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  1. Pallaaaaa! She's going to be top priority, followed by Bruno, then Marisa, then Veronica. The art looks so good, too. Definitely the best seasonal banner this year.
  2. I'm gonna say...Ayra and Finn. Idk, I'm terrible with silhouettes, but I'm pretty sure they're both from Jugdral. Would love for them to be Rinea and Berkut, though.
  3. They serve scones at KFC? ...I can't even imagine it. Anyways, for me, and this is normally in regards to desserts, it's nuts. Every. Single. Time. I can order a trifle expecting it to be topped with chocolate sprinkles. Nope. It's almond flakes instead. Want a chocolate cake? Here it is with a hazelnut filling. Just, no. Any kind of nut, except for coconut if it counts, is foul. As for a proper main course, it's garden peas. I can order a toad in the hole and be really excited for it, only to see that they've put the garden peas inside the yorkshire pudding already, and it just kills every ounce of joy I have. Same if I order a traditional Sunday dinner, it's always garden peas. Do they not have any other vegetable?
  4. - That the London based area once burned down due to a great fire, obviously being a reference to the Great Fire of London. That's the only one I can think of right now that hasn't been said yet.
  5. Who will return?

    I'll echo the people who say Anna and Jake. Jake has been missing for far too long, it's rather unfair, don't you think? Would also like to see Xane, even a small, vague reference would be nice. As for lords...let. Marth. Rest. I'm fine if he's only there due to amiibo or einherjar, but please don't go out of your way to shoehorn him in. Same with the other lords. Let Edelgard, Dmitri and Claude have their own spotlight.
  6. The DWMA is the perfect way to describe Three Houses so far. Those students were also sent out on missions and such, which is what seems to be the case here. I wouldn't worry too much. There's no guarantee that we'll be staying in a school setting. A time skip seems likely, judging from the first trailer, soo...let's just wait and see.
  7. Your main survived the Galeem purge. How?

    Marth uses a Warp Staff to gtfo of there, and then warp back, just like Kirby did. I mean, he uses one for his entrance animation, sooo... And if he doesn't have one readily available, he will...resign himself to his fate, idk.
  8. Oh gods, no! Don't jinx it! How are we feeling about July 26th as a release date? I'm fine with it, as it gives me ample time to save up for the special edition, and gives IS more time to polish it. I also wouldn't worry too much about lighting or whatever, patches are a thing.
  9. Male Byleth will be my go to. Anyways. I'm liking where this is going. We have a father! One that looks cooler than Validar, anyways. I'm a bit iffy with the school setting, but I'm wondering if they'll eventually graduate and go on your typical FE quest. I like the character designs. Nothing too revealing or fanservicey, but with enough flair to show that this is a fantasy srpg. Either way, I'm fairly optimistic about it. I just feel like there's tons that we don't know anything about.
  10. Nintendo Direct on February 13 2019

    Is there any hope for a Tokyo Mirage Sessions port? It deserves a second chance. Also hoping for Joker gameplay for Smash.
  11. Nintendo Direct on February 13 2019

    Nothing against avatars, but Corrin left a bad impression. It's mostly because I love Byleth's design, and his name has a meaning that could tie into the plot. It's selfish, I know, but eh, what can you do?
  12. Nintendo Direct on February 13 2019

    Hallelujah! More news on Three Houses is great. Please don't let Byleth be customisable, please don't let Byleth be customisable...
  13. Ah, no, I'm not disputing that. I just think that if Ike were to settle down with someone, it has to be someone close to him, so my mind instantly goes to one of the playable characters. Although I suppose there's no reason why he can't form a romantic relationship with someone we don't know about... Either way, nothing against Priam, I just wish IS expanded upon him.
  14. Just thought I could add my two cents on the subject of Priam... Going off the information we have, I believe that he is descended from Mist and Boyd. Ike leaves with either Soren or Ranulf, and I find it hard to believe that he would settle down with some random maiden after not showing any romantic interest in anyone during both games he's in. Priam just claims to be descended from Ike, because he pretty much is, with Ike being his great x??? uncle. There's a precedent for this, as seen where Marth is said to be descended from Anri, but is actually descended from Anri's brother. ...What if Chrom/Lissa/Emmeryn/Lucina/Owain aren't descended from Marth, and are instead descended from Elice and Merric? Hmm... Anyways. Titania looks gorgeous, the red is so vibrant! I might just keep her for her art alone.
  15. Oh fgs, take your shipping wars somewhere else. Anyways, this is the easiest skip i've ever had to do. I don't like any of these characters, but hey, people are happy because of course it's Tellius...