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  1. Bound Hero Battle: Ike & Soren

    Ike & Soren Infernal in one turn: Classical strategy, original GF squad came together once more (Hector was a faint :P ). I may clean up my ping list at the end of the year, there is some folks I didn't see for months and it makes no sense to spam their alerts. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Exactly, that was perfect. Surviving that Aether with 1 HP even. Congrats! Wow, that is one Lon'qu! Nice clear, naturally the dance with the blue knight took a while. Bet with some poison strike they would beat also Infernal. (Navare didn't learn his new prf btw. ) Great to see Eirika again. The armor was though, but the rest proved no problem for her. Finally SPD tactic, I know that feeling. I still hesitate to sacrifice my -ATK Ylgr though ...
  2. Very nice yourself! That's my score some months ago. I've been in in top 5k more or less constantly. Last week I thought I could crack 3k, but other players improve too.
  3. Bound Hero Battle: Ike & Soren

    You're welcome! Nice clear btw.! Many different paths this time, so mine will be a little different (with my original GF crew). Celica chuckles about this map. Do you think it'd be possible without dancers? Poor Titania, they could have used her sprite for this map. Congrats on your clear, your cavs need harder challenges.
  4. Also AA done for this week: 5,203.
  5. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    This is obviously fan fiction: Still hoping for a follow-up.
  6. Next Grand hero Battle: Xander

    Yeah, Gharnef has got an awesome sprite and I like gimmicky skills. Too bad he is a rather mediocre unit. Glad you liked it. Haha, I just like the looks of Gharnef. Don't know anything of his game/story though.
  7. Next grand hero battle: Zephiel

    Yep, the debuff theme works. I do have a spare Laevatein. Do you have any ideas for her Link skill? Currently I'm more tempted to use her for the Wave skill. Glad you liked the team! Perhaps I'll do some more clears around the holidays if there is nothing else to do. (I'll finish my FE7/SoV runs first).
  8. Bound Hero Battle: Ike & Soren

    @Nanima That map played into your cards. Clever design by Soren, but he he placed his units on the wrong side. Perhaps he saw his error when he committed suicide on Fallen Takumi. The rest looked relaxed on your part, so much savage damage! Congrats! Let's see how the princesses fare.
  9. Wow, new personal highscore in regular Arena with 3,744! This beats even my Tiki score of 3,742 (L!Tiki was bonus unit then and I had two earth blessings). Hrid did a great job again, got 100% kills. Cordelia had to weaken up Brave Hectors and Effies and one time Cherche(!) had to weaken up an Adrift Corrin. He is really hard to beat with a red unit and his Null Follow-Up cancels Gjöll. No Water season, so hopefully this will be enough again for Tier 21 after my failed attempt last week (3,734). /Edit: @Arcphoenix I've never used that item. I have Dancer's Veil, Infantry boots and Naga's tear selected, but always forget to use them. Btw: Didn't know until now they max out at 99.
  10. Ike and his biggest fan challenge us (a little) with their map. Map Hard & Lunatic Infernal Infernal Enemy Stats Ike Soren Lance Knight Axe Cavalier Troubadour Blue Tome Flier Layout stolen from @SatsumaFSoysoy
  11. I wish we could lock teams/skills in more mode than just Aether Raids Defense. Now I have daily runs in Aether Raids offense weekly runs in AA weekly runs in regular Arena offense AR defense (whole week) Arena defense (whole week) occasional special clears (LHB/GHB/BHB and other stuff) All six use members of my core team but with different skills. It's especially annoying to start an AR run and recognize to have mixed up all skills and seals for stuff like arena offense (where they only support), AA (Double Rally!) or special clears (everything is possible).
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Getting the unit we want on a free summon is still to be implemented I guess. Will you try harder for Elincia?
  13. Official Pull Topic

    @Zeo Congrats on Lewyn and that perfect bonus Silas! Wouldn't mind a similar result either, but like you wrote there are greater things to come. Will use just those tickets (very tempting to use more orbs with them, free candy is evil ...) and hope for green/red orbs.
  14. Aether Raids General Thread

    Yeah, that's the idea of LnD3. It's just that I have the other skills anyway on her from past clears. Hopefully she'll get a useful prf in the future. Like Catrias prf/refinenent but the requirement to be alone (like solo skills) instead of having 2 Fliers near.