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  1. I have 2 or 3 4* Ogmas sitting around in my barracks. I guess if I really need someone to inherit Brave Sword, I can go with the normal Brave Sword from Ogma until I get some feathers to upgrade it to Brave Sword+ with the other Ogma. Besides, I already have some good melee sword users. Xander, Ryoma and Ike being the 3 more powerful. So, If I were to give WoM to someone, is it better to go with a dancer or a nuker like Reinhardt? If Dancer, I have Ninian and Azura (also have 4* Olivia, but I like to have Axebreaker on her to get Hectors), which one would benefit more? Azura is +Atk/-Res Ninian is +1, +HP/-Def
  2. Got a deathless run that scored 4794 on tier 19. Now let's wait and see if it is good enough to go up to 20. Last time I went up ther, my socre was 4800 and I had some room to breathe on the standings and this week it seems more teams will be going up.
  3. Should I feed my 5* Cain to give Reinhardt Wings of Mercy? Or should I give it to Azura/Ninian? I'm cautious because he is the only source of Brave Sword+ I have and if I need it for someone, I'd have to promote another unit to pass it. On the other hand, I don't have anyone that's needing a Brave Sword right now and WoM could help get some defenses on Arena.
  4. I've put a lvl 1 4* bonus unit as my lead, let's see if it takes someone by surprise and I manage to get a defense win.
  5. I think I'll just throw Cecilia, Reinhardt, Olwen and Ursula and see where it goes.
  6. Traded Effie for Ryoma to keep greens away. Could have traded her for Nowi also, but Ryoma is +1, has a good nature and has full build of Fury/Vantage/Hone Speed. With Ryoma as my lead, should I replace Sharena with Cecilia to give buffs to Reinhardt? That way I have a bonus unit and seems like even though she's not blue, she's a better unit (Sharena 4*, no SI, Cecilia 5*, L&D/Desperation/Hone Cav/Blade)
  7. No defenses yet. Last week I got none and it's already saturday and still 0. Wtf am I doing wrong? lol Currently using Sharena, Effie, Azura and Reinhardt.
  8. Went to sleep yesterday 3h before the end of TT and at that time I was at 562th place. Woke up today at 1125. Lost 2k feathers =[
  9. I have a 3* Nino that's +Hp/-Spd Should I start levelling her or should I wait for a better one?
  10. 129k, around 520-550 if I'm not mistaken.
  11. Set my defense team with: Cecilia (Blade, L&D, Desperation, Hone) Olwen (Dire Thunder, L&D, Desperation, Fortify) Reinhardt (Dire Thunder, DB, Lancebreaker, Goad) Azura (Spd+3, Escape Route, Hone Atk) Hope I get a least one win this week. Also need some more Gunthers to give more ponies Hone Cavalry. Only Cecilia, Leo and Xander have it.
  12. I made to tier 20 this week with 4800
  13. No source, i just had it in my head that I've read someone saying about it coming in August. I could have mixed something up. Either way, I'm still saving my orbs till then