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  1. Ah, that's easier to understand. Thank you, both of you. I'll try it out later today.
  2. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    So with a team of Micaiah, Ninian, Hector and LA!Roy...I have all the rewards. Hallelujah. I don't want another TT for a while now, let me replenish my stamina potion stock, jc.
  3. Aw you're all lovely :) In that case... Could you explain to me how giving orders works? I tried fiddling about with it but I didn't notice any effects, so unless I missed something, idk?
  4. I'm glad. I was hesitant too about playing it as the fandom considers it to be one of the worst game in the series, but I gave it a shot. It's now my second favourite FE game. My point is...people feel differently about things. On topic...I finally got to play Warriors myself today (happy birthday sweet Lau), and it's so good. Roll on Monday so I can get the season pass.
  5. I show them a picture of Marth of course. What else would I show them? In all seriousness, I don't show them anything as much as I'd tell them, and that'd be about the characters.
  6. I got Brawl really late, Smash 4 had just been announced but I was like, no, I'm gonna get it. My intentions were to play as Sheik, but as I was making my way through the SSE, I saw a certain blue haired Prince. I thought to myself, 'oohlala, who is this handsome chap?'. So I googled, researched, and learnt about Fire Emblem. I saw that the most recent game was Awakening, and it was on the 3DS. I had a 3DS. Perfect. So I watched someone play it up to chapter 12, then gave my mum some hard-earned moola and asked if she could be a dearie and buy it for me whilst I was at school. She thought it was a Pokemon game. I remember being rather frantic throughout the day - did she get the right one? And yeah, she did. But she couldn't get a brand spanking new one, they didn't have any in stock, but they did have a pre-owned one without the case at £30. My mum was like, I ain't paying 30 quid for a game without a case, I'll go see if Argos has it. And the guy at the till was like, wait, wait, £25. Safe to say, mum was smug as hell. Tl;dr, Marth was super attractive, and momma has a way with words.
  7. My bias aside... For the time, Marth had a very interesting concept. A young prince who had his world thrown upside down in the span of a few hours, exiled from his own country and forced into hiding. Kinda vaguely reminds me of King Charles II, and isn't that an image? Hahah. Lucina, as others have stated, is very interesting. Eliwood too, actually. He sets out looking for his father. That's it. He doesn't want glory, he wants his dad. Robin, too, if he counts. Amnesia is great in fiction, and the fact that he is actually Grima's vessel? Oh dearie me.
  8. Swords don't bother me, they always look cool. That being said...can we get a bow Lord?
  9. Fire emblem switch ideas?

    I would totally go for an Archanean trilogy as you know, but maybe it's a bit too soon. I wouldn't mind something that focuses more on the political side, as in actually seeing the Lord deal with their court and whatnot, but maybe some people would find that boring? Idk. I'll take whatever IS gives.
  10. Any character(s) that have grown on you?

    Corrin. I still think they're the worse Lord, but take them out of Fates and write them as a character instead of an avatar and...they're actually really good. Thank you Warriors.
  11. my favorite characters

    How could I ever be mad at you?
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Free pull from the BHB was a 4* Nowi. I've never pulled her before, and I assumed that she was locked at 5*. Doesn't matter, I sent her home for feathers.
  13. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I'm sorry, what? When did I ever say that the Fates characters didn't have any flaws? Don't put words into my mouth, and don't call me ignorant just because yeah, I actually prefer the Fates cast. Shocking, right? You say "when you look up to their receptions by the community". Hah. Why on earth should I even care about what the community thinks? A majority of of the fan base loves Ike. By that logic, I should love Ike too. Nope, sorry. It doesn't work like that. Look. It's clear you disagree with me, and that's fine. But to twist my words? No thank you. So let's drop this, yeah? Like I said before, getting into an argument about anything Fates related is not on my to-do list. It's tiring, pointless, and nobody comes out happy. So, agree to disagree?
  14. I got stuck on the screen where it gives you tips after booting up the game, thought there was something wrong. ...Compensation orbs? Jk
  15. Oh god, don't do this to me Vax, if Legendary Marth gets announced I'll die.