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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Update: After spontaneously spending another 5 orbs that I got from the last February quests I finally managed to get PA!Olivia! That was a ride! For roughly 120 orbs I got: L!Ephraim (+DEF -SPD) Jaffar (-DEF +RES) PA!Olivia (+SPD -ATK) I’m so happy, I don’t even care about Olivia’s IVs (especially since I’ll use her as a support unit anyway)! As much as I want the other units I think I’m done.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    After spending 100 orbs sniping colorless trying to get Olivia, I got pity broken by Ephraim & Jaffar... I will give up on PA!Olvia now, this wasn’t meant to be. While I still have 200 orbs I want save them for Thracia...
  3. Your unit wishlist (Current pool)

    As for now I really want: Red Alm, Eldigan, Seliph, Marth Blue Reinhardt, Linde, Tana, Oscar Green Hector, Minerva, Julia Colorless Klein, Innes, Takumi I have more but I'd count these as high priority
  4. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    This one's easy. I'll support Ninian.
  5. Favorite Starting Band of Characters

    I chose the villagers but I almost picked the Knights of Chalphy. Even though I love Sigurd and his knights (and Cuan, Lex, Finn and Ethlyn!) there's something very charming about a group of villagers who fight for their country.
  6. Your Favorite Character From Each Game You've Played

    FE 1, 3, 11 & 12: Jeorge FE 2: Forsyth FE 4: Finn FE 5: Finn FE 7: Canas FE 8: Seth FE 9: Titania FE 13: Frederick FE 14: Xander FE 15: Lukas While I love Lukas and Forsyth equally I love Lukas character design in Echoes while I personally adore Forsyth's character design in Gaiden.
  7. Favorite Character Artist?

    As an Otome game fan I have to mention Teita! She drew Innes beautifully and I think his character design fits her art style very well! She is very busy with other projects now but I hope she can contribute to Fire Emblem Heroes again (a female character maybe?)! Other than that Wada Sachiko, the queen of Fire Emblem character designs, is my favorite. I chose Brave Roy just because of her! I also love her interpretation of non GBA characters (like Barst, Virion, Cherche and most importantly Titania!). I hope she gets even more characters!
  8. Sacred stones banner

    This is amazing! I've waited for Seth and now he's finally here! Too bad he got nerfed...
  9. The culture of the next FE kingdom

    I want to keep the typical medieval European settings but I'd love to see different cultures as neighboring countries. Among these I'd love to see countries inspired by Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, any West African kingdoms like Mali or Songhai, Native American tribes and/or Ancient Korea. It would be great to have an army that represents different countries and kingdoms, rather than focusing on one or two cultures.
  10. I don't mind an avatar, so I voted yes. However, the avatar needs to change and if having an avatar means having another Corrin I'd rather not have one, even though I love customizing my avatar. I did vote against S-supports though, simply because the game doesn't need it. I would like have the GBA style supports back. FE15 did it right. The avatar can have love interests but the amount of support conversation needs to be limited,
  11. I'd love to see dual protagonists again. A man and woman. However, I want to see different personality traits. Especially for the female lord. She should be different from Eirika and Celica and be fiercer and be more like Ephraim/Alm/Hector like while the male lord has a personality similar to Eliwood or Marth. Someone who's calmer and more rational. Like said before a female lord like Mathilda would be amazing! As for the weapons I'd love to have an axe lord again. But a mage would be great, too!
  12. Inspiration from past games

    I would love to see a more mature, darker story similar to FE4. Even though at this point it's kind of unrealistc... I would also love to see a more political story again.
  13. Hello, everyone!

    That's great! I hope I can play it soon! :) Lukas is awesome, haha! :)
  14. Hello, everyone!

    Hi, everyone! My name is Layla and I just joined this forum. I've been a lurker here since SoV had been announced and I've played Fire Emblem since 2014. Fire Emblem Awakening is my first game. I was looking for new games for my 3DS and since I've heard of Fire Emblem before I thought I might play FE13! Turned out I had a lot of fun and I've been hooked since ever since! Right now I'm trying to beat the older games, namely FE7, FE8, FE11 and FE12. Once I beat these games I plan on playing FE4! I have heard so many things about Geneology of the Holy War and I want to try playing it myself. I also started playing FE2 but I stopped in favor of FE15 but I also want to go and finish it as well! So far I only beat the 3DS games but I hope I can at least finish the GBA games soon. My current favorite game is Shadows of Valentia but I also enjoy Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones very much! Nice to meet you, everyone!