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  1. Oh, silly.

    Welcome to Serenes Forest. Home of the C++ majors.
  2. I see games like Overwatch and Naruto Shinobi Striker and all I think to myself is "obsolete in the future." I was never really fond of online multiplayer to begin with because I never found it as fun as local multiplayer. It's more enjoyable having friends over and hearing their excitement and jokes over stuff we do in the games. I'm a big fan of fighting games and I know it has a huge online presence but at least those games offer offline single-player and multiplayer modes. I can still bring friends over and play those games 5-10 years from now. Games with online-only multiplayer rely solely on the player base. Once that player base dies down and/or the company shuts down the servers, then it's an obsolete game. Practically unplayable. That's part of the reason I could never get into Splatoon. Sure it has some single-player content but the good chunk of its fun is from multiplayer. Unfortunately there is no local multiplayer unless 2 people have a Switch. That being said, none of my friends have a Switch besides me so it's pointless to get the game. At least with games like Mario Kart and Smash Bros., I can enjoy their local multiplayer with my friends when they come over and have a blast.
  3. It's been a tradition since Gen 3 for the starters to have their basic abilities of STAB boosts with 1/3 (or less) of their health. Would it be better to forsake that tradition and make their hidden abilities be their default ones? It would make the starters more interesting to use during in-game playthroughs. Although I wonder what their new hidden abilities would be if they made that change?
  4. PS4: Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash PS3: Tales of Symphonia and Xillia 3DS: Pokemon Ultra Sun Switch: Kirby Star Allies
  5. Y'know I heard a lot of people had their gripes with Zestiria but after watching a video detailing the links between it and Berseria only got my more invested in it. Cool to see how the towns/villages evolved and how Malaks are known as Seraphim. I'm more likely to get through Xillia because its my friend's favorite Tales game so co-op sessions happen often. I already heard how long Symphonia is so I'm mentally preparing myself lol. I'll keep your skipping fights tip in mind whenever I do a new game+ for Berseria. Maybe a let's play thread would be more appropriate for that? If not then I'll make something similar to this whenever I beat Symphonia. The girl in your avatar looks like a moe Rinkah and I'm 100% okay with this. If I can pick it up for cheap it wouldn't hurt to try.
  6. It's a fantastic game with an engaging story. The characters are lovable. Seriously, one of my favorite cast of party members in an RPG. The gameplay was fun and technical. I loved getting into fights to keep playing the game's battle system. I used Rokurou most of the time but I swapped here and there. Some of the music was good but it gets drowned out by the sfx so I barely hear much of it. The opening is godlike. My favorite video game opening of all time. I never get tired of watching it before starting the game. One complaint I had is that the game is too long (it's my first Tales game). I usually play RPGs that I finish around the 20-40 hour mark. To hit 72 and a half hours when completing the game was draining as hell. There was a point in the game around the 40 to 50 hour mark that felt stale and unimportant to the story. Luckily the story picks up again after that and I was back to my normal investment. I just don't understand how people can beat the game in less than 70 hours? Do people not watch the skits? Explore? Skip fights? I was constantly swapping equipment to master them all and doing the ship expeditions. SPOILERS: Im gonna need a small break from Tales games because Berseria was exhausting lol. I have Symphonia and Xillia on my backlog and soon Vesperia for PS4.
  7. Ronnie's Art Portfolio

    A sort of reference sheet for my character Sandra Hale. The left is her primary outfit and the right is her summer outfit.
  8. Ronnie's Art Portfolio

    Drew this from Mark Crilley's Mastering Manga 3. I took some liberties of course.
  9. Rate the video game song above

    7.5/10 I dig it. Chill track. Route 26 - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver
  10. First word comes to mind

  11. Why do you like the poster above you?

    Has a name similar to the land shark in TMNT.
  12. General Music Thread Chillhop is great for listening on train rides, studying, drawing, etc.
  13. Ronnie's Art Portfolio

    Alongside Outcast Lions, I wanted to try my hands on making an adventure series. Azalea would be the protagonist. A village warrior who wields two tonfas (her tonfas are made of strong wood). She has nature powers so she can control plants and slide on tree branches Tarzan style.
  14. Cool banner. I like!
  15. Sideways Houses?

    I think they stick to front doors because it'd be hard to see them from the side. Maps are more top-down and not tilted like other SRPGs.