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  1. Echoes are great and I'm cool with hundreds of them. FE characters could easily echo the entire Smash roster, so I wouldn't be terribly surprised if they added one or two more. I'm down for anyone, don't care if it's Chrom, Hector, Celica, Reinhardt, Merlinus, it's all good. I would not be remotely surprised to see Shadow, Funky Kong, or Impa pop up.
  2. Dunno about Red but Cloud's voice is the same as in Smash 4, going from some of the stream footage. As far as I can tell, characters with new voice recordings (so far) appear to be: Marth (Yuri Lowenthal) Ike (Greg Chun) Link (BotW voice) Ganondorf (rerecorded Melee/OoT voice) Fox (I guess the voice from the latest game?) Zelda (I assume the voice actress who did what little sound clips were in ALBW) Ice Climbers sound the same as they did in Brawl to me, but it's hard to tell. I can't tell if Snake re-recorded either, but it's confirmed to be the same voice actor. I imagine characters who haven't been around since Melee will have redone voices.
  3. A Three Houses lord as DLC wouldn't surprise me, but I think FE characters are lower priority for release since there's plenty of representation already. I definitely expect to see some new characters/echoes for: Donkey Kong (at least one of Dixie, K. Rool, or Funky) Kirby (either Waddle Dee or maybe Marx) Zelda (Impa or Urbosa would be cool) Pokemon (haven't played the newer games but it'd be surprising to get no new ones) Sonic (as little as I care about Sonic stuff, Tails or Shadow wouldn't surprise me) Xenoblade (a main character from either or both of the newer two games) Konami (Simon Belmont rumors are floating around) Square Enix (either Terra, Chrono, or Geno) Capcom (Ken as a Ryu echo seems like an easy addition for them) Maaaaaaybe someone from Kid Icarus, Punch-Out, or Animal Crossing, but those ones seem a little less likely to me
  4. From what I understand, the little Links still have 'em, just that big Link doesn't since there's no hookshot in BotW. I guess it's a trade-off for bombs being useful, and he gets the sword beam at full health which is nice. Hookshot was great for getting in close on characters like Fox though since it wasn't a projectile.
  5. Gonna really miss having the clawshot, it's integral to my playstyle in Smash 4 Also not gonna enjoy Charizard's down B going from being a semi-useful move to "switch back to Charizard after dying"
  6. Will be interesting to see who else is added from newer and under-represented games. For FF, I feel like the use of "FF" instead of the meteor for the series symbol suggests that they intend to go wider than 7, the most obvious choice being to add someone from 6 (which would be Terra). I'd be down for Chrono Trigger and/or Super Mario RPG representation too, if they wanna branch out to other SE games.
  7. Quite certain it's Greg Chun this time around too. The main reveal video only had him say a few things, but in the Treehouse section, one of the presenters picked him and it sounded like Greg really brought the performance.
  8. On the Smash website, they have short 20 second videos for every character. Some of them have a few little things we didn't know about, like Roy's Map 1 song, and Ike's Eruption now makes a forward moving explosion:
  9. I did on the previous page, but it's no wonder if you missed it cuz there was a lot of things being said by a lot of people. He needs it to take out the infantry mage who is too fast otherwise. Green Tomebreaker 2 might work too, though I dunno if that'll be ok against the sword infantry.
  10. Oof, good luck. I dunno bout you, but fliers are the absolute worst category I have. Almost all of them are slow axe users, and I ended up promoting a Palla (had been meaning to anyway) just to beat this map. Since then, however, I've lucked out with my girl Grima. I forget the map, but I recall having to do a lot of baiting back and forth across the river to split them up into manageable groups. Does he have QR set? I pulled it off with QR2, dunno if QR1 is enough.
  11. @Anacybele Grats on the Michalis win, I'm sure you can figure something out for Xander too. I think you could probably position that right-hand side approach with Robin on top, then BK, then Jakob below him, and then BK will get both March and Fortify. You can then have Robin Swap with BK so he'd be close enough to get into that right-hand hallway, allowing him to safely counter kill those mages and then finish off the sword guy on the next turn. Robin, Henry, and Jakob should be in a decent position to hold off Xander from that point, while providing cover for BK.
  12. Think BK needs that Ward Armor from somebody, along with Distant Def 3 seal, because his Res is just too poor. The healer ends up finishing him off after he's taken out the mages and sword infantry. edit: What does your Sheena look like? I'm not asking for this map, because I think you're correct to not bring her, but she might be worth using in the Michalis map since she comes with Svalinn Shield.
  13. @Anacybele If you can't beat this today, try to hold onto Draugs in the future for Ward Armor fodder, which makes these fights much more reasonable. BK receiving Ward, equipped with QR 2, and Distant Def should be able to wipe out both green mages and be ready to finish off the infantry sword in the following turn, if I remember right (you'd probably have to use Armor March to put him in the right-hand hallway or else Xander himself be a problem). The rest would be easy pickin's for Robin, Henry, and Jakob. Dunno what you've got for fliers, but that was by far the hardest one for me, and I think I ended up promoting somebody that I had been considering promoting anyway. I have crap for fliers though.
  14. Bound Hero Battle: Heirs of Light (Seliph & Julia)

    The healer has Atk/Spd Bond 3 for +5, and Drive Spd 2 from Seliph is another +3, she she's actually at 39. You just need 1 more point of Spd, or alternatively, if you have someone who can hit Seliph with something and then get out of there, the healer will heal him instead of attacking.
  15. Hone Armor + Drive Atk 2 would do it