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  1. Need Help in 12x(Thracia 776)

    I cant promote her either Because she isn't 10 or higher level.I prefer using nanna.But maybe i can level up Safy's staff rank with using lots of staff even when ı have beaten all of the enemies.
  2. Need Help in 12x(Thracia 776)

    But none of my unit's can't use warp staff.Safy's staff rank is B.
  3. Need Help in 12x(Thracia 776)

    I have got Lara and Lifis but they don't have enough speed to steal items from thieves.Because ı didn't trained them.But anyway i have beated this chapter and have recruited all units but ignored lots of items(At least got knight proof the most important one).Thanks for replying .And one more question.Now ı'm in chapter 13 and i saw a house on a island with a bishop.Is that possible to get there without Karin?I dont have Karin because.
  4. Need Help in 12x(Thracia 776)

    There is no problem about beating the chapter but the problem is recruiting Troude and getting the items.All of the thieves are very fast so I can't steal from them and also they all have high build!Only Orsin,Halvan,Dalsin and Hicks can capture them but all of them are axe users expect Hicks when he is dismounted.But Hicks's skill isn't really high,thieves are really fast and Hicks's sword rank is E.Maybe I can catch them with orsin's Pugi axe.But the other problem is recruiting Troude.There is no problem cathing him actually but you can't bring a lot of units here so cathing the other thieves will be really hard.So guys?What should I do to get all of the treasures and recruit Troude?
  5. Dolphin's Annoying Lag

    I have setted the power setting of windows to power saving mode before and forgot it.Finally someone warned me in dolphin forums and corrected it.(I setted the power setting to high performance)I hope I could be some help with my English.(I'm still learning and not sure if I wrote the sentences correctly)
  6. Dolphin's Annoying Lag

    Anyway I found the problem and corrected it.Thanks for replying.
  7. Top 5 kills in Path of Radiance

    5-Gatrie 4-Jill 3-Boyd 2-Oscar 1-Ike
  8. Dolphin's Annoying Lag

    I dont think it's about my computer specs because the lag started suddenly and I had no problems before.About background applications.I closed all of the applications expect of Microsoft Services but no nothing changed.
  9. Dolphin's Annoying Lag

    Actually this isn't only about Radiant Dawn but I thought It's the right place to start a topic.Anyway Dolphin was running really perfect before but one day Dolphin suddenly started lagging especially Radiant Dawn.Well I dont think its about the game because even 8-bit games like Megaman lags a lot.I searched internet a lot about this problem.Well I found some but they didnt work actually.Please help :(
  10. Hello Everyone!

    Hello everyone!My name is Fatih and I'm from Turkey.Actually Fire Emblem isn't my favorite game but I love it a lot too.I have played Genealogy of Holy War,Binding Blade,Blazing Sword,Sacred Stones,Shadow Dragon,New Mystery of The Emblem,Path of Radiane and now playing Radiant Dawn.It's really nice to meet you!