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  1. Grand Hero Battle: Lyon

    Did infernal with Reinhardt, Leo, Cecilia and Olivia. Now thinking if I should 5* Lyon or not...
  2. So, I have 30ish orbs right now. I'm in doubt if I should try to get Micaiah or if I should keep pulling after NY Camilla, as I don't have red fliers yet. Micaiah sounds good, tho. Advices?
  3. We'll probably know about the next banner till the weekend, right?
  4. Is it worth to upgrade Linde's Aura to Dark Aura?
  5. Weapon Refinery: Favorite Enhances

    The thing is that my Minerva is -Spd/+Def. That's not very optimal in terms of attack potential. I can cover that -Spd with some Goads when I get her with some more fliers, tho. On the other hand, Michalis is neutral and I have 3 more copies of him if I want to merge up to +3. Is Minerva still a better option?
  6. Weapon Refinery: Favorite Enhances

    I don't know which legendary weapon to upgrade first. I have the option between Michalis, Minerva, Julia and Takumi. I'm probably going with one of the first two, but don't know which one. Michalis would be good because I have some extras to merge him, but Minerva is also doing good when I use her. Julia would be just an upgrade to Divine Naga and Takumi would be for funny stuff with teleports.
  7. So far, 2 Brave Lyns, 1 Bride Cordelia, 1 Bunny Camilla and 1 Deirdre. Need to get Hector, but I'm out of orbs. I'll have December quests tomorrow, but after some pulls using them, I'll leave it at that and start saving up. I got pretty lucky already with what I've pulled.
  8. So far, 2 Brave Lyns, 1 Bride Cordelia, 1 Spring Camilla. Still need to get my first Hector.
  9. I got a Mia +Res/-Def. What build is good on her? Should she keep her initial skills or go in Desperation build? Is Galeforce a special she would want?
  10. Focus: Farfetched Heroes!

    So, Mia seems to have a good kit already. Is there something that should be changed on her skills? Desperetion instead of Vantage? Maybe even Galeforce as a special (would lose half of her sword, but it would proc really easy)?
  11. So, have they officially announced the next season bonus units?
  12. Another FEH channel on the 14th: Post Talk

    I have 40 orbs that I want to spend on the DB banner for Elincia or Delthea, but I'm waiting this announcement before doing it.
  13. Got a -Atk+Def H!Jakob as my free summon. What should I do with him in terms of skills?
  14. I just saw that I had a 4* +Atk/-Spd Reinhardt sitting on my barracks for ~1 week. I thought he wasn't +Atk when I pulled him, but went looking again today and found out that he was. Now I have a 5* +3, +Atk/-Spd Rein. Need to find another one to get him to +4 and get the Atk merge bonus.
  15. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    I'm using only units that are not maxed on HM. Going with Arvis, PA Olivia, Summer Corrin and Summer Gaius (had Michalis on Gaius place till now, but he got to 3k HM). Almost at 18k for now. I'll aim for 20k today. I'm using Brash Assault seal on Nino on this TT. There are some enemies with inflated stats, so it is useful sometimes. And she is a monster. I almost cleaned the entire last map with just her + Inigo.