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  1. Fire Emblem Warriors.... What a waste of potential you were, couldn't even save yourself with DLC and was dropped early. Be better next time.
  2. Hopefully no one. I want it to be like that one Blade of Light manga where it simply ups the roles of the side characters. Give them IMPORTANCE. It was badass that instead of killing off Cain, Draug, Gordin and whoever... They made them more important especially Abel.
  3. Does Mark Undermine Lyn, Eliwood, Hector, etc?

    Dude.... Elice literally disses Marth the second you meet her in FE12 when she's one of the people who should be praising Marth most. Marth was undermined in FE12.
  4. Memes and jokes about Warriors

    So much this! She's a blatant parody of female lords it's not even funny. Easily the worst lords ever in this franchise.
  5. Memes and jokes about Warriors

    Rowan in general is a joke
  6. The biggest issue w/ 2/15

    Celica is foil to Alm, Alm completely has Duma's Ideals, Celica has Mila's. They both come to have some of the respective gods' traits (Celica coming to accept Duma's Ideals, Alm having the kindness of Mila). Alm even says with Act 5 without Celica that he can only see what's right in front of him too. Alm is quick to resort to violence, Celica is not unless there's truly a no talking situation.
  7. Concerning the DLC:

    Lmao what the fuck. NONE of the DLC belongs in the base game. Cipher DLC only exists because of a collab between Cipher and Echoes which was really recent after Echoes released. The Deliverance DLC was an afterthought.
  8. Additional FEW Amiibo?

    Thank the gods the awful twins didn't get an amiibo
  9. Amiibo characters in FE switch?

    YES! I don't care what the others have been saying. I like the fact it payed homage to everything the character had like giving Ike his sword beams. Roy needs this, he deserves the call back with animations representing his Binding Blade and Smash animations. Plus we can finally see Binding Blade have two range again! We'd also get Tiki, Chrom, Corrin(s), Alm and Celica in the game. Fuck yes!
  10. Nope nope nope. The entire point of Berkut was being a victim of Rigel and falling from grace. Not being this feared badass. Him being "finest general" was an ego boosting title and there's ways to get that title outside of just battle. Like oh I dunno... being the nephew of the emperor himself. His entire theme is "pride and arrogance". Said pride and arrogance crafted by Rigel is the cause of his downfall. Berkut saying himself these standards were forced on by his parents in game. The developers say themselves that if Alm was raised in Rigel he would be no different from Berkut... "I was thinking perhaps that if Alm did grow up in the Rigelian Empire, he might turn into someone like Berkut." which explains everything and what Berkut was saying. Berkut's not supposed to be this typical badass with an awesome voice we have tons of those in this franchise, that's what makes Berkut so refreshing and great.
  11. No that's exactly right. Alm was used as blackmail causing Celica to be in peril and need his help. That's way worse than Echoes Celica who did it because of her upbringing teaching her to put gods over her own personal safety and she was doing it for everyone INCLUDING Alm.
  12. Gaiden Celica didn't avoid it. She was in hot water and NEEDED Alm. She was done for if Alm didn't show up. It's literally no different than Echoes Celica. They're both in peril it doesn't matter the circumstance. Echoes Celica was following her birthright, if Mila couldn't spoon-feed them, Duma was the next best option since Valentia REVOLVED around gods. She is in no way worse than her original, I call bullshit on that one. Especially since Celica after that fuck up, that the story doesn't let slide and she gets shit from her companions with her getting a falchion to the gut too. Sure she's revived but the memories of it didn't automatically disappear. Celica shows clear as day regret from following the way she was born and she develops Duma's ideals just like Alm had developed Mila's. Echoes Celica gets development, Gaiden Celica does not. Echoes Celica >>>> Gaiden Celica. Stop the circlejerk. I'll tolerate her being called dumb than her "being worse than the original" which is such blatant bull I can't even-
  13. Shadows of Valentia's story: how to fix it

    Didn't Celica show not to trust him and specifically points out he'll need to show Mila? Leading to them being trapped in Duma Tower because they had a lead with something. Plus it's canon that Celica didn't know how to kill Jedah but she tried when he attacked them. "Kehehehehehe your struggling is most precious!"
  14. If it was it would've prevented her from going mad. Dragonstones must be extremely specific. No they couldn't have. It worked in Tellius because the story is revolved around it. It would be forced to make ACTUAL gods and would make zero sense. God no. Would fuck up the non-Tellius lore too, fuck that noise. Gaiden has an established story and they weren't going to ruin it by trying to explain how they're gods when divine dragon gods exist in Marth's world and make more sense. Duma and Mila have free will to change into human forms and so does Tiki. When they're mad (not the emotion like actual mad) that's when dragons lose all control and fully become feral and a dragon. Echoes has flaws but some flaws that being nitpicked are downright subjective.