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  1. In my first playthrough of Wind Waker HD, I ran into a little glitch with the final boss. Basically, if you die at the exact same time as you kill the boss, you die, but when you respawn, everything is completely screwed up and you can't kill the boss or leave. Because of this, I've never actually been able to kill the boss and beat the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cTjweEUowU This isn't my video but it's the same glitch.
  2. Inital Lore Analysis

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I saw some parallels between this world and Europe during the middle ages. Not only is there a powerful church that acts as the driving force on the continent (the Catholic church in Europe at the time), but there are also an abundance of small houses instead of larger powers (the houses that were left behind after the fall of Rome among other major powers). I realize that that's a big conclusion to be drawing from just a trailer and a couple bits of information, but I find it interesting that they've been emphasizing the power of the church so much without really mentioning other countries.
  3. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I'm so happy with how this turned out. I'm looking at all the info we've been given about the game so far and I'm just stunned. One thing that I immediately noticed was that the world map is eerily similar to that of tellius.
  4. Create the Unit

    Astrid: Prudent Bow Knight A noble who fled her country to escape her arranged marriage during the Mad King's War and later became a knight of Crimea. Movement Type: Cavalry Weapon: Paragon Bow (14 Mt, grants unit double experience/sp and def/res+2) Assist: N/A Special: Moonbow A Skill: B Skill: Attack Feint C Skill: Bow Valor HP: 30/33/36 Atk: 29/32/35 Spd: 33/36/40 Def: 20/24/27 Res: 23/24/27 Paragon bow mixes the effects of the paragon skill and the knight ward, and I gave her a speed superboon to represent the speed growth boost that the knight ward gives.
  5. I make a new team every two weeks for arena but want to build a team that can handle the more difficult battles in the game in general. I also am very low on orbs, so what I have is what I'm working with for the most part. Finally, I really don't want to use many 5 star exclusives just because I want to be able to merge the units on the team easily to strengthen my arena score. I'd appreciate any ideas.
  6. Echoes: I liked almost everything, so there's not much point in me talking about it here. Awakening: I liked the soundtrack, references to previous games, replayability (second seals were a great idea) and the ability to travel across continents. Fates: The idea of multiple stories was interesting. Conquest had a nice soundtrack, and there were a few characters that I really liked. Birthright had interesting weapons.
  7. In Radiant Dawn, the Black Knight warps in to save Micaiah from Jarod, but accidentally warps in on top of Micaiah and crushes her.
  8. Smash On Switch? Thoughts?

    It'll be fun to play BOTW Link. Some of his moveset will probably be changed to the abilities of the champions, with his recovery being Revali's gale, some move being Urbosa's fury, hopefully a special shield animation for Daruk's protection, and I'm not sure about what Mipha's blessing will be. Shovel Knight, Rex/Pyra, someone from Arms and whoever the next FE lord is should be definite additions to the game. Also, the mii fighters should be based on select classes from Miitopia. Dark Pit definitely doesn't need to stay in the game, but I'd honestly be sad about anyone else leaving. I think everyone is on board with another Subspace Emissary. The only other additions to the game I can think of right now are bringing back the tourneys from brawl, and giving full cinematic entrances to characters instead of the one second animation of them arriving onto the stage.
  9. 20: Haar is no longer allowed to wear a helmet while flying due to some incidents of sleeping midbattle.
  10. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act V!

    Fishy since it came from Henry. He had one of his servants sample the sample to be safe, which resulted in...
  11. The 6 required units Edward Nephenee Boyd Rolf Pelleas Soren Haar Tibarn Kieran Geoffrey Reyson
  12. Silith judges your battle ballot.

    Here's mine.
  13. I'll be voting for the following: Nephenee, Geoffrey, Berkut, Flora, Tana, Tatiana, Ophelia
  14. MC: Elincia Cavalier: Geoffrey Mage: Soren Myrmidon: Lucia Fighter: Largo Soldier: The best character in all of FE, of course. Knight: Tauroneo Archer: Astrid Thief: Volke Medic: Mist Pegasus: Tanith Wyvern: Haar Cat: Ranulf Tiger: Mordecai Hawk: Janaff Dragon: Nasir Other: Reyson
  15. Lord: Lucina Tactician: Robin Cavalier: Frederick Mercenary: Inigo Myrmidon: Say'ri Thief: Anna Fighter: Vaike (MVP of my first awakening playthrough) Wyvern: Didn't really use either of them, but Cherche has a better character. Knight: Kjelle Pegasus: I used all three of them so it's hard to say, but Sumia ended up best gameplaywise. Mage: Same as Wyvern, except I don't like any of them this time. Dark Mage: Henry Staves: Libra Archer: Noire Taguel: Panne Manakete: Tiki Unique: Priam