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  1. I got a Mia +Res/-Def. What build is good on her? Should she keep her initial skills or go in Desperation build? Is Galeforce a special she would want?
  2. Focus: Farfetched Heroes!

    So, Mia seems to have a good kit already. Is there something that should be changed on her skills? Desperetion instead of Vantage? Maybe even Galeforce as a special (would lose half of her sword, but it would proc really easy)?
  3. So, have they officially announced the next season bonus units?
  4. Another FEH channel on the 14th: Post Talk

    I have 40 orbs that I want to spend on the DB banner for Elincia or Delthea, but I'm waiting this announcement before doing it.
  5. Got a -Atk+Def H!Jakob as my free summon. What should I do with him in terms of skills?
  6. I just saw that I had a 4* +Atk/-Spd Reinhardt sitting on my barracks for ~1 week. I thought he wasn't +Atk when I pulled him, but went looking again today and found out that he was. Now I have a 5* +3, +Atk/-Spd Rein. Need to find another one to get him to +4 and get the Atk merge bonus.
  7. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    I'm using only units that are not maxed on HM. Going with Arvis, PA Olivia, Summer Corrin and Summer Gaius (had Michalis on Gaius place till now, but he got to 3k HM). Almost at 18k for now. I'll aim for 20k today. I'm using Brash Assault seal on Nino on this TT. There are some enemies with inflated stats, so it is useful sometimes. And she is a monster. I almost cleaned the entire last map with just her + Inigo.
  8. I'm only logging in for the daily bonus since yesterday. I could get some sp on random heroes to prepare for future skills, but I rather do that while going on the TT.
  9. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    I've also sent ingame feedback on the Ayra stuff. Hope they aknowledge their mistake.
  10. I can only see that if she's obtainable at a higher score, as we've seen Arden as a 4* at the usual score range. I can only hope that she's a 100k reward at this point. Given my orb stash at the moment (0) and my recent luck pulling reds (~130 orbs focusing red on Brave Roy with no success, ~150 orbs focusing red on Elincia to get my pity rate broken twice and getting my rate up to 5% again and the banner ending without me getting her), I'll not have her otherwise.
  11. I'm with you on the thoughts there.
  12. The next few days I'll only log in for the bonuses. I don't have any motivation to play the game till the TT. And even then, I'll only play it because I need the orbs and coins from the rewards. This game is disappointing me lately.
  13. Ayra being summonable is really REALLY bad handling from them. Even more, they're giving another armored sword unit in the TT, right after BK. It threw my hype with the TT (and with the game itself, in a way) down for real.
  14. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    I was hyped for this TT because I wanted to get Ayra. Now I lost all the hype.
  15. I didn' REALLY needed Arvis, as I have Tharja, Celica, Leo and Lilina as 5*, but 5*d him anyway. Mages are never too much to have, specially with AA. I still have 20k feathers for Ayra, who I really want to have as 5*, if she need to be promoted. Hoping that she'll be a TT reward and come as a 5* already, so I can save those feathers for futute GHB or to give more merges for Nino/Reinhardt.