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  1. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    The Game I don't want to make this particularly long for the sake of actually getting this done so I'd like to just focus on a few key points because this was a bit of a collective collapse from the town rather than something I can attribute to any individual player. After Tuvy's day 1 lynch, scum should have been under far more pressure than the actually were. Yolo literally subbed out over the Tuvy slip (and I believe someone called this out), but pressure on his slot wasn't really followed up and Snike was allowed to slip away. I'll touch more on Snike specifically later. From Tuvy's posts, realistically the Corrobin, Athena and Alette slots were fairly easy townreads to assign just off of association. Athena and Alette were early votes based on the slip and I don't thinkt he way Alette and Athena pushed him was likely for a bus, and Corrobin reeked of mislynch bait. Instead this got pretty much ignored and I was really confused when Corrobin got lynched. Fastforwarding to D3, where both of the D2 wagons were dead, I think that people really gave Snike a pass on his claim far too easily. The way that he pressured Mackc2 didn't really have town intent behind it - it looked like trying to wifom suspicion off of him with a softclaim (playing an investigative role to shade someone like that is scummy imo) and the supporting push on Mackc wasn't substantial enough for a genuine suspicion imo. It worked out, so props to Snike for managing to make the most of his situation when he was incredibly busy, but it really felt like town dropped the ball here by lynching Mackc2. It felt like the time that the extension should have been used (although I'm not sure if anyone actually read the rules for this so lol) and lynching Mack directly caused Shinori's death N4 which would have been otherwise prevented. Wrt the vigs, town really just fell for the trap of "trying to rolespec a setup that is obviously built to survive being rolespecced". Making an assumption that there must be a scum in the vig set everyone off on the wrong lines, and even if you did think that there was one scum in the vigs, there was always going to be at least two scum outside of the vigs as well, because there was no way that Alette and dya were buddies based on their interactions. I really think that town spent too much time entertaining Alette and dya lynches when they should have looked outside of that and PoE'd the fact that almost nobody had Snike down as town. I think scum played a good game with blending into the chaos, but I think that their play was largely survialistic like KTS pointed out. I think that it could have been punished had town been more forceful with the right pushes because they weren't really controlling the gamestate so much as letting town infight. Almost everyone trying to actively solve the game was town and if anyone picked up on this properly the end result could have been very different. Weapons and Bart played well though with nobody ever really expressing strong suspicions of them, thanks for sticking it out when the start of the game looked very bleak. The main takeaways: 1. Obvious associative reads should be looked into and they're usually right 2. Don't try and play the rolespec game, especially when you're working off of incomplete information 3. Be careful with making uncertain assumptions, because if they're wrong they're going to throw your reads off heavily I think that covers everything. Thanks for everyone who subbed in and everyone who stayed in (especially you Bart, congrats on not getting lynched for the second time)!
  2. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Oh. Serge had already dealt with the issue. Maybe he's more reliable than I thought he was? It was possible. Still, she had no time to dwell on that, changing her target to a different enemy. Claire to (13,12), Blizzard Thief 2.
  3. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Claire spared an anxious glance towards the sky, hoping that Ceirch's warning was all for nothing. We need to clear the ship quickly, then. Their right flank in particular seemed to be rather crowded, so Claire followed Serge in order to help thin them out. Serge to (15,14), attack Pirate 6 with Steel Blade Claire to (13,13), attack Pirate 6 with Elfire
  4. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    Setup Design I wanted to make a large game without any third parties, just because it's pretty much unexplored design space for SF. The problem with larges is that they can really drag on, especially without multiple kills per night, which is why I wanted a fair number of kills in the game. I dislike fulvigs because they put a lot of the burden on one player (in a similar way to SK, but SK has their own wincon so that way is acceptable imo) and because of that I made the decision to split the kills across multiple players. I spent a while debating "how many of these extra kills do I make mafia" and swung everywhere from 0/4 to 2/5 (there was a N1 vig at one point but I removed it to prevent D3 MYLO). The problem with this was still, well, the vigs would die and then the kills would vanish and the same problem would still exist. After realising this, I came up with the Backup Vig - I thought it was an interesting dynamic for scum and town to fight for the vigs as well. The rest of the setup formed around this. I didn't wanna give scum a roleblocker along with the backup vig because it eliminates the town PRs far too quickly, so I gave them the rolecops to make more informed kills and the gravedigger to keep scum's power levels stable. The Backup vig had a couple of clauses for balance purposes (couldn't take the scumkill at the same time unless they were last mafia alive and couldn't just insantly win). Also I gave the Backup Vig a BPV to stop the game from snowballing heavily against them, and because Shigaraki being outright stronger than All For One seemed wrong. Town indexed heavily into protection because of the potential for scum to pick up extra kills, and if the vigs actually hit mafia I didn't want the scumteam to be choked out of the game by investigations. Marth's JoaT was a guaranteed lynch on any of the mafia members, but it could only really clear the doc. None of town's roles (aside from the doc) would really stop a lynch on claim because roleblocker + joat are scummy and kind of 1v1 each other if you think too hard about it and once multiple vigs became a talking point and for them to be less obviously clear. I'll get more into this in the last section though, where I'll actually talk about how the game played out.
  5. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    Setup: Izuku Midoriya - Town Doctor (FJP) Yuga Aoyama - Town Roleblocker (Athena_57) Momo Yaoyorozu - Town Jack of all Trades (Marth) Katsuki Bakugo - Town Night 2 Vigilante (Alette) Ochaco Uraraka - Town Night 3 Vigilante (Via) Denki Kaminari - Town Night 4 Vigilante (Mackc2) Fumikage Tokoyami - Town Night 5 Vigilante (dyachei) Eijiro Kirishima - Town Vanilla (Refa) Mina Ashido - Town Vanilla (Corrobin) Koji Koda - Town Vanilla (Weinerboy) Mineta Minoru - Town Vanilla (BBM) Hanta Sero - Town Vanilla (Shinori) Tsuyu Asui - Town Vanilla (Flee Feet!) All For One - Mafia 1-shot Bulletproof Backup Vigilante Tomura Shigaraki - Mafia Limited Gravedigger Kurogiri - Mafia Odd Night Rolecop (Tuvy2) Dabi - Mafia Even Night Rolecop (Snike) Fakeclaims: Follower, Universal Backup, Treestump, Vanilla Marth went Rolecop->Roleblock->Commute, and then back to Rolecop. Bart could use the role of dead Vigs (on the night of use) if it wouldn't end the game, and the scum Gravedigger could use any dead scum roles. Actions: Night 1: fairyjigglypuff protects Athena_57 (fails, roleblocked by Athena_57) Athena_57 roleblocks fairyjigglypuff (success) Marth rolecops Shinori (success: Shinori is a Vanilla) Killthestory rolecops Shinori (success: Shinori is a Vanilla) Snike kills Refa (success, Refa dies) Night 2: fairyjigglypuff protects Via (success) Athena_57 roleblocks Snike (success) Marth roleblocks Tuvy2 (success) Alette vigs fairyjigglypuff (success, fairyjigglypuff dies) Snike rolecops Mackc2 (fails, roleblocked by Athena_57) Weapons kills weinerboy (success, weinerboy dies) Night 3: Athena_57 roleblocks BBM (success) Marth commutes (success) Via shoots BBM (success, BBM dies) WeaponsofMassConstruction rolecops dyachei (success: dyachei is a Night 5 Vigilante) Bartozio kills Via (success, Via dies) Night 4: Athena_57 roleblocks WeaponsofMassConstruction (success) Snike rolecops Athena_57 (success: Athena_57 is a Roleblocker) WeaponsofMassConstruction kills Shinori (fails, roleblocked by Athena_57) Bartozio vigs Shinori (success) Postgame: Just kidding, I'm writing this tomorrow. Links: Scum Discord: Graveyard Discord:
  6. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    Fleet Feet was unfortunately not the scum you were looking for. Flee Feet! (Tsuyu, Town Vanilla) was Lynched Day 5! And so Eraserhead decided to give Class 1-A extra homework for the next month. Athena_57 (Yuga Aoyama, Town Roleblocker) was Endgamed! Alette (Katsuki Bakugo, Town Night 2 Vigilante) was Endgamed! dyachei (Fumikage Tokoyami, Town Night 5 Vigilante) was Endgamed! Except for the mafia, who get extra credit. WeaponsofMassConstruction (Tomura Shigaraki, Mafia Limited Gravedigger) has Won! Snike (Dabi, Mafia Even Night Rolecop) has Won! Bartozio (All For One, Mafia 1-shot Bulletproof Backup Vigilante) has Won! Congratulations to the Mafia!
  7. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    HAMMER SHUT UP I'm not available to update right now but I'll post as soon as I'm free.
  8. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    Votals 5.3 WeaponsofMassConstruction (3): Flee Feet!, Athena_57, Bartozio Fleet Feet (2): WeaponsofMassConstruction, Snike Not Voting: Alette, dyachei Day 5 ends in 2 hours. With 7 alive, it takes 3 to lynch and 4 to hammer.
  9. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    Votals 5.2 WeaponsofMassConstruction (1): Flee Feet! Fleet Feet (1): WeaponsofMassConstruction Not Voting: Everyone else Day 5 ends in <4 hours. With 7 alive, it takes 3 to lynch and 4 to hammer.
  10. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    Votals 5.1 WeaponsofMassConstruction (1): Flee Feet! Not Voting: Everyone else Day 5 ends in 9.5 hours. With 7 alive, it takes 3 to lynch and 4 to hammer.
  11. Oh, I meant if I was going to make a Mage Fighter literally right now rather than "how would you change it" because I've never seen one that wasn't depressing statistically.
  12. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    25 hours remain.
  13. 1) When are you buffing Mage Fighter? 2) What (in your opinion) is the best way to make Mage Fighter viable? 3) What is the worst unit you've ever seen to reach promotion? How does Sborge compare? 4) What was the most broken thing to ever exist in HaruFE? 5) If you weren't using Reimu, what other character would you use to represent the bot?
  14. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    I've been up for way too long, Shinori is ShinoRIP. Shinori (Hanta Sero, Town Vanilla) was Killed Night 4! It is now Day 5. Day 5 ends in 48 hours. With 7 alive, it takes 3 to lynch and 4 to hammer.
  15. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    Marth probably should have invented a helicopter to escape in or something. RIP. Magnificence Incarnate (Momo Yaoyorozu, Town Jack of all Trades) was Lynched Day 4! Sborge shook his head and sighed. "Gosh, this is almost as tragic as my last Mage Fighter. Almost." That was a lie of course. Nothing could be quite as tragic as Mage Fighters in HaruFE. Slightly deflated, the students leave in order to wait for the next phase of the training. It is now Night 4. Night 4 ends in 23.5 hours. Send me your actions when you're ready.