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  1. What are your unpopular Smash opinions?

    I don't think FE has too much representation considering how big each game's cast is, however, I think that there should be less sword users in exchange for other non-sword wielding characters. I know that most of the protagonists use swords specifically, but like, c'mon. You could at least have them feel a bit more different in their playstyles. All of the FE characters except Robin have a counter, for example. I don't know what's stopping them from using Hector or Micaiah, who are protagonists that don't use a sword, at least at base, and with Heroes being so popular, it's completely sensible to dig around for characters that aren't from the most recent games. I also do not like several of the newer characters in the game because they're just... not good to play, they don't feel right, if that makes sense. For example, Pacman has useless aerials. His aerial down is awful. There's barely enough knock back where characters hit by it don't get caught in it, and his moves, while nostalgic, are mostly weak and/or bad. Duckhunt is supposed to be a zoning character, but his projectiles are terrible and one of them literally can't be aimed, while the other can be shoddily aimed, and his down special, Wild Gunman, is borderline useless for how slow it is and how little damage it does. Corrin is yet another FE swordie, which as I said previously is pretty boring. I don't want this game to ever go in a heavy fanservice direction where it feels like characters weren't given enough love in their movesets to be useful because they were tossed in there for the fans. Lastly, some characters got nerfed when they really didn't need to be or they weren't changed up for the better. King Dedede is far worse in Smash 4, he lost his rolling grab and while his side special was never amazing or anything, having projectiles that can be easily knocked back to you with just an a-tap (the Gordo can be kicked back with a Lucas a-tap, seriously) is... questionable. I still await the day when they make PK Flash be useful, because it is extremely easy to air dodge, it's turtle slow, and while it does tons of damage, it isn't even easy to move around and has poor range. And lastly, Jigglypuff really should have better recovery from aerials when she hits the ground, since she's so focused on using them, she shouldn't be so heavily punished for landing when she could be a combo machine if she didn't take such a long break between the aerial hit and landing. (Quick 4th unpopular opinion: As a Zelda main, I hate her new look, her Twilight Princess resting stone-face look is so majestic and princess like, a great contrast to Peach, I think it's way cooler than this less mature, bright Zelda we have now)
  2. Why are simple minded villains looked down upon?

    I can say that for me personally, both villains and heroes are boring if there is no motivation behind them. However, as a lot of people have already said on this thread, it's much easier to write being good for the sake of good, because that's something some people actually do, or would do if they were placed in such a situation. It's very uncommon for one to be simply evil, without any reason to be. And I saw Joker listed as an example of evil for the sake of evil, but even he isn't like that. Joker is bad because he wants to be Batman's foil, he creates awful situations and then toys with Batman to see what he'll do about it, he is an orchestrator of chaos, not to mention at times he's weirdly honorable. He won't let other people kill Batman because he wants to do it, and he won't even do it if someone hands Batman over to him, like in an episode of the animated series where Harley catches him and Joker refuses to allow her to defeat Batman. I think you can create someone who's evil for the sake of being evil though, it's just very difficult to execute. I would have liked Surtr to show a tinge more of madness and sadism, since they wanted him to appear evil for evil's sake, because to me, it just came off as cartoony. He didn't drag things out enough imo, if he enjoyed their suffering he definitely wouldn't just quickly kill them, he'd appreciate every detail of their face, their movements, the crackling of the flames, etc. But, Surtr aside, humans aren't typically bad in that way unless they're like, unable to feel emotions or they had a terrible upbringing or event in their past. You don't just decide one day that you'll be evil, and even those people that experience trauma like that don't say "hey, I'm going to be evil now." They have their own twisted justification for their actions.
  3. Rate the Above Poster's Ridiculous Invention

    Hmm... as much as I'd like to predetermine my own dreams, at the same time, there's something more fun about going to sleep not knowing what strange things will fill your head before you wake back up. Not to mention if I got to determine what dreams I had, I'd never want to wake up, my life would spiral into an endless cycle of eating and sleeping until I died from a multitude of health problems 10/10 for originality 6/10 for the potential risk of driving the many users of the device into a perpetual need to sleep instead of accomplishing anything, but it still sounds fun while you have a grip on your sanity How about a mouse that has the nagging voice of an overbearing mother, that speaks up to judge your search history and tells you about that one time her sister got her identity stolen because she clicked on a blue link, without specifying what link it was, so just don't click any of them, okay? The internet is bad anyway, it rots your brain, go play outside.
  4. Florina Fan's GBA Portraits

    Thank you both :D 1%, I recognize you, you're the designer of those cool NES portraits! I love those And as for Crystal, she's intended to be a prepromote, a Bow Knight with high speed, resistance, and luck, but with strength and defense on the low side. Late game utility for dealing with fliers.
  5. Florina Fan's GBA Portraits

    So uh, in a sort of attempt to show off what I've learned in the past three or four months (spriting is still very new to me), but also because I'd really like to join a project of some kind, I'm posting some of my mugs on this forum. I have a lot of ideas, stories, stats, characters, etc., and due to my inability to understand hacking (it makes my head hurt profusely every time I try to get back into it), I can't really do anything with them. But that's beside the point. Here are some of my portrait splices. A few are older than others, and thus have a little less polish because have yet to come back to them (namely Taren and Tyken, the blonde boy and girl, respectively). My favorite one so far is Simon, the pale boy with the black hair. His hair actually originated from Lute, and I transformed it into a solid bowl cut His sister is Ramona (I hope you can tell which one that is just based on appearance). The others are Afrey (pink haired dude yes I am aware his color scheme is similar to Makalov's), Beaumont (green headband guy, Beaumont is a temporary name, I made this mug without really knowing what would come out of it), and Crystal (black haired girl with her eyes not showing) Anyway, totally open to constructive criticism And if anyone knows of any FE projects currently looking for portrait making, writing story or support content, etc., please let me know, I'm up for it
  6. Flaws of my favorites? Camilla- Her outfit is gross. Her dialogue can be a bit... ew. And while she had TONS of potential and would have been absolutely my favorite in the entire game if they had presented her correctly, they did not present her correctly, and she gets unrelenting hate for being one dimensional fanservice, when, if you read into things and go outside the game for info, she's quite fascinating. Libra- "Whaaat, you're a dude?" I'm glad that those supports are few and far between, but really, it was a tired joke almost as soon as it started. I thought the interaction between him and Chrom was funny, but after that, it was not entertaining. Also, I would have appreciated better or more focused growths, his growth rates are kind of jack of all trades, master of none. Charlotte- More supports on her relationship with her family, a.k.a. the reason she wants more money, and I wish her support with Benny was better. She doesn't treat him very nicely even though they've probably been together for a bit. I mean, she used to have a higher position than him, so I get that she thinks/knows she's better than him, but Benny is a nice person and Charlotte, despite her snappiness, is supposed to be as well.' Instead it's "lol gold digger." Setsuna- The trap thing isn't that funny. It just isn't. Setsuna is hilarious, she doesn't need to be mentioning traps all the time. Make it less about her falling into traps and more about her lack of awareness. Also, her stats. Fix them. Speed is the only thing she has, it's so sad. Takumi the pineapple prince is superior in almost every way. Florina- Her shyness is cute, but is she not comfortable with Lyn or something? I thought they were really close friends, does Florina just never, ever come out of her shell, she still seems like a nervous wreck when she's talking to Lyn until her few lines in Eliwood mode? Peri- Please give her more everything. Better supports that don't involve things like straight-up trying to kill Felicia, a backstory that gives a reason as to why Xander would pick her as a retainer, and I'm begging for a more clear picture of her instability, like show her struggling to fight her murderous tendencies, or let her tell us about her constant fight with her voices (because seriously, the different hair colors, the different eye colors, there's got to be at least a dual personality thing going on, let alone some schizophrenia, trauma can wake up those sorts of things). She looks adorable, and the concept could have gone somewhere, but really, the only reason she's one of my favorites is I like crazy chick characters and I absolutely love her design. The good parts of my least favorites? Takumi- I dunno'. I mean, he's a good archer. And I'm glad that his supports make him less of a rear end, but really, for a character so valuable to the story, I shouldn't have to dig through supports to tolerate them. Ricken- He's adorable, especially his giant hat, I'll give him that. But nothing else. Rutger- THE EDGE. The absurdity of this character is very entertaining, though I don't like using him and, if I'm supposed to take him seriously, the game devs failed hard. Kjelle- She's... capable of being good? But I mean, all the child units are capable of being good. I'm just disappointed that Kjelle isn't awesome like her mom, and that all her supports are "train train train."
  7. Rest in peace these legendary weapons

    Eirika has speed, which Ephraim doesn't have. He also can basically only use that new Siegmund skill once, because there's a high HP threshold. That's why Eirika didn't get an upgrade to her weapon, she's already better than him stat-wise and she has much more availability.
  8. What are your obsessions besides Heroes?

    Obsessions... hmm... Fire Emblem Heroes. I'm FTP, but I don't find it ever getting old. Even when I don't pull what I want, I enjoy optimizing what I have and taking on massive projects. My most recent unit project was Leo, though I have also done Olwen, Titania, Effie, and Lon'qu. The free orbs are aplenty and when you start to get bored of the game, like this October for me, an update swoops in and saves the day with a big chunk of new stuff, like new heroes and story chapters, even new mechanics, like the healer buffs and lowered cooldown to AoE specials announced in the most recent FEH channel broadcast. The fighting game Skullgirls is an absolute favorite of mine. I am waiting for the developers to finish with Indivisible so they can start working on a sequel. Until then, I'll just be jamming to Skullgirls' incredible soundtrack, reading about characters that were in the massive DLC vote, and dreaming of combo strings for Valentine and Fukua. My FE concepts. I enjoy making my own world and characters, even if I have no ability in fields that would help me there and no idea how to make any of it a reality. Writing stories and supports is super fun. Cartoons. Some people like to say 'good cartoons ended [insert years where person was in their youth]'. Well I think that's annoying. Cartoons have been and will continue to be an excellent art form. From older things like Looney Tunes and Scooby Doo to modern cartoons like Gravity Falls and Bojack Horseman, the cartoon industry has an easier time testing boundaries in my opinion, and they have a powerful and flexible outlet for opinions, philosophies, humor, and storytelling. I love cartoons that aren't gross or overly obscene, though I can handle it if there's really amazing material. Currently, my favorites are Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty, Steven Universe, Bojack Horseman, Batman: The Animated Series, and Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist. Anime and manga. Stemming from cartoons, anime is also an amazing thing, although I prefer reading the manga most of the time. Code Geass and Madoka Magica are my favorites, but I enjoyed reading Death Note (though I dislike the anime), Inuyasha, and Bleach, and I love watching My Hero Academia and (sometimes) Naruto. Edit: Just realized the post said besides Heroes XD Oops. Other people started writing about Heroes and some said that they lost interest, so I got a little caught up.
  9. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Niles' sexual behavior isn't really a facade. It's his cruelty toward others by assuming their lives are not difficult and that they are privileged and not worth his time, that's why people don't like him. I think people are reading Niles' treatment of others like "he isn't actually dirty, he's trying to scare people off with his nastiness." He's trying to scare people off, but he likes it when they stick around, it means they're willing to endure his perverted wagging tongue. I honestly don't see Niles as an offense toward the LGBT community, he has some of the best supports because he's a very intelligent and philosophical person, in his own dark and twisted way. Sure, he's kind of gross, but I don't see it as an insult toward bisexuals.
  10. Which Pokemon Game to start with?

    I can see that, but overall, Pokemon as a franchise isn't difficult, and Sully said he wanted the game to last. ORAS, SM, and BW took me maybe a week to get through, and when I was done, there wasn't much to do afterwards aside from going online, catching legendaries, battling a few 'strong' trainers (that were actually still level capped at 60 and were a piece of cake), and going to the slightly stronger Elite 4 that still manages to get steamrolled. Sometimes there would be a really short and sort of lame post-game quest set (like the Delta Emerald Rayquaza thing), but it just felt like a teeny distraction so you wouldn't notice how little material was actually placed in post-game. Black and White are really good games, but I wouldn't start with them because I feel like they're way too easy for a game that is already quite low on the difficulty scale. These games are targeted at kids, after all. But you can start there if you think you won't be able to understand the battling system quickly. The Unova region is an excellent region, all in all, and it is friendly toward beginners.
  11. Which Pokemon Game to start with?

    Okay, so be aware this is coming from someone who hates the GBA games, first of all. I think the best game to start with is Pokemon Platinum. Here's why. Pretty good story for a Pokemon game The best champion The Battle Frontier Its graphics don't feel dated Its OST is absolutely one of my favorite game soundtracks ever (it's up there with the GBA FE games and Skullgirls, which has an absolutely astounding soundtrack) Feels balanced The Disortion World puzzles near endgame are super cool and fun Giratina is boss It gives you a general feel for the franchise, it isn't too easy or too hard It lasts a while, although there is no online play anymore (it's old :/ ) The Battle Island (I said the Battle Frontier, but that's just a small part of the Battle Island) I personally started with Pokemon Diamond, but of the Sinnoh trio, Platinum is most assuredly the most for your money. If you'd rather have access to online play, I would suggest Pokemon Sun/Moon, they're a good starting place too and they have some neat puzzles, even if I personally would rather have the modern looking 2D sprites and pixelated graphics of Sinnoh.
  12. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Are you following somebody? I get notified of new posts all the time from accounts I follow.
  13. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Nope. It's 500 on normal, on all higher difficulties, it costs a whopping 4,800 gold.
  14. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Another unpopular opinion of mine would be that I dislike Ryoma and Xander. A lot. They come off to me as hypocritical and sort of dishonorable. At first, I thought Ryoma was going to be sort of like Sigurd, crazy powerful, noble, kind, and headstrong, but it didn't end up feeling that way. It started that way, but then I started to really dislike him when I played Conquest and Ryoma took medicine for Elise's illness and asked for Corrin and Azura to return to Hoshido or he'd let her die. And he planned on keeping Corrin alive, but intended to execute Azura, according to the vs. Ryoma lines. I get why his decision makes sense from a strategic point, but it felt like the game wanted him to look like the good guy, and that wasn't how to do it. I don't like his design either. That red headpiece he has on I find incredibly unappealing, and the game doesn't help his design when long hair is super ugly in Fates because it passes through everything (just reclass Azura, you'll see what I mean). His outfit is cool, and Shiro looks good in it, but the rest of Ryoma's design to me... meh. He also reminds me too much of Xander, which is extremely annoying because it means if they acted like rational human beings, they could sort everything out (that is, if Xander wasn't so unwilling to betray his cray-cray dad) Xander has an awesome design, but I cannot take him or Ryoma seriously after this dialogue in Chapter 6: They just ignore any possibility that there's an option outside of warfare. They also ignore the fact that just maybe, Corrin has no interest in killing his family. Woah. Crazy, right? The world building in this game is so poor we hardly even know why the countries hate each other so much or even why they're going to war besides ,"Rawr, King Garon hates happiness and wants land." And Xander for some reason is totally okay with that. I find him detestable because he is a coward to me. He gives in to his father's wishes because "he's the prince and he has to" even though Garon is clearly messed up in the head. Him and Leo (who I also dislike, but is admittedly much better written) are the last royals to join you because it took Xander so long to even notice his father was totally insane and clearly possessed. Xander has been going to war over and over again according to Azura, who says that war has changed him because of all the stress and exhaustion. If you're going to war that often, and you don't even know why, why would you keep doing it? It clearly doesn't benefit the country, which, by the by, is starving and getting nothing from these conquered land. So not only is Garon waging wars for funsies, he isn't serving his people in any way. The king is shirking his duties outside of warfare, the guards are not supervised (so we get Azura and Corrin being abused), the murderous prisoners are released for 'good behavior' and hired for imperial affairs (since when did Hans act 'good'?), and the list goes on. And Xander does not oppose that at all, even though, of all the siblings, Xander would have the best chance of taking the throne from Garon. His siblings, who are intelligently questioning why their father wants this, especially Elise and Camilla, would even help Xander, because they trust him and follow him faithfully. He has all of this respect and control, and yet he has zero interest in preserving his kingdom over keeping his father in power. Whyyyyyyyy...
  15. Has Religion Done More Good Than Bad?

    I'm trying to absorb all this discussion and it isn't working ;\ Sorry for the rant... As someone who is Christian (a Baptist, or at least, I try to be), I can say religion is sort of the issue. Because I've been taught that Christianity wasn't supposed to be labeled as a 'religion'. I know I'm going to get guff for saying the line "it isn't a religion, it's a relationship," but that's what it was intended to be, the Bible tells us that. Religion, to me, is a reinforcement of ideals by being surrounded by others with the same ideas and feelings toward religion as you. And church shouldn't just be that. It isn't a pool of beautiful, perfect people that all feel the same way about everything, that have experienced the same things and have never touched alcohol or had premarital sex or gotten a tattoo or a divorce. The people in a Christian church are there because, one way or another, they're broken. They need something to fill themselves with, and it shouldn't be sin, nor should it be the satisfaction of going to church, because, as nice as church is, it doesn't make you better than anyone else. That hole should be filled with the Lord, our savior Jesus, your love for him and his love for you, a personal relationship. The people surrounding you in a church should help you acknowledge that something is missing, not show you that no one is interested in what you're going through and that you shouldn't show up in a messy t-shirt and ripped jeans because for the fourth night in a row you're hung over and want help. Being 'religious' to me is sticking with the rules laid out for you. And that's fine and dandy, but the purpose of Christianity is to go to God and tell him that you are faulty. No one is blameless, perfect, or sinless except Jesus Christ, so don't pretend like you are, because that makes you a hypocrite. It also discourages people who don't yet understand that it's okay to have sinned, because all they see is people who are 'perfect' and that makes them feel worse, not better. And the worst part of it all is that all people get to see anymore is what the church does wrong. For example, how much media coverage was given to the pastor of that megachurch that didn't let anyone inside after the hurricane in Texas? And how much coverage was given to the hundreds of people that came from thousands of miles away, from their homes and their families, to help people that were knee-deep in water without expecting anything in return? The media attention is not equivalent, and the reason for that is because news outlets focus on bad news, because, unfortunately, the brain concentrates on bad news. It warns us of danger naturally, so whenever there's a chance to air bad news, bad news is aired. Anyway, back on topic, I don't believe that religion should hold back science, nor do I believe that it does anymore (I mean, maybe I just haven't seen any examples, but I really have not seen anything that is religiously based and actively fighting against progress that isn't widely ignored). It used to be that people would just get mad because "it doesn't say in the Bible that the Earth isn't the center of the universe" and then they'd arrest somebody who thought that the sun was the center of the universe. But it obviously isn't like that anymore (thank goodness), so no matter how much some backwards religious fanatic wants to say the Earth is flat, it won't make a difference, because we aren't sheep anymore (I guess that is arguable, but that's besides the point). I think if you looked at the basis of what religion should be, there wouldn't be so many Atheists who have decided it is their purpose on this planet to destroy religion at every opportunity. But instead, the loudest voices on religion are the ones that are actively defying what their religion wants from them. Whether it's the megachurch I just mentioned that said they weren't prepared (just let them in and then figure out how to help them outside of sheltering them) or it's the Westboro Baptist Church that spreads hate like crap on a crap sandwich (UGGGHHHH NOT A CHURCH AND NOT OKAY), that's a result of a slowly evolving "I am going to see what happens if I twist words here... or maybe here... for my benefit." But that isn't the source material. That's humans doing what they do, making sinful, selfish decisions. Religion is responsible for more bad than good, but that's because we're human beings and we don't follow rules like robots. We make decisions that benefit us, and that screws up the basis of religion.