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  1. I'm glad that I got flying Nino with just 45 orbs on this banner, but she's +Atk/-Spd. Still, she's a better offensive flying mage than the ones I have (Bunny Camilla, Summer Corrin, Female Morgan). I'll save the rest of my orbs for the next banners. And maybe CYL comes early this year than last year's...
  2. Do we know who the next bonus units are?
  3. Yeah, true. Since she has low def/res already, maybe L&D would do. Or Fury, for the recoil damage to get into Desperation range...
  4. So, I got a +Spd/-Def B!Tharja. She's the only one I really wanted on this banner and I got her on my free summon. Call me lucky. She's probably going to do well with a build similar to original Tharja, right? Desperation/Moonbow and keeping her original A slot.
  5. I won't even spend feathers on promoting Takumi, since I have a bad IV one from the early days that I'm going to use as CC fodder. The neutral one is going to sit on my barracks to be upgraded when I have something to do with it (or even to be more CC fodder)
  6. So, free Takumi means free Close Counter. I was wondering who should I give it to and I have some options. - H!Jakob seems a solid choice, even more if I manage to get some fodder for Bold/Vengeful fighter. Slap a refined Guard Bow and he should turn into a monster. - Reinhard with CC could be kind of a monster, with Vantage and Blarblade, but I don't think that's the best option - LA!Lyn, I think it's worse than giving it to Jakob, since she loses her Bond A slot that makes up a lot of her build (mine has Owl tome). She also has lowish def compared to Jakob. - Nino? Mine is +10 +Spd/-Def. Blade/Vantage/CC Nino seems nasty, but she's already a monster and that seems excessive. - Felicia? As I see, my best option is H!Jakob. Even mine being -Atk (he is +Def or +Res, can't remember now), it should make him pretty strong and it would make me use him more, I guess. Any advices?
  7. Red and Blue Bow Unit Speculation

    Noire with a red bow with the bladetome effect. I can dream, right?!
  8. If his refinement effect checked his Res instead of Def, it would be better, IMO. But I'll probably do it next when I get 200 dews. Did Eirika's earlier and it's really good.
  9. We have a lot of weapons in the game with built in distant counter already. When are they going to make a ranged weapon with close counter? If I'm not mistaken, there is not a single one in the game yet.
  10. Grand Hero Battle: Lyon

    Did infernal with Reinhardt, Leo, Cecilia and Olivia. Now thinking if I should 5* Lyon or not...
  11. So, I have 30ish orbs right now. I'm in doubt if I should try to get Micaiah or if I should keep pulling after NY Camilla, as I don't have red fliers yet. Micaiah sounds good, tho. Advices?
  12. We'll probably know about the next banner till the weekend, right?
  13. Is it worth to upgrade Linde's Aura to Dark Aura?
  14. Weapon Refinery: Favorite Enhances

    The thing is that my Minerva is -Spd/+Def. That's not very optimal in terms of attack potential. I can cover that -Spd with some Goads when I get her with some more fliers, tho. On the other hand, Michalis is neutral and I have 3 more copies of him if I want to merge up to +3. Is Minerva still a better option?
  15. Weapon Refinery: Favorite Enhances

    I don't know which legendary weapon to upgrade first. I have the option between Michalis, Minerva, Julia and Takumi. I'm probably going with one of the first two, but don't know which one. Michalis would be good because I have some extras to merge him, but Minerva is also doing good when I use her. Julia would be just an upgrade to Divine Naga and Takumi would be for funny stuff with teleports.