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  1. My most recent pulls from the Summer Banner: 1) a +Speed/-Res 3* Male Robin (not the gender I was hoping for, but hey, the IVs are ideal, so he'll live). 2) a +Speed/-HP 4* Female Corrin (really nice IVs right here; definitely gonna invest in this one). 3) 4* Hawkeye (Threaten Attack fodder) 4) 4* Odin (Blarblade/Moonbow/R. Tomebreaker fodder) 5) 3* Subaki (PROMPTLY SENT HOME) 6) 3* Beruka (PROMPTLY SENT HOME) Aside from the last two, I got some pretty good pulls. Still no Summer Tiki or Summer Robin, though... T ~ T
  2. Goddamn, Lissa is a freaking SAVAGE with that axe! Give 'em hell, honey! Show them who's really delicate! :D
  3. 9 Orbs. Summer Banner. One green, one blue. Got 4* Beruka and 5* Catria. What is up with this banner giving me 5* blues that AREN'T Summer Robin!?! I mean, I'm not complaining, but I'm just it'a all just weird to me.
  4. Tried pulling on the Summer Banner for Summer Tiki again. Got a 4* Fae (+Attack/-HP) and a 3* regular Frederick (+Defense/-Speed). Not too bad, I guess.
  5. Okay, I've got 13 orbs. Let's go for the Summer Banner and try to get Robin or Tiki. Okay, this is good. I have a chance to get any one of the Summer units. Let's go with the blue orb on the far right. O _ O UM, OKAY. YOU'RE NOT ROBIN, BUT THIS IS JUST AS GOOD IF NOT BETTER!
  6. Okay, I think things are starting to get out of hand in this thread. If there are any moderators out there, I think now might be a good time to shut this thread down.
  7. *Crimea* river. I see you with that wordplay. 😉
  8. Whoa, dude. Is this really necessary? 'Cause I'm confident that not everyone who likes Nintendo falls under that umbrella.
  9. Wait, so he's done this type of thing before?
  10. Oh, gods. Not a Gligar13 video. Shame on me for walking into that. Edit: But, seriously, I'm with @Wist ; just what are you getting at with this clickbait thread and video?
  11. Oh, that's good to hear. And I've actually got a spare Setsuna lying around. Now, all I really need is a unit with Renewal. Thanks! :D
  12. So, after reaching 4.25% on the Tempest Trial banner (first time that has ever happened to me), I FINALLY got Alm. The only concern I have are his IVs: +HP/-Speed (the Speed bane has left me conflicted). Does the Falchion healer build still work well on him, or am I plumb out of luck?
  13. I have been trying to pull Alm from the TT banner (to no avail), and then this drops!?! RIP All of my orbs...
  14. Well, that's a little embarrassing... 😰 I didn't know that there was already another thread with this topic...
  15. Now that a day has passed since the start of this month's Tempest Trials, I'm curious about what other units other people have been using. So, if anyone wants to share, this topic is available for all! And just to break the ice, I'll share mine: Marth/Masked Lucina (working on a Healcina build), Nino (Fury+Desperation Bladetome user), Bride Caeda (Blessed Bouquet's bonus effect has come in handy), and Azura (singer).