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  1. I faced that exact team earlier. I luckily had Ike to deal with them all with rally Atk/def to help somewhat. VL Ike is way tankier then PoR Ike.
  2. Gotcha makes sense! Just finished Arena run, obtained my highest score of 5,254. So many Ikes! I don't know why I was encountering a few Ikes with Ragnell equipped and Distant Counter in their A slot. One person obtained at least 22 VL Ikes. He had two +10 (one +Atk, other + Spd).
  3. Nice looking team. I have a ways to go for a set team. Slowly getting there. Do you find triangle adept Nowi better then SB Nowi? I currently have a +Atk / -Spd with SB.
  4. Nice! So that is just one of your 7 teams? I always struggle after 2nd or 3rd group when I put 4 +10s in that first round. I always end up losing a unit here and there in arena assault which kills score.
  5. Who are you using for bonus unit normally? Rotating between Anna, Alfonse, etc.?
  6. Do any of your units run stuff like reposition, or all rally/def to optimize score?
  7. Few more: Will try to post in groups of 5 so page isn't too big over time. Have about 37 +10 in all. Just want to finish every build off before posting image.
  8. Do you want to have bonus units in your defense team as well? I am stuck in the same range for defense wins at around 315 even though I always have 10+ wins. Wondering what I can do different to raise score.
  9. Here is a couple from me.
  10. Legendary Hero Banner (Ft. Vanguard Ike)

    Hopefully someone creates a hero analysis thread for Ike soon! Will be interested in seeing what best IV is.
  11. Gotcha. Guess I will try for him then. Wonder what his best IV will be? Maybe +Atk/-Res like others? I almost feel like Steady Breath is best for him, at least the way I play.
  12. How long until you guys think the new Ike will be available in a regular banner? Trying to decide if it's better to wait even though, the 5* % goes up for Legendary banners.
  13. Would you personally choose Heavy Blade over something like Close Def?
  14. Is Heavy Blade as seal, a good option with Brave Ike? Ran into a Aether, DC, QR build in arena. Still seems steady breath build would be better. Tempted to run DC with Bike though.
  15. Sorry I meant would Panic Ploy cause a negative if I had Infantry Pulse on and opponent had Panic Ploy on.