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  1. Official Pull Topic

    All merge material, sounds strong.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Missed the fact you had such a plan. Good luck getting Hectors then. Do you aim for tier 21?
  3. Official Pull Topic

    @Vaximillian Nice pulls, congrats! I can tell Alm is fun also in FEH. Good luck getting a better Celica and a Karla ... and of course a Lucina one day.
  4. Bound Hero Battle: Micaiah & Sothe

    Well, the map layout doesn't allow much variance. We could have tried to proc Galeforce against Micaiah with a Brave/Heavy Blade/QP unit or to kill some of the units on EP. Problem is to proc Galeforce and take damage at the same time to allow the other units to beam in via WoM. Too many ranged units here (not to speak of Firesweep nonsense). Nice support show-case. Julia is pretty rare (especially SPD stacked) in these clears (and absent in my roster), a welcome change.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Ouch, sorry to hear that. Azama, Roderick, Rebecca and Est get ugly if they show up too often. What the? Wow that's a fantastic pull, congratulations! I don't think I ever got four 5* in one session. Also the boons on your swords are sweet.
  6. I just realized: Celica is fast and I was very lucky to get a +SPD copy with my second summoning session. Only Karla (+1) and Mia (+2) have higher SPD stats, but Celicas sword gives additional +3 SPD. That's 45 SPD without A-skill/seal/buff (on a Brave unit). Wanted to give her Swift Sparrow, but she seems already fast enough (another layer of dust on my spare BH!Lyn). Sorry to hear you weren't as lucky as me this time. Good luck with your next pulls. I think your original plan was good, colorless has still a lot of units without much SI value. After so many orbs it's normal to get impatient though. Oh cool, I've never gotten a +SPD Cordelia (without -ATK), that's a perfect base. Ouch, you are right. They don't run 3*/4* units (except Klein) on the skill banners anymore? On the other hand: I want merges for Roy, I still want my first Lyn and Celica is the only unit with DB4 so far (perhaps I would merge her too). Not a bad banner at all.
  7. Bound Hero Battle: Micaiah & Sothe

    Free Veronica? Good choice. Also good usage of her new special, +6 ATK will be useful in the future. You mean Swap on Alfonse and Sharena? Those close tunnels really cry for that skill.
  8. Oh, thanks. No Bruno, but I'm curious now. I'm very curious what special IS will choose. It's quite good, but I'm enjoying Alfonse with his refinement a little bit more in current TTs.
  9. Everything else would have been insane ... while a FS quad is near insanity.
  10. Try a Brave sword with that B-Skill ....
  11. Yeah you are right. A DB4/prf quad wouldn't need a damage special though.
  12. You would need 2 maps to charge that special, so why not destroy the third?
  13. What would that special do? Double Galeforce? Galeforce, Miracle and Aether combined?
  14. Didn't see the datamine yet. Then hopefully they'll introduce him on another way.
  15. Was Veronica dropping a hint for the next GHB, or is it just wishful thinking?