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  1. My headcanon for Orson is that he is into corpses...... Valter used to be a stripper/pole dancer. L'Arachel escaped form an asylum. She messed up her slave's, Dozla's, head with some spell. Rennac is a boy-toy. Uh, yeah.
  2. get a useless degree first. Then you start flame on twitter. That takes time so you better have enough sock puppet accounts at first or bots to spread it. It does not mean you have to agree with yourself. You just need to rally a lot of people either with you or against you. After that, when your flaming ground is established, you start taking huge donations. With money, you publish a highly controversial book that is pretty much only you citing your past tweets. With that done, there is a chance you appear on the national TV. From there, you get into politics or extreme groups, brainwash people, make them vote for you, you start calling the shots, name yourself the Holy Emperor of Men, invest into bio-weapons, build a throne that will support your life for all eternity and finally take over with a huge army or engineered super humans backed by Google. The proper way to type stupid posts is...
  3. Dem legs... That I can approve of :>
  4. Ephraim is like: "Forde. Dude. Do you see this?" Forde: "Yes, My Lord, I do. And it is not exactly heavy armor." Ephraim: "Forde, listen. This is plot armor. We are going to win. Trust me." Er... Em.... Plot armor within margin of error, of course. Of course. Ephraim: "Valter. Dude. Do you see this?" Valter: "Plot armor? Tsk. ... Throw him in prison then!!" Also previously confirmed stripper. Valter the Moonstone. It all makes sense now. All in all, I really like this chapter. Weird comparison incoming but it reminds me of StarCraft's sudden guerrilla mission where you get a bunch of marines and have to rely on carefully picking your fights. There is something really cool about this mission and Thracia also had quite a few of these. Naturally, I know such mission appear in like every FE, yes, but not this kind of cozy sneaking atmosphere lmao :D
  5. That is not why I am pay-- sigh, alright. You do this for free. FINE! :T Whoops! Sorry! Really, always, always take my words as bad sarcasm or a joke! I was snickering because you quickly and conveniently added a clause to your theory about hair and eye color that does not apply to normal colors :D I know it was a joke, haha. Priateľu, však oni ani vodku nepijú! Good point though and pretty interesting. That would make me happy! Yeah, at the very least it seems they tapped into other mythologies :> I guess people would hate that sort of thing but I agree. That would be cool. If there were instances where an enemy leader can do the same to you. Sure, you can reset like usual but it would possibly have influences later.
  6. Awesome and badass, haha!
  7. Wow. I am so out of loop on Pokémon. Music sure have changed there. I think it is catchy but could be longer. It is alright. 7/10 Holy heck! One of my favorite E4 battle themes! 9/10 Voyage from a custom Doom WAD called Jenesis
  8. Cargo, it is time to change your avatar and impress us as well!!
  9. Extraordinary use of color but the composition is a bit lacking.
  10. That was awesome and I will give it 9/10. Not a huge fan of the vocals but they are not distracting and that is just my preference. Stage 7 from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (GBC)... .....
  11. not answer it at all. The proper way to tip is...
  12. store your Pokes in a box and shut down the game as it is saving. Then reap the rewards of duplicates, 99x Master Ball and legendaries such as !!--1m The proper way to dodge taxes is...
  13. Haha, no. No, no, no. This is your job now and as an entitled reader, I expect you to sit down and publish your LP regularly. You do know what regularly means, do you not? ;D You talk like a politician now. Tsk :T :D Also, Natasha does look kind of Slavic, haha. That is why you were reminded. Never ever doubt the power of Seth! He might as well be one of the Sacred Stones incarnate! You know... Someone in the FE universe should sit down and look VERY closely at every job application. Statistically, the leaders always hire the most useless lieutenants OR myrmidons who do not even care about the plan. Why did you hire them then?? I am not even going to talk about all the usual mass defections to the other side thinking joining a group of 12 people is better than a whole army behind your back...
  14. lmao, I am also chuckling at the guy on the drill :D I recommend googling the game because there are quite a few meme edits of this cover. And yeah, the game is crap.