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  1. I think Olimar is the only character I haven't seen anyone play online. I've seen K Rool more than any other character for sure though.
  2. Aether Raids General Thread

    Thinking about it, one of the better units to give a Light Blessing to is Robin F: Can be used to buff everyone in a way that can avoid enemy Aversas With TA and boosted Res, she can take on Reinhardt, healers, and most Lyns rather safely (moreso if you're using her in conjunction with Aversa) Can also give her Lancebreaker to handle Ephraim, Brave Hector, Fjorm, etc
  3. That'd be helpful, I'm going to be non-stop busy from Friday evening to Sunday night. Got Discord up, though I've never used it so hopefully I don't miss something important
  4. Aether Raids General Thread

    Yeah, that's my thinking as well. Gonna be a huge weight off the shoulders of anyone who gets to Tier 21. Also worth noting that if they don't put Veronica on the Legendary banner, we'll probably get Loki, who is another stand-out AR Offense unit Kinda of my sentiments as well. Basically need to assign Mythic blessings to units who you only plan to use in AR, and decidedly not for Arena/AA if you're trying to maximize the score there. They coulda let us use one blessing from each of the two sets, so you could do say, Water and Light on a single unit.
  5. Aether Raids General Thread

    In the meantime, I can't think of a better person to give the Light Blessing to (strategically, for now) than Aversa, along with S Support with Eir
  6. Yeah I forgot to add that into my edit
  7. Aether Raids General Thread

    Oh yeah, forgot that part. What a silly concept.
  8. With Eir announced as the Mythic hero of Light, there are a few things worth speculating about: Will we have Mythic heroes revealed on a monthly basis? I'm inclined to suspect that these new seasons rotate as frequently and will have new characters introduced for a while to keep up with that. Will they be introduced in the Legendary banners or on their own banners? Eir being on a Hero Fest banner does suggest to me that it's not the norm, with Legendary Banners being a likely way for them to be introduced. I don't like how their effects are only good for Aether Raids though. Anyway, I'm going to update my prediction to include Eir appearing in the colorless slot this month. What kind of criteria makes for a Mythic hero? It's hard to say, but going by the elements, I'm totally expecting Mythic Ayra. EDIT: If I just bothered to read the update notes, I would've had the answers to all of these questions. Eir will return for the December Legendary Banner. This suggests that December will also have a Legendary hero of an unknown color. January will feature a new Mythic hero instead of a Legendary hero The banners will alternate in having a new Legendary or Mythic from then on., so February will be another Legendary, March a Mythic, etc Mythic heroes are supposedly "godlike", suggesting we'd see heroes more along the lines of Naga or Lehran.
  9. Aether Raids General Thread

    I suppose that upgrading the Fountain will be a ways a way, since they want people to get more of the new blessings. It's weird to me that these blessings only apply in Aether Raids, which is in itself a very limited set of rewards, so I suspect more people are interested in pulling for new skills to fodder than anything else and see the extra blessings/Lift as merely a perk. Unless I'm misunderstanding the Lift boost from active blessings, the maximum scoring potential is +60 if you have 2 Mythic heroes of the same element and 3 other heroes with an active blessing. At a minimum for Tier 21, having 1 Mythic and 3 Blessed heroes would get +30 Lift, though you could also do 2 Mythics (ie: 2 Eirs) and 2 blessed heroes for +40. I suppose it's a shame I don't many 5*s that aren't already blessed with the classic 4 elements, but I don't think I'm going to save orbs for Mythic heroes the way I do for Legendaries.
  10. Aether Raids General Thread

    Having to play everyday for the best results bothers me as well. There are times when I'm busy and don't want to sit down and think carefully about what I'm doing since there are no second chances. At least with Arena/AA I can crank it all out in one day if I need to. Weirdly, if we can get to Tier 21, it'll be easy since we don't have to worry about rank at all from there. Like, I don't care if my Def team loses at that point since I'll still get max tier rewards, and I imagine it'll be a long time before there's more than 3k people in the highest tier.
  11. Zoda! He's awesome, very much a Team Rocket-like silly villain with just as bad a record for his evil schemes going to plan. He has 5 fans.
  12. Aether Raids General Thread

    I suppose I'd rather see rewarding a Defense win rather than penalizing a Defense loss (though I'm not sure how that would work best). I also think there should be a way for players to make up for failures on their Offenses. Perhaps something like if a Defense win would grant players a chance to retry a failed/bungled map or pass on an opponent without it counting as a surrender. They should also find a way to encourage players to try more diverse Defense teams and terrains, though I think there are simple ways they can handle that like making weekly bonus terrains that reduce the Lift loss on Defense failures. As players get into higher tiers, barring a change in rules and Aether gains (the latter of which will certainly happen at some point since Tier 21 is mathematically impossible), it'll be necessary to have good Defense results to actually move up to the next tier. Yes perhaps, excepting whatever value can be gained from watching replays. Also, everyone who has faced me has been bringing things like +10 Lokis and seasonals, so the only person I feel empathy towards is this one person who fielded a 4* Bartre. I want to return their Aether to them somehow.
  13. Aether Raids General Thread

    Got absolutely hammered on defense this week, lost a whopping 500 Lift from Defense failures-- hit every single day and my Defense team only managed 3 kills across the whole week. Ended with a score of 7100, just short of the next tier. I tried switching my Def map around a bit, but it all ends up the same way; the AI suicides themselves against hard counters, or multiple dancers allow them to sweep the team quickly. The more I play it, the more I begin to resent this mode and how it makes me dislike everybody else in the game. It's one thing where something like Arena rewards you for having a powerful team composition since (most) other players can (usually) keep trying, but here, your success hinges on making other people fail. Like, not only do I gotta deal with other people's shit maps, but I gotta be a dick to anyone who challenges me, and that ain't cool.
  14. Dragonite Seems that getting dragon pokemon is normal, huh?
  15. It should just ask you to enhance it once it hits 99, and then if you hit no for some reason, it'll ask again when you check it (I think on the level up screen?). I enhanced four different spirits before I even touched World of Light.