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  1. How to lose gold Lua entered the inn carefully, trying to avoid any kind of acknowledgement from Misea and the rest of the party. She needed entertainment, after the stress of last night, and she had plenty of money to burn spend responsibly. She quickly spotted a small group playing cards in the corner, and moved over to talk with them. "Deal me in?" she asked, before even looking at what they were playing. She was feeling good about this. Hmmm, how interesting. Gambling, was it? Now, Misea had promised themselves they would just watch, but after seeing Lua sit down, they couldn't help commenting. "Yeah, sure miss... Sir yourself down. You know poker? ... And you, miss?" "No, nothing for me. I just wish to remind you, dear," Misea began, leaning into Lua's ear, "to think of our child, before you spend too much~ That's all. I hope you don't mind if I watch." Misea giggled to themselves after that and took a step back, arms folded. "... Alright, not a miss. You fine with yer husband watchin'?" The mildly confused dealer was shuffling the cards idly, waiting for some answers. "Of course I do." Lua nodded. Her luck with these things hadn't always been the best, but she was feeling good about this one. She was owed some good luck after the situation she'd found herself in. Of course, a certain somebody just couldn't keep her nose out, and Lua's face quickly turned red at the accusation. "W-What are you doing?" She almost butted heads with Misea as she turned, looking slightly distressed. Are you trying to throw me off? W-wait those fangs are so so so close please please go away- Lua waited with quivering lips until Misea took a step back, leaving the rather flustered girl to look back at the table for a few seconds before she remembered what she was doing. "Y-yeah, whatever." she muttered, face still rather flushed. "Just start it." "Adorable." "Alright, cards are comin'. Hope y'know how to play." It was evident that Lua knew how to play, but luck was against her, entirely. A string of ten hands all going poorly, the few at the table snickering and the dealer smiling, until finally... "Alright, y'got yer lucky break." Lua had won the money she'd spent back, and some extra to boot~ Misea smiled in admiration, quietly clapping behind the table. "Howsabouts one hundred, then? Since y'seem to be so happy to keep gambling." "Oooohhh, high bet..." Lua smirked to herself, in spite of her rocky start she’d managed to reclaim her starting gold and then some. “Nope, I’m doing the same again.” She wasn’t going to let herself be tempted by this. Besides, her luck so far had been... less than stellar. It was better to play it cool and make the dealer sweat with another win. The dealer grunted, and started to hand out cards again... Lua's luck only held up once, but before long, she'd lost almost all she'd won, once more. Down to only five hundred gold, the dealer was as smug as could be. "Little missy, y'might wanna stop while you're behind. Come on, y'sure you wanna make yer husband upset?" "Remember, child~" “Ugh...” A low groan came from Lua as she stared into the table, as if expecting some kind of sign from above. Instead, what she got was a lecture from the dealer, and another comment about their lovely child from Lua’s favourite person. “100.” Her response was immediate, and part of her wanted to take it back, but she mostly just wanted to spite Misea. “This will work.” After all, there was much more than gold on the line by this point. "Oh, my..." Misea wasn't expecting that, and it was definitely not a smart move... The dealer's grin only widened. "Suit yerself!" And out came the cards. An eight, a nine, an eight, an ace, and a jack. One pair, but not enough to win her way into double or nothing. "What'll it be, then?" “Keep the pair.” Lua nodded firmly. The could try for a flush, but that was a risky move. This was her best play to take back her money and walk away. She knew what she was doing. "Keep the pair... And..." Lua was fresh out of luck. A six, a ten and a 3 came out, leaving her with her one pair... And without one hundred of her gold. "Gyahahaha! Another hand, missy? Hahaha~" "Now might be a good time to stop, Lua~" She didn’t know what she was doing, as it turned out. “...Shit.” she’d muttered it quietly, but it was still very much audible for the rest of the gathering. Lua dipped her head forwards, resting it on the table, finally admitting defeat. “I’m done.” She knew when she was beaten, but she’d figured it out far too late. Her purse had been lightened, but her body felt heavier for it. "Thanks fer playin', missy. An' thanks for the gold! Nhahahaha~" "Oh, poor dear... Shall I do my best to cheer you up?" Lua kept her head down on the table, but tilted it to face Misea. “You’re the worst.” she complained, pouting at the vampire. If she hadn’t thrown him off making them all think that she was Lua’s husband (wasn’t she a woman, anyway?) then she was certain that she would have played better. She would have kept her money! Hopefully the pout on her face would get the point across to her not husband that she was not happy. Misea could only chuckle at Lua's displeasure, trying not to let it turn into a full on laugh. "Come now, let the rest of them play their game. Gosh, you're so adorable. Don't make me laugh, please~" Lua rose to her feet with no semblance of grace, walking over to Misea with an annoyed look on her face. “Shut up... This isn’t funny” Was the woman enjoying her suffering? Of course she did, vampires lived off of hurting humans, so it made sense that this was like a joke to her, didn’t it?
  2. SFMM5 Game Thread- Day 1

    Discord SUCKS Home from work now. @Elieson feel free to pm me about stuff you don’t get (and stuff in general) while I read game thread again bc this stuff is hard to follow.
  3. Why wouldn't they believe us? Suspicious hooded figures? If Lua were to mention anything about their fangs, she was sure that someone would take her seriously. She'd be free of the vampire mess, 600 gold richer, and then... 600 gold poorer further down the line. She sighed. Why does the money have to mean so much? In spite of her mental complaints, Lua knew that selling out the vampires would probably hurt her in the long run. Oh - and there was the whole preventing the eternal night thing so that everyone didn't die horribly somewhere down the line to worry about as well. So... Ugh. The positive side to the situation was that she had gold! Real, genuine gold, and that was a big step towards getting home. Of course, she was far from a port at this point, and she knew that this money needed to last her. She already had her weapons though, as another part of the payment, so she could afford to be a little less frugal. Thank goodness for that. Lua waited for Misea (with Astrid in tow) to take her leave, and then followed in the same direction with a bit of a distance. They were going to the same place, but that didn't mean that she wanted to talk to her employer at all if she could avoid it.
  4. SFMM5 Game Thread- Day 1

    You'll probably hurt somebody.
  5. SFMM5 Game Thread- Day 1

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  6. SFMM5 Game Thread- Day 1

    Snike - Today at 01:30 I'm going to hold off but we should move to prove it I'm just a little hesitant bc there's a chance there's more to the role Snike has already claimed to a nullread this game so I think this was a weird response to Brooke's post in the public channel.
  7. SFMM5 Game Thread- Day 1

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  8. SFMM5 Game Thread- Day 1

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  9. Lua had a small scare as Mina offered out her hand to Almira, but the young woman still seemed to come out of the exchange with all of her fingers attached. Maybe that one is just too tiny to get away with biting. she reasoned. I can't let my guard down on this. While she was glad to hear that the rooms they'd be staying in real rooms at the inn, she really hoped that the rooms came with locks. That'd make Lua feel a lot more secure... or at least a little. "Let's not think about all of the vampires coming to kill us for a little while, shall we?" she muttered, biting back another insult for Glendwr. Why do you even bring that up? Was he trying to make her worried, or did it just come naturally to the buffoon? Lua took another big bite out of her breakfast, trying to swallow her fear and to avoid thinking about how she regretted all of her decisions. Still, she fixed the man with a stern glare. You know, if the vampires have to get someone, I wouldn't mind it being him...
  10. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    The time they'd spent at sea had convinced Claire that she was much more comfortable slicing enemies with wind magic than watching Nona try and slice up vegetables. Poor Decima... She sighed quietly. Nona's sister had never stood a chance. Of course, before their cooking had the chance to finish everyone else off, the pirates were going to make their attempt on the Wykian lives. Well, at least this is something I can handle... Fighting at sea meant they'd have to be careful, but when she thought about it, hadn't that always been the case. "We've dealt with worse." She'd take the pirates over Malaphar and friends, at any rate, and so she hurried to the deck to prepare.
  11. Lua tried to go back to munching on her breakfast, at Misea’s advice, and tried not to scoff at the suggestion that letting herself be bitten was merely ‘adventurous’. If leaping off a cliff counts as adventurous, then maybe. She tore a chunk of meat off and chewed slowly. The things that she agreed to do for money... She really hoped that she wasn’t making a mistake. She also really wanted to object to Seph leaving her alone with the two vampires and the fool with a fondness for trees, but she had a feeling that just saying that wouldn’t go over well. Speaking of Glendwr, he was heading back with her gear. “Pushy?” Lua rolled her eyes. “Sure, whatever you say.” she replied mockingly, taking the weapons and examining them. Neither were anything fancy of course, but her eyes lingered on the tome for a few moments. These things melt vampires, don’t they? I’d like to see them try something now. A her lips curled into a brief smirk, before placing it to one side. Of course, she wasn’t brazen enough to pick a fight with the creatures of the night, but self-defence was another matter. If she had to roast them, they’d end up like the deer. They’d probably taste a little worse though. And they looked kinda like humans, so it’d be really weird. “Urgh...” Was she really contemplating what it would be like to eat a vampire? Lua, You’re losing it. She should try and refocus on almost anything else. Right, what was everyone else talking about? The other vampire said that she was only going to bite her arms... That was definitely a joke right? It made her feel uneasy, but it had to be, didn’t it? “Haha, yeah.” Her response was forced, and she really hoped that Astrid didn’t know that she was feeling weak at the knees.
  12. Lua glanced at Misea, a little confused, not actually expecting anything to come from her comment. Vampires are still really creepy, but how else am I going to get home? She realised, making a small pout, that she probably wasn't. Well, if I'm gonna risk my neck for something, it should be something that pays well. "Okay." she nodded, ignoring the part of her brain that screamed no. "I'm in." It seemed like a good deal. Dangerous, but hadn't her father always told her that it was necessary to take a few risks? If I die here, this is entirely your fault. His advice was the reason Lua was in this mess to begin with, and now she needed it to pull her out of it. This realisation hadn't put her in a particularly great mood, and she quickly glared back at Glendwr as he so rudely implied she'd be a burden. "I left them running away last night, okay? I'm not helpless. I bet that I have more practice with a bow than you have with that stupid gun." Never mind that most of that experience had been gained terrorising her local wildlife. He didn't need to know that. "Bows and light tomes both work out. Just grab me something." She shrugged. Lua figured that she was a smart girl, and she'd be able to roll with whatever, and she smiled at Seph for seeming to actually care. I am sooo glad that there's someone here who seems sane and doesn't have vampire teeth. ...At least, she hoped that he wasn't hiding vampire teeth under there. Her smile wavered, but for the sake of her own wellbeing she was going to choose to believe that he didn't. "I don't have anyone I need to tell." It wasn't like she had anyone to leave behind, considering those bastards her father had hired ditched her... She was never going to get over that. "Don't worry about me unless there's something biting at my neck." she tried to laugh, but it felt horribly forced and died out quickly. God, what have I gotten myself into?
  13. "Guh..." Lua opened her eyes slowly, peering up at her awakener with an annoyed frown. Oh, it's tree-boy. Still, breakfast was breakfast, and she was never going to turn down free food while she was out of work! "Sounds good." she yawned at him, slowly pushing herself to her feet and heading towards the fire. ...It would be human food, right? The thought that it could be anything else made Lua pale slightly and feel a little wobbly, but the scent of fresh meat managed to calm her nerves somewhat. Doing her best to avoid any kind of eye contact with the vampires, she grabbed the largest piece of meat she could spot, and then scurried backwards as if she'd been bitten. Still not comfortable with this. As she bit into her breakfast, Lua felt like she never would be. She cringed and did her best to ignore the conversation about Almira drinking blood, and to focus on the rest of the conversation. "Am I getting paid for this...?" she murmured quietly. Probably not? But she could hope.
  14. Lua remained immobile. The events of the previous night bad taken a lot out of her, and her dreams at first had been anything but peaceful. She’d woken from her uneasy slumber once already, with the worries and what-ifs of the previous day still swimming around in her head, ruining any chance she would have had at a good nights rest. It had taken a great deal of nerve (from Lua’s perspective, anyway) to slowly edge her head around the tree and check that the vampires hadn’t feasted on one of their less fortunate companions while she wasn’t looking. That realisation (along with the fact that her precious neck hadn’t been punctured) made the girl feel a little better about the situation. Just a little. When combined with her exhaustion though, it made her second attempt at sleep a far more comfortable affair. Her dreams were bearable this time, and aside from a slight twitch of her nose, she showed no signs of moving as the others prepared for breakfast.
  15. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "...I see." Claire gulped, wondering if it had been a horrible mistake to bring Nona into the kitchen. Perhaps she was having fun, but the poor potato casualty list was growing awfully long. It was only when Claire heard her own name that she looked up from the floor, breaking her out of her daze. "Er, I suppose so." If he could get past the whole 'having to take a wife' part, that is, which seemed to be a little difficult for him. Constance's reaction to Nona's teasing was of far greater concern, however. Claire bit her lip as it all came flooding out, aware that she'd have to choose her words carefully - or at least more carefully than the others were handling their potatoes. "I think that we should take a break for a few minutes." she suggested, for the sake of their food stock and the elder's well-being. Nona... Claire sighed. She couldn't understand the Valter girl. She had to be playing dumb here, but the mage just didn't get her.