenges these units will face (at least in the first half of the game). Basically, giving growths right away can easily give a false sense of what units will be like in the future, with so many other unknowns.
  5. Spriter's Resource

    All the tutorial links a directing to Malko's (the first link).
  6. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    It's under grid settings or something. One of the options further down. Also takes out the unplayable border iirc. Play around with those settings, and enjoy.
  7. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    The previous chapter selection in 6 (and 8, for that matter) is a programming work around, currently, I believe. Neither of the previous chapter selections in both those chapters matter, only 4 and 9 matter. Fastest answers to questions can be found on discord.
  8. Battle and Spell Animations Thread

    The palette is in the optimal order, don't be ridiculous. The fact that I didn't use battle sprite colours when making it is more the problem.
  9. Battle and Spell Animations Thread

    Yeah, I think the idea is he shouldn't have made it. I gave permission to use and edit with credit, so if you displayed it anywhere public, as long as you credited, you didn't break any psuedo rules.
  10. Battle and Spell Animations Thread

    Whoever made it very clearly stole the majority of it from bwdyeti's halbardier (and the map sprite is basically a copy as well).
  11. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    First a disclaimer: I didn't design the chapters. Would feel like I was a much more productive member of the community if I did. But I do talk to the creators a lot on the discord, and have played the released content many times over many iterations, so hopefully some of this is insightful. The reavers are a strong incentive to get to those characters quickly, and puts the onus on you to save them, without tarnishing the stats of the recruited characters or making the enemies around them too strong for your units. If you can get Uther to Bennet quickly and toss him almost any other lance, he can immediately kick the ass of those two Gendarmes. Otherwise, you've got to extract him quickly, talk to them, and then he can start contributing. Kirin's predicament also puts the onus on you to save her without making her a weak unit (and also showcases the usefulness of Dash). Citizen units don't make the best choices- that's why you need to recruit them. Save them from theirselves. Uther has higher growths that most units in the game, bar the pre-promotes. You can see this mechanically as he'll always get 3-4 stats in training, instead of 2-3. (If you're really worried about his growths, you can level him primarily there if you play again). Anyways, point is he isn't really any more or less prone to being screwed over than any other unit. You can argue that's bad as he's non-optional, but that's just sort of the nature of growth in Fire Emblem. It's part of what makes playthroughs diverse.
  12. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    Growths will likely never be released, but you may have noticed that stats become coloured over time. Greener stats are above their averages for that character (for their current level). Redder ones are below. It's meant to help you figure out who to keep and who to drop and try out next playthrough. If you've got a very orange and red Uther, you just had shitty luck with him. Otherwise he might just be underleveled (He should be level 20 by the end of Ch12). Either way, play it again- the game plays arguably better on subsequent playthroughs, imo. The trainees will outclass him early on because of the large number of levels they can gain initially, but Uther has better growths rates than them which will eventually help him claw his way back to top tier. The game has a dedicated writer, who, yeah, is good. Character driven I think is the term. Separate creator/programmer/project head and writer seems to be working.
  13. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    not a hack How often do you use the unit menu, or anything on the select menu? We could have very different uses of the select menu, but I have to disagree with your suggestion. The whole point of that option is to speed up the game. You have to navigate to that option and press it, which seems like 2 layer protection. If you're going so fast that you don't pause in between moving and pressing, when you know you're on a menu with a dangerous misclick like that, you probably want to keep that speed as an option. Although I did try to argue that a universal undo-before-any-info-is-revealed button would not be a hindrance.
  14. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    Eliza's not the only one who can visit the house successfully (Zephyr, for example, can). But yeah, even on the discord 4x requirements haven't been hashed out.
  15. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    And trial maps. Call it an even 20. Count the prelude if you don't split Ch12.