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  1. Ronnie's Art Portfolio

    A sort of reference sheet for my character Sandra Hale. The left is her primary outfit and the right is her summer outfit.
  2. Ronnie's Art Portfolio

    Drew this from Mark Crilley's Mastering Manga 3. I took some liberties of course.
  3. Rate the video game song above

    7.5/10 I dig it. Chill track. Route 26 - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver
  4. First word comes to mind

  5. Why do you like the poster above you?

    Has a name similar to the land shark in TMNT.
  6. General Music Thread Chillhop is great for listening on train rides, studying, drawing, etc.
  7. Ronnie's Art Portfolio

    Alongside Outcast Lions, I wanted to try my hands on making an adventure series. Azalea would be the protagonist. A village warrior who wields two tonfas (her tonfas are made of strong wood). She has nature powers so she can control plants and slide on tree branches Tarzan style.
  8. Cool banner. I like!
  9. Sideways Houses?

    I think they stick to front doors because it'd be hard to see them from the side. Maps are more top-down and not tilted like other SRPGs.
  10. I've been working on my own comic series and it got me thinking about the climate and making sure everyone's clothes fit the seasons. Then I thought about how inconsistent the clothing is for Fire Emblem characters. You've got guys in full armor, guys with some armor but mostly cloth, and girls who are half naked. How do they survive the hot and cold weather? What's the climate like for every party member to be comfortable in their attire?
  11. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Thank you for bringing us back to the purpose of my thread. Y'all other dudes are weird.
  12. Men of Serenes Forest!

    I've created a monster
  13. Anime/manga fans, do you think a character shouting their attack names is cool or lame? Spirit Gun, Kamehameha, Gum Gum Gatling, etc. I'm kinda torn because attack names gives me something to remember and mimic the character by. However it is pretty goofy when they're being serious and still calling out names.
  14. Ronnie's Art Portfolio

    Random original character I created back in 2014. Dug this one up from my old sketchbook. Decided to color it in. The drawing itself is a little rough but I tried to color it nicely. Maybe I'll redo this drawing with my current improvements.