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  1. It's hokey as hell but I absolutely love ska music lol. I used to watch KaBlam! as a kid so I blame it for getting me into ska. I also blame Jabberjaw. I didn't even know what the genre was until a few years back. This is probably my favorite ska punk song right now:
  2. Thanks guys!! I appreciate it.
  3. Idk I thought that made for an interesting birthday topic. I have to work today and I'm still sick with seasonal allergies. Today might not be the best birthday of my life but I'll make the best of it lol.
  4. Bullet for My Valentine and Metallica whatever subgenres those are
  5. Mighty Magiswords is a ripoff of Slayers
  6. I have college and work so I don't have the time to leave my area. I play online. I'll be sure to talk to you about my team since I never really looked at what the Alola Pokémon are capable of competitively.
  7. Hard for me to get into Gold and Silver when HeartGold and SoulSilver exist.
  8. After 2 years of losing interest in competitive battling, I suddenly got the urge to play more VGC when changing up my teams. Spent the past few days breeding non-stop and although it's tedious, I kinda missed doing that stuff. Any users here who still play competitively whether Smogon or VGC?
  9. Rudest not lewdest. Goddammit buttmuncher.
  10. You mean Sully doesn't look like Zidane Tribal??? Catfish >______>
  11. Isn't this the 3rd user in the span of 2 months to post about their wisdom tooth being removed?
  12. Are you related to Magilla Gorilla? Sully McGully sounds like a cartoon name.
  13. I'm gonna watch this with 0 hopes or expectations. You only set yourself up for disappointment otherwise.