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  1. What are your unpopular Smash opinions?

    After watching the Gamexplain analysis on World of Light, I have a theory that’s not going to be popular with the Smash community. Galeem is Light Yagami.
  2. What do you want in Three Houses? ( Mechanics and such )

    Even though it likely won’t happen in 3H, I want a future FE game to adopt and expand upon New Mystery’s character creation system. Instead of being a predetermined class with a boon and bane that only affects two stats, players will get to pick from the game’s standard classses and pick out a selection of backgrounds that will modify your stats among other things. This will lead to a unique and balanced character that allows players to have a vision of what they want their character to be instead of “Magical Swordsman Dude” every playthrough. As for how he would fit into the story, make the MU a support unit to the main lord, and make the main lord a Chrom - a strong and well-meaning prince whom everyone looks up to, but doesn’t have quite what it takes to lead an army to victory. The main lord will constantly seek your player character for guidance, which will give the player plenty of opportunities to make choices that have major consequences. Your character’s background will also effect a number of things in the story as well.
  3. Who wants to see me fail an Awakening Lunatic Playthrough?

    I know this is late, but you should have named your unit Chrom. Yup, total mindscrew.
  4. Should the weapon triangle return?

    From what I heard, Japanese aren’t big on butch characters. At least, not butch appearance/stature.
  5. Should the weapon triangle return?

    God forbid the designers innovate and try something new. Edit: Oh wait, nvm. I’m dumb.
  6. Should the weapon triangle return?

    Flying units are weak to wind, heavy units are weak to thunder, light units are weak to fire.
  7. Should the weapon triangle return?

    That was the original intent, but I think the RGB WTA is a system that is so simple and efficient that even mentally handicapped people can understand it. And yes, I have thought about colorless weapons being in an RGB weapon triangle, and here’s what I could conjure. Swords, bows, and fire tomes are red. Axes, daggers, and wind tomes are green. Lances, crossbows, and thunder magic are blue. Staves are colorless and all weapon types will have an advantage against them. As for light and dark magic, refer to my previous post.
  8. Should the weapon triangle return?

    Never said the units only had to wield one weapon.
  9. Should the weapon triangle return?

    Easy enough. Every tome color will have light and dark variants which will require special skills to wield. Dark tomes grant more damage against physical units, light tomes grant more damage against other mages. However, the WTA will only decide hit/avo advantage rather than damage. Damage will be decided by the offense stats and the level of the weapon minus the defense stats of the opponent. Yes, that is what I was talking about in general.
  10. Should the weapon triangle return?

    Someone explain the problem with an RGB triangle. Because as far as I can see, it’s a nice way to compact everything into a single, efficient system.
  11. What do you want in Three Houses? ( Mechanics and such )

    I just want a list of all the classes and troop types in the game.
  12. Very interesting, interesting indeed. I might try an ironman run as well someday. However, I’m currently on a ghost of a blade run. For those curious, ghost of a blade run is a challenge that I made myself. There are only three rules to this run. 1 - By the endgame, your entire deployed army must consist of four classes - Swordmaster, Hero, Assassin, and Trickster. The exceptions to this are Chrom, Robin, Lucina, Morgan, and Olivia. Just remember that if you’re playing M!Robin, be sure your pairings are either Anna, Say’ri, Olivia, or if you’re looking to piss off your best friend, Lucina. These are the four female sword fighters you get without having to reclass them. 2 - Heroes are forbidden to use axes, but Assassins may use bows and Tricksters may use staves. 3 - Before embarking on the final chapter, you must beat the “Ghost of a Blade” chapter using your swordsman army, and attain Yen’fay as your prize. 4 (Optional) - Hardcore mode: ALL of your deployed units must be of the four sword fighter classes, even the five exceptions listed at rule number 1. Furthermore, use of bows by assassins and staves by tricksters is forbidden. And on top of that, it must be played on classic.
  13. Should the weapon triangle return?

    My only guess is to keep the general spirit of the original game, and the fact that axes seem to be seen as “villain weapons” in Japanese media. It’s kinda the same situation in Awakening where barbarians are only playable through a second seal use.
  14. Are you worried about Three Houses?

    I personally have a creeping suspicion they made Echoes to appeal to hardcore gamers so they can go wild with the Waifu anime stuff in the next installment, and this will be a running pattern in the franchise.
  15. Should the weapon triangle return?

    Something that could be an explanation lorewise. Axes could be seen in Valentia as more of a tool than a weapon, since its design is more about cleaving wood than flesh. And those who use axes in combat would be looked down on as criminals and mercenary wannabes. My question is why don’t the paladins get swords as a backup.