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  1. This is my sin...

    Just cos. I am not defined there. I guess you and the game are composite then.
  2. This is my sin...

    Tell me yours.
  3. but I loved you.....

    Pff!! Go outside, kids! There is a big bright world out there! Meet REAL people! Go on adventures! Pillage villages and bomb military bases! A forum will not save you!
  4. You are right. That is the lenny face mouth. Edy did the lenny face before it was cool :O
  5. Rename the Above Poster's Username

    Captain Basch fon Ronsenburg Traitor of Dalmasca
  6. The "Ripoff" thread.

    Pokemon is a ripoff of Digimon Burger King is a ripoff of McD Discord is a ripoff of Skype Skype is a ripoff of ICQ ICQ is a ripoff of IRC IRC is a ripoff of texts texts are a ripoff of letters letters are a ripoff of communication communication is a ripoff of language language is a ripoff of sounds sounds are a ripoff of gestures gestures are a ripoff of social interaction social interaction is a ripoff of getting it on getting it on is a ripoff of evolution evolution is a ripoff of microbes gitting gut microbes gitting gut is a ripoff of molecules combining molecules combining is a ripoff of God's creations God's creations are a ripoff of alien overseers experiments
  7. Wow. That mouth looks like clicking the pencil tool in Paint and drawing a line :D :D
  8. First, as was already mentioned, take care of yourself first. Swallow all the Ragnaid pills or something.... Come to think of it, is Ragnaid like all-purpose medicine in the VC world. Huh. I do not think there is any lore explanation for how it works so I am guessing something like Bacta in Star Wars. I just realized Edy is both a born leader and panicky. Are those two not opposites in a way? Well, not opposites but a bad attribute for a leader but then how is she a born leader? Haha. Noted: Do not eat while reading this LP. I always figure I can during a lunch break but not anymore. I lost my freaking crap seeing that image and almost choked on my sandwich. The fact my keyboard is a mess does not matter as much... Glorious image edit :D :D But for now... CUC: -1 -> -1 Well, we cannot be all Isaras, right? Some us have to be Maximillians. Ahem. Unfortunately, that stunt would put her VERY high on Isara's hit list and well... You cannot have competition.
  9. So today at school

    My first cellphone was Siemens S10: I was the big boss until people started bringing in NOKIA phones. Then I had to follow the trend...
  10. The "Proper" Way To Do What the Above Poster Says

    ...buying plastic tableware and then throwing it out. Yeah. The proper way to buy illegal substances is...
  11. Success is commemorated; Failure merely remembered.
  12. When you're bored and goofy AF...

    cats ruined the internet u should be deeply ashamed of posting more cat pix smh
  13. Yee

  14. Do You Support Anyone on Patreon?

    I really want to but cannot because of something dumb with the bank and Patreon is blocked... So I opt for straight up donations when I want to OR commissions (if it is art related person) OR other forms of payment like different tipping services if the person has accounts there.
  15. Urgh... I was lagging behind but that is corrected now. She... looks like a failed pop-star there. I am not sure why I am getting those vibes... Pff! I was doing that since Half-Life! Peek just enough to see a soldier's boot and unload both barrels of your shotgun into it. Dead soldier. Time tested method!! Kids these days are all about their K/D and headshots! Uh... I inspected the screen and it is Edy under heavy fire from an Imperial orbital canon? That is how it looks like. Gregor was right. The Imperial military knows their stuff! Yup! And this is the mission when I discovered you can send a buffed-up scout up north during a sandstorm and they will take care of the tanks there. Then you just storm the north base with a shocktrooper possibly backed up by a sniper. Good times. Then the next mission kicked my sorry ass..... CUC: +0.5 -> 0