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  1. Sounds cool! Somehow I've never build a Camilla, she is in competition with Narcian for the next green promotion though.
  2. Then what, tea party? Double HM?
  3. Official Pull Topic

    @Rezzy Ouch, that's unique bad luck. :-( feeling with you. Who were you trying to get?
  4. Well Fliers on the other side have very limited access to Hone Fliers, while Cavalry gets Hone Cav at 4* from a 3*/4* unit since launch.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Yeah not getting Bow Hinoka was really a sad thing for me, but also Grima would fill a niche in my team. Good luck getting Tana!
  6. Official Pull Topic

    @Poimagic Oh cool, congratulations! Who is missing in your Flier collection except Tana? My holes became bigger and bigger with Robin, Summer!Tana, Innes, Nino, Nino, Ryoma, Sanaki and Bow!Hinoka.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    @mcsilas Congrats to your second account, very nice pulls! You could give Aerobatics to Tana since it goes well with her tome.
  8. Beautiful Hero Battle: Oliver

    @tobuShogi Yeah, nothing too spectacular this time. I fear also Lyons GHB rerun will look similar (with Elincia instead of Roy though), perhaps the new legendary map will force me to think of some new stuff. Your clear was nice, it's always good to see Roy doing his GF job. Never saw Camus tanking a green dragon though, congratulations!
  9. Sounds very good in my opinion, you'd distribute each tactic to the unit that needs its buff least. Your plan still needs a 5* sacrifice for SPD tactic though. As an alternative, you could give both RES and DEF tactic to PA Azura and have Cordelia or Tana carry a smoke- or drive skill instead. One thing you should consider is this: you are going to give Ephraim the most important and also most expensive tactic skill, while he wants to work alone to proc the follow-up attack of his weapon.
  10. So wait for the Hit&Run seal ;-) /Edit: @Vaximillian It's your season again! Guess you won't field Tana.
  11. Thanks! Wow, he looks cool. Is there any mage that could theoretically kill him? /Edit: If you want someone else than Cordelia for GC, just tell me.
  12. If you want to go the Desperation route, then LnD3, Swift Sparrow and Fury are better than her vanilla A skill. Of those three it depends if you want to conserve some of her bulk (Fury) for inital tanking, go the middle route (Swift Sparrow) or go full offense (Life and Death).
  13. I don't have you in my list, would you mind to add me? FC: 5719621907
  14. You could switch to Light/Dark Breath, to buff herself (and allies) or debuff the survivors. On the other hand, if she takes a lot of damage from the first encounter, you could beam in with WoM on Airzura.
  15. You could give Robin a second skillset, 32/35 neutral offense is not bad. Yeah, no Vector here too, only a -ATK Lilina. To be honest I went for Roy on that banner and got one (after a lot of orbs burned).