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  1. Am I the only one who wishes there weren't so many Mario grassland stages? Shame there's no Bowser's Castle stage after all these years.
  2. @daisy jane The Ephraim & Myrrh battle is a pretty decent training ground for mages, since you can use Reposition or Dance to get a mage in range to attack Ephraim. His Spd and Res are so poor that most mages should be able to kill him, and you can just restart til you're happy with the exp/SP you're getting.
  3. Ayra, One Year Later

    She's good but not a game breaker. You can get just as much from most other sword infantry units. I can't recall ever having a problem facing her, and I never use her myself despite having her.
  4. The State of Heroes

    yeah I think we all can agree that AA reward tiers are messed up and have long needed a revision
  5. The State of Heroes

    Bear in mind that, when it comes to the highest scoring teams in Arena, F2P players from launch largely can't keep up either. Only players who are spending money on newer units can maintain that degree of scoring, in part due to the need for a bonus unit. It's also worth noting that the difference in rewards between the highest tiers of Arena are pretty small when compared to everything else, including what we get guaranteed weekly from daily quests and default login bonuses. Here's a quick chart showing how much you'd get weekly, on average, for having the following consistent ranks: Now, also factor in that we get at least 3 orbs and 1500 feathers weekly from daily quests and unscheduled login bonuses. We also get 3000 for winning a single Arena match weekly, no matter the difficulty or score. The people who are spending crazy money on this game are effectively getting about 1 orb and 500 or more feathers a week over most other players. Oh, and the crown. Of course, those prizes are hardly an incentive, given how many orbs and feathers they are spending money on. So, yes, while the majority of us aren't able to keep up with the most competitive players, there's little reason to do so beyond a sense of pride. As far as I can tell, Arena Medals and Badges were only added to ensure people were doing certain content (especially for Arena, since I'm sure they have numbers showing that plenty of people don't play it). I don't think it's necessarily a problem that people have too much of these items and nothing to do with them, definitely better than not having enough. It would be nice if they made Arena Medals have a use for something like, I dunno, buying accessories or something.
  6. General US Politics

    Here's your fucking homework, you child. Don't bother wasting anyone else's time here until you've read it all.
  7. General US Politics

    what fucking planet are you on
  8. The State of Heroes

    Everything this guy on Reddit is complaining about are things that don't bother me. It sounds more like he's impatient and upset that he can't get everything he wants. Anyway, my thoughts: New units having higher BSTs doesn't automatically make them amazing, or even better. High BSTs are really only going to affect the highest levels of Arena, and yet every character in the game has a weakness. That said, I wouldn't mind if they gave us ways to boost our units' BSTs (like Dracoshields or whatever). I'm glad the game doesn't have a million things to do everyday, I don't wanna miss out because I'm too busy with real life crap or, god forbid, playing other games. New banners don't tempt me since all of these characters/skills can and will come back eventually. Having patience and self-control goes a long way. Armors can be annoying sometimes, but this is really just an Arena problem, and there are a variety of ways to counter them. Arena scoring is a little odd, but playing for optimal score is optional. Getting the highest possible rewards makes very little difference compared to what we can get for for simply logging in and doing some daily quests anyway. Complaining about alts, well, I understand it, but I just don't care. It's been 3 months since we've last seen an alt that wasn't seasonal/legendary/CYL, not like we're drowning in them. Imbalance of male characters is also something I don't care about either. This is one of few games where there are more female characters than male.
  9. General US Politics

    The overwhelming majority of perpetrators of sexual assault are male, and the overwhelming majority of instances of sexual assault go without justice. You are trying to make a "both sides" argument over something that has an absurdly obvious gender disparity. Your viewpoint isn't impartial, it's uninformed and based on assumptions, the core of which suggest that these problems are not disproportionately affecting women and perpetuated by men. There are many who make the same arguments who are proud to call themselves misogynists and you're not looking so good when you're echoing them.
  10. General US Politics

    I'd wager that, given the stacked deck he's up against, his best chances are based on his ability to get around the state and campaign at local settings, knocking on doors, etc, which is something he excels at. I'm sure it's because he's been doing this so much that he's even considered to have a chance thus far. Whether or not it'll be enough will be a close call, but it's definitely far too soon to call it a done deal.
  11. General US Politics

    Anecdotally speaking, the real-life conservatives I talk to are largely involved in the Navy and maritime businesses (shipping, etc) and fully acknowledge a lot of the problems that the party as a whole seems to have (climate change being a prime example), and are just wary about methods for approaching those issues. In that sense, those people are more centrist types, which isn't really surprising given I'm in Massachusetts. Our governor, Charlie Baker, is along these lines, and unsurprisingly, he's got the highest approval rating of any governor in the country. If the core of the GOP, especially its leadership and mouthpieces, had the same beliefs and behavior, then I don't think we'd be nearly as divided politically. Online, I have encountered that kind of insane bullshit-eating conservatives who, when presented with decades of NOAA data on surface temperatures, are always looking for a reason to discredit it. "They changed it", "they faked it", "here's a random blog post that proves otherwise", they'll respond, always ready with a reason why hard evidence is somehow wrong (one guy I argued with even tried to claim that atmospheric science is a soft science and without empirical findings). There's no reasoning with them, no middle ground, no real debate, these are actual people who are true believers. These are people who really carry that persecution complex and celebrate anything that they deem as a loss for the left, even if it's actually pyrrhic or a loss for everyone (ie: Russian meddling). As far as I can tell, shutting down their message, whether through de-platforming or aggressively humiliating them, is the only true way to keep their madness from spreading.
  12. My (admittedly anecdotal) experience is that casual gamers tend to gravitate toward (in order) Kirby, Pikachu, and Mario, while Link and other sword users more of a pick for gamers who are casual with Smash specifically.
  13. More useful in Arena anywhere else, surely, and I think we'd see them used to greater potential if more people had regular access to them. What makes them become better, generally, is when new skills are introduced that synergize well with them.
  14. General US Politics

    Yeah, this part of the voting process is lost on a lot of people who probably don't even know how their local governments work, or who their elected officials are.
  15. My Arena team usually includes Panic Ploy and someone with two stat ploys. In the higher tiers, it's inevitable to see at least double rallies, which is incredibly easy to plan Panic Ploy around. Since Panic and other debuffs stack, you usually can get a good -8 to things like Spd and Def. I've been able to do otherwise impossible things like have my -Spd Fjorm counterkill Windsweep enemies thanks to Ploys.