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  1. My rate on the Crimean banner is already at 4.5% after it being broken 3 times (Priscilla, Lucina and Celica). Elincia doesn't want to join me =[
  2. Sadly, I don't have those skills to pass onto BK. My Ikes were merged when I saw I had no units to inherit Steady Breath. Should have saved one of them for the case of someone appearing in need of it.
  3. I'm curious about it. What BK set are you talking about?
  4. I'm hyped for the TT. Is there any datamined info on the seals for this TT? I'll try to get BK on my first day. I have to use Ike as a bonus unit and he is already capped in HM. Then I can switch him for BK, even though he is only 20% bonus unit, and make the most of HM grinding with him. Or, I could get lucky for once and manage to summon Elincia with some of the TT orbs.
  5. Do we know anything about those Warriors maps that will start tomorrow? Like, if they have rewards, how many of them will be...
  6. Did infernal with Nowi, Azura, Julia and Brave Ike. Nowi tanked and killed red cav and tanked the blue cav first turn. Second turn, Julia kills Hawkeye with dance, Ike with Rally Def tanks and kills blue cav and tanks the sword infantry (Aether saves him), both end with low hp. Retreat on the next turn. Fourth turn Julia kills green mage using a dance from Azura to get in range, Ike finishes sword infantry, Ninian is out of range to attack anyone. Next turn just killed her with Julia.
  7. I had 4888 and got back to 19. Probably 49xx
  8. 4840 should be good to go up
  9. Already got my defense with 5* Anna, Brave Ike +2, Brave Lucina +1, Brave Lyn. I'll wait a couple days before doing my run while I try to get Elincia, but I'll do it saturday with this team if I don't get her by then.
  10. I know the feeling. I already got 5* Lucina (neutral), 5* Celica (-Spd) and 5* Priscilla while sniping reds after Elincia (Priscilla appeared when I opened a colorless when there were no red orbs).
  11. My Xander and Camus don't have Reposition. That's not a big deal until you get to 11-5. Without that on them, it' impossible to kill Celica with Reinhardt and get to your next turn with everybody alive. And I'm out of Repo fodder for now.
  12. Only missing 11-12 here also. I've tried a couple times and I think I would be able to do it if my Reinhardt were +Atk. He misses killing Mae on 11-3 and that screws everything. I'll try to use another team first, probably with 2 fliers to help ppl move around on 11-3, and then switch teams afterwards.
  13. My search for Elincia is not going well. A few days ago I got a -Spd Celica and a 5* Priscilla, today I was surprised by a neutral Lucina. How difficult it is to get a focus unit?! Apparently, harder than getting 3 off focus 5*s.
  14. Did another run to get a better score and got 4888. Still not good enough to stay on tier 20, sadly.
  15. Zephiel might not be the best option, since Black Knight will probably be better than he is.