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  1. Bug encounters

    I am not too sure how the game crashes. I dont have any crashes except for 1 glitch that happen a few days ago. I always turn off my Switch when I go to sleep. I assume the crashes happen when there are too many particles to load but also it only affects small number of people.
  2. Bug encounters

    The only glitch I have encountered so far is in 1.4.0 where the game replaces all my units to Linde. Not just the sprite but everything including the stats. I had to close and open my game to fix it. Now so far so good.
  3. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    For those who are already playing the history maps, if you have completed any map, mind telling me what is the costume locked behind the map? Thanks in advance.
  4. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    With the new DLC releasing in less than 24 hrs, I am now wondering which history maps will contain the alternate costumes for the SD characters.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Saved up to 40orbs and the game gives me 2 5* Cordelia, a perfect Micaiah and finally a meh iv LA!Lilina. Thanks game for the many pity breakers when I wanted Lyn. Time to wait for tempest trail orbs.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Wasted 60orbs in only getting 4* and 3* units. Sitting on 3.75% pity rate on the new banner. Waiting for more events for more orbs.
  7. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    Best DLC yet! So hype! I wonder if Caeda will be a bride class or still a pegasus riding bride but whatever, I know what I will be doing during Chinese New Year.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Just got a neutral Gunnthra from a single green orb in the circle. Not complaining.
  9. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    My first vote went to Myrrh. May vote for seasonal units tmr.
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Apparently, according to statistics from IS, Anna is the most tapped character in the main menu(20,816,626) followed by Lucina, male Robin, Takumi, Camilla, Sharena, Alfonse, SD Marth, Olivia and Rai for the top 10 since the launch of the game.
  11. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Hype for Veronica and Celica. Congrats to all chosen units.
  12. Legendary Hero Banner (Ft. Vanguard Ike)

    Alright, I got my Legend Ike. Stats: HP 18, atk 26, def 9, res 5, spd 6 not too sure what boon and bane is.
  13. It will be 11:30am 31Jan in my time and it is during my presentation. Anyway, I am hype for this. There should be news for the legendary banner and hopefully the CYL results.
  14. Silith judges your battle ballot.

    Feel free to judge me, but I have to applaude you on your commitment to this. Can someone teach me as to how to insert images to spoiler tags? Edit: Thank you @LordFrigid.
  15. Will they allow us to get one of the unit of our choice again like the first one? If Camilla is one of the top 2, I hope she become a colourless maid.