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  1. Yikes. Was it really that bad? I wouldn’t know since I was watching the stream on the YouTube on my iPhone instead of the app.
  2. Damn... I will never understand what compels people to committing such heinous acts. This is just lower than the lowest of scum.
  3. I got started on Amino in July, and yeah, seeing stuff like this does kind of rub me the wrong way...
  4. Free Summons from the new banners: 4* Life & Death food and 4* Bonfire food (Hann and Adult Tiki)...
  5. My Ike is gonna bring the hurt in this Gauntlet! (Also, I can finally have my revenge against Tharja! 😈)
  6. Nice to see the Fates royals (well, most of them, least). Now, all I need is some confirmations for Shadow Dragon characters other than Marth (and Tiki, by proxy of her amiibo).
  7. My free summon from the Bladetome Banner was a 3* Hinata... I then proceeded to level him up to 20, made him a 4*, and fed his Fury skill to my +Spd/-Res Marth. :D
  8. Congrats on pulling Celica! 😄
  9. I just got a 4* Marth (first one I've gotten in a long time) and he has a Speed boon and a Resistance bane. PERFECTION!!! Totally gonna build him up!
  10. Just had my worst summoning on this Hero Fest banner. All colorless. All 3 stars. ALL DUPLICATES. Serra, Gordin, Azama, Lissa, Setsuna. NOTHING BUT DUPLICATES!!!
  11. My hunt for Julia continues. Still no dice, but I did pull a 4* Camilla (FINALLY! I had the Spring variant, but for whatever reason, regular Camilla never bothered to show up until now). I also got a 4* Titania, but her IVs are +Def/-Atk... ; ~ ;
  12. Can I have some of your luck? Pretty please? I just want a Julia... ;~; (In all seriousness, those are some SWEET pulls! Congrats!) :D
  13. Just did a YOLO on the Hero Fest banner in hopes of pulling Julia. Got a 4* Soren (+Atk/-Def). Not too shabby. At least, Ike can hang out with his best buddy again. :D
  14. I've yet to pull a single Kagero in this game.