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  1. The Second Well

    best danganronpa case? most crushing death in the series?
  2. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "I did not." Claire confirmed with a frown. Did she really just ask that? I guess it was similar, but... They were definitely different. "I suppose you're right though, about the illusions. Let's keep going." Cass was bound to come and interrupt her soon for some reason or another. --- Cass' absence at the meeting confused Claire, especially after having not seen her all morning. I'll have to ask about it. That came later though, first they had to decide what to do. "Is their leader the only explosive user?" Claire certainly hoped so, considering the Justice Friend she'd seen carrying those explosives looked foolish enough to blow himself up, which would certainly somewhat resolve the issue.
  3. The Second Well

  4. The Second Well

    Do you have a Walrein plushie irl?
  5. The Second Well

    The best chicken tho Anyway, fREedOm Post nominations.
  6. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    Sleeping in the afternoon? Perhaps I should come back later then. A glare flickered across Aaron's face as Judas hit his shoulder, but the adventurer concealed it as quickly as he could, instead staring inside of the arena. If he really is the champion, perhaps this is a fool's errand. But if I put on a good show regardless... Well, all he had to do was not make a fool of himself. There was a first time for everything after all. "If you insist." Aaron nodded, starting to feel a little anxious. "Still... were you not lecturing me about a line before?"
  7. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "It does make sense." Claire agreed, although she didn't look too happy about it. "It all fits together but... Ugh. I don't know what I expected." When she thought back on it, even Malaphar's control over his world seemed imperfect. Claire being able to control something like that on the first try would take a miracle. But still... "Do you really think that illusions are still the way forward?" The small frown on her face let the elder know that she feeling far less certain. "I don't want to hurt anyone, but maybe I'm close to a breakthrough. I would probably need a wider space to practice, which maybe isn't feasible right now, but well..." The mage trailed off, taking a few moments to collect herself. "Am I being too hasty? It just seems wrong to take a step back after this..."
  8. The Second Well

    After the traumatic experience of the 0-shot driver claim, there was no way I could forget you. 1) The answer is always Weiss. She's like Ruby (who I also like) in that she's true to her beliefs but she's much less of an idiot about it and less static as a character. She was also easily the best character in Volume 4. Not gonna say much in detail to avoid spoiling Rein though. 2) Uh... what most published works of any sort tend to get right is the feeling of escalation as shit gets real towards the end of a book/season/whatever. As for the bad, uh... when it feels like the main character is the sole driving force of the world. Sometimes it fits in narrative, sometimes you get Pokemon Reborn. 3) Enough to make someone seem like a person rather than a gimmick. Actual progression is less necessary for me to enjoy a character as long as the way they act is well reasoned and they aren't static in terms of the range of emotions they display (so they aren't just always happy despite everything around them going wrong). 4) I go through phases. I haven't for a while just because it tends to take a while for me to work out ideas and attempting to force it usually makes it kinda lame and I'm wary of taking too much inspiration from stuff I just watched or else it's like... why would I do it.
  9. The Second Well

  10. The Second Well

    Stay puff, not even close
  11. The Second Well

    Umbreon is fine but guys above are just cooler.
  12. The Second Well

    I legitimately enjoy playing Maokai. The champ is funny as fuck (local tree beats up idiot with gun) and half the time he's overtuned to do as much damage as a carry anyway.
  13. The Second Well

    1) Mafia: the hydra in SFMM4 because it was funny, Town: Co-Driver in Healer for accidentally killing "obvtown" scum and ITP: Joker is infinitely the most interesting even if it was ridiculously hard to play 2) Watcher is probably not nearly as broken as hosts think it is. Colourblind Cop bores me to death. Scum extra kills are interesting and should probably be considered (but not used) more often than they really are to keep games unpredictable. 3) Shulk from CYOU'RE owned and it's sad that it never got to do anything. 4) I never read CMV properly. Badass 1 > Badass 3 > Badass 2 > RTFR1 > Encounter > RTFR2 5) Not so much game related but I don't like Kirby maf's gimmick that much. That might be because I dislike variable opens in general though. 6) Healer was fun in spite of the setup. 7) Chane is easily the most memorable so I'm just going to say that. 8) NA RENGAR 9) CLG > TSM > FOX > TL > C9 > 100T > Clutch > GG > Fly > OpTic. FOX might be too high but Huni has always carried his team to top 2. TL might just collapse because it's TL. 10) Her new glasses can't come soon enough. 1) Espeon > Flareon > Jolteon > Umbreon > Sylveon > Vaporeon > Glaceon > Leafeon. You can judge me but you're WRONG. 2) On and off, recently not much bc I switched phones and need to switch Heroes over at some point. 3) If it makes the money do it lmao 4) idk people are idiots 5) It's good! I listen to the music from it every now and then but the video makes me kind of uncomfortable at the end lol. 6) Riven, Riven, Riven but deep down you just want to one trick Maokai for the rest of your life. 7) uh 8) uhhhhh 9) Only if you pick knock ups when I lock in Yasuo.
  14. The Second Well

    Thick Fat Azumarill saved my ass in BW2 challenge mode nuzlocke. It has my infinite respect. 1) Prims Paperblade Boron Refa Shin BBM Manix Via Mitsuki Elieson Blitz Psych 2) sub boron out for Rein, Via for kirsche and Manix for Marth. Realistically those last two should be in the NOC as well but I just listed who came to mind first and added Psych because we need Psych gaming. 3) SANDSTORM CASTFORM but uh probably some kind of speedy physical ice type or a goofy looking dragon. 4) Fuck you. 5) idk most of my fun scumgames were years ago. MLP and BRITSCUM were both good ones and Hard NOCs sticks out solely because of the cult tailor shit we tried to salvage a horribly losing game. 6) I haven’t had it a lot but every time I have Jack Daniels it tends to be a good time. 7) Yeah but I’m at work rn so don’t expect a response right away.
  15. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    The praise from Constance would have been a welcome, were it not for the circumstances. "That wasn't what I was trying to do though." Claire replied. "All I wanted was a bit of a breeze, enough to make him fall over and humble him in front of the crowd. But what happened instead was, I wasn't in control. Do you remember how it felt, when Malaphar brought you to the world? It was the same. I was fading in and out, it felt like I was falling, and the spell had a mind of its own. Is this... is it supposed to happen?" Could Constance even know? Probably not. But it she knew anything, then Claire had to know it too.