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  1. Do you guys put your highest stat heroes in team 1? In my case that would be 4 x +10 merge heroes and I struggle in the later rounds for arena assault. I put about x2 40 and a few smaller merged units in my team 1 to start this time and it is definitely manageable going deathless this route. It is taxing going deathless when every round is +10 merges for arena assault otherwise.
  2. Got my highest score in Arena. :)
  3. @Rafiel's Aria @DarkLordIvy would a +Atk / -hp work just as well as -def?
  4. Thanks! I was thinking the +Atk may be better, but glad to know the +Spd one works best. Maybe add a speed seal to help him catch up with Nino? I have enough to spare with feathers. So Gronnblade+ is best option? Hopefully @DarkLordIvy can chime in!
  5. What is your guys opinion on best IV for Soren and what tome to give him? I assume Rexcaliur upgraded may be best option for him now? I have a +Atk/-hp and +Spd/-def Soren.
  6. Which healer / buffs do you run with your build? I like Aether as it allows him to sometimes take out the entire team. Running bonfire + healer could do this as well.
  7. Great point! Kind of cleared up a lot and made SB easier decision. Which C slot and seal would you recommend?
  8. Here is my stats with summoner support with +10. I feel with the extra buffs it may make DC more viable?
  9. Would you guys go with a DC Brave Ike or Steady Breath? I have been seeing a lot of DC in arena. Can't decide between the two as well as my C slot. I have been experimenting Atk Smoke 3.
  10. What would you guys suggest a good team to build around Brave Ike? Do you guys generally prefer dancers on your let's say "main" team? I have been missing Azura, Reinhardt, and whatever bonus hero lately in arena with him and seems to be going well. Having a dancer seems to work too well, but looking for suggestions on how to improve.
  11. Which Boon/bane would you personally go for?
  12. What IV build so you guys recommend for Nowi with a Steady Breath build? On Gamepress it recommends a +Def / -Spd. Would that be accurate? I have a few Nowi with different IVs so pretty flexible on best options. Trying to find a build that works best. Seems to have changed with release of Steady Breath.
  13. Delete, somehow forum double posted.