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  1. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    I would assume so, but I can't say for sure since I don't own iOS devices. @mcsilas You ever had problems with your orbs switching between iPhone/iPad and Android emulator?
  2. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    You can play with one account and switch between Android and iOS also without emulation, you only won't be able to transfer orbs between those two worlds. So better don't solve any missions or new maps that give orbs as rewards while on emulator. Memo has an inbuild recorder, that let you auto-repeat everything you did. ... @ZeBlueSlip was faster ^^'
  3. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    @Javi Blizz What @Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi wrote, plus you could find a substitute for Hector and/or BK once they max HM. Grima and Zeglius could work. Perhaps other DC units too.
  4. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    Then bring BK and Hector to Takumis BHB for 2x 5.0 HM:
  5. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    You only need a Windows PC capable of emulation (see here), it shouldn't matter if you are on iOS or Android on your phone. You only can't play the game on two devices simultaneously with the same account. If you want to auto-grind on PC, you need to stop the App on your phone. Edit: @Javi Blizz I have not found a way yet to auto any Infernal map with my units.
  6. @LordFrigid Double congratulations! Your one turn clear is more logical and straight than mine, you needed only 1 WoM beacon (Roy). But somehow I wanted to try to make Cordelia tank Takumi (without Grani's shield btw.). No fancy seals and skills needed here. Good to have company on this mission! Caedas solo: Make her tank and kill three Infernal opponents in one turn. No less than a blue mage, a Brave Axe and Takumi, why not? I'm missing still 5 copies of her ...
  7. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    I was too impatient and cleared all CCs, but TTs (manually) and developer maps (automatically) gave a lot of HM. I'm at 1 page 5k units, 1 page 4k+ units and 1 page 3k+ units. Units that have low probability to ever get much use by me (armors and low tier melee infantry) are being grinded first, therefore I brought many units from 0 to 5k in the last days.
  8. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    Wow, that's ~3 pages? I bet you started grinding before GHBs got their stamina cost removed.
  9. It's not hard, but it's easy to miss the crucial factor. Guard, Breaths and other special related skills for example. The EP calculation could be something simple: Switch on EP calculation (like danger area switch) Drag your unit to an enemy and from there to a tile where your unit will be attacked You still would have to calculate many things on your own, i.e. two attacks in a row or when other units move first (and change the buff/debuff/ploy situation). Never played that, I can only compare to Awakening. That map with her and all those fliers was something new, yeah. I tried to lure a part of that group to the left, while my WoM beacons went right.
  10. I failed early on my first try, because I forgot Cordelia had WoM instead of Depseration equipped. Then I failed on my second try, because Airzura had Spur ATK instead of Hone Fliers equiped (I need Spur ATK for my Zephiel One Turn Clear). 60 stamina wasted ... IS could make some QoL Improvement and offer a comfortable way to calculate EP damage.
  11. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    You are welcome! It was perhaps both SPD and RES, my Nowi already needed additional 4 SPD (through SPD+3 on A and a Hone SPD). That's missing 8 SPD for your Nowi, since SPD is her superbane.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    You already had some nasty ideas for his prf if I remember correctly. I'm also curious to see what it will look like (if he ever gets one). Meanwhile I'm sitting on 580 dew ... so many choices.
  13. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    @Zeo I don't think I'm doing this even the most effective way. Max 10 hours a day, I'm not at my computer most of the day and the daily refresh is shortly after I leave the house. What nature is your Nowi? I think my +RES payed of here. Good to hear that at least Hector & BK's strat works for you in Hoshido.
  14. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    Couldn't find a unit (in my roster) that solos lunatic Takumi & Hinoka, but this works: BK 5*+0 + Vantage + ATK+3 seal non-armor filler + Hone ATK 3 seal non-armor filler + DEF Tactic 3 seal Hector 5*+0 (+ATK/-SPD) + Vantage + Bonfire + Close Defense 3 seal
  15. @Zeo Yep, Cordelia and Roy barely lived here. But I didn't need to calculate much, I came to a fitting solution after 2-3 tries. I was wondering how you would deal with the blue cav and then "Oh Matthew is tanking also this?", followed by "2 HP is perhaps a little to low to survive that brave axe?". Nope. Taking 0 damage is really nice, but it becomes cool when your unit is at 1 digit HP. Ayra was more or less on vacation here.