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  1. I got a 5* Ninian that broke my 4.25% pity rate also, I got 5* Eirika and 5* Julia from 2 free pulls.
  2. Got 5* Erika on free pull. Wasted the rest of the orbs.
  3. Why do I always have the urge to pair male characters with female characters... Anyway, I decided to support S!Corrin because I might have a use with flier emblem.
  4. For some reason, I got a feeling Azura is a DLC character.
  5. Just a little idea: During a multiplier, use a weaker unit such as 3* and lv 20 to fight. You will be matched to a similar levelled opponent and more chance to win. ( You will most likely to have a lv40 friend to sweep)
  6. Time to make use of Ike's multiplier to boost through.
  7. I am joining team Ike. No way am I joining Camilla. D E S T R O Y!
  8. Wow. The unexpected turn of events. I wonder if Lyn will get a last minute multiplier too.
  9. Imagine Barst swapped with 5* Wrys.....You expected B!Lyn, but it was me! Wrys!!
  10. I just realise that Lyn is being wreaked by Camilla. Gotta grab the bonus.
  11. This voting gauntlet is the battle of multipliers. I happen to miss all the multipliers so far.
  12. OVER 9000!!!. I just hope future voting gauntlet isn't so overpowered. What if IS implemented a max player per character in future gauntlets...hmmm
  13. I did it!! Finally! Can someone help me check their boons ans banes, i cant seem to find them on IV calculators. B!Lucina: Hp: 17, Atk: 8, Spd: 10, Def: 12, Res: 3. B!Ike: Hp: 17, Atk: 10, Spd: 5, Def: 9, Res: 6.
  14. Just a short question: For 5* Cecilia, is it good to have Gronnraven+ or Gronnblade (non + version)? Also, why is it called the colourless hell? Thanks.