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  1. What I want for FE switch

    My hope regarding FE Switch is to hear about it soon.
  2. FE16 "leaks"

    How would you know that?
  3. FE16 "leaks"

    Greetings. I’m the writer for this hack’s storyboard. I must say with disappointment that we’ve made not much progress, and we are currently on hiatus until summer. Until then, look forward to another hack I’m working on with Kenjigoomba (Don’t know if that’s his SF name). Details on this hack will be released when we’ve actually developed something.
  4. Heroes' Success's Impact on Main Series Development

    Because making FE16 will most certainly be more expensive than Heroes ever was, and when you consider the fact that gacha games reel in more money than one time buys, you can kinda see why Nintendo is in no rush to put it out. It’s all about net profit.
  5. FE16 "leaks"

    We have to wait until July to hear something? Ffs.....
  6. Heroes' Success's Impact on Main Series Development

    I get what you're saying. You're trying to advocate by saying they have a separate team, so there's no way that Heroes could take up dev time for FE16. However, I'm saying that the unexpected profit reeled in from Heroes has made the team for FE16 more lax in their work as there's less urgency to get the game out.
  7. Heroes' Success's Impact on Main Series Development

    Conflict isn't the problem I'm referring to, it's "Must we really hurry up and make this expensive game that people will only buy once when we already have a cash cow?" And how is the first part outdated? Are you saying the profit for Heroes has gone down? Do you have a source for this? Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Heroes impacted the quality of FE16. As in, half-assed the game and most of its aspects so that they can have more characters to squeeze into Heroes.
  8. Heroes' Success's Impact on Main Series Development

    Okay, how does Heroes make it easier to get the games faster? And by this, do you expect a reveal for FE16 very soon?
  9. Do you think full voice acting should return?

    It honestly wouldn't, but it would be a peeve to name your character and never have their name mentioned except on a document or something.
  10. Do you think full voice acting should return?

    If they're doing Character Creation, then no. I'd not like the protagonists' name skipped over or made generic. It just detracts from the point of naming the character.
  11. Heroes' Success's Impact on Main Series Development

    1. Considering one is making tons of money while the other is more or less vaporware at this point, yes I do think Heroes is bigger. Again, this is talking from a business standpoint, not a consumer standpoint. And players gambling is much more profitable than trying to sell a one-time buy product, so it actually proves my point. 2. And again, hype can be stalled. And hype doesn't necessarily compel the dev to make the game. Again, in the case of Valve, they've been able to avoid making half life 3 by making a few multiplayer games and constantly adding new stuff to it. It is because of the sheer profit yielded by TF2 and Dota 2 that we may never see another Half Life game. Not saying Nintendo will do this, but it goes to show the point. 3. Different team or not, my previous point stands. It is Nintendo and IS making profit from Heroes, no? And Heroes makes a lot more from gambling than FE16 could, no? Then why rush when there's already money coming in? 4. As long as players are gambling and Nintendo is printing money, why should Nintendo shut the servers down? It's not the player count that matters, it's the moolah. 5. True, but advertisement or not, Nintendo has plenty of characters left to add to the roster. There is no reason Nintendo is compelled to bring out FE16 pronto.
  12. Heroes' Success's Impact on Main Series Development

    The grammatical errors here make it a little confusing to understand what you’re saying, but I’ll do my best. First of all, it is a known fact that Freemium cashcow games earn more money in the long run than games that people will only buy once. This is why Valve hasn’t cared to make HL3. Dota, CS:GO, and TF2 all yield larger profits than a single buy game like HL3 could hope to make. It could also be why it is currently February and we haven’t heard squat about FE16. Secondly, even if hype does go down, it wouldn’t be too hard to prop up a new feature on Heroes and keep people distracted for a while longer. Thirdly, as I’ve said before, I agree that Nintendo will have to do FE16 at some point, but why bother rushing it when Heroes makes sufficient profit on it’s own, at least for now. Also, what makes you think they’ll pull the plug on Heroes?
  13. Heroes' Success's Impact on Main Series Development

    Bringing me back to what I said before. They’re going to release it, but there’s no rush since there’s plenty of characters to add from past games, and because Heroes is making more money than FE16 could hope to.
  14. Heroes' Success's Impact on Main Series Development

    That's my point though. Why spend tons of money on a big project that people will only buy once, instead of a mobile gacha game that basically prints money? Nintendo realizes they have to do the game at some point, but it's likely not a high priority since it doesn't have the potential to keep the franchise making money like Heroes.
  15. Heroes' Success's Impact on Main Series Development

    From a business standpoint, it does not seem out of probability that when a "gacha" game makes many times the amount of money that a standard game can make, there's no rush to to pour tons of time and money into a big project for a standard game.