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  1. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    I can probably get another signups up in a few days if you actually want to play!
  2. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    The rolecop didn’t get alignment, that was just what Kaif said for reasons I don’t claim to understand. I think this game was a little townsided but losing 2 scum in 3 days will make any setup look that way tbh, especially because if BBM was one of the goon slots the rolecop would have been useless in endgame. I also thought that it was fairly likely that a town PR would get lynched if they tried to game the setup (and that happened, just not for the reasons that I was expecting).
  3. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    BBM, horrified by the realisation that Piplup was not a part of his three penguin team, committed seppuku. Macaroni Penguin 2-shot Roleblocker Town wins! I will leave the rest to Fenrir if he wants to say anything and give some thoughts myself later. Congrats to town and rip BBM I was hoping you could go all the way but it was good run.
  4. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    Kaif, definitely the fullest cop in all of the town, has been lynched! Arctic Tern, Town Rolecop It is now Night 5. Assume deadline is in 24 hours unless Fenrir says otherwise.
  5. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    Late, but that’s hammer.
  6. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    Fenrir appears to have been lost to the Arctic cold (or irl, one of the two things), so I'm here with a picture of polar bear for all of you disappointed townies. XnadrojX, Vanilla Townie It is now Night 4. Assume that N4 ends in 24 hours unless Fenrir says otherwise.
  7. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

  8. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    XnadrojX (3): Baldrick, Bartozio, BBM BBM (2): RADicate, Jester's Gestures Bartozio (1): Kaif Jester's Gestures (1): XnadrojX Not Voting: 21 minutes remain. With 7 alive, it takes 3 to lynch and 4 to hammer.
  9. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    XnadrojX (1): Baldrick BBM (1): Bartozio RADicate (1): BBM Bartozio (1): Kaif Jester's Gestures (1): XnadrojX Not Voting: Jester's Gestures, RADicate 25.5 hours remain. With 7 alive, it takes 3 to lynch and 4 to hammer.
  10. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    BBM replaces Shinori.
  11. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    With 11 alive, it takes 4 to lynch and 7 to hammer.
  12. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    “And you remind me of a slug.” Claire responded nonchalantly, admiring her handiwork, but a tiny frown was visible on her face. Where did that come from? The words of slipped out of her without thinking, and it took her a few seconds to remember to breathe. The swordsman’s last words struck an uncomfortable chord with her, but they would have to wait for now. “We should retake the wheel while she have the chance.” she announced, more for her own sake than anything else. It felt like Apellon was watching her from within his frozen tomb, but she had to brush those thoughts aside for now. She didn’t want to drown.
  13. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    Manual Votals Magnificence Incarnate (4): weinerboy, RADicate, Vi-astra, Ichigo Ichigo (3): Magnificence Incarnate, Athena_57, Bartozio RADicate (2): Ampharos, XnadrojX Bartozio (1): Sully McGully weinerboy (1): Mitsuru Kirijo Not voting (2): Shinori, Jester's Gestures 12h30m remain. 5 votes are required to lynch, and 8 are required to hammer. I don't have the bot set up rn so if there are any errors in here, let me know.
  14. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    Currently looking for another sub, please contact me or Fenrir if you can take the spot.
  15. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Claire to (16,12), attack Apellon with Blizzard