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  1. Birthright. Conquest was alright but its late chapter gimmicks annoyed me more than impressed me.
  2. Rubberband AI is especially noticeable in Burnout. Though it makes sense because the whole gimmick is to wreck your opponents. Can't really do that when they're eating your dust lol.
  3. If you like racing games and don't own this, you need to get it. If you like Burnout, this plays like Burnout but with a twist! It's a total hidden gem. It's available for PS3 and 360 but I definitely recommend the 360 version for one reason: custom soundtrack. This is an arcade style racing game where instead of items to attack your opponents, you can trigger "Power Plays" which destroys a part of the race track like a bridge, or a helicopter shooting a missile to attack your opponents. It's a fun and addicting game. It's pretty forgiving at first and doesn't punish you for getting 6th place or something. The tracks get more challenging of course, with tighter turns and even more tricky Power Plays. The game has local multiplayer which is something a lot of games recently lack. Now I mentioned custom soundtrack. The reason is because the original soundtrack is only decent. It's generic fast paced instrumentals. I would suggest playing some really kick ass rock or punk music to fit the mood of the race. Trust me, adding your own music through Xbox 360 really enhances the experience of this game. Play "All I Want" by The Offspring or "Watch It Fall" by The God Awfuls and you'll see what I mean. I've been playing this game whenever I have free time from class or homework. I'm hooked! Here's a gameplay video:
  4. Metal Gear Thread

    Metal Gear Rising was the only interesting game in the series for me. Also think it's the most fun gameplay wise. I prefer crazy combat with loud kickass music instead of cinematics and stealth.
  5. Thoughts on Romances in Video Games?

    I like subtle romance. Stuff where they confess or flirt. Nothing in your face where it's a daily reminder that they're a couple.
  6. Okay Seinfeld, it's overdone.
  7. How important is abstinence?

    I don't believe in marriage. I think it's nothing more an archaic practice and a waste of money. You don't need government papers to say you're in love with a person. It's all about trust. If you can't trust your partner enough and feel the need to lock them down with vows to feel better about their loyalty, why bother? If things go sour and they still can't be worked out, you don't need to pay hundreds of dollars to "break up", you just do it. A child doesn't need to be born under a married couple to live happily. It's not a competition for how to raise a child. Just do your job as a parent to raise the little one and be responsible regardless of whatever situation you have with the partner. You can have your religious beliefs but they are only beliefs. People have different ways of going about their lives. You don't need to be married to live permanently with someone and work together to raise a child. You can be committed with a person without marriage, just trust each other. How hard is that?
  8. Patiently waiting for @Zera to talk about Bangai-O HD in this way too relevant thread.
  9. I, like many Americans, discovered Marth in Melee and eventually Fire Emblem. However I never really cared for the series even after liking the character. Years later on Youtube, I found a lot of FE Awakening videos crawling around. I remember watching the trailers, avatar customization, and reviews. I went to Amazon and bought myself a copy.
  10. I knew you were a Lord Karnage fan! The name says it all. Him and Metal Jesus introduced me to a lot of cool shooters.
  11. Let's talk about this classic arcade genre. Anyone else like it? Played any games that snuck in this genre? The first "shoot 'em up" I played as a kid was Galaga. Then I played 2 games that snuck in shoot 'em up sequences in them: Kirby's Epic Yarn and Nier Automata. Much like other arcade type genres like beat 'em ups, I find them pretty fun in short bursts. I recently discovered Otomedius Excellent on 360 which is a Gradius spin off with anime girls. My kind of game!
  12. Good RPGs about pirates/boats?

    Atelier Shallie (PS3 or Vita). Takes place in a sand sea with a sand ship. Great soundtrack. Nostalgia (DS). Another RPG with the trope-y airships. Tales of Berseria (PS4). You're basically a group of pirates fighting government guys.
  13. Tellius, A Shonen Series?

    shonen means something like young man. Shonen anime/manga is targeted towards teenage boys. A lot of shonen series share similar tropes and themes. Think of Dragon Ball, One Piece, or Naruto.
  14. It doesn't always have to be that way. Nintendo can change the formula. They have for their other IPs, might as well do the same for Smash. Besides, it's a money making IP so Nintendo will be rolling in cash with 2 Smash games.
  15. There can be both. Zelda had 2 remasters and a brand new game on 1 system. Hell make it like Hyrule Warriors where it includes the 3DS stages into the mix. Besides to get the real "full" game with all the DLC would cost well over $100.