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  1. I concur with this. For one, he explicitly said that all characters will be revealed before the game launches, and there's still the new mystery mode to explain. On top of this, there'll likely be direct for the launch of the Switch online features in September, which would be a great time to reveal a character and talk about the game's online components.
  2. Acquired Taste Foods

    Generally salty foods like bacon aren't really an acquired taste, most of that flavor is just salt and whatever other spices/seasonings/etc. Your body naturally craves that kind of salty flavor, especially if you consume a lot of it regularly. Going a while without salty foods can change the way you feel about them since you'll have fewer/weaker cravings. Most meats aren't particularly flavorful without those added seasonings too, so I think when people complain about stuff like meat alternatives (which can often taste identical), they're just uncomfortable with either how it looks, feels in their mouth, or that it's simply a new thing that they're expecting to have a radically different flavor. Anchovies are a pretty powerful acquired taste for sure. They're extremely salty and oily and I recall thinking "I don't know how I feel about this" when I first had one, but I have no problem with them now. I know sushi is a thing people have to get used to too, but I think that's more because of the way it feels in your mouth and any association with raw meat being potentially dangerous. I've had an affinity for bitter tasting stuff for a long time, so black coffee, black tea, and hoppy beers were easy for me to get on board with. As a kid I loved sweet stuff, but during my early teen years I lost a taste for most sweet things aside from quality ice cream (especially coffee flavored) and dark chocolate. And yeah, I can't stand mushrooms either. Tastes like cooked erasers.
  3. This kind of thing should be front page material on any FEH site or forum. I suspect that since they didn't give any kind of warning, they're going to be doing some kind of... compensation.
  4. It'll be Bloom GHB as a consolation prize for coming in last
  5. Sure, and it's not really a major issue. I'm a pretty patient dude regardless
  6. Only thing that bothers me about this is that it'll probably be a paralogue, and therefore we'll get 8 fewer orbs.
  7. Woah, I never knew that, that's amazing. Don't think I ever even looked to see if there was anyone on that throne. @JediThe general on the throne in Ultimate looks to me like a generic enemy general like with the GBA sprites. I already have strong suspicions that BK will appear either as a boss, AT, or echo (leaning towards boss due to his size), but this I think reinforces that idea in my head.
  8. Feh: *yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn*
  9. I'll just add things that either haven't been said (particularly Ken and Medusa), or my take on stuff you guys have mentioned (particularly from F-Zero): Mike Jones (StarTropics) makes a little more sense as a Ness echo, though with different specials. He'd be AT material at best though, given how his latest game is older than most people here. Ninten (MOTHER) is too identical to Ness to get in. They're only different characters in the first place because Itoi decided to make EarthBound a new story, rather than remake MOTHER for SNES. Blood Falcon (F-Zero) has been in the game as Captain Falcon's red color since forever, which is visible on the current site. Not a chance of becoming an echo. Black Shadow (F-Zero) would have the same sort of properties as Ganondorf pre-sword, possibly with Mewtwo's Shadow Ball if you wanted to be closer to the source material. I should add that I have no expectations of more F-Zero characters once they showed Samurai Goroh was still an AT Jody Summer (F-Zero) would be somewhere between Captain Falcon and Zero Suit Samus in terms of moves. Again, no hope for more F-Zero. Dixie Kong (DK) could be a partial echo for Diddy (like with Chrom), assuming she wouldn't be her own character. Her up+B is effectively the same as Donkey Kong's. Pretty good chances either way. Black Knight for Ike, but with a warping up+B and Eclipse for a FS. He'd actually have a decent chance, but I suspect that Sakurai is planning to have him as a boss fight. Celica as Robin's, with a weaker version of Levin Sword that doesn't break, and either different spells, or casting makes her take damage instead of limited uses. X/Proto Man/Bass (Mega Man) could have been Mega Man echoes, were it not for the FS (unless that's not off the table?) Ms. PAC-MAN should just be an alternate costume like Alph is, kinda surprised she wasn't before Glass Joe (Punch-Out) for Mac, trading offense for significantly greater recovery and aerial maneuverability. Glass Joe never gives up! I'd not expect him though. Lots of boxers could work here, really. I almost expect King Hippo as a boss, too. Lolo & Lala (Adventures of Lolo) would be a crazy out of left field echo for Ice Climbers I guess. At this point, I'm really reaching for ideas As far as brand new characters with echoes, I'm not riding any hype trains for anyone in particular, but one of my friends really wants a Resident Evil rep, so I'd say Jill Valentine/Leon Kennedy. Not to mention, Sakurai has specifically said that characters like Falco and Ganondorf were added due to being easy additions, and having enough time near the end of development. Even balance issues can be addressed in post-release updates, allowing them to have a little flexibility with deadlines.
  10. General US Politics

    That article is trans-exclusionary (that is, denying transwomen their identity and place in feminism), which is a problem in feminism essentially born from transphobia. The solutions to many problems facing women and trans people are not mutually exclusive-- both groups seek to be treated with equity. While there are differences between the two groups, those differences shouldn't be affecting things like being treated with respect or paid equally for doing the same work. The author of that article is picking a fight that doesn't need to be fought, and doing so ignores the real issues. Look, I get that it's a complicated matter and the solutions aren't simple, but do you not get that there's incredible measurable disparity between straight white men and everybody else? The whole point of the Supreme Court decision and Affirmative Action is to prevent shit like "white only universities" by ensuring that colleges have the ability to do something about systemic racism that can hold minorities back from getting in. Nothing about the court majority opinion or AA reflect the idea of letting colleges actively discriminate. A college or company that takes a person of color over a white person is not oppressing the white person, nor does it lead to a slippery slope where suddenly white people are underrepresented or facing grave inequities.
  11. August Legendary Banner Expectations

    With this month and October being red heroes, an the fact that we've already seen Wind this cycle, we are assured that one of these two heroes is going to be Earth or Water. It's extremely unlikely that a repeated color/element would share a weapon type, so yeah, we should be seeing at least one tome/bow/breath/dagger. I'm personally expecting that neither month's hero has a sword.
  12. An ambiguous one created by writers who lazily add random stuff as a sole character trait, explored/presented in meaningless ways
  13. Boyz II Men's thread

    Everything else, really. Chicken, turkey, fish (but not shellfish, I can't stand that at all). I'd be willing to try more exotic stuff like alligator or ostrich or whatever if I get the chance.
  14. Nah, I only have one good flier (+4 Robin). I always use Cain since he's my highest scorer, and Felicia and/or Sheena depending on whether blessings, etc can be used to increase anyone else. Most enemies tend to go after Felicia for being the easiest target, which made it easy to control the direction of battle, so long as she's not cornered. With Frederick and Cain, most maps gave me the advantage.
  15. Boyz II Men's thread

    I have no taste for steak or red meat in general. I pretty much only ever ate it out of a sense of obligation for whoever cooked it, but these days it's just a hard no thanks.