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  1. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    First impression after 2 runs: Sigurd and Tana are a good tandem to take out most red/green threats. Arvis is strong enough to deal magical damage when needed, also Reciprocal Aid works well with his boosted HP. Anna on the other side lacks her boost from Mini-TT. She is not able to double many blue units, i.e. F!Corrin, Nephenee, Sully but also Effie because of Wary Fighter. Her ER-effect on Nóatún is still great for this mode tough.
  2. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    After seeing the prologue of this TT, its even more strange to not have Seliph as a bonus unit.
  3. To be honest, I checked your site when it was new and got to use only the calculator frequently. For other information, I was already used to check up the gamepedia wiki. I like your hero pages, the hero insights are a surprisingly good source for some type of information (didn't know Elincia was the sword unit with lowest HP potential). When a unit has got an exclusive skill, you should group the respective levels together: Elincia is the only hero with Flier Formation 1. Elincia is the only hero with Flier Formation 2. Elincia is the only hero with Flier Formation 3. For me it's also important to have many easy ways to reach those heroes pages. Your hero index is ordered well, but a bit static. I would like to have some custom filters. For example if I try to find an alternative for Anna, because she maxed out her HM, I would filter for infantry axe units, to check if I missed an obvious alternative. Or to build a brave unit, I would like to know which Axe unit got the highest ATK value.
  4. Arvis is well occupied in not being sold as an unlimited energy supply by his own A-Support. To be fair, I've never pulled for Deidre (or Julia for that matter). I would prefer to get some Close Counter or Swift Sparrow fodder.
  5. Show me Your Beautiful, Beautiful Garbage!

    @Logos Do you mean warding blow? To fight dragons in AA perhaps?
  6. Sorry Deidre, you never came and Sigurd needed a Reposition buddy for TT:
  7. Well, you rolled for red, you got (deep) red. I also met Palla in the tower today. Wanted to bait her and Seth with my Tana, but I didn't check her skills. Turns out she had guidance which let the opposing Gordin jump through a wall ... let's say Tana didn't get any SP/HM from that mission.
  8. Isn't QR better on him? To charge Bonfire?
  9. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    Isn't it strange they do the maintenance some hours after Tempest Trials start?
  10. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    Well today I maxed HM for PA!Azura playing the new special maps. Now I have to change my TT team before it even started ... Didn't recognize I played her so often. Her dance-buff is just too good ... /Edit : even if I named Michalis and BH!Ike as green candidates, I switched Anna in. I liked her in the Mini-TT and she is more of an offensive unit.
  11. I like that people still try to solve new lunatic content with free vanilla 3*/4* units. (Behind the spoiler: new developer horse emblem map solved with 3* vanilla F!Robin, 4* vanilla Ursula, Olivia & Arvis).
  12. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    I actually laughed to this one (on the new special maps):
  13. Starting a summoning session, it's all decided what 5 units will hide behind the 5 orbs. That means choosing one orb doesn't alter the chances of the other 4 orbs being a 5*. If you reached a high pity rate and find a 5* unit, it's probably a good idea to do the full pull no matter what color the other orbs are, since they also got the high pity rate at the start of the summoning session. I didn't find an analysis for this banner, just a mass simulation, perhaps it helps anyway:
  14. @Vaximillian perhaps it would be good to make 1-2 runs without buffs and check if a speed buff would help one of them to double more of their respective targets. If not, go with hone ATK for both of them. If you have at least one Hone Cav in your team, I would suggest to bring Ursula with blade tome. Otherwise I would suggest BH!Lyn (who also would profit greatly from hone cav btw.) instead of a healer. @Vince777 having 2 reds on a banner doesn't raise your chance to get a 5* unit. Chances to get a focus (no matter what color) by starting a summoning session is always 3% plus the 3% chance to get an 5* off-focus. Don't know what it means exactly for your chances overall to pull red focus, but I remember that the effect wasn't as big as everyone assumed.