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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Got super lucky this morning and pulled: (+ATK -HP) Grima, (+ATK -RES) Genny and a (+RES -DEF) Celica.
  2. Voting Gauntlet: Shadow in the Mirror!

    Well since Takumi didn't workout for me either I guess I'm going Grima for the final round. I'll have my (+DEF -SPD) Shiro as the lead, hope he serves you well.
  3. Hello there, so I have 2 Shiros ( one +DEF -SPD and the other +ATK -DEF), I was wondering which boon and bane combination works best for him. Ive already started building up the second one but I wanted some input on which one is better before I fully commit to one. Thanks in advance.
  4. Notable pulls I got from this banner were: 2 Shiros, 3 Summer Corrins, 1 Dorcas, and 1 PA!Olivia. Not a bad haul though I did blow through all my orbs trying to get Ephraim.
  5. Voting Gauntlet: Shadow in the Mirror!

    Well since BK didn't work out for me I've decided to go regular Takumi since he's the next character I have in this gauntlet.
  6. Managed to pull a neutral PA!Olivia and a (+ATK -DEF) Shiro. Now I'm conflicted on do I merge my previous Shiro (+DEF -SPD) to this one , vice-versa.
  7. Voting Gauntlet: Shadow in the Mirror!

    On team BK for this round leading with my Amelia (+SPD -ATK) for Armor March support. For those who can't see it my ID is: 1629852223 and my Summoner name is Ceru.
  8. Thanks for the advice. Now I just gotta pull one of the colorless units from this banner because I'm particular about team composition.
  9. That's good to hear, I'll definitely have to see what kind of set would work for him once I start building him up.
  10. After about 50 orbs I got a +DEF -SPD Shiro and a +RES -ATK Dorcas. A shame about Dorcas but I'm still happy with what I got.
  11. Voting Gauntlet: Shadow in the Mirror!

    After mulling it over I think BK is the right choice for me this voting gauntlet. Now I just gotta figure out who'll be my lead.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Pulled a +HP -RES Hardin so that's good. Might try for Grima next when I get more orbs.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Got +SPD -ATK Felicia from free summon. Not a perfect nature but if it means I don't have to go through fearthers for her it works for me.
  14. I think I first played Fire Emblem at one of my old high schools on one of the computers in engineering class when I had all my work done. It was Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade and I remember that after beating Lyn's Prologue I stopped due to jumping from game to game on the computer I used. The first Fire Emblem I bought was Conquest because one of my friends from college was talking about Fates and I wanted to play it. I chose Conquest not knowing that the game you buy determines the path you take (unless you buy them digitally).