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  1. Sorry, that roller coaster is what prints money for Nintendo. I think what many need to keep in mind is that a few hardcore fans of a video game series is not where the money is. Casuals won't buy a game just because it's Fire Emblem. They need an idea of what the game looks like. That's why trailers and livestreams exist.
  2. That's a poor business tactic. Trailers and livestreams are necessary to hype up the game and give the audience an idea of what they're buying.
  3. After seeing the generic enemies from FE:Heroes, I decided they were quite cool and wanted to make a text adventure game featuring them. Despite having imagery from FE Heroes, I decided to make this a conventional TA game with FE elements. Anyone who wants to sign up can do so in the replies below. Just note I'm not here 24/7, so forgive me if I don't take things right off. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Setting: A government spy, a recultured barbarian, a veteran soldier, a sword-handy mercenary, a skilled archer, and s young mage are tasked to liberate the city-state of Pervox from the hands of a cruel cutthroat gang known as the Dragoneers, rumored to have hailed from the far northern nation of Emblia. Each one given promises of fame and riches, the six men arrive at Deffil, a small eastern village on the outskirts of Pervox. Each will act to their own accord, but the fate of Pervox rests on their hands. (Roles are given on a first come first serve basis, so if no one's taken a particular role, ask for it if you wish to play.) The enemies of the games are based primarily of off the classes from FE Heroes, except that the mage cavaliers are now just regular mages, Weapon Cavaliers are now agiles, and fliers are taken out. Everyone will be on foot due to the urban setting. Do reply if you're interested.
  4. I have a lot of things I'd like to see in FE16, but one thing that I'd really love to see is the return of the classes from Heroes. There's something very charming about the enemy generics with their parallelism and color coordination. It could definitely take some expanding upon, but the ideas for expansion are already there for the most part. Furthermore, if Nintendo is going to make a new setting, let it be based off of the class system from Heroes. Have one nation of sword and fire users, another nation of axe and wind users, a third nation of lance and lightning users, a very large international clergy that controls the religion of all three nations and maintains the general health of the peoples, but also pulls the strings and is largely responsible for why the three nations are at neverending war. In addition, archers would be implemented by all three nations as support role troops, while thieves could fill in the plot role of brigands that are fought early game. Additionally, I also support the idea of three different protagonists , one from each kingdom. These protagonists would have different reasons to fight. The story would take place in three parts - before a great war involving all three nations, during the war, and after the war when the protagonists unite and lead a revolution to bring down the clergy. All I got for now. What do you guys think?
  5. They could just be an aged warrior just coming back onto the field. Rusty, but powerful. He would be a little bit of a Jager, but not enough to where he's completely useless by endgame.
  6. Who said they had to start the game at lvl 1?
  7. Fire Emblem: Call of Duty
  8. Fire Emblem: Lords of Iron
  9. Most likely, FE16's map is going to take heavy influences from Awakening's.
  10. Judging by sales, explorable world.
  11. Anything on FE Switch?
  12. That makes more sense. Checked around in the news some, and found nothing about FE Switch. Don't get our hopes up too much guys.
  13. Then I already missed it. Nothing on Fire Emblem, I presume.
  14. Eastern Daylight Time.
  15. Despite my skepticism of FE16 being announced today, I will be looking out for it. Can anyone tell me what time I'll need to tune in for the direct? My only warning for everyone here today is to not get too hopeful.