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  1. Um...hey. I'm back. It feels kind of weird...I haven't been on Serenes Forest since...well, since the end of your last LP. I just randomly decided to check if you'd done anything new a month or two late. I'm working on binging the earlier updates right now, but I couldn't wait that long to post, so...hi everyone. any of you newcomers know I named Sid?
  2. I have a vague idea about what I want to write...either something about a restaurant or a story about S.H.E.I.L.D. Maybe both.
  3. I might participate; I’m a semi-avid writer.
  4. Things You Mean to Get to But Just Perpetually Don't

    Writing updates for my Fates LP and chapters for my Fanfictions.
  5. A Bad FE Player Ironmans Revelation

    Yeah; the last two were barely there in the first place. Pre-Battle:
  6. Well, Ruben, it’s been a long run...however, I’m glad to have gone along on this journey with you! Stay safe, and I’ll loook forward to seeing your next LP!
  7. I’ve always called her “Edgelard,” and I think I shall continue to do so.
  8. Why Is Jakob Useless as A Dark Flier?

    Wait, he does? ....Well, that solves my problem and makes me very happy.