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  1. Do you collect figures?

    Love the Lucina figure. I want a Chrom amiibo so I can have the Awakening trio.
  2. Do you collect figures?

    Not too many people I see. Ah well. Here's some more figures I bought at Anime NYC yesterday:
  3. I never played this game before

    Woops. Hard to tell with PS1 polygons.
  4. If so, what kind of figures do you normally collect? Anime, video games, comics, etc. Post photos of your collection if you'd like! I mostly collect anime figures or video game figures. Here's my collection:
  5. I never played this game before

    Alright so I just finished playing almost 4 hours of it. I enjoyed it. Here's some highlights of my first experience with the game: It's got the same problem with FFX of static cameras so I can't tell when the cutscene stops and I have to start moving lol. Navigating with PS1 perspective with a d-pad feels awkward and I easily miss some areas in a map. During the 10 minute self-destruct sequence, I didn't know that I had to speak to the dude with his leg stuck (since I didn't know his leg was stuck) so I had to backtrack, talk to him, then go back. I managed to make it with 20 seconds to spare lol. When I met Aerith, her default name was Aeris so I hit start and enter. I knew it was gonna bother me so I reset, fought the boss again, then renamed her properly. I'm currently at the part where we just escape the sewers after falling thanks to Don Corneo. The crossdressing scene was pretty humorous. I dig the chemistry between Cloud and Tifa and Aerith. Oh and the soundtrack is so good! The boss battle theme had my blood pumping.
  6. I never played this game before

    Hey I love blocky N64 and PS1 graphics so no harm done here. The only FF I played are X and XIII and I enjoy them. FFVII seems to have that legendary aura to it like Ocarina of Time does. It has some cool characters I want to try, namely Tifa and Vincent.
  7. Let's see what all the hype is about.
  8. Let's see what all the hype is about.
  9. Super Smash Bros. Questionnaire

    Let's be honest, Cloud was the most WTF choice for Smash Bros.
  10. Warriors All-Stars

    Yeah if you've played other hack and slash game you'll feel right at home. It's got the usual enemy hordes, base defending, and team assist attacks. It's also pretty neat to see all the characters interacting with each other. The character theme remixes are great too.
  11. Warriors All-Stars

    It was about time KT released a Dynasty Warriors game with all of their IPs as playable characters. Anyone else pick up and play this game? I love being able to play as Arnice from Nights of Azure and Kasumi from Dead or Alive. It's the usual DW gameplay with some minor changes/gimmicks. Still a really fun game so far.
  12. Super Smash Bros. Questionnaire

    1. All of them 2. Lucina 3. Smash 4 4. I enjoy watching some Melee matches 5. Smash 4 6. Idk 7. Lloyd Irving 8. None 9. Simon Belmont 10. Nope 11. F-Zero and Metroid 12. Nintendo 13. Excitebike 14. No 15. Brawl. Either play Subspace or just play a shitload of VS matches which you'll do anyways. 16. Yes, there is such a thing as too many characters. 50 should be the limit. 17. I'd love to see custom moves return. I just hate how they're unlocked at random per character. Horrible decision. 18. Sure as long as you can turn them off in actual battles. 19. Nope, that would go to Pichu. 20. He's fine. I don't know how much would change if he left. 21. No 22. Only a small online tourney in another forum. It was a mess. 23. Just make them universally like Final Destination. 24. Yes, if only for the cutscenes. 25. Idk, I only paid for the characters and stages I wanted in bundles for Wii U and 3DS. Didn't waste money on Mii costumes. 26. I wish it could have been for more than just 1 character. No interest in Bayonetta. 27. It's a little jarring since they're so keen on staying true to their origins but you stop caring about it after 5 seconds. 28. Yeah, especially since mods take advantage of cooler costume ideas instead of just color swaps. 29. What people do with their copies of the game is their own business. As long as they're not making a profit from it. 30. That sounds horrible. That's the new age of gaming that I despise.
  13. Battle themes vs dynamic map themes

    Generally speaking I prefer dynamic themes. I love Alm's battle map theme but I'm meh on the actual fight music. Going from a calm version of a track to an intense version is really great. I absolutely love timing Road Taken with my fights in Fates. Initiating the battle right when the main rhythm kicks in for the ultimate crescendo.