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  1. Interviews

    Oh, I see. How flattering but please, this truly is nothing, for I am merely answering a few questions. 1. Favorite season? As answered already, I do believe that shall be Autumn—considering such a season is when the climate is acceptable. 2. How do you usually spend a nice summer day? Oh? I tend to enjoy tea by a balcony on in my garden. However, such is purely dependent on how many insects are present, excepting ladybugs and butterflies. Otherwise, my days during Summer are often no different to that of Winter, Spring or Autumn. 3. Weirdest dream you've ever had? Normally, my dreams tend to not be "weird" from my eyes but some peculiar items can appear. For instance, a "table of contents" made out from actual tables, 3.14 pies and perhaps the most peculiar: a rusting carrot-shaped car. It is abundantly clear my mind devised a "pun" of car-rot. If I am to say, the other contents of my dream tend to stay within a particular theme. 4. What would be your dream job? Ultimate Overlord, perhaps? Oh, I jest. But in truth, my "dream job" is not actually working while still remaining wealthy. But I suppose I can be a CEO that passively earns thousands of pound sterling every hour. After all, I doubt any role of managing a kingdom as their ruler would be a valid answer. 5. And unfinished dreams or wishes? There is only one particularly absurd dream, in which involves me owning my own castle. Such is not a form of figurative speech, for this is simply literal. My main goal and reason for my financial investment is to work towards this. 6. Do you like theme parks? Quite so, lest many other individuals are present. If such happens to be the case, then one would hear me commanding everyone to stand aside most frequently. So I say, such places are most wonderful assuming the common majority are not vexing me! Needless to say, I shall never visit a theme park during public holidays. 7. Do you prefer to watch movies at home or in the cinema? I would prefer to watch my films in the comfort of my own home, for my screen's display quality is far superior to that of public theatres. 8. Favorite flavor for a bath? Oh my, that is simply classified! But I jest, I doubt I could choose but I normally find a similar scent to my favourite flowers if one is able to find that detail. 9. Do you often watch in the mirror? Watch? I am afraid I do not watch the mirror, for I am not Narcian. It can take fifteen to thirty minutes for my hair to be prepared every morning and of course, I occasionally check a mirror to maintain my hair and face. 10. Favorite kind of sweets? One would likely deem my favourite kind of sweet to be chocolate and more particularly, those of the expensive variant. If I am to say, my most frequent choice of chocolate would be white chocolate. 11. Do you like fish and chips? Such is a palatable meal, yes. But of course, I would not indulge in such things too frequently, for this meal does not present many healthy benefits. 12. Do you like to go to museums? Sometimes I do, but one would normally find myself examining all the exhibits most quickly. After all, I am not one to idly stand around to stare at a portrait or fossil for more than ten minutes! 13. What do you like about the country you live in? In truth, my favourite aspect of the United Kingdom is the fact it is not the United States of America. Otherwise, I cannot be passionate for my country. I suppose the cuisine is... palatable. One may praise London but I find such a city to be most abhorrent in many ways. 14. What do you dislike about the country you live in? Many things if I am to say. To start, I must ridicule the overall communication of this country, for many are simply most unrefined. One actually wishes for the British stereotypes to be true. Then of course, there is the fashion direction of the common majority. Need I truly allude to the lack of anything to do here? Then of course, there are those who are ignorant of Big Ben's clock tower's name. That is known as the Elizabeth Tower, mind you. The ignorance of one's own culture is most vexing. I, for one, am not one to follow politics but I have heard information regarding the so-called British Exit potentially crushing one's financial stability. If such foolish actions would ever do something quite like that to me, then I would despise this country ever so more. 15. Do you watch the news? No, I do not, for my "help" often inform me of anything noteworthy. I find such broadcasts to be most dull and mundane, for such is mainly exclusively information regarding political figures and celebrities—two types of individuals I care not for. 16. Did the terror attacks in Europe, especially London bother you in any way? There were terrorist attacks? I am afraid I was too busy sipping my tea to notice. If I may jest, I do believe I can sleep through an entire so-called "zombie apocalypse" without being aware of such a thing existing. 17. Opinion about democracy? Simply put, I deem such to be a flawed system. After all, such relies on the opinions of peasants—such can only be dreadful or worst. North America's Trump figure was elected with a democracy, correct? Such is only evidence such a system is flawed, no? Excuse any potential ignorance, for I simply cannot express any interest in modern politics. 18. What do you do if you have a cold? I would lie in the bed of my chamber and enjoy my cups of tea as per usual until I recover. While waiting, I would normally attempt to entertain myself with a video game on an handheld system. 19. Do you prefer driving (if you can) or get driven? I, for one, only accept being "driven" contrary to driving. After all, I wish not to be directly involved in the ever so frequent "road rage" and I would prefer to relax rather than vex myself by staring at a road for over an hour. 20. Have you ever believed on Santa Claus? Perhaps initially, but I was skeptic to say the least. As such, I disproved of Santa Claus's existence during his so-called "second visit". Mind you, father took many shortcuts on the Christmas list so I actually labelled Santa Claus as a disappointment. I suppose he did tried... 21. Favorite way to celebrate Christmas? I, for one, am not particularly fond of Christmas. However, I pledged to always find a most excellent gift for my brother. Such is when my generosity truly shows, no? 22. If you had any kids, would you like to let them live the same life you have / had? Of course not, such would be ill-advised. I would prefer for them to live a far superior life to me. 23. Opinion of solar eclipse? Might I ask, are you referring to the Solar Eclipse cast upon North America or perhaps solar eclipses in general? Regardless, I am not interested in any of them. 24. Which videogame would you like to get next the most? I do recall answering this already, but the answer shall remain as the "Persona" video game series. 25. Your favorite fictional or non-fictional character aside of Clarine? As alluded to many times on this thread, I lack favourite characters. 7. I doubt "assassinating a corrupted political figure" would be an appropriate answer. As such, I would likely use it to decorate my parlour. 8. Oh? My brother is dreadfully afraid of sharp objects and as such, he would never remove such a thing from its sheath. In fact, I would imagine him placing it on a shelf of one of his rooms or perhaps he may simply trade it to me so he does not accidentally kill himself with such an object. 9. Oh my~! If I am truly some kind of artificial intelligence, my display would turn pink and the most uncharacteristic things would be uttered by me. Oh, I jest. But truly, I do believe my own servant is a far superior specimen—as much as a technical component could be as a specimen, of course. 10. Perhaps so, I suppose I can condone seeing such a thing. ...Forgive me, mother, father... But truly, do as you wish. I can condone partaking in these jests. 11. Certainly, for my mother is truly knowledgeable regarding medicine and curing procedures. As such, she and my father always encouraged me to keep a sizable amount of drug medicine in storage if I am ever to feel poorly. Oh, might you be referring to recreational drugs? I do believe I can grant you contact with a most excellent dealer! 12. It is simply disgusting and I for one tend to take cigarettes from the mouth of many, only to step on them. Of course such would normally cause conflict but fortunately, my "help" tends to be present. Simply put, I deem smokers to be filthy troglodytes that I shall never converse with. 13. Hold. Banzai Tree? You are referring to the art of bonsai trees, no? If so, then my choice would be the latter. 14. Oh? I do believe I prefer the texture and flavour of cheeses compared to butter. 15. My choice is milk, of course! Now, how could one imagine brewing my cup of tea with fruit juice? 16. Of course not, I do not such thing! 17. If I recall, a more "casual" footwear would be the the UK Size 5 but even so, it tends to feel most wide and slip off my feet most easily. As such, I would normally wear a comfortable size 4 (or was it 4.5) shoe most of the time. 18. My choice shall most certainly be heels, closed-toed of course. In fact, such a shoe appears to be made to me, for my feet tend to be positioned as if I am wearing one of these shoes anyway. Mind you, I am not one for absurdly raised heels. 19. No, you shall never find me wearing such things. That is, of course, unless I am deliberately attempting to "blend in" with the common majority. But truly, I say, I abhor sneaker trainers. 20. How amusing, I am quite the tea drinker! But regarding alcoholic beverages, I never actually consumed a single drop in my life. 6. That would be a fine strawberry filling, dear. As for a type... I am afraid I know not of their official names. Perhaps I can say I find... buttermilk scones to be palatable? 7. Goodness, how kind of you to ask. You truly are a pleasant individual to encounter but I must say, I am truly curious as to why you love the United Kingdom. Forgive my short answer, for I am not one to possess much sentiments regarding other individuals. Similarly with others, you possess the potential as a D-Rank. 8. No, I do not believe so—excepting my mildly absurd castle dream, of course. 9. One wonders why imperial units are used, for metric units are far superior. In fact, I can condone referring imperial units as "inferior units". As such, I normally measure using metric units but I tend to also provide imperial measurements via a conversion for any potentially confused readers. 10. That would likely be the night, for I am rather fond of the night sky. 6. Simply said, I grew tired when playing the video game and fell into slumber. Alongside my energy, I also lost all motivation to persist playing the video game. 7. Fret not, for I would understand why one would never be used to encountering an individual such as myself. Perhaps I can say I value the "Jagen" archetype, for I find such units to be most useful. 8. Quite so, though I shall say, I am normally not one to select a book to read. However, if I am even to commence reading a book, I would likely enjoy such an activity—assuming the novel is well-devised of course. 9. Perhaps an individual qualify as an A or B rank could be relating to "romantic sentiments" or attraction? Assuming such is following my views regarding people, I would doubt anyone would be deemed worthy of this rank. If I am to say, an individual must: -Such an individual must honour and pamper me constantly. -They simply must possess a large amount of intellectual knowledge. -Their appearance must be one I do not find repulsive. -They possess the qualities of being refined, kind and perhaps even docile. That is just a mere thought, mind you. 10. Oh? I suppose I can say my favourite genres might be "mystery" or "psychological". Then of course, I can always consider watching series of the "comedy" genre. 13. No, I do not hate cats but I find the majority of them to be most repulsive—if not far too popular for what they are. 14. Of course not, they are unrefined animals. 15. I actually find the latest installment known as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice to be the most enjoyable to me. I suppose such could be attributed to the way the story is structured, no? 16/17. Might I be able to simply skip these questions? Hold. Of course I can. 18. Yes, I find Soren to be a character I can value. 19. Quite so, I could say I like Klein... 20. I am not one to "hate" characters, for even villains tend to serve their narrative purpose. But I suppose my answer can be Camilla due to simply how nonsensical her attire is for royalty and yet, she dresses like that. Mind you, I am also not fond of her so-called "motherly" nature. 21. Might I be able to use them all? I do wish to master everything. But if I am to choose, I would most likely be using Wind of Dark magic. Needless to say, one would be foolish to expect me to have my attire as that of a modern dark mage. 22. Logically, it seems most improbable but I, for one, like to keep an open mind. As such, one could say I both simultaneously believe and do not believe in the supernatural.
  2. Interviews

    That would be Eunha, a South Korean singer and actress, no? But in truth, I merely "image searched" to find the answer. Truly, science can be most wonderful! As for the question, the answer is yes... After image searching her. 3. Such is truly dependent on the options bestowed to me. If I am to find a hair style and attire similar to my unusual appearance, then I would often model the avatar as a so-called "self-insert". But of course, their personality shall never reflect upon mine, for there is never an "overbearing" or "supercilious" personality option for dialogue. Otherwise, I tend to improvise. If I am to say, video games of "Western" origins tend to not provide options in which I would deem appropriate to use for an avatar representing myself—even lacking my hair style. Humorously said, I do believe the only "in-character" avatars of mine would be my Animal Crossing New Leaf avatar as they are often the so-called "silent protagonist open for interpretation" and of course, I can desire my own simple attire. The other one is actually a minor example which is actually my Miitopia Mii, possessing a record of two "in-character" lines, one which is my input "warcry" and a single line from the Princess class. Now if I am to conclude, I can rarely create a video game avatar that can accurately portray me. 4. No, I do not believe I picked up that book. But I must say, I do not deem the term "salutations" to be a "fancy" hello, it merely is a far superior choice to distinguish myself from the common majority. And... perhaps I can say it exercises the mouth? I jest, I have been led to believe the Fire Emblem character of Clair is similar to this aforementioned Charlotte in that regard. After all, I must say, uttering the common "hello" is simply far too dull, no? Needless to say, one shall never expect me to greet so colloquially and even consider the act of greeting using the term "hey".
  3. Interviews

    11. Oh? I truly doubt the latter would be most appropriate. But of course, the choice belongs to you. I suppose I can condone be addressed as any of these. 12. Thee shall refrain from excessively using such things. Communicating like this is most inconvenient. 13. From the view of an audience, one such as myself can find these individuals to be of mild amusement. However, I detest these individuals if their so-called "pick-up lines" are poorly devised and if their obsessive lust is directed towards me. 14. I would not say I truly deem many to be my friend. But if you truly wish to know, the answer just may be "female" by a small amount. 15. No, I am afraid I have not. Might I ask, is this video game of acceptable quality or perchance, might I simply fall into a slumber while playing this? 16. I would believe so, yes. 17. Favourite summon? Might I be able to skip this question? 18. My answer remains as "no", for I wish not to possess the responsibility of pampering and maintaining a creature of my own. 19. That answer is classified, dear. I say, perhaps you can already deduce the answer, no? 20. Most certainly not! In fact, I truly doubt I could ever form a healthy relationship with a clone of myself. And mind you, my pride is not akin to Narcian's in which would be attracted to their own reflection on a mirror—humourously put. Perhaps I ought to explain briefly just how my system works. A and B Ranks are simply far too exclusive for me to find any individuals befitting of such a rating. As of today, I have yet to meet anybody worthy of this Rank. C is a place of honour, for very few are worthy of this placement. Being among this group means I truly value your presence and would enjoy conversing with you over a cup of tea. Rank D would be the position in which I would value the sentiments and statements of the individuals among this group. If one ever wishes to convince me to do anything, one would hope to be of Rank D or higher. Rank E is a rather basic class, for the common majority are normally deemed to be of this Rank by default. And of course, Rank F insinuates that I would deem such individuals to be of more use to me in this world as a corpse. I digress, my system is not intended for self-reflection. VIII. Such would be Autumn, for it is normally a time when the climate is acceptable. IX. I believe I do, for such was briefly detailed on my profile. My results I obtained were: ISTP (Virtuoso), INTP (Logician) and INTJ (Architect) As for if such results are befitting of me, each of these personalities only describes a fragment of me. If I must say, the questions of the test can be interpreted in multiple ways. X. No, nothing in particular comes into my mind. However, I always pledge myself to "stay true to my words and desires" and of course to "never overextend myself". Then of course, there is my philosophy of maintaining the culture of etiquette to be of importance. Oh, and I do believe I possess an philosophy that one's presentation of themselves defines who the individual is among the common majority. Forgive me if such is simply nonsensical, for it is already past 3:00AM here. XI. I, for one, am not exactly sure as to how to describe my area. Rural among a suburban area, perhaps? XII. I would only accept a mildly rural area, for I am not particular fond of the modern advances present in rural and suburban areas. XIII. Such is truly dependent on the quantity of each of them. If I am to say, I possess far too much time and as such, my choice shall likely be "money", for I wish to invest towards my goal. XIV. Oh my, what a simple question! It is abundantly clear my favourite Mario game is "Mario Paint"! Oh, I jest. My true answer just may be Super Mario Sunshine and if I dare say, the upcoming "Super Mario Odyssey" possesses a most excellent chance to replace this video game's position. Salutations, Rezzy. 1. I am afraid I lack much knowledge of you as of now. Might one such as yourself perchance wish to ask me this question later? Truly, I doubt I can possibly formulate an acceptable answer without such a thing being naught but a work of fiction. If I may say, I briefly read your profile and I too wish wearing Medieval era attire would be deemed socially acceptable. After all, my usual attire normally attracts attention... 2. As absurd as it may be, my aspiration is actually to own and live in a real castle—in fact, such an aspiration just might be my only motivation. One could easily deem me as an insane individual for possessing such a goal and if I am to say, I can most easily understand why. 3. Children ought to be taught with discipline, lest one wishes to impose a fate in which the children are to grow into uncouth and common oafs, destined only for mediocrity. I can value children with manners but I simply shall not condone the behaviors of ill-mannered children. Mind you, I am not one to find children "cute". Oh my, you wish to know if I wish to have any? One shall never expect me to mate and if I am ever to have another inherit my knowledge and culture, I could see the possibility of adopting a young child. 4. I am only able to recall video games. As for what it might be, such would be Paper Mario: Color Splash which was terribly ridiculed for being similar to "Paper Mario: Sticker Star" but yet is among my favourite video games in the franchise. 5. Similarly to the fourth question, I lack enough interest in films to list examples of such. I would not necessarily say I "hate" the video game known as Undertale but I simply find the game to be of no interest to me. And of course, I fail to see the appeal of Super Smash Bros. Melee. And of course, need I truly allude to Overwatch and League of Legends? 6. I can condone such individuals and their mildly mischievous deeds. Pray one does not attempt to ask me far too many question in the so-called "real world", for I am not one to tolerate such things.
  4. Interviews

    1. Oh my, such would be cute to many, no? Unfortunately, such does not truly appeal to me aesthetically and as such, I lack any sentiments I can share. But if one must know, I value the craftsmanship on the plush toy and the final image's hat looks... nice, if I am to say. 2. Goodness, I do believe my answers shall be far simpler than many. Acquaintances: Rigid Friends: Rigid Close Friends: Rigid Romantic Partners: Rigid Family: Healthy 3. Physical: Rigid Intellectual: Healthy Emotional: Rigid Sexual: Rigid Material: Rigid/Healthy Time: Rigid/Healthy One would be foolish to expect me to be "porous". "Howdy." I do not believe this is the saloon. And please, you ought to refrain from spinning your firearms around. Of course, this is a jest, if anyone is uncertain. 1. Of course not. In fact, I command you to throw this name off the borders of North America. Hold. Just take this name to NASA so you can launch a rocket to the Sun where the name can be incinerated. Being more serious, I am never one to value these so-called "nicknames", especially names of these fashion. 2. If I am to say no, such would constitute as racism, no? In truth, I do not approve of most North Americans but I can accept those whom are able to prove themselves to be worthy of my attention. For instance, one would never earn my respect if they are to address me as "Clay-Clay" again. 3. As curious as it may be, my favourite happens to be Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII as it combines the role-playing game aspects of the series with the elements of real-time strategy and time management in video games I so happen to be rather fond of. And of course, the pace of playing this video game is far less vexing compared to many of the other video games of this franchise. 4. I confess, I know not if Ed Sheeran is male or female. In fact, I am not even sure if they possess a career in acting or music. 5. Yes, only an ignorant oaf would not be self-aware to see that. Regardless, such is simply how I am. 6. Perhaps a "four" on this chart may be appropriate? After all, I barely do much during my life as of now. 7. As in meat? My, I am normally not one to indulge in meat-based cuisine, for my chewing strength tends to not be able to pierce or cut through the content. As such, one must fill or "stuff" a meat with sauces or gravy if I am ever to find the meal to be remotely palatable. Simply put, I am not normally fond of eating animals. 8. If I am to hazard a guess, such may be "oh my" right before an assassin... assassinates me. Oh, I jest! But truly, I do believe these just may be my final words. 9. "You may bow in the presence of this tombstone" is simply befitting, no? In truth, I lack any particular ideas and just may request for these words for the sake of humour. 10. Oh? Truly, I see you as a far more intelligent individual compared to many I have encountered. In fact, I could even consider conversing with you. My apologies, for we are not well-acquainted but if I am to say, you possess the potential of a D-Rank individual. Mistake it not as a reference to Fire Emblem supports, for my rating system existed long before I played my first Fire Emblem video game. Simply put, you are "better than average".
  5. Interviews

    Salutations, Johann! My apologies for never replying to your letter. Perhaps I can do so once I possess the energy of a hundred cups of tea! Oh, I jest! Let us was no further time. 1. I, for one, am never an individual to pick a favourite. After all, I possess a hard-drive containing over ten-thousand music tracks. Very well, I suppose I can bestow you the video game music track known as Daily Life from Xenoblade Blade Chronicles. It would be most ill-mannered to leave you empty-handed, no? 2. Truly, this is simply dependent on whether there is a roof over my head or otherwise. I say, you need not be a detective to deduce as to what my sentiments are from the way I worded my statement. Of course, a parasol is not an umbrella so I am not completely immune to the rain. But mind you, I am always prepared with a fold-up umbrella whenever such is required. Salutations, Rex Glacies! I, for one, must say the amount of questions were most overwhelming! Fortunately for me, I lacked anything better to do. I. If I am to say, my favourite classic element could be Water or Air. As for the Chinese elements, my choice shall also be Water. Forgive me, I know not of the symbolism. II. For my sins, I am certain my most primary one shall be Pride. But of course, I do exhibit a large amount of Sloth, Greed and Gluttony is one is to evaluate my lifestyle and dream. Now regarding the seven virtues, I have led to believe my most prominent one is indeed Chastity. And of course, I also possess a large amount of Diligence which is essentially the other side of my coin in regards to my Sloth. III. Simply put, I found a link on another community and was merely curious. Such a community was actually the Fire Emblem Reddit in which I pledged to never return to. IV. My apologies, nothing comes to mind. V. Truly, why must I choose? I suppose I can select "flight" as I am not normally one for direct conflicts. But of course, one is truly curious as to what a fighter pilot may answer to this question. VI. In truth, I shall choose the "Goldilocks" answer and state everything must neither be hot or cold but rather "just right", quite like my tea. VII. Please, perish the thought. If one is to know me, I am not truly kind. I can condone any questions regarding this being asked, of course. Reflecting upon myself, I can say I am at most, "generous" but even so, such a trait of mine shall rarely surfaces for a most valid reason.
  6. Interviews

    Oh, of course. Very well. 1, I actually possess no favourite characters, I am not one to be emotionally attach to characters. 2. If I am to say, reading from paper is far less taxing than reading from a monitor. Of course, that is excepting the variation of the text font and size. 3. Indulging myself with tea of course! Otherwise, I am often not doing much. Truly, my daily life is as mundane as one could possibly be. Of course, I tend to also browse this website to alleviate my boredom. 4. That would be: Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Fire Emblem Awakening Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia To elaborate further, I have not played through the first half of Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is the only Fire Emblem game I completely played through. As such, it would be most impossible to deem me as a so-called "Fire Emblem fan", no? 5. No, my elder brother is my only sibling. Fret not, I would not expect one to read through so many questions. 1a. Oh my, what a most dreadful interior disaster! Truly, I say, this is simply difficult to look at. 1b. Is that so? If you are ever to be curious, I played this video game when it was released. After all, I simply lacked anything else to do. 1c-d. Please, I know what they are. 5. Yes, for such was alluded to numerous times on this thread. If one must know, I was an A+ Splatoon user prior to the S and S+ updated, primarily using the Inkbrush. But of course, such interest in this video game could simply not last forever and as such, I no longer play this video game. Salutations, Nym. I am faring passably well but I must say, I am unspeakably bored during this month. 1. I am afraid I barely know much of you other than the fact you tend to act as your apparent Eevee persona. But truly, I say, I would most certainly prefer to know of regarding the individual behind the account rather than the obscuring Eevee avatar, figuratively speaking mind you. 2. Such was already alluded to—my answers are: the pitaya (dragon fruit), strawberries and grapes. Of course, the grapes must be peeled if they are to be palatable. 3. Once again, I already answered this question. Scones, éclairs, gateaux and profiteroles are among my favourite desserts. Perhaps one can easily add strawberry trifles into this list. 4. As I stated, I am one to combine them both into a sundae. 5. No, I am not one to pamper a pet as of yet. 6. I lack any favourite characters but regarding Clair, an acquaintance of mine once compared me to this character. After all, we both greet using the term "salutations" and the similarities are strikingly abundant if I truly must say so myself! In fact, I actually prefer Clive to Clair. 7. Of course, I already answered this. Perhaps one such as yourself could learn from reading a few of my previous posts, no? 8. No, much to my chagrin. Mind you, I already answered this question. 9. I would wish to learn any commonly spoken language. But I must say, I truly doubt anyone would teach me the formal linguistics that would correctly convey my tone. 10. That would easily be the dahlia, the flower that one could say represents me to an extent. Then of course, I shall forever be fond of roses. 11-13. Simply put, I lack "favourites". 14. As answered twice already, I am fond of classical music, video games and film scores and the ever so soothing smooth jazz. You may bestow me questions at any time, for I believe I shall not fall into a slumber at this hour.
  7. Interviews

    1-1. Truly, such is an admirable game of memory but I actually find it to be most dull. Needless to say, I possess many variations of chess boards and pieces I tend to never use. 1-2. Such is a far simpler game compared to Chess and as such, my peers during my youth were able to compete again me in this. That is "compete" using loosely, of course—for I remain undefeated. 1-3. This board game is mildly entertainment and heavily luck-based. But of course, I tend to emerge victorious whenever I partake in such a game. If I may say, I find the many variations based upon different media and entertainment to be most fascinating. 1-4. I actually have never played such a game. Perhaps I ought to research into it. 1-5/1-6. I say, you shall never witness me playing such silly sports. 2-1. I must say, the character designs and soundtracks are most remarkable! If I am to say, the gameplay tends to be most repetitive so I oftentimes grow far less interesting in such video games most quickly after completing the stories. 2-2. Fire Emblem, you say? The setting, tone and overall design are what interests me—especially the characters. Mind you, I am normally not one to be truly interested in the so-called strategy video game genre. 2-3. My apologies, for I wish not to waste my time watching these videos. Regardless, the appearance of the setting mildly piques my interest. But if I am to say, I doubt such a video game would interest me. 2-4. I find the gameplay to be dreadfully dull and monotone. As such, you would rarely find me playing Bomberman. That is referring to the "classic" video games, of course—for I have not researched into any modern versions. 2-5. Truly, such is a party game that can be enjoyed most easily. I say, I abhor the competitive scene for this video game, for such uncouth individuals "streaming" gameplay lack and manners, finesse and of course, are unable to keep their unrefined mouths closed. If you truly must know my skill level, I can easily complete a Classic "Intensity 9.0" on the Wii U installment yet I shall still deem myself as a "casual" user. 2-6. The architectural designs I have witnessed are most impressive! Then of course, there are the troglodytes who insists on partaking in the culture I have researched known as "trolling". Such is simply an example of the intellectual gap of human society, no? 2-7. I am afraid I know not of this video game or what it might be about. 3/4. Might I be able to skip past this question? If one must truly know of my sentiments regarding Donald Trump, I see him as naught but a simple fool. It is best to simply ignore his presence. I confess, I know not of what the Queen actually does. If I am to actually confess even further, I would actually prefer to have my family take Pent, Louise and Klein as model examples. 5. Let us not dwell in the topic of politics, I find such ordeals to be most vexing. 6. If you are to ask me, I would say the video games are likely to branch into two categories in which possess two different primary targets: one of the so-called "otaku" culture and those blinded by nostalgia. But of course, I do believe such a video game series shall become more popular among the general population due to the introduction of Fire Emblem Heroes and thus, one may never know. 7. If one is to look through my previously answered questions, you may already find your answer. To state this simply, I lack many pastimes that is not indulging myself with my ideal cup of tea. 8. Oh? I shall not pride myself in anything I have said on this website today. In fact, I would simply be unable to recall such quotes. One Last Question: Please, you need only to be yourself. If I am to be truthful, I think you are trying too much. So please, I command you to "be yourself". 6. Of course, I have considered myself to be superior to many since a very young age. Salutations! Allow me to answer your questions with any further delays. 1. Oh my, video game genres? Very well, here is a list of the genres I am fond of: Real-Time Strategy Platformer Puzzle Visual Novel Action/Adventure Stealth Role-playing games Fantasy That is if "Fantasy" is truly a video game genre. 2. No, I am not particularly interested in such things. However, I am willing to watch such television series if I lack anything else to do. 3. Perhaps the Valkyrie or Strategist is befitting of me? After all, one would be foolish to deem me as a harmless healer. Otherwise, I would be a Mage or Archer as you shall never see me being reckless with a blade. 4. No, I am afraid my interest does not lie in history as much as it should. 5. Goodness, I am simply not a lady of science even if such was commonly jested during my youth due to my logical outlook. 6. Perhaps so but if I am to look upon myself, I do believe I simply take such a thing for granted. 7. The answer shall be classical, video game and film scores and curiously, smooth jazz. 8. And just why might I have to choose? One can easily combine these two flavours into a sundae. 9. I believe only the pitaya, known as the dragon fruit, strawberries and grapes are most delectable 10. Must I allude to the cat that attempted to murder me once more? Truly, you ought to search through this thread if such piques your interest. 11. I tend not to have dreams but if I am ever to witness any, such would always be lucid. If one is curious, such tends to always be of a castle setting and I am always in a position of royalty. Perhaps I could share such dreams another time, for I do wish to indulge myself with a cup of tea soon. 12. Excepting enjoying a cup of black tea, I tend not to possess many other interests. Fret not. I hereby "lift" any form of limit a post might have! Now if you would excuse me, I have a cup of tea to enjoy. Farewell.
  8. Interviews

    Oh my, you need not do anything, dear! After all, this is an age of relative peace and I can condone one such as yourself indulging in pastries and other treats as frequently as you wish. Simply put, you ought to enjoy your youth while you are still in possession of it! Of course, you may bestow me more questions if one wishes to. Fret not, but truly, I value your manners. Very well, let us delay no further. 1. Why do you like Clarine so much? I do not, for I do believe I alluded to this on the other questions-based thread. In fact, I care not if she becomes a forgotten or even deceased character. I merely chose her as my theme character due to her mannerism. 2. Why do you try to imitate her character by posting in the noble rhetoric style? Please, I am not imitating her in any way. This is simply how I converse normally. 3. Do you wish more people would have finnesse in term of verbal rhetoric? Perhaps so. However, it would be most vexing to have everyone being similar to me, no? After all, I for one do value individuality. And needless to say, I believe such is one of the few things that allows me to stand out most easily among a group! 4. Favorite line of Clarine in FE6? I am afraid I simply lack any favourite lines. 5. Is there a character in FE6 you wished they had a support conversation with Clarine? Simply put, no. I truly doubt I can possibly elaborate into this any further. 6. Opinion about FE6? I have come to believe such is a game perhaps worth playing. However, I simply lack the motivation to do so. 7. Your first FE game? That would be Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. More specifically, I am referring to the copy bestowed to early Nintendo 3DS owners during an Ambassador promotion. 8. Your favorite FE game? Such would most easily be Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, for this is the only Fire Emblem video game I truly completed. 9. Your favorite map in FE? I am afraid I lack a favourite map. 10. Your favorite music theme in FE? If one must know, my favourite Fire Emblem music theme just may be the calm variation of "Road Taken" as such a music track is very easy to listen to. Mind you, a value a large number of Fire Emblem music tracks. Regarding battle music tracks, I simply must praise "Beauty is a Mad Mistress" from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. 11. When were you introduced into FE? Such would be when I first downloaded the Ambassador copy of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Unfortunately, I simply am unable to recall any accurate dates, 12. How was you introduced into FE? One needs only to look upon the previous question's answer to know. 13. Which FE parts have you played yet? I beg your pardon? I am afraid I am not exactly sure what you might be asking. 14. Favorite mechanics in FE? I truly doubt I possess any "favourite" mechanics. In fact, I must confess, I do believe I tend to take such things for granted. 15. Any mechanics / weapons you wished to return? Perhaps the so-called mechanic of "constitution", "rescue" and some variation of the "fog of war" may prove to be interesting. 16. Any mechanics / weapons you wished to get rid off? I do not recall any, no. 17. Favorite line in FE? My answer shall be quite akin to that of my fourth one, for I lack any favourite lines. 18. Favorite bossfight in FE? Once again, I doubt I have played enough Fire Emblem video games to formulate an acceptable answer. 19. Any other franchises aside of FE you quite enjoy? I, for one, tend to be willing to play many different genres of video games. If one truly wishes to know, other video game series that I can possibly express fondness towards includes: Super Mario Kirby Pikmin Pokémon Professor Layton Ace Attorney Kingdom Hearts Final Fantasy 20. Any franchises you haven't tried out but you're interested in? The "Persona" video game series that my brother introduced to me mildly piques my interest. Perhaps I ought to try playing such a game. 21. Least favorite videogame you've ever played? Unfortunately, I am unable to recall many. Recently, I have played the so-called "Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy" in which I say—the game is simply far too over-praised! 22. Do you like board games? Certainly, one may alter the rules to make such befitting of a gambling game if they wish. If I must say, I truly am an unrivaled Cluedo, Monopoly and Connect Four player. 23. How would you describe yourself in three words? If I do wish to describe myself positive, I would use the words: Refined, Discerning and perhaps Assertive. However, if I would ever wish to describe myself negatively, befitting words to describe me includes: Supercilious, Condescending and Insensitive. 24. How is life in the UK? Truly dreadful, one such as myself actually would prefer if the British stereotypes are naught but facts. 25. Do you care about politics? Simply put, I care not for politics. In fact, I am most tired of hearing more of this "Trump" fool. 26. What's your opinion about the current government? In truth, I think it is disgraceful and I can most easily make much more progress if I am ever able to usurp the important positions. 27. Do you care about the Brexit? As in the so-called "British Exit"? No, never truly expressed even the slightest interest in something quite like this. 28. Does the Brexit affect you in any way? I, for one, do not believe such a thing directly impacts me too much. 29. Which languages can you speak? I speak only English fluently, much to my chagrin. I was taught traces of Mandarin Chinese and Japanese during my youth but alas, I am afraid I have forgotten such things as my parents always pressured me towards other academic goals. 30. In which countries aside of the UK have you been yet? To list a simply few, I have been around France numerous times, Spain, a few state of North America, Japan of course and Singapore. I could elaborate further but I must say, I would rather proceed to the next question. 31. Which kind of music is the most enjoyable for you? That would easily be classical music, video game and film scores and if I dare say, smooth jazz. 32. Any sights next to your area you live in? No, I truly doubt I could deem anything here to be particularly remarkable. 33. What's the best way to start a day? With a cup of black tea, of course! Perhaps a baguette with cheese might be ideal? Truly, such is normally how I start my day, excepting the usual hair maintenance of course. 34. What's the best way to end a day? Oh my, I do not believe I have thought of this. I could easily say one should end the day with an equally fine cup of tea similarly to the beginning of a day. After all, I am one to indulge in such a beverage during both peaks of the day. 35. You favorite dish? I truly doubt I can possibly choose a favourite dish. 36. Are you rather a morning or evening person? Oh? If one must know, I tend to possess an equal amount of energy during these times and as such, I am neither a morning of evening person. 37. Favorite flavor of tea? That would be my variations of black tea, of course! Served with a decorated teacup and saucer—four cubes of white sugar unless stated otherwise. Instructions on whether to brew my cup with milk would be provided and if one truly wishes to know, the milk must be inserted while the tea is being brewed, contrary to afterwards. 38. Are you interested in any sports? Of course not. The only mildly interesting sport just might be "Fencing". 39. Any sports you do or did? Long ago, I once partook in several games of Badminton. Needless to say, such an interest was dreadfully short-lived. Considering my ideal attire was deemed inappropriate for sport, such was only to be expected. 40. Do you like quzzing? Might you be referring to the term "quizzing"? If so, then I do believe I can deem such to be an acceptable activity to pass time if I am ever to be unspeakably bored. 41. Favorite TV show? I simply lack such a thing. 42. Favorite movie? Truly, I must apologise for my interest does not stretch into this topic. 43. Weirdest thing what happened to you? I believe such would consist of a rather defining moment of my life in which I was chased down a few urban streets by an aggressive stray cat. Truly, such an animal was actively seeking me and wishes to slaughter my self. 44. Which kind of person do you favor in term of personality and interests? I value those possessing the traits of docility and intelligence. As for interests, I would be able to tolerate those not overly obsessed with sports and "anime". In fact, I simply doubt one such as I would be actively seeking acquaintances with similar interests—for I have already accepted the fact that finding such an individual may prove to be most difficult. 45. Favorite animal? To state this simply, butterflies and ladybugs. 46. Favorite flower? For a simple answer, I shall allude to the dahlia and rose for now. 47. Favorite fruit? Perhaps the "Dragon Fruit" may be acceptable to me? 48. Do you like going for walk to enjoy the nature? In truth, I tend to abhor walking among nature due to the insolent insects which wishes to vex me endlessly. 49. What was the best situation what happened to you? I am afraid I lack such a thing. 50. What was the worst situation what happened to you? Must I allude to my incident of being chased by a cat once more? 51. How were you introduced into Serenes Forest? I confess, I saw a link to this website on the so-called Fire Emblem Reddit and decided to alleviate my curiosity. 52. What's your opinion of SF? Oh my, such a community is acceptable at best. In fact, it is simply by far much less vexing to browse than the rest of the internet. I say, my sentiments regarding a community being this positive is most certainly rare to say the least. I must say, the overall intelligence of active users is far higher than that I have normally encountered, making this website my most ideal community to converse with 53. Favorite section in SF? Such would be this section, it serves as a most excellent way to alleviate my boredom. 54. Favorite post in SF so far? I am afraid I simply must skip this question. 55. What was the last productive thing you've done? That would be rearranging my computer files, if such a thing could ever be deemed productive. 56. What was your first videogame? I simply cannot remember, for I was actually introduced to video games at a very young age. 57. Are you rather a leader or someone who prefers to get led? Surely you jest! I accept nothing but the position of being a leader! After all, I abhor following orders. 58. What does mean justice for you? Justice? It is quite akin to "Karma", in which one's deeds shall be applicable to the committer of a crime once committed. Simply put, justice is a mathematical scale of morals devised by the common majority. Needless to say, this so-called justice is most subjective and as such, should never be taken as factual statements. One may deem my sense of justice to be most twisted, considering my view of the world is often far different compared to those of the common majority. 59. What was the last thing you've learned? I confess, such would be "life hacks" in which allude to shortcuts and potentially secret techniques to make one's life mildly less vexing and tedious. 60. Any places you would like to travel to? My answer is simply "no". 61. What's your favorite means of transport for traveling? Private vehicle, not driven by me of course. Alternatively, I am fond of the far less productive, albeit stylish, horse carriage. 62. Have you any anxieties? No, although if I must say, many tend to presume I possess such things due to my reluctance to converse with the common majority. 63. Have you any hobbies? Excepting indulging in cups of tea and conquering video games, I do not actually possess any I can think of. 64. Last videogame you have played? That would be the Nintendo 3DS video game known as "Miitopia". If I may elaborate, I already completed it and defeated the so-called "secret boss". 65. Opinion of this game? Ah, Miitopia was mildly interesting. I apologise, I shall not devise a full review as answering all of these questions is making me mildly fatigued. 66. Any certain daily routine tasks you hate to do? Such would easily be any manual work—which is why I always have "help" to prepare my hair, clean my home and prepare my tea. 67. Any certain daily routine tasks you love to do? No, I do not believe so. 68. Do you prefer written books or audio books? I do not believe I ever purchased any audio books. As such, my answer shall be printed paperback books. 69. Your favorite audio or written book? I am not one to label anything as my favourite. 70. Favorite voice actor (can also be a character of a game, if you don't know the VA)? Truly, my knowledge regarding voice actors are simply far too lack to answer such a question. 71. Disney or Looney Tunes? And why must I choose? Surely, one can enjoy both forms of entertainment, no? 72. Your most said word out of your mouth? If I am to hazard a guess, my most frequent words would be: Oh, my, insolent, "of course", certainly, tea, "I" and might. 73. What's your impression of all these questions? They are... acceptable. 74. Would you believe me that I surpassed my regular average or posting questions by a fivefold? I would believe so, yes. In fact, I know not of how to respond any further. 75. Would you be interested to answer more questions, if my thirst for knowledge about you still shouldn't be satisfied for whatever reason? I suppose I can condone such a thing. In fact, I may even mildly enjoy answering your questions. 1a. I am afraid I have disabled viewing the signatures of other users and I desire not to enable such a feature anytime soon. My apologies. 1b. Ah, such is the Meow Wow of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, no? I must say, such a Dreameater is dreadfully weak but I do understand its "cute" appeal. 1c. I am afraid I lack any noteworthy sentiments regarding this flower variant. 1d. Naturally, I must confess, I am drawn to crowns. As such, this is simply my favourite of the selection. 1e. Such was based upon the folklore Tanuki, correct? But other than this fact, I simply lack any other sentiments. 2. Might the so-called "Rotom Dex" be an acceptable answer? Otherwise, I must say the Fan and Washing Machine are my favourites, followed by the Lawn Mower. 3. I say, I am not normally fond of Eevee and its evolution line. However, I can condone implementing a Sylveon into my battle team. 4. Overall, I must say, they tend to be well-written. In fact, some just may be mildly amusing. For instance, Gengar's Pokédex entry directly states it may be best for an individual to "give up" when in the presence of this Pokémon, much to my amusement. 5. Perhaps I would only do such a thing if my incompetent troglodytes of squids refuses to do such a simple thing. 1. You may, only if the quality of such questions are acceptable to my tastes. 2. You? Very well, I deem you to be a rather interesting, if not eccentric individual. Perhaps it may be ideal to ask this question after many hundreds more? 3. Jazz, you say? Oh my, the soothing variant just may be among my favourite music genres! 4. No, I merely thought putting such a trivia fact may prove to be of entertainment to whomever might wish to view it. I am aware women tend to be cautious regarding their weight, so I have been led to believe, but I for one can be proud of mine. ...As proud as I could possibly be, regardless. 5. Such would only include my brother. Salutations, Natalie! 1. No, I tend to never cook. Such is what my "help" is for. 2. No, for I desire not to "get my hands dirty" as one might say. 3. Once again, I do not cook. 4. Such would include: Scones, éclairs, gateaux and perhaps profiteroles.
  9. Favorite online games? If such a question is referring to multiplayer desktop video games, then I do believe my only acceptable answer is "MapleStory". However, I was one to refrain from partaking in the general activity of "grinding" for experience points and as such, I eventually formed a guild in which my members would kill enemies for me while I earn the experience points passively. If I am to say, I am certain many simply desired me as a so-called online "girlfriend", for I am simply aware the community are of that taste. Regardless, such was unspeakably exploitable to say the least. Mind you, "grinding" was the main content of this video game and as such, I only partook in solo quests and boss battles. If one must know, I never truly enjoyed playing this online video game. Which games would you immediately play at an arcade? One would scarcely find my presence in an arcade. Needless to say, I simply lack such passion to immediately pull myself towards one of these games. Favorite flavor of popsicle? As in the ice cream lollipop? The variant of the strawberry flavour is the only one I tasted if I recall correctly. By default, such would be my favourite flavour, no?
  10. This user is also known as "Pepsi Al", so they say.
  11. Oh my, how elementary! Mind you, the word "office" is spelled incorrectly.
  12. Their birth name is "Justcall" of the Meal family.
  13. Interviews

    Oh my, what a most peculiar interview. Regardless, here are your final questions. XVI. If you could be a superhero, phantom thief, noble paladin or an all-knowing sage—which would be your role? XVII. If you are to name a country, what might its name be? XVIII. How would you describe me, Astolfo and Hattusili each with three words? XIX. What is your dream or ideal hair style? XX. And I must ask, what do you consider to be your ultimate goal? Oh, and might I ask—if you could choose any video game music track as your musical theme, what might it be? @Astolfo! Of course, I stay true to my words. The amount of questions you bestowed to Natalie alongside Hattusili is simply excessive.
  14. Such is rather simply, for I tend to indulge myself with cups of black tea to ease my mind everyday. Otherwise, I tend to look outside from my balcony onto my garden. Of course, other activities I do to unwind includes slumbering and enjoying a warm or cold bath. That is all I can currently recall myself doing. Just how would you describe your mien?