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  1. I tried to change it, but this what appeared (it keep scrolling/flooding the upperleft, check the image).
  2. I am having problem with text the example of my problem(check the photo of the game): BUT the text I insert is this(check photo last photo and first photo, I believe that is the chronological order according to the system XD) I did try Tex1, 0x815, Text(0815), Text 0815 In the event assembler, but nothing change/problem is still the same. but I believe the problem has something to do with Opening_Event or the Text in the FEditor. (Fire Emblem (U) Venom)
  3. hey guys, I have a problem, but before I insert the problem, these is the setting of what I inpujt in notepad(to event assembler. I will show only the Misc_event to the last part so I can save spaces. Misc_events: CauseGameOverIfLordDies DefeatAll(Ending_event) End_MAIN TrapData: End_MAIN Opening_event: OOBB LOU1 Good ENUN LOU1 Bad ENUN FADI 0x10 BACG 0x0D MUSC 0x08 FADU 0x10 Tex1 0815 REMA ENDA Ending_event: OOBB BACG 0x0D Text(0816) ENUN MoveToChapter(0x01) ENDA // Events // Manual Movement // Scripted Fights // Units // Shop Data MESSAGE Events end at offset currentOffset But this is the text I enter(check picture 1 and 2). BUT when I save, run the game, this what show: When I load the game, it show different text, it do not show the face of the lord, it do not show the right text, it do show different text and not the textbox(white). check picture no, 3. Please help me guys! NOTE: I try to lessen the amount of text(and both try Tex1 0x815, text(0815),text (0815) or whatever), like: [openleft][loadface][0x16][0x01][togglesmile] I overslept.[A][X] But nothing happen, still that happen(this problem)
  4. I actually insert [X] at the end. but it do not show the character portrait, the text box, the text I insert, but it only appear the text of Affa's drop info(?) I will redirect this question to the link you provide, but with good detail.
  5. HEYA FELLAS! i am troubling with text editor (feditor) this are the setting I insert in EVENT ASSEMBLER. Opening_event: OOBB LOU1 Good ENUN LOU1 Bad ENUN FADI 10 BACG 0x0D MUSC 0x08 FADU 10 Tex1 0x0815 REMA ENDA then this are what is the Tex1 [OpenFarLeft][LoadFace][0x16][0x01] I overslept..Lloyd will[.] scold me because of this.[A] blah blah blah etc. PROBLEM1: however when I play the game(i saved it), The game freeze after background load, then annoying sound like the gameboy chip/game was removed from the gameboy. PROBLEM2: However when I play the game, but I wrote Text(0815) instead of tex1 0x0815, this what happen(check my screencap), it appear different text, but I am confident that the text i input is 815
  6. Edit: new problem. I solved those problems here are the new
  7. I am editing now Fire emblem hack. rightnow, this is what I did: First, I make my own event using EVENT ASSEMBLER(check below the pictures). third, I edit some text(via FEditor) then change some to make my own dialog. Third, I replace Lyn(0x16) character by my own self made character. According to the dialog, 0x815. the portrait will appear IS my new character I replace to Lyn(0x16) and 2 citizen. HOWEVER THIS IS WHERE the problem occur: 1) when the dialog conversation began, the game freeze, but I can skip it(check pic1). 2)When I am going to check my character Information, the game freeze, just black.(check pic2). it is also same as attacking an enemy(when you are about to pick which weapon to use), Checking Items, I believe it has something to do with the portrait. Any solution guys? Below the pictures, there are portrait of my characters, those are what I did to replace Lyn portrait. the first(male) freeze what I said to no.2. while the female portrait. the game freeze entirely once I start the game(player phase) after dialog. The e.txt is my edited event e.txt
  8. What should I add for Guard? attackinrange? and all other? it say error even with AI insert at the end (pursuewithoutheedAI is working!) also what code should I put for Music insertion?
  9. should add AI everytime in every unit?
  10. If I use that, will that remove ALL tutorial iself(what I mean is, the file/program/etc of the tutorial will be remove from the game itself?)?
  11. This what appear in my Event Assembler. What should I do? (I edit files via Eventiel, text files I mean like what I will write in Notepad, but it is Boviex , alternate but Eventiel, the original eventiel is not working well). Check below the Image, there is written txt file, that is my txt, check it if you think there is wrong. I will edit it by myself if there is wrong in my codes. and also, the map is provided so you can check the unit location. please help me new 1.txt Chp1scrn.BMP
  12. I am currently making my own fire emblem Hack, with help of Ghast Station tutorial(youtube). Currently, I manage to set Units, characters, etc. So right now, I am making Events(talking, moving character in events, etc). (as I said with tutorial youtube), I used, Eventiel(It is not really working so I use an alternate of Eventiel) to make scene edit, conversation. The problem are this(check picture , left side). What should I do with this? the New.1 is the setting of my program/event. Please help! new 1.txt
  13. How to remove FE7 tutorials? I need to remove this because since I am making my hack, the location of my characters are in different area but the tutorial is keep working(For example, the location of my character is far away to the place where should I place lyn in tutorial. the cursor where tutorial is telling, conversation of tutorial etc.) I need to remove this so i can make my fire emblem hack well. please help me. Also how to remove Lyn illustration and other illustration appearing in FE7(ex death of eliwood father, nergal removing hood etc) Fire Emblem(U)(Venom) is my version (just incase you need to know or needed to know) I check a certain video at youtube for making text using Eventiel, but eventiel is really not working to me and other say it was down in somepart.
  14. THANK THANK Primefusion! I manage to change my map, this is what my map is. though i still need to change it(unit location etc.). Thank also to Markyjoe tutorial video at youtube
  15. There is no Xeld editor, link is domain. I download text editor suite, but when I open Suite folder, it is only bunch of app that if you run, it close soon and show only black screen. what to do?