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  1. The things I would have said have been said already. Kid Icarus, Mario Lands, Wario Land, Zelda Oracle games, Kirby's Dream Land 2. All of these remakes need to have more features though, some of them (especially the early ones like Mario Land) are pretty brief and can be finished in a single sitting. Really hope they add a lot of new things to Link's Awakening and that they don't take the "we decided to make it just like the base game but prettier" approach like some other remakes lean towards. At the very least, I'm confident there will be Hero Mode.
  2. Aether Raids General Thread

    Yeah I've definitely left a couple behind despite having no reason to not hit them. Like, straight up just ignored it before finishing the map with no threat to time or survival
  3. Huh, not the results I expected, certainly not by those margins. Nothing special for me here, but I'm happy for people who have a chance at getting what they want. Feb's Legendary Banner is gonna have everything I want anyway so I already have enough to be grateful for.
  4. February 2019 Direct Analysis

    Anyway, the "form" thing makes me think that the avatar's gender is irrelevant, perhaps taking away avatar romances (which is probably the best given the school setting) and babies
  5. Aether Raids General Thread

    There's a pretty stark difference between "here are some strategic ideas most players can use with some available resources" and "here are two extremely specific new skills/units that might not even solve the problems you're having"
  6. Aether Raids General Thread

    I have neither Null C-Disrupt nor Loki and I do fine, the real trick to building a strong offense team is having a variety of good options: Super Bulky DC Unit: Notable examples being Fjorm, Ike, Hrid, Legendary Robin, and pretty much any unit that you're willing to invest in that can perform similarly. Relying on their bulk, these units can be buffed and sent to take on everything. Armored units are not usually good for this due to their poor mobility-- ideally, this unit can kill the most immediate threat and tank everything else, though there are situations where armors can safely bait stuff closer to the starting point. Atk Smoke for C is amazing, and if the B slot is open, skills like Null Ranged 2 are good. This unit should also probably have Distant Def 3 seal unless you can't spare it or they need something else like QR. DC Vantage Person: I used Camus for this when he was a bonus unit, but generally any unit who has the Atk to kill anything that comes at them. This is a very strong counter to many frail units, but keep in mind that many players have wised up to this and put Hardy Bearing on units like Ophelia. I haven't used a unit like this since Camus' bonus week though. Aversa's Night: I don't care for Aversa, but I long ago accepted that her tome is vital against many enemy setups (especially when I'm using Hrid). It's astounding how often it works, with many players using overall low HP units. Make sure her A and seal slots are giving her extra HP, and she really should have a Light Blessing. B and C slot are optional, I just give her Axebreaker in case there's a Surtr or Hector. Dancers: Always have at least one dancer on every team. One of your teams may do well to have 2 dancers if possible. Wings of Mercy is essential, and flying dancers will probably want either Flier Formation or Aerobatics. Effective Weapons: If you're not bringing a Surtr counter of some kind, you're asking for trouble. I have Frederick and Ursula on a team since they perfectly cover each other's weaknesses, while also being able to wipe out most armored and cavalry units. Micaiah (either version) is exceptional as well, though I don't have either. Given the addition of Duma, having a dragon killer on hand is a decent idea, though most armor killers are probably ok too. Poison Strike/Savage Blow/Pain: You don't need all of these, but it helps against many maps to have at least one person with one of those skills/seals. I have my two Eirs with Savage and Poison just in case I go up against someone too bulky. Staves: I only really have one good staff user (Clarine) who is far too weak to do anything aside from debuff, so I can't say much about a strategy here aside from bringing units like Loki or Veronica. That said, the best two staff choices are probably Pain+ and Gravity+, but due to all the enemy dancers, both can be a liability or little help against some enemy setups. Other issue with healers is their lack of positioning skills, which are extremely valuable in making some strategies work. Most of all, it's important to understand how the AI works, at the very least being what factors determine if an enemy will attack or use an assist skill instead.
  7. Nintendo Direct on February 13 2019

    Link's Awakening made me hyperventilate in joy, best game of all time. The art's alright, but I'm really excited to see what they add to it Also seeing Bloodstained and Rune Factory was really good, I'm looking forward to those
  8. Aether Raids General Thread

    The only thing that would realistically give her trouble are things with incredible offensive power (like certain armors with Bold Fighter or Cherche), or something like the ever present Brave Lyn with Firesweep and Poison Strike x2 (unless you have Nailahs to spare I guess). You can look at units like Brave Veronica as a sort of blessing in disguise since Fjorm's Res is so good that she can't be killed. I personally have allocated nearly all my Dragonflowers for Fjorm, Legendary Robin, and Hrid, because they've been consistently the greatest units for AR due to having DC, tremendous bulk, variable Mythic blessing boosts, and good enough offense that they can kill nearly anything they counter. When brought alongside Eir, you can usually send one of them in to kill off the most threatening enemy and tank the rest, and then recover a large amount of HP in the following turn. I honestly think those 3 in particular are the best of the best for AR offense.
  9. Aether Raids General Thread

    To my surprise, I'm getting matched up with a T20 person despite being T21. Even better, it's a weaponless map, so I guess there are still people in T20 who aren't worrying about Defense this week.
  10. Aether Raids General Thread

    Fjorm is one of the best AR offense units and giving her whatever support she needs will open up a lot of possibilities. Standard kit + QR seal, Reposition, and some Ploy or Atk Smoke in C is enough to handle a majority of common threats, and the next Light season will also be Water season, so she'll be a monster if you have 2 Eirs, and more so if you have Legendary Azura. I'd recommend tossing her a few Dragonflowers if you can spare them, and give her S Support for the next 2 weeks.
  11. What are you thinking for the rest of her build, and generally how/where do you plan to use her? I'd lean towards Def myself but it would depend on what kinds of enemies you intend to have her up against. Focusing on Res seems a waste since Res+4 is not going to make a difference in most situations against mages (who tend to be armed to the teeth with offensive skills that anyone with middling Res can't deal with) or dragons, who tend to either be not too dangerous when baited, or packing major threats like Bold Fighter.
  12. No problemo! Don't forget to collect the 40 horseflowers from Laevatein before you fodder her, and more importantly don't forget that SI is getting the update in March!
  13. Nah, cuts off at Winter 2018: RED: Summer Tana, Bride Tharja, Summer Tiki (young), Dancing Micaiah, Halloween Myrrh, NY Hrid, NY Gunnthra BLUE: Valentine Lyn, Bunny Catria, Bride Ninian, Summer Cordelia, Summer Camilla, Dancing Ryoma, Halloween Niles, Winter Ephraim GREEN: Valentine Hector, Valentine Lilina, Bunny Sharena, Bunny Alfonse, Bride Sanaki, Summer Innes, Dancing Elincia, Halloween Kagero, Winter Fae, NY Fjorm COLORLESS: Valentine Roy, Bunny Kagero, Summer Noire, Summer Linde, Summer Takumi, Dancing Xander, Halloween Mia, Winter Eirika, NY Laevatein
  14. Yeah, with some of my older heroes having been level 1, I used some exp shards to get them to level 20, and with the help of another unit (usually a dancer, healer, or all-purpose tank) I was able to beat them. It sometimes takes a few tries, but you end up with something like a middling challenge Tactics Drill. I only wish they put Retry in there. For the ones that are leveled though, even at 4* with their default skills it's pretty quick to get through most.