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  1. Arc System Works because obvious reasons
  2. 8/10 I always liked the song. Visuals reflect the show well Naruto Shippuden Opening 3v2
  3. Birthright: Ninja village, 2nd Camilla fight, Iago fight Conquest: Ice village, Izumo Fates: Boo Camp Awakening: Chapter 5
  4. True The person below me owns at least 3 home consoles
  5. Same question you asked
  6. Pepsiman is legit. Temple Run wishes it had that much character.
  7. I was thinking that as I made my comment but since you're emulating just use that nifty easy catch rate code if you get lucky lol
  8. If you already played the game then yeah. Pokémon is too formulaic. You beat one you beat them all (besides Colosseum and Sun) so switch it up and hope you get yourself a Rayquaza on Route 1.
  9. If you haven't come across those kinda of comments from other forums or sites then look at it from the critics side of things. Both games were positively reviewed by critics but are both polarized by the fanbase itself.
  10. The most complaints I hear of FF13 is its linearity which I understand to be a result of Final Fantasy having open worlds to travel with minigames and sidequests which 13 lacked until its end. Similarly Awakening gets panned for its map design and lack of variety in mission objectives. Obviously the parallels won't be 1:1 since one series is a RPG while the other is a tactical RPG but what I'm getting at is that I've seen people say FF13 and FE13 were good games just not good FF or FE games. The reasons I just stated might be why they feel that way.
  11. Y'know it's kinda funny the parallels that FF13 and FE13 share. Both 13th games in their series, both criticized for not feeling like their traditional series, and both get the rep of being a good game but not a good "FF/FE game."
  12. 9/10 Always loved the chikah chikah chikah I'll Make Sure to Protect You! - Senran Kagura Estival Versus
  13. I don't think Arceus has a mouth either
  14. The more important question here is how can you feed berries to god and satan? Arceus and Giratina?
  15. Have you ever been addicted to a particular game in a series that you keep replaying it and end up neglecting or outright not finishing another game from that series? Say you're addicted to Uncharted 2 so you end up never touching Uncharted 3 for example. For me I was addicted to Pokémon Sapphire as a kid and it took me years to finish FireRed lol. Same with Fire Emblem Awakening, played that game to hell and back and I still haven't beat Conquest or Sacred Stones.