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  1. Getting back into tier 21 is going to be a very close call. I'm 200 ranks away from the threshold with 4 hours to go. In two weeks I'll have a good chance getting into tier 21 again because of L!Tiki, but afterwards ... I may be stuck with 5 crowns forever.
  2. Legendary Hero Battle: Hector

    Found this tag-less reply just now. Stahl is +ATK/-RES. I hope he'll get a prf in the future, but I fear Seth will steal his spotlight once again. Walhart just got another layer of awesomeness with the Brazen ATK/RES 3 seal. Don't know if I can get clears done in the next days though.
  3. True, also infernal Robin. That reminds me I have to wait until Thursday to clear Ursula. No idea why those maps aren't permanent. I also gave her Brave+, but she killed the Cav too fast with it. I'm in need of Sothes, don't want to spend 20k everytime I need LnD3.
  4. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    I went and tried him a little with some fellow armors (L!Tiki & Zeglius) and healing Mia. He is still just a slow armor, but does a pretty decent job. With Wary fighter he can tank almost every unit at least once and has got a good chance for a kill on PP with his high ATK. Switched to QR2 and Bonfire for more melee kills and it works well. With Tikis buff and Ward armor from Zeglius he takes no damage from physical units (for example Eirika), and procs a fat Bonfire when getting doubled. He is also good in tanking units that rely on their special because of in-build Guard.
  5. Nice! It took a lot of chipping and three Takumis to finish Kana, that's one bulky dragon. In the end the map design worked in your favor, the enemies where stuck at the choke point and Taktak doesn't care about rivers. Congrats!
  6. Abyssal Narcian in one turn: First time with a GF singer ( @Zeo @mcsilas)! Narcian was more difficult than I thought. Elincia couldn't have one DEF less or one ATK more (no summoner S), otherwise she would have died from his Vengeance. Even if she somehow would have survived, Narcian would die after 3 hits = not procc'ing GF. Elincia needed Summoner A for the added bulk, but also to double Narcian without SPD altering A- and S-skills. I need Steady Blow fodder. Cordelia would have been able to kill the Sword Fighter also with LnD3 instead of TA3, but the Archers die too fast. @LordFrigid My clear ended up similar to yours, but mine has got more GF. ;-) That refined Zanbato was preventing other options (i.e. Oscar & Roy). Now only Abyssal Ursula and Xander missing.
  7. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    She is cool and the buffs are nice, but Henry is no big deal because of OG Mia on team #1 (or SS!Tiki on my Dragon Tempest team (or Zeglius on my Armor Tempest team)). Lunatic PvE content doesn't have threats which would make me want Guard (or "Guard on foes"). At the same time I don't need Gravity, because TT scoring want's me to kills stuff fast (which is done by the other 3 units). With that cuteness-level she qualifies as Halloween treats herself.
  8. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    Perhaps it's censorship of a vulgar gesture.
  9. Perhaps if BH!Celica wasn't a thing, I would have made Hana a Galeforce unit. But now even Lon'qu would be a better candidate.
  10. Happy tears are the best tears. Congrats on your ultra-buff bot! With the current arena system an optimal decision to +10 him.
  11. Sorry for the late replies again, weekend was busy and I had difficulties to find a moment to watch videos. Your ability to accept absurdly unfavorable match-ups is way greater than mine, but it is necessary to pull these clears off. The big defensive area is helping, but also making it one of the longer clears. Perfectly timed Vantage Astra in the end. Alfonse is benched like in the good old times, I guess he has to avoid Kana. Congrats! LOL, I don't even have to watch the video to love this clear. Shanna would fit the theme even better than Hana and Kana (or Tana) btw. Kana is really tanky, he even beats his infernal self with double HP. Will you promote Hana? I gave mine the same nature/set, but at 5* and not using her makes me a little sad. Don't you like Shigures Swift Stance? You could make a Swift Stance 6 Shigure with the new seal. (I'm not convinced of it's usefulness either btw.). Kana tanks the hell out of this map again, at least the other kids get something to do as well. Congrats on both clears!
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Cool, congrats on all those units and especially Sakura! Looking forward to see her in one of your videos. Sorry you got nothing out of the banner(s). Spending orbs on many banners simultaneously is something I'm trying to avoid. I'm still biting myself for wasting 70 orbs and not getting anything of those units I don't even need. Ouch ... at least I got some Legaults and Kleins recently. I'm in big need of Sothes though. That final Matthew will come. Wow free +ATK, I'm envious - congrats! I'm neutral on Nowi, but I don't like the art of both her units. Her Halloween sprite is adorable though. Good luck on that! I know it's hard.
  13. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    Ah, ok should have guessed you mean the new guy. I'm not a big fan of Wary Fighter myself. I just got him and will level him up today to see how he is like DC/QR/IP is just much more useful than anything the candy collector has to offer. His art is fantastic though.
  14. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    I just noticed H!Dorcas is the first unit that is holding his own weapon type symbol:
  15. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    OG Dorcas, OG Mia, Haloween Mia and OG Myrrh are making this too easy. Myrhh (+ATK/-SPD) can tank everything because she never get's doubled (TT boost, Steady Stance + DEF Tactic = 52 DEF), killing most of the melee units with QR2/Bonfire. Hone Fliers + DEF Tactic from Mia help too. Mia (+ATK/-DEF, no SI) is taking care of red TA/Rubys and proc'ing +10 Lunas all the time thanks to Infantry Pulse on Dorcas and Quickened pulse seal. Surprisingly Halloween Mia is the weakest of the bunch, even if I gave her Gravity+ her main job is to heal. Uh, why? My Dorcas is doing great. Usually I run him with TA2 because of his +RES/-ATK nature, but with TT boosts I'm running his vanilla set + SWAP and he tanks/kills all blue and green mages + most of the melee units. He got killed by a Sonya once though, but his team-mates cleared the remaining 4 maps regardless. Congrats on that Myrrh, I think that costume is good enough.