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  1. I make a new team every two weeks for arena but want to build a team that can handle the more difficult battles in the game in general. I also am very low on orbs, so what I have is what I'm working with for the most part. Finally, I really don't want to use many 5 star exclusives just because I want to be able to merge the units on the team easily to strengthen my arena score. I'd appreciate any ideas.
  2. Echoes: I liked almost everything, so there's not much point in me talking about it here. Awakening: I liked the soundtrack, references to previous games, replayability (second seals were a great idea) and the ability to travel across continents. Fates: The idea of multiple stories was interesting. Conquest had a nice soundtrack, and there were a few characters that I really liked. Birthright had interesting weapons.
  3. In Radiant Dawn, the Black Knight warps in to save Micaiah from Jarod, but accidentally warps in on top of Micaiah and crushes her.
  4. Smash On Switch? Thoughts?

    It'll be fun to play BOTW Link. Some of his moveset will probably be changed to the abilities of the champions, with his recovery being Revali's gale, some move being Urbosa's fury, hopefully a special shield animation for Daruk's protection, and I'm not sure about what Mipha's blessing will be. Shovel Knight, Rex/Pyra, someone from Arms and whoever the next FE lord is should be definite additions to the game. Also, the mii fighters should be based on select classes from Miitopia. Dark Pit definitely doesn't need to stay in the game, but I'd honestly be sad about anyone else leaving. I think everyone is on board with another Subspace Emissary. The only other additions to the game I can think of right now are bringing back the tourneys from brawl, and giving full cinematic entrances to characters instead of the one second animation of them arriving onto the stage.
  5. 20: Haar is no longer allowed to wear a helmet while flying due to some incidents of sleeping midbattle.
  6. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act IV!

    Fishy since it came from Henry. He had one of his servants sample the sample to be safe, which resulted in...
  7. The 6 required units Edward Nephenee Boyd Rolf Pelleas Soren Haar Tibarn Kieran Geoffrey Reyson
  8. Silith judges your battle ballot.

    Here's mine.
  9. I'll be voting for the following: Nephenee, Geoffrey, Berkut, Flora, Tana, Tatiana, Ophelia
  10. MC: Elincia Cavalier: Geoffrey Mage: Soren Myrmidon: Lucia Fighter: Largo Soldier: The best character in all of FE, of course. Knight: Tauroneo Archer: Astrid Thief: Volke Medic: Mist Pegasus: Tanith Wyvern: Haar Cat: Ranulf Tiger: Mordecai Hawk: Janaff Dragon: Nasir Other: Reyson
  11. Lord: Lucina Tactician: Robin Cavalier: Frederick Mercenary: Inigo Myrmidon: Say'ri Thief: Anna Fighter: Vaike (MVP of my first awakening playthrough) Wyvern: Didn't really use either of them, but Cherche has a better character. Knight: Kjelle Pegasus: I used all three of them so it's hard to say, but Sumia ended up best gameplaywise. Mage: Same as Wyvern, except I don't like any of them this time. Dark Mage: Henry Staves: Libra Archer: Noire Taguel: Panne Manakete: Tiki Unique: Priam
  12. FE Heroes Questionnaire

    Since when do you play this game? Since launch. How did you get introduced into this? I've known about it since they revealed it. On which kind of device do you play it? I have a main account on my iphone but an alt on my ipad. Is it your first mobile game? No Have you beaten all main story and sidequests in all difficulties yet? Yes Have you beaten all main story chapters yet in at least one difficulty yet? Yes Have you beaten all side quests in at least one difficulty yet? Yes Have you beaten all challenge chains 3 battles in at least one difficulty yet? Yes Have you beaten all challenge chains 6 battles in at least one difficulty yet? Yes Do you usually try to beat all Grand Hero Battles in all difficulties? No Do you usually do the daily quests (challenges which repeat every day)? Yes From which banner have you pulled the most yet? The 2nd crimean banner, because Nephenee. From which orb colour have you pulled the most yet? Probably blue. Who have you pulled the most yet? No idea. Who was your first 5* pull? (free pick from the Lord banner excluded) Merric, on my first summon when the game was launched. Who has been your best pull yet? Nephenee. Do you care for stat natures? Depends on the character, but usually I can make any 5 star work with bad ivs. Who did you promote to 5* first? Est. She was actually a reliable unit back when SI wasn't a thing- she still is useful but now more niche. Three characters you haven't pulled yet, but want to so badly? Fjorm, Lyn, and Eirika. Who's your favorite character gameplaywise? Nephenee. With the build I have on her, having a moonbow ready every single turn for your first attack is fun. And that with fury/wrath gets even better. What's your preferred team (four units)? Nephenee, Elincia, Bike and Soren. Crimean pride. Who of the new protagonists and antagonists (Anna, Sharena, Alfonse, Veronica, Bruno) do you like the most? Sharena (although it'll be Fjorm when she comes out) Which three things do you like the most? Every game has gotten some sort of appreciation (except Thracia and RD but we know those will come eventually). The art is rightfully unique for every character and only very rarely looks bad. This game gives you orbs much more generously than other mobile games. Which three things do you dislike the most? Distant/close counter are still only found on one character each. Radiant dawn wasn't in the game from launch. Some of the only good characters from fates (Flora, Silas, Kaze) are still not in the game, while their fellow units were in from launch. What's your opinion of the map design? As time has gone on it's gotten better, although I would like to see some maps with a seize objective or with green units that you can interact with or even recruit. What's your opinion of the skill system in the game? It's fine. No real comments on it. What's your opinion of seasonal banners? Actual seasonal units like the summer/easter ones should remain exclusive to those times, but things like performing arts should be added to the hero pool permanently. How stingy are you with all your orbs? Not at all. Have you ever had a moment while you couldn't do anything because you were out of stamina portions and orbs? No. At some point I amassed something like 80 stamina potions and I've never had to worry about it since. Have you ever invested real money in this game? Yes, two or three times. Do you try to beat as many time limited quests as possible? Yes. Do you usually give bonus levels to your units? Depends on who, but I give as much as I can to Nephenee. Do you care for Gauntlets? Yes. Do you care for skill optimizing? Depends on the unit- on some I make optimal builds but on others I make weird choices, like making Xander my healer (I don't have a 5 star troubadour so when I was making a horse emblem team somebody had to do it) Do you try to get all the rewards in the Tempest Trials? I go up to the last sacred seal and then quit. How often do you play the arena? I'll do enough to stay in tier 19 and then quit. Do you use the training tower aside of fulfilling side quests? Yes. Are there any things from this game you would like to see returning in a regular FE game? Multiple main protagonists. How would you rank the game overall from 0 to 10? 8.5/10 Will you play more mobile games in the future? Yes. I'm already playing the DBZ and Marvel ones (Heroes is much better than both of those).
  13. Revelations Pick my Units

    Flora paired with corrin and class changed to a bow knight, but she can only use magical weapons (shining bow, leo's iceblade, levin sword).
  14. Rate the video game song above

    I'll rate the wind waker one since in my opinion that's the best of the three. 8/10, it's a prime example of classic gaming songs being made better with the conversion to the warriors style of music. Catchy tune and doesn't get boring- perfect for a game like Hyrule Warriors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEkI95MwlkE Battle theme from Project Octopath Traveler