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  1. If I had spare Hinatas, I would put fury on her. G Tome breaker sounds better than desperation. Even buffed and with fury she doesn't reach 30 speed (unmerged 4*), that's a little slow for desperation. Vantage is a more defensive skill, she should have an offensive role as a buffed nuke.
  2. No cancel affinity available until now and ~3000 points away from Hardy bearings seal. Moonbow/Bonfire is a good idea, first Hector is still using his default special. Since my first Hector is +SPD, I wanted to give him phantom speed seal to prevent wind sweep and as an offensive special moonbow. Second Hector would get QP seal and Bonfire and vantage (?) or later hardy bearing seal and Wings of Mercy.
  3. @XRay Just did the nohrian summer/ sacred stones chain challenge and got killed by fast moving armors. My idea is to set up the same situation with my defense team with 2x Hector + Amelia. I just have to decide how to SI 2nd Hector (first one got vantage and swap) and Amelia.
  4. My Cherche got Axebreaker and it did her quite well. My consideration was this: If she goes for a mage or blue melee, she kills him outright, no need to retreat. If she goes to attack an axe user, it would be better to kill him (with help of axe breaker a more or less sure thing). In comparison to other nukes she got decent DEF, she can soak one or two counters. I have a question of my own: I just pulled Hector +ATK -SPD, do i keep him, or my original +SPD-ATK one? -ATK didn't hurt him as much as i thought ...
  5. I collected the orbs from the new maps and missions and did a full summon on the TT banner (still missing a decent red mage) and pulled my second Hector ... DC, yeah!
  6. Any thoughts about Amelias stats? I just pulled her (+ATK-SPD) with my first full summon of the day.
  7. I did the free pull on the new banner (3* Raigh ...), decided to do the full summon and got an Amelia. :-)
  8. Good to know, i was planning to promote Narcian to 4* this week, because i lack a emerald user for Arena Assault. With lunatic (or even infernal) difficulty there should be a 4* Narcian available for free. Sad for the delayed (or canceled) Xander rerun though ...
  9. @salinea I can't reproduce the galeforce situation anymore, i blame QP seal and/or my lack of sleep yesterday.
  10. Usually I don't let her get in harms way... perhaps I should restore my real-life stamina getting some sleep ;) /Edit: @Alkaid perhaps it was a change in one of the recent updates (1.6?)? My last CC run was before 1.6.
  11. I tried that again and it works like always. Sorry for the confusion and my lack of skill in describing the situation. (What remains is the change in the behavior in taking active galeforce to the next map)
  12. Ok before it was like this: the counter was on 1, Cordelia hits the enemy, counter goes to 0, galeforce activates and Cordelia would have another move directly after that in the same round. Now you hit the enemy, counter goes to zero, but galeforce doesn't activate in the same round. Cordelia will go with an active special to the next round. In other words: Cordelia can only use galeforce if it's active before she attacks the enemy. I think that's an odd change ...
  13. Somehow they changed also something else, which will have effect to single map game modes: If the killed enemy is not the last one on the map and the trigger goes to zero with the last attack, galeforce will not be triggered, but galeforce special will be active for the next round.
  14. I noticed noteworthy difference for galeforce users between TT and Chain challenge: When in CC with the last hit the last enemy was killed and in the same time galeforce was triggered, it was wasted, because the counter went to 5 again on the next map. In TT in the same situation galeforce stays ready also in the next map. I don't know how it was in TT1 & TT2, because I promoted my Cordelia only recently.
  15. Strange, I wonder why it's that way ... But even with 2-3 teams you should gain more points from the 7 map runs than from perfect 5 map runs (for the same 20 stamina). I use lunatic 5 for SP grinding my weaker units.