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  1. If the mode is called Spirits, and is connected to everybody dying in the reveal trailers, then I'd like to see this: The characters are trophies, right? This is seen in Melee, Brawl, and especially the SSE. In the SSE, when the characters are defeated, they return to trophy form. Sooo, what if, their spirits are pushed out of the trophies, and the trophies are hijacked by a dark force, kinda like Dark Bowser and Dark Diddy Kong from SSE. We have to somehow get the character's spirits back inside the trophies, maybe by playing with a handful of characters not being hijacked, so maybe the Original 8? This would unlock even more characters. So they keep running into the entire roster, and helping them. Then at the end, all the dark force gathers together and creates one giant abomination that they have to fight. Idk, I just want some gorgeous cutscenes.
  2. I don't mind if he becomes playable, but I don't want him as a Legendary Hero. Can we get the Lords out of the way first? Because I really couldn't care less about the Book II OCs...
  3. That's exactly how I feel. I may not care about some franchises (Mario, Metroid, DK, etc), but I'm always happy for the fans that wanted a particular character. But god forbid someone bangs on about slots, relevancy and how 'interesting' characters have to be to get into Smash.
  4. Character Victory Quotes

    As long as they change Lucina's god awful lines of "This is the Hero King?" and "They call you the Radiant Hero?", I'm good with anything.
  5. Zack Fair as a Cloud Echo would be a dream come true, but judging how Square has seems like a pipe dream. I would love to see Celica as a Robin Echo, but then I'd have to hide from the backlash "Fire Emblem has too many charactersss" ugh it's awful. Idk if this has been mentioned, but I saw a leak that's looking rather plausible atm, and it has Gardevoir as a new Pokemon rep. That's great, not my preferred choice for a gen 3 rep, but I've always liked Gardevoir. But then it says that Gothitelle would be an Echo. I really don't want it to be true. I don't want Gothitelle anywhere near me. I really don't like its design...
  6. Fantastic read! I had no idea who Richter was - I've never played a Castlevania game - but he has quickly become a favourite, he won me over with his victory animation, as well as being voiced by David Vincent? Yes please!
  7. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    I'm really glad that this TT has given me an excuse to actually train my Masked Marth. She's now 40 +1, just need to find some good skills for her. Overall, I'm liking this TT. I needed Tobin, Arden (Catalogue only) and Joshua, so yeah. Do you think they're going to do another one of these, but have the rewards be 2018's TT units? Because I need more merges for G!Marth and LA!Eliwood like, yesterday.
  8. About the FE Characters...

    Yeah I was about to say, I thought that was just a rumour as well. Nothing riles me up more than the hate FE gets from the Smash fandom, hahah. I don't care about the number of reps, I don't care about the weapon variety - they all feel different despite all of them using swords. I care about the character. If Alm gets in as an Echo of Ike, fantastic. Instant secondary, much love. If Micaiah gets in as a Robin Echo, yes, yes, yes! If, say...Eirika, gets in as an entirely new fighter, even better. Maybe I'm just really laid back, maybe I just love FE so much (though everything I've just said extends to every other franchise in Smash soooo...), I just find it really hard to complain about it. I'm not disputing that the weapon variety could be much better, but honestly? I'm fine with what we've got, if you get what I mean?
  9. August/September Event Schedule!

    Even if I don't think he'll be a GHB, I'm all for corrupted Marth. It could have happened if he never managed to escape Altea when it was invaded, or if he was forced into a political marriage with Nyna. Then again, I'll take anything with Marth, hahah. I'm hoping that one of the new heroes banners is either Archanea or Valentia, though a Binding Blade banner would be nice. I'm mainly just curious about what they're gonna do with Marth for CYL.
  10. I strongly believe that FF will have more than two songs, this could just be another early build. I think we're being a bit too quick to judge Square atm, but if it does turn out to be just two songs, it'll be very disappointing. However, I don't think Sakurai would agree to having only two songs? Smash 4 had a pass due to being DLC, but this is all in the base game. I'd love to see Zack as a Cloud Echo, and he's actually my number one pick for an Echo fighter now that Chrom is in.
  11. shut up, chrom is in smash ultimate

    I'm ecstatic about Chrom getting in. It just annoys me that people are starting to bring the Awakening and Fates hate into Smash. Awakening has one unique rep, the other two are Echoes, you can just merge them into the character they're Echoes of so you don't see them take up a space on the CSS. The Smash fanbase can be extremely petty sometimes when it comes to the number of characters per franchise. I can understand complaints about the lack of variety, but then you need to consider that that hole was dug all the way back in Brawl. There was nothing stopping Sakurai from choosing Micaiah over Ike (I'm pretty sure RD was out at the time of Brawl's development), but he didn't. Before Awakening, FE was still a niche franchise, Ephraim and Hector were just past it, I suppose. Sakurai wanted to play it safe and go with the protagonists from the most recent games. Should we just blame IS for creating too many sword protags? Because I think it's becoming glaringly obvious to them now with Smash, Heroes and Warriors...
  12. What I want to know is who are the remaining top picks? I can think of Bandana Dee (please Sakurai!), Geno and Shantae, but who else is there? I've been looking for a clear close up of Chrom and Robin, I love them so much<3
  13. Yet people will still say Marth and Roy play the same, despite Roy being much more of a rush down fighter, what, with his sweet spot being at the base of his sword. I suppose using Link was a poor example on my behalf, I'm sorry about that. I need to stop going on the Smash subreddit, it riles me up, hahah.
  14. The fact that I'm a big fan of FE aside, I really don't care about how many reps they have, just like how I don't care about the amount of reps any other franchise has. When people complain about how "all the FE reps play the same", I like to point them over to the Zelda reps, where you have three Links, with very minimal differences between them. Honestly, I don't think FE deserves the flak it gets from the Smash fanbase. Could the selection be better? Definitely. But the problem started with Brawl - they dropped Roy and picked Ike, the most recent protagonist at the time. Hector and Ephraim were past it by then. They kept this trend going in Smash 4, choosing Robin and Lucina from Awakening, the most recent title. Corrin got in through DLC, because of the timing of his game. My point is, because they chose to keep picking the protagonists from the most recent title, it leads to a lack of variety (so should we blame IS for only making sword lords?). I find it difficult to understand why people are complaining about Chrom. He's an Echo, probably the most unique one due to being a mix of Roy and Ike, and as we know, Echoes take very little time to make, and we know that 'slots' don't exist. So what if he's an Awakening rep? That's got nothing to do with it. Sakurai was cruel to him during Robin and Lucina's reveal trailer in Smash 4, he's a very popular Lord, and he clearly did well in the ballot (I think, judging from the newcomers we've been getting). He got in due to popularity. And if people complain about that, well...Ridley says hi. My apologies for the lengthy paragraph, this kind of thing frustrates me.
  15. Sakurai has blown me away once again! Chrom echo, check. Fountain of Dreams, check. Fire Emblem finally gets an item, check. Simon looks really cool, but I prefer Richter out of the two. I was not expecting King K. Rool to be announced today, but holy crap. Sakurai keeps teasing adventure mode, and he's killing me. also they put Chrom next to Robin in the bigass picture and I think that's adorable. Question is, what will happen to Robin's Final Smash? Will Morgan step in?