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  1. I've never had this problem. Is the Pokemon stationary? If it's moving around, hold the Joycon so that the buttons are facing you, and the shoulder buttons are facing the ceiling. Then, spin the Joycon anticlockwise for it to go left, and clockwise for it to go right, if that makes sense. You may need to resync your Joycon, just in case, you know, to eliminate possibilities.
  2. Well after spending 7 hours with Lets Go Eevee, I can honestly say that it's worth the money. I've just reached Vermillion City (I've been messing around trying to catch every single Pokemon), and I'm loving it. The graphics, while obviously not as good as some AAA games, are top notch. The soundtrack is beautiful, and the new capture mechanics? Honestly, they aren't that bad. Once you get used to it, it's rather enjoyable. The lack of abilities is actually a breath of fresh air - I love that Sturdy is gone, it makes battles with Hikers so much quicker. The only thing that bothers me is the lack of breeding mechanics, but at least the Daycare is still there. Also, the lack of Wonder Trade is disappointing, but I can live with it. But it's so much more cinematic, especially when you meet Bill, so it more than makes up for it. Overall, I'm really enjoying it, it's brought at tear to my eye a few times as sad as it sounds, hahah.
  3. Well, I have my copy of Let's Go Eevee, went to go pick it up from my nearest GAME and they were playing the original Pokemon theme song, and the Pokerap. Idk if they do that with every Pokemon release, but it definitely put me into a good mood.
  4. All of my votes go to Marth! ...I'm ready to be disappointed again, hahah.
  5. Most Favorite OST from Fire Emblem

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions is definitely up there, with great songs such as Jump, Ouga!, Reincarnation, Feel and Dream Catcher. Echoes is beautiful, with Heritors of Arcadia, Lord of a Dead Empire, and Twilight of the Gods.
  6. I loved it. I completely forgot that this was coming out until it popped up on my timeline. Definitely going to the cinema to see this!
  7. Least Favorite FE Character?

    I'll shake it up and list a character from each game I've olayed or seen an LP of... Shadow Dragon - Ahhh, it's so difficult because I'm so biased towards them! Umm...Malledus. Nothing in particular against him, he just doesn't...y'know. New Mystery of the Emblem - Kris. Please don't get me started on him. Awakening - Sully. I just find her very annoying. Fates - Nyx. Jakob. Forrest. Dwyer. Reina. Izana. Yukimura. Mikoto. Velouria. Beruka. Silas. CORRIN. Male Kana. Echoes - Leon. Path of Radiance - Illyana. Mia. Oscar. Boyd. Soren. A few more that I can't remember the name of. Radiant Dawn - Ike. The above mentioned. Sacred Stones - Lute. Ephraim. Eirika. Blazing Blade - You know...I don't think there's anyone that I don't like, or at least, aren't neutral towards. If I had to really scrape the bottom of the barrel, I'd say maybe Lyn, Hector and Karla, but the aforementioned two do have their moments, such as Hector when he interacts with Eliwood, and Lyn when the writers give a damn about her post chapter 10.
  8. Thoughts on movies.

    I think most movies are finding it hard to find something unique. Literally everything has been done before, and audiences are clamouring for something new, something fresh. I personally only watch films that are connected to a pre-existing brand, like the MCU, though I do have a soft spot for Disney and Pixar. The most decent stand alone films that I've found to be incredible in recent years are the Greatest Showman and Your Name.
  9. I'd imagine QoL changes would be fine to discuss here, but I'd put them under a spoiler tag just to be on the safe side.
  10. I don't usually mind spoilers with, say, Smash Bros, but I just want to get through one Pokemon game without getting spoiled, hahah. I am curious about the guy who's leaking it. Did he get a copy of the game early, or did he somehow datamine the demo/pre-load version?
  11. Ah, thank you :) Now I just need to hide from spoilers. I've played through Kanto before, but I don't want to be spoiled on any new additions.
  12. Can someone tell me, without telling me anything else because I don't want to get spoiled... What is Leaf/Green being called in the game? I've always tried to keep the anime/manga/game verses separate, so the girl in the games has always been Leaf to me, and Blue in the manga...
  13. Nintendo and IS are far from perfect, but they're certainly not the worst. Nintendo has definitely improved their PR in recent years as someone else has said - I think my only gripe with them is that they just cannot get online right, but hopefully, they'll refine it throughout the Switch's lifetime. IS on the other hand...I couldn't care less about Paper Mario and Advance Wars. I've never played them, and they've never interested me. I have heard that the last couple of Paper Mario entries were poor, and that TTYD is like, the holy grail of the franchise, but I've also heard that the opinion on Colour Splash is slowly becoming "eh, it's good for what it is". As for FE, hoo boy. I've never had a problem with them. I came in with Awakening, loved it. Fates looked amazing before its release, but when I actually played it, it was disappointing, but it still had some hidden gems. I played a few of the older games, enjoyed them except for Sacred Stones and NMotE, but that has nothing to do with IS' PR. In terms of how IS has handled their main series, I'd say that they've done nothing different than from any other game developer. As for FEH, they give out compensation orbs when really, they don't have to. You could argue and say that mistakes shouldn't have been made in the first place, but it's only a mobile game, it's not perfect. They have a few FEH channels scattered throughout the year, that's quite good for a mobile game. I don't see Pokemon GO or Pocket Camp getting anything like that, unless I'm somehow missing them. They're definitely learning from their mistakes, so yeah, I don't have a problem with them.
  14. Old pokemon memories?

    I remember getting lost in the Fall City sewers in the original Pokemon Ranger, and my mum helped me navigate them. Also the fact that we won this copy in an Ebay bidding war, hahah. Also, finally beating Cynthia, like, literally the last minute before I had to leave for school in Diamond.
  15. Marth looking to be top tier? All is right in the world. Anyways. I would love to see Nintendo do more gigantic crossovers with their franchises. Mario Kart 8 started doing that, with Link, the Inklings, Villager and Isabelle being DLC (base game in Deluxe), so it's something. It's disgusting that they never added Captain Falcon, hahah. If they're not making a new F-Zero, just toss him in Mario Kart. I'd love to see a grand scale RPG, along the lines of the Subspace Emissary, just with dungeon crawling and full interactions. It'd be glorious, it'd be a hit, it'd be pure fanservice, and probably game of the year, hahah.