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  1. Official Pull Topic

    I haven’t pulled a 5* on a free summon in a long time, so I’m very happy about this!
  2. I love how Mercedes is called the big sister of the Blue Lions! I wonder how her age and her upbringing will be handled in her supports.
  3. Oh boy that would be something, though I wonder whether Edelgard even acknowledges him lol
  4. I’ve been waiting for Ferdinand’s information as he was one of the male characters I was most interested in. I always had a weakness for cavaliers and he definitely looks like one (he was also shown with a D rank in horse riding as well). His personality and voice remind me of Innes which is a plus, he’s just more vocal about his zealousness lol
  5. A wonderful cast and interesting maps. I won't ask for more.
  6. The school bell melody is the main theme, I love it!
  7. VA predictions

    I’m not too familiar with American voice actors but I would love to hear Brianna Knickerbocker too! I adored her Ninian... When it comes to male voice actors, I would be happy to see Matt Mercer, Max Mittelman, Robbie Daymond or Patrick Seitz (I think that was his name?)! I’m pretty sure the English cast will be good as well!
  8. One thing I already don't like about Three Houses

    To be honest, I will never understand the “Fire Emblem is too anime” complaint. This franchise has always used the anime aesthetic, why are people complaining now (Or when Awakening first came out, I guess)? The FE art styles always reflected the anime aesthetic of the decade. FE 1-5 looks exactly like the 90s anime I grew up with. The GBA and Tellius games look like the ones from 2000s. Just because they’re from a different time period, doesn’t mean they’ve never been anime. Anime always retains its basic art style which all FE games have. If I showed my friends and family members who don’t watch anime Fire Emblem and ask them if this is anime, they’d laugh and say: ‘Of course!’ Frankly speaking, this whole “this game looks like anime” is pretty nonsensical in my eyes. Sorry for being blunt.
  9. Will there be a new trailer at the FE Expo?

    As much as I want a new trailer I don’t think we’ll get one. We will have to wait until E3 next month. Maybe twitter will continue to introduce the classmates next but I suppose we will have to wait until the next Famitsu article...
  10. I like this new Anna very much. She reminds me a lot of the pre-Awakening Annas but with a modern twist. Kozaki’s Anna was very cute, of course, but she has gotten stale for me, as she was in four games, including Heroes and Warriors. The pink-ish hair color doesn’t bother me at all and I love the clothes she’s wearing (reminds me of the designs in Echoes). Personally, I hope she isn’t playable and if she is, I hope Jake is added to the cast too.
  11. Famitsu website has some new screenshots

    I spotted the names of the two remaining Golden Deer students. The first one is called Marianne and the other one is リシテア. I can’t figure out what the second name means... You can see the names on the right side of the screenshot. Edit: Wrong screenshot.
  12. Favorite Era?

    I may be in the minority but I have always loved the Kaga games, all my favorite Fire Emblem games are from this era, thus I personally favor the Kaga era over the rest. If I have to split the Kaga era into two parts then I have to say that I like the SNES era the most. I have always been found of Geneology of the holy war, the story and the cast are lovely, especially the first generation. After the SNES era I would go and say the GBA is another great era for the same reasons. I love how colorful they are and the characters are way more polished than in the NES & SNES era. My favorite lord is from the GBA era and the GBA games are the first pre-Awakening games I have played so I have very good memories of them. I do think that the NES characters aren't as fleshed out as other characters which is still true in the case of the Archanea cast.
  13. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    I am still fairly sceptical about the story but I am willing to give the three lords a chance. Claude in particular seems very interesting to me as he seems more than just a carefree dude to me based on the second trailer alone. I hope the article will give us a proper introduction to the main characters. A few people speculate that we will be getting new information on a weekly basis but I think we may get new stuff every few weeks or so. Needless to say I am looking forward to the new content!
  14. Any hopes?

    I hope that the cultures of the 3 countries are so distinct enough that it reflects the attittudes of the students. For example, Dimitri and his people may have a different perspective in life and share different values than with Edelgard and Claude and their classmates. The game is called Three Houses, so I hope we get to learn about the 3 countries as well. FE9 and FE10 did a great job with showing us the differences between the kingdoms and how their cultures influenced the personalities of the characters (like how the herons behave as supposed to the hawks and so on.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    Update: After spontaneously spending another 5 orbs that I got from the last February quests I finally managed to get PA!Olivia! That was a ride! For roughly 120 orbs I got: L!Ephraim (+DEF -SPD) Jaffar (-DEF +RES) PA!Olivia (+SPD -ATK) I’m so happy, I don’t even care about Olivia’s IVs (especially since I’ll use her as a support unit anyway)! As much as I want the other units I think I’m done.