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  1. I'll be voting for the following: Nephenee, Geoffrey, Berkut, Flora, Tana, Tatiana, Ophelia
  2. MC: Elincia Cavalier: Geoffrey Mage: Soren Myrmidon: Lucia Fighter: Largo Soldier: The best character in all of FE, of course. Knight: Tauroneo Archer: Astrid Thief: Volke Medic: Mist Pegasus: Tanith Wyvern: Haar Cat: Ranulf Tiger: Mordecai Hawk: Janaff Dragon: Nasir Other: Reyson
  3. Lord: Lucina Tactician: Robin Cavalier: Frederick Mercenary: Inigo Myrmidon: Say'ri Thief: Anna Fighter: Vaike (MVP of my first awakening playthrough) Wyvern: Didn't really use either of them, but Cherche has a better character. Knight: Kjelle Pegasus: I used all three of them so it's hard to say, but Sumia ended up best gameplaywise. Mage: Same as Wyvern, except I don't like any of them this time. Dark Mage: Henry Staves: Libra Archer: Noire Taguel: Panne Manakete: Tiki Unique: Priam
  4. FE Heroes Questionnaire

    Since when do you play this game? Since launch. How did you get introduced into this? I've known about it since they revealed it. On which kind of device do you play it? I have a main account on my iphone but an alt on my ipad. Is it your first mobile game? No Have you beaten all main story and sidequests in all difficulties yet? Yes Have you beaten all main story chapters yet in at least one difficulty yet? Yes Have you beaten all side quests in at least one difficulty yet? Yes Have you beaten all challenge chains 3 battles in at least one difficulty yet? Yes Have you beaten all challenge chains 6 battles in at least one difficulty yet? Yes Do you usually try to beat all Grand Hero Battles in all difficulties? No Do you usually do the daily quests (challenges which repeat every day)? Yes From which banner have you pulled the most yet? The 2nd crimean banner, because Nephenee. From which orb colour have you pulled the most yet? Probably blue. Who have you pulled the most yet? No idea. Who was your first 5* pull? (free pick from the Lord banner excluded) Merric, on my first summon when the game was launched. Who has been your best pull yet? Nephenee. Do you care for stat natures? Depends on the character, but usually I can make any 5 star work with bad ivs. Who did you promote to 5* first? Est. She was actually a reliable unit back when SI wasn't a thing- she still is useful but now more niche. Three characters you haven't pulled yet, but want to so badly? Fjorm, Lyn, and Eirika. Who's your favorite character gameplaywise? Nephenee. With the build I have on her, having a moonbow ready every single turn for your first attack is fun. And that with fury/wrath gets even better. What's your preferred team (four units)? Nephenee, Elincia, Bike and Soren. Crimean pride. Who of the new protagonists and antagonists (Anna, Sharena, Alfonse, Veronica, Bruno) do you like the most? Sharena (although it'll be Fjorm when she comes out) Which three things do you like the most? Every game has gotten some sort of appreciation (except Thracia and RD but we know those will come eventually). The art is rightfully unique for every character and only very rarely looks bad. This game gives you orbs much more generously than other mobile games. Which three things do you dislike the most? Distant/close counter are still only found on one character each. Radiant dawn wasn't in the game from launch. Some of the only good characters from fates (Flora, Silas, Kaze) are still not in the game, while their fellow units were in from launch. What's your opinion of the map design? As time has gone on it's gotten better, although I would like to see some maps with a seize objective or with green units that you can interact with or even recruit. What's your opinion of the skill system in the game? It's fine. No real comments on it. What's your opinion of seasonal banners? Actual seasonal units like the summer/easter ones should remain exclusive to those times, but things like performing arts should be added to the hero pool permanently. How stingy are you with all your orbs? Not at all. Have you ever had a moment while you couldn't do anything because you were out of stamina portions and orbs? No. At some point I amassed something like 80 stamina potions and I've never had to worry about it since. Have you ever invested real money in this game? Yes, two or three times. Do you try to beat as many time limited quests as possible? Yes. Do you usually give bonus levels to your units? Depends on who, but I give as much as I can to Nephenee. Do you care for Gauntlets? Yes. Do you care for skill optimizing? Depends on the unit- on some I make optimal builds but on others I make weird choices, like making Xander my healer (I don't have a 5 star troubadour so when I was making a horse emblem team somebody had to do it) Do you try to get all the rewards in the Tempest Trials? I go up to the last sacred seal and then quit. How often do you play the arena? I'll do enough to stay in tier 19 and then quit. Do you use the training tower aside of fulfilling side quests? Yes. Are there any things from this game you would like to see returning in a regular FE game? Multiple main protagonists. How would you rank the game overall from 0 to 10? 8.5/10 Will you play more mobile games in the future? Yes. I'm already playing the DBZ and Marvel ones (Heroes is much better than both of those).
  5. Revelations Pick my Units

    Flora paired with corrin and class changed to a bow knight, but she can only use magical weapons (shining bow, leo's iceblade, levin sword).
  6. Rate the video game song above

    I'll rate the wind waker one since in my opinion that's the best of the three. 8/10, it's a prime example of classic gaming songs being made better with the conversion to the warriors style of music. Catchy tune and doesn't get boring- perfect for a game like Hyrule Warriors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEkI95MwlkE Battle theme from Project Octopath Traveler
  7. To Easy Mode or Not to Easy Mode?

    Easy is the way to go with starting Radiant Dawn. It allows you to train anyone you want in the game without having to worry about properly distributing xp, and the harder chapters are much more tolerable.
  8. Tempest Trials you'd like to see?

    This would take a ton of new content to be added, but a Radiant Dawn tempest trial. 40%: Micaiah, Sothe, Ike, Sanaki 20%: Kurth, Ena, Reyson, Leanne Sephiran/Lehran as reward So this trial would probably run after we got 2 Radiant Dawn banners containing the characters mentioned. I'd like to see more characters added besides the ones mentioned but that's a whole other discussion. This tempest trial would center around Ashera being revealed to be the creator of the tempest, and how the heroes of Radiant Dawn followed the tempest to Askr. I'd imagine that Ashera would be the boss and this would be the final tempest trial. Sephiran would be your reward unit, as he would be remaining close to Ashera throughout all of this and switch sides at the last second like in Radiant Dawn. Also, the two sacred seal rewards I'd like to see for this are adept (allows unit to attack twice in a row if initiating combat at 30 percent health) and imbue (for magic units only, allows unit to restore hp equal to 25 percent of magic every 3 turns).
  9. All of them have their uses in the endgame, but I consistently bring Leonardo and Edward (with them A supported).
  10. FE7: Fiora (Wil) Sacred Stones- Eirika (Innes) POR: Nephenee (Geoffery) RD: Nephenee (Geoffery) Mystery: Camus (Caeda) Awakening: Cordelia (Sumia) Fates: Flora (Leo) Echoes: Silque (Mathilda) I haven't gotten to a point in any of the other games to pick a favorite character, but this is it so far.
  11. Least favorite: FE Fates Birthright 1: They didn't completely remove classic mode so it can still prove to be a challenge. 2: The art style of Hoshido and the characters was actually pretty unique and a breath of fresh air for the series. 3: Takumi. He was not only a great archer statwise but his character was decent too. 4: Kinishi Knights were a great idea and we don't have enough flier ranged units. 5: Every interaction with the Nohrian royals in the lategame, especially Leo and Elise. Favorite: Radiant Dawn 1: Meg and Fiona. They're irredeemable units. I've tried countless times to train them up and every time they've turned out badly. 2: The blood pact. No further explanation needed. 3: Every villain except the Black Knight was very poorly done and had no character or motivation whatsoever. 4: The Dawn Brigade lacked capable tanks. 5: The Wii had the capability for online play, but unfortunately Radiant Dawn didn't get to put it to use. Just imagine online matches against each other with tier 3 units and laguz being put to use, and all the great maps in the game being used again. You could even of had a structure where one team would attempt to Seize and the other would defend, with plenty of maps to use like Fort Alpea, the various forts in part 3, and even the river crossing map. There was just so much that was possible that was missed out on.
  12. 2nd Playthrough Draft

    Use Lucia and preferably, give her the Alondite. As for forged weapons forge a sword called Frostbite for her, with high attack and crit. It'll be easier to put her to use if she gets a bit of xp in her one level in part 2 and if you give paragon to her in part 4 chapter 2. With enough kills in normal mode she'll be able to promote at the end of that level at the latest, and then in 4-5 she can be fed enough experience to be viable for endgame. Resolve is also very useful on her if you're looking for other skills for her.
  13. As someone who's played through Radiant Dawn at least 20 times at this point (I've done a lot of playing around with different characters) I can say that Micaiah is an extremely underrated endgame unit IF you get the correct growths throughout the entire game, these being magic, luck and resistance. With the amount of magical enemies that you face in the endgame, if her resistance is high enough then getting doubled won't matter because enemies will be barely damaging her. Magic is vital because, duh, she's a slow mage, and she needs to level up luck constantly to be able to dodge in part 3 and 4. If she can't dodge then she'll just be the reason why you get game overs so much as usual. All in all, I think gameplaywise if you train her she turns out very well, and the thani spell is invaluable. Also, unless you're low manning the Dawn Brigade, she's the only healer worth training- Laura just takes too much energy to level starting at level 1. Characterwise..... I think that she's just a decent character. Micaiah has her strengths in character, my favorite of which being (don't shoot me for this) her ability to continue to fight for a losing cause against all odds no matter how much the world may paint her as evil just to protect her people. Most people hated her choices in part 3, but I think that those chapters playing as the Dawn Brigade were some of the best moments of the game, and she deserves more credit for being the focus of that. As for weaknesses, or rather what I would improve upon her, I'd like to share the idea that Mangs came up with for fixing Micaiah's character in one of his videos for his letsplay of Radiant Dawn. Basically, Micaiah should of been an actual tactician, extremely smart and skilled, and have a bit of credibility in general for being what she would be, like how Soren was regarded in the Laguz Alliance. It would of made the parallel between Soren/Ike and Miciaiah/Sothe fit so much better with two great tacticians fighting on each side with two people devoted to them helping lead their respective armies. So in the end, I like Micaiah, but her faults keep her from being one of my favorite characters.
  14. Predict Smash 5's roster

    I've always liked Link's tp outfit the best and it fits his moveset very well so there's no need to change that. Since this thread is talking about predicting who will get in and not who I'd like in, these are the most logical choices to be added. The inklings are the obvious first choice to be added since Splatoon's been so successful. I don't think anyone from arms will be getting in, though- unless the game makes a ton of money in the next couple months. A Metroid villain would be nice to finally get, and I think that the main villain from the new prime game would be the logical choice to add. I'm honestly not sure what route Nintendo will go with Fire Emblem characters- if we get a new lord in FE Switch then there's a good chance that they'll be added, but who to drop from Fire Emblem's current roster in smash is a difficult question. It's unlikely that Lucina will be taken away just because of how popular of a character she is (same goes for robin), and Ike and Marth are series staples. Not to say that Roy and Corrin aren't popular characters- they have to be to make it into smash after all- but they're the most likely to go since they were only dlc additions in the first place. They'll probably return as dlc again. We'll probably get another addition to the roster from the Mario universe as usual. As for any other additions to the roster, it all depends on which franchises get attention from Nintendo and the fans in the coming years. We might get Wolf back as dlc, we'll probably get another Pokemon, and there will probably be a new character added form an older franchise- it could be anyone but I'm excited to see who they go with. The only other thing to tackle is third party characters. I wouldn't be surprised if there was another non-nintendo character added, and I'm really hoping for Snake to come back. That's about it.