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  1. 3DS games and hp management

    Well, at the moment I'm playing FE8 randomizer with which you can randomize the game yourself (seeds) so I'm not focused on Conquest or Fates, it's a side activity like it has always been. I'm a casual player after all. Still I think some things (namely mechanics like seals and shuriken/daggers debuffs) are wrong and don't bring anything good into the series (just remove stat debuffs and tonics and compensate with base stats buffs where needed like on GBA level base stats for magic units, but with much less personal bonuses than in GBA games where your mages had some good stat bonuses like +5 spd +4 mag etc. to make up for class's weakness). Of topic but to give you an idea of my current occupation and lack of focus on Fates: I'm enjoying my 4th run (the first 3 stopped between 5X because of trash comp vs multiple boltings and chapter 7 where I didn't want to bother anymore wih bad units) and going Ephraim's route on 100% random growths, chests and events, thieves are randomly given too for the lulz and I've got a strong comp for everything except heavy magic but I can restart the chapter if it happens, 57 hp 15/1 death gargoyle Gilliam with 13+2 spd, 21 str and def and 5 res is carrying me and Kyle is a close second with swordmaster Seth. Eirika was trash mage but 30 base hp allowed her to abuse some weaklings to promote at 10 into mage knight (because she has acrobat and 0 base mag and barely more of anything else except 6 spd and 7 skl alongside 0-5% growths across the board and 15% hp 20% skl so I went for mobility and horse aid and let her out because priest Ephraim has good growths and good base spd and luck and this run gave me 150+ accuracy E weapons and some good other weaponswhile most usually strong weapons are either <50% acc or not dealing any damage or having 20+ weight XD, spiders have 25 MT claws with 160 acc but weighing 35 XD). Yeah I'm completely of topic, but it shows you I care more about this specific randomized FE8 run than Fates which bores me after annoying me enough and having either no map design or extremely annoying map design alongside too many niche units I want to use but they just don't become good and abe to handle themselves (at least in CQ). Hoshido becomes a solorun most of the time after I get bored of giant maps full of mixed ranged and melee ennemies with all kinds of weapons and effective weaponry mixed in. Samurai Kaze into MoA is great BTW, infinitely better than ninja's more shaky str and lack of HP. Seal strength just rendered Xander unable to deal more than 7 damage or so to Kaze's 13-ish def who was just slowly killing him with +1 auroral katana or whatever it's called (20 avoid bonus weak MT). MoA Kaze 7 was better than Ryoma by a good margin BTW (same def or close with nearly 3x more res and attack doesn't really matters when he tanks or dodges everything with MU B-support as a backpack). This is on hard mode (samurai only run, well only falcon knights are allowed for healing purposes, but since ch10 BS it went into Kaze+Rinkah replaced with MU to build A-support solo. And if you ask, it's not having to check ennemy weapons and skils that bothers me, it's poison strike, trample, lunge, pass, stat seals, daggers and shuriken, randomness of forge components instead of paying money to upgrade gear like in older FE with forge and in any RPG and MMO. This and the fact you have to attack people on thrones while when you defend you don't get any throne or elevated terrain advantage since it's not Radiant Dawn's great or quite good map design so you're never getting the advantage in the whole part of the game I've played (until ch 18 I think, then it's a major jump for ennemies who get promoted, high stats sometimes higher than your units even counting royals, etc. I prefer playing TSS endgameon hard mode 10x in a row than 1 chapter of Fates past 18 or 19 on normal mode casual or even phoenix).
  2. 3DS games and hp management

    How much defence did your units pack? speed? which units on which chokepoint? a lot of things can vary a lot between two runs. I used dread fighter Odin on top-left, Niles on bottom ballista, Effie on bottom-right chokepoint, Haitaka rallying def for Effie or Arthur/Niles, MU rallying (spd and res at that moment, no wyvern yet for rally def) before she was forced to go hunt those annoying pegs and finish off some ennemies for a safer chokepoint. Arthur was bottom left with hand axe and sometimes he and Niles were in attack stance. I just got overwhelmed by the non stop spawning reinforcements, at the end of the chapter I had only MU (falcon knight), Odin, Pigtails 1 and 2 and Azura who miraculously survived an attack unscratched. I lost Arthur Niles Effie Camilla (to a random arrow in a mess of ennemies) Nyx Beruka (or maybe she was one of those who survived I don't remember, just having 5 units left at the end) and Silas (who was sent to the top-right corner). I didn't use tonics because my Effie had 17 def, 21 with rally def, but it wasn't enough should I have her reach 25 def for this chapter or what... Also Camilla is great aganst mages but she lacks physical bulk (maybe another royal weapon would remedy that, like Ryoma who's average but is carried by his pref and Xander that can stay relevant at base solely because of insane pref +4 def being absurd, +2 with tonics and +4 with rally ending at +10 with little effort). If stats debuffing wasn't a thing, I wouldn't complain since I wouldn't have any problem clearing it even with 0 grinding, but stats debuffing IS a thing and you choose between killing these retard ninjas or healing, either choice leads you to bad situations. Also I didn't use javelin on Effie because she had 7 speed and I didn't want everyone to double her (that's why ninjas didn't get killed automatically but also why onis didn't kill her, she died on turn 10 I think because surrounded).
  3. 3DS games and hp management

    Please develop, you could say that about any game of this type. "Honestly, in the first nine chapters of Conquest Hard, I only need one or two uses of a single Vulnerary, and that is in Chapter 4, while fighting the Faceless (and only to save some turns, for the little sister can heal you for free.) Anything else is solved by Elise, who always hits L10 in Ch 8 or Par 1, for her only mission is to heal on every turn, no matter the damage. From Chapter 9 and onwards, you have enough money to buy like 40 Vulneraries in a single purchase. (Not that you need them, mind you, but you could, if you need to ease your anxiety.) You might need to reorganise your positioning in Conquest. One does not need that many healing items as long as Elise is with you (and I do not even use the servants.)" Except you have too many units for 1 or 2 healers to heal them all, especially in CQ10 where your units are 20 tiles away from each other so it takes 3 turns to a healer to go from one group to another. Def threshold for this chapter is absurd, since you need to wait for ninjas to debuff you in order to be focused instead of ennemies trying to avoid you, and then put tonic to be able to keep up with the 15-20 damage per EP from all these dumbasses coming to crash on your debuffed def. Meanwhile, a ninja with a pair up lancer or oni could kill Niles in 1 or 2 rounds, if Niles is already debuffed 1 round is enough for him to die. As much as I like challenge and tactics/strat I think balance is a real issue. And when ennemies rush altogether to you in high numbers, it's Awakening level of bad design. Especially when they can just ognore your tanks and go to your squishier units. Want good design? MMO tanks, FE hacks with skills (especially PROVOKE, best skill to have on a tank, in FE randomizer it's the default skill of knights and it's amazing, especially when you have a good res or hp unit with provoke against early bolting shenanigans because they're gonna focus him/her forever and you could let low hp units in range of ennemies as long as you have a provoke tank also in range and accessible. That's what RD tried to do but provoke and shade were underwhelming in that game, I don't know how they were coded but it seemed to be the wrong way. If you have a tank, of course he should have a way to provoke ennemies or fear them or anything that can forbid them from targetting squishies. Positionning is the only way to manage ennemy aggro in FE, and it's wrong. But maybe you like it. I'd like to be able to use these FE editing tools to make my own hack/mod with skills to include provoke mostly and some other skills like amaterasu and bond which would be placed on healers, hell it could even replace staves completely when stacked (it's a renewal aura). With provoke, renewal and amaterasu+bond aurabot close, I could even amplify overall damage because ennemies would target the tanks which would heal back what they lost. dragonshields would be needed on them and nobody else would have to pile up defence so other classes could ba balanced around speed, str/mag, etc. and archers would finally not need to be able to retaliate on EP. And you would have a reason to play knights over any other bulky class.
  4. 3DS games and hp management

    Hi, I wanted to see if people were thinking the same as me, so I went to look on the net for topics on it, but I didn't find any. Awakening and Fates, the latter even more, are stupid in early game, especially in early game. Why? Because. BECAUSE...: EARLY GAME units simply don't come with any kind of healing items, while ennemies hit as hard if not harder than ever and your units have low bulk and trash avoid, + terrain bonuses went through axe nerfs (literally cut forest avoid bonus in two). You have like 1 potion, 3 uses on 10 hp regen, for 3 chapters, and weak ass healers to patch up for this when heal staves have also been nerfed with an axe in their skull and a stick in their ahole. You have to waste gold on potions if you want some just because you don't get any before long. Remember GBA FEs? 80% of the playable units came with a healing item, sometimes 2 (usually potion+elixir). Were the games easy? NO. You literally need the jaegan in FE6 on the highest difficulty if I must believe people who played it, and he's needed for FE7 (another easy FE) on HHM. SO potions can be given in numbers to the player without lowering difficulty, and actually LET THE PLAYER position his units as he wants, because he doesn't have to protect a weak ass healer who get 2HKOed by E-rank weapons from the 1st chapter till the end of the game. Canto even let your mounted units use items and move again! The game is so malicious it even gives you mid-game skills that you want at any cost in order to change this, because you can't waste much money on healing items when you have to use it after each EP on chokepoints (it also makes it safer than using healers who can be targetted by 2 range ennemies). This is especially true for conquest, where you can't buy 1-2 range staves without visiting castles. In previous games, the sole accumulation of free hp recovery items allowed you to go on without needing to buy any most of the time, meaning: 1. you could heal without putting anyone in danger; 2. you could use your money to buy weapons that broke instead of costing your arms and legs for being unbreakable while having hp recovery; 3. you could still buy it when you were short on it but it was rare. You could also keep a 6 man or more team fully deployed wihout needing to dance for healers to keep up with everyone's 2 hp. Another point is that, unlike in previous games, Fates is NO HP EMBLEM. Which means, seal def or 1 shuriken hit and you're gone within 1 or 2 turns without an ELIXIR. Hell, previous FE games gave you a second healer with a tier 2 staff that had 20 base hp recovery, but Conquest gives you only basic staves forever (I'd gladly trade my 4 uses freeze and 2 uses rescue for 2 tier 2 healing staves any time! ANY TIME biatch! freeze is useless if it can't hold those groups of 3 ennemies coming all at once and abusing attack stance on my 10-14 def units with 17-23 damage EACH, not even talking about the absurd seal def faceless that come from the beginning even in hard difficulty in chapter 7). If I had to compare with my most played game, the easy TSS, it would be like this: << Hey guys, my Franz has been def blessed! he has 9/10 def at level 5 on chapter 2/3! - Don't be too full of yourself, fool. The ennemies in the next chapter hit for 15 damage with 95 accuracy and drop your def by 5. - WHAT THE F!!! - Not a game for casuals, sorry noob! >> All this while forcing you to waste your ridiculously low initial gold into potions if you want to play differently than just going out of your way to protect your healers who have to heal 3 units from all sides of a little but bush heavy map which helps both you and your ennemies tank more hits while being a pain for your healers to keep up while not dying themselves. Final point, promise: 3 uses potion. 2 uses concoction. 1 USE ELIXIR!!!! (Intelligent systems, whoever may have designed the game this way, fire him/her, make them GTFO of your designer team.) It's only FAKE DIFFICULTY and it's already said that fake difficulty is a piss poor way to give the player some challenge (like having 3 difficulties with a crazy jump between each to the point we wish there was 1 more difficulty between normal which is a walk in the park for the most part and hard which can make you tear your hair apart. Not even talking about lunatic I think it's nonsense in any 3DS game but hardcore gamers seem to like it so call it "Hell mode" or "Armageddon mode" or anything cool from Diablo 1/2/3 instead of lunatic (a lunatic person has good moments and bad ones, FE lunatic has bad moments and very bad ones). What are your thoughts on this topic guys? Open debate! Edit: more readable, corrected some mistakes. Edit 2: Also, forcing you to waste gold to reach stat thresholds just to survive is also fake difficulty and a poor design where you could just buff a little the base stats for your units not to need 1000 gold of tonics per chapter per unit to stay healthy enough not to be in death range for the whole chapter (like in chapter 10 conquest, children paralogues in FE 13 and 14 and Donnel in his paralogue in Awakening). Mages don't have to suck for us not to use them for soloruns. They can just be good but not gamebreaking. Have a little def could let them play like they are average physical units (not knights like FE13 dark mages) but not just plain useless because of 0 accuracy or 0 dodge or 0 avoid or 0 hp etc. Mage balance is a great work of Fire Emblem and it still has to find a good state. Just ask for my opinions on mage balance and you would have the same classes as physical in magic (magic myrmidons, magic knights, magic cavaliers etc.) or just let every cass be hybrid so you can halve your work on classes and use the time gained to balance units instead (Odin vs Xander, most obvious garbage balance example, or RD Tormod vs RD Haar, or Micaiah vs Ike).
  5. Why the hate on Hinata?

    1. I looked at a picture taken from chapter, I believe it was 19 from FE6. An ennemy hero with 38 hp or so, 19 spd, no less than 15 str, maybe it was more, I don't remember in which topic I saw that. I don't expect Dieck to even REACH these stats before 20/15. And I don't think his inability to 1 round fast ennemies, and his low experience gains due to being overlevelled if he has to stay relevant don't help him either. Early promotion doesn't help him either if you use it. Dieck's base stats are correct, but honestly, his def is garbage and his strength is barely more than average in the beginning, and under average then. Prepromotes in this game instantly outshine most of the base units anyway, just wait for them to show up. So Hinata is way better than Dieck, who can't take 3 lance hits in his joining chapter in other than the easiest difficulty (maybe even in the easiest difficulty, they deal 11 with javelins, maybe more in his joining chapter, meaning 12 with iron, so (12-5)+1=8, yeah he takes 3 8 damage hits maybe, enough for easy mode or whatever the basic mode is called. Hinata, while inferior in his joining map, doesn't have 10+ better base stats prepromotes to compete with, has access to cheap stat boosters and to pair up and bock, skills like vantage that will proc often with his trash avoid, meaning ogre strike doesn't matter but we all know we don't play him for that, has a 45% def growth as a SAMURAI, so he can only get better def growth if you give him a class more fit for him, he can grab skills to patch his weaknesses, and his base def of 11 with katana equipped is enough alongside good base hp in comparison with no hp cast and good def growth means that he will keep a good physical bulk and stay relevant just by being one of the rare tanky units in BR. Meanwhile Dieck's def will barely grow in the whole game without serious RNG blessing, his base HP isn't great and his speed won't grow much either with worse growth than Gerik. And he doesn't really competes with anyone for aster seals since you get plenty of them, while earlier games don't let you choose the unit type you can promote, and aren't very generous on seals. 2. LOL you're funny. Gerik has 32 HP, 14 str, 13 skl, 13 spd, 8 lck, 10 def, 4 res, his growths are 90/45/40/30/30/35/25. Instant promo into hero: 36 hp, 15 str, 15 skl, 15 spd, 12 def, 6 res. You know what? It looks great. But that's the stats I expect from paladin Forde, who can be 20/1 before I can recruit Gerik and trades garbage promo gains for 8 movement. Not for a guy who's lookin badass and has a good class. 20/20 Gerik reaches 23 spd on average, meaning in 29 lv ups, he gains...8 SPD! wow great! Now TSS is easy on speed thresholds, but if it were a little more rude on it, he wouldn't double most late game ennemies (he still doesn't double swordmasters in ch19 I believe, so he can't ORKO them without awfully high price hero weapons that are buyable during this chapter, not before it, and only with the member card and placing someone there and grabbing the item from him/her or the supply), meaning even if he got 29 level ups on average he can't one round those units that can damage your weaker units like L'Arachel/Rennac/Moulder/Lute/etc. who can die in 1 crit or 1 crit + any physical hit following, eaning you must use more units for chokepoints. So Gerik is good, but his base stats come too late to be enough, he has WTD against the most susceptible units to hit him with correct damage before promotion, and after he deals with D axes for a while. The S rank in axes will come very late without grinding, if it ever comes, so he won't get that juicy S rank bonus (notably crit, but +1 MT and +5 hit are also nice to have especially on 1-2 axes with 60 hit rate, 20 skl only makes his accuracy reach 100, and his luck around 14 gives him 7 more hit, still not enough to keep axes against sword users and mix weapon groups like heroes, some of them using braves). Meanwhile he tanks more from his HP and average avoid (that doesn't help him a lot against midgame and late game bosses) than from def and res for most of the game, in no grind his def might not even be enough for him to be a frontliner (in 11B the death goyle can put him in serious danger with it's flying underlings). Finally Gerik is good more because the ennemies are weak for the most part than because he has good bases and growths, 8 spd in 29 levels is piss poor, especially when gaining 1-5 exp per KILL for 60% of the time he's playable. So Hinata, while his bases are on the same ground (with less res in a game where mages hit twice as hard as TSS if not 3x with early mjolnir and insane weapon rank damage boosts), has more ways to make his way through the game, and while he won't double as often as Gerik, he doesn't suffer to be overshadowed by Seth before Raijinto joins the group, and even then Raijinto has less def than him, less HP growth and even his skl and spd can be shaky with 50% growths while he's supposed to carry the game, and in the end he could need a spd pair up while his role is the same as Hana but more frontline oriented. So in the end, Hinata outshines Raijinto as a frontline unit since he can take hits better and his shaky str gives him more reasons to use the S rank katana since medium str/2 = mediocre str, but won't change it much in the end (18/2=9 while 25/2=12, from 7 points of difference to 3 between good str and medium str after using it), and his weapon level should reach S before Raijinto's does, since Hinata has 4 more chapters or not far from it over Raijinto to grow. + availability superior to lobster lord and Gerik, bases lasting longer than Dieck's with all the ways to boost them for cheap or free. In short: Dieck will enjoy the bench in the 3rd 1/3 of his game because he doesn't compete with lower level ennemy heroes, while they are more in numbers than your units so you can't really keep units that don't even match random ennemies' stats. Gerik is good but only on Eirika's route, since in Ephraim's route he comes too late for tedious maps, in a map that makes him a liability more than anything, with lance flyers coming each turn or every 2nd turn after a certain point, he has to face lancers to save the villages so might as well use any unit you trained before to do what he struggles to do, and by endgame he falls off against human ennemies who have good stats and he can't ORKO some of them without brave weapons, and early promotion hinders him like hell. Hinata competes with an overbuffed unit yet he can do something that unti can't, while his real competition for non bullshit samurai is Hana who can't take a lance hit past midgame because her def will barely grow at all, her hp will barely grow as well, only her res allows her to take a hit, and her avoid isn't enough for her to dodgetank, so Hinata is no match for her, + barely less base speed than Hana would have at the same level, alongside better def and better hp than lv 15-20 Hana at base lv 10. Easy access to seals for better tank utility is also a plus (better as a MoA and Oboro marriage for spd+def seals). Hinata is Gerik with more flexibility, availability and more room in a team to be used since Gerik has to compete with 8 move units with about the same stats as his but more exp put into them leading to him being already behind when he joins, and moility hindering him while you don't have 4 potential 8 move ground units + 3 good fliers against 2 for Hinata. And earlier access to unbreakable reverse weapon triangle weapons is a +. TL;DR: Hinata beats both Dieck and Gerik in the end, and while none is necessary (don't start me on Dieck please, I played more without him than with and Bors beats him all day even with less movement since you have to bait ennemies to come instead of charging, opposite to TSS that has weaker ennemies and better playable units, add +6 base def over Dieck with 4 more levels to grow spd with better growth means he, as a knight, the awful class everyone despites, is better without any stat boosters than Dieck will ever be by trying all you want), Hinata fills a niche very few can fill in his game, and in an avatar-less run, I bet he's really useful if you don't want to sacrifice Hinoka's flying utility and mobility for her to be able to take hits while dealing damage (as a peg she has low str and def so she needs better weapons for damage but has to use guard naginata to survive and she can barely live to a single arrow in a game where archers are finally decent and avoid is nerfed) and as a wyvern lord Scarlet lacks defence when reaching lategame, while no having enough avoid and literally no avoid skills in formation (only skill might be wyvern lv 10 when far from allies, and I'm not even sure it stayed in Fates) alongside no skill to regen hp. In no royals runs, he is one of the very few frontliners existing at all in Hoshido with Oboro, reclassed or promoted Azama and Silas.
  6. FEE3 2018: Can't stop, won't stop!

    Hi guys from Serenes and FE Universe! I used your randomizer and it's really funny! So far some weapons are unusable (upgrade of evil eye, steel bow have 20-ish hit XD), preparations merchants sell amazing stuff (SPOILS - stat boosters, keys and master seals- NO SPOIL) and my Gilliam and Neimi have good growths and Gilliam's bases are awesome.
  7. Felicia solorun breaks revelation

    The DS games have too low growths to be soloed I guess, while ennemies may be overwhelming. But 30 levels for the MC is great since he can't be locked into a t1 class for 70% of the game with level 20 stats and then only come back but too late to be great.
  8. Felicia solorun breaks revelation

    I don't do PVP so I might have talked too fast. Felicia as a hero gains so many physical stats that you can't compare her with the trash that is her base class. Seriously, on paper this class was a good idea, in reality compare servant with mountain priest and holy priestess or whatever it's name may be and do the math. Servant is one of the worst classes in the whole game, and has nothing to be proud of stats-wise nor growths-wise. Joke class.
  9. Felicia solorun breaks revelation

    By having M Ninja MU pair up, 2 dragon herbs and hero Felicia lv 4. It's very simple and I was still on hard/classic at that point.
  10. Felicia solorun breaks revelation

    Personnally I tried to use the mess twice, got stat bonus on units I never used and then I stopped building the mess, because it's a mess. You can't just hope for a random unit buff when you pay ressources to get said buff. The only materials I use are forge materials. But again I use certain weapons more than others and having a random first material building force onto me makes me ask why there is even such a system. Like you are totally dependent of RNG for everything MyCastle-related! MyRoom even helps you grow supports with RNG units! This system is purely stupid. They should have kept POR/RD way of team management between chapters instead, because MyCastle is trash and forced the game balance to highly focus on PVP blance while story mode balance and scenario went through Hell.
  11. Felicia solorun breaks revelation

    I can't imagine the difficulty for newcomers of going into hard classic birthright chapter 16 "Pleasure Palace" which has 40 hp generals with 35-40 attack, onmyoji or sorcerers with 40 attack, and is full of corridors where ranged ennemies can poke you through their tank frontline and staff bots piss you off,while you have to kee an eye and a rythm to avoid getting stolen the chests from the ennemy thieves. And it's only the beginning of hell, because seeing such a major bump in difficulty, I can't imagine the end game ennemies and their density, alongside cancerous status staves. Goin in with 4 well grown units is far easier than with 7-8 barely trained units. I understand why grinding is allowed even if the cost of scouting is higher than the gold it gives back (but it keeps the player from spamming encounters and stomp the game with overlevelled units, even if honestly the exp from encounters is trash compared with the exp from the chapters since the ennemies are too underlevelled for the map they spawn on). It's like coming from normal mode and instantly facing real hard mode.
  12. Why the hate on Hinata?

    His character is bland, but I don't care about his character, I played and loved Radiant Dawnwhich had little characterization. I'm talking about stats, class access, viability, and comparison between other units in other FE with a similar archtype. Gerik and Deke are the closest ones with Cormag who's in a better class. Base stats-wise Hinata still beats most of the non royals except Oboro who's straight up OP when she comes, has instant access to guard naginata BS to be even more OP. Hinata still beats her on spd and probably luck and hp (on the long run he will anyway) while having slightly less def base due to myrmidon having shit def (same issue with strength) while in Oni he get shit skl but good str and insane def (around Rinkah's level with much more HP). Blacksmith or Master of Arms should give him the base stats he's looking for in order to patch up his stats other than res (which is easily fixed by dread knight, my dread knight Rinkah was insane and after 4 levels into hero and final class berserker she hits like a truck with berserker MU +str -hp partner and 1-2 range axe for mobs, hammer to OS generals with 15 more damage than needed and killer axe for other promoted ennemies).
  13. Felicia solorun breaks revelation

    That's the whole point, if IS was really that I, they would give less ways to go berserk with as few units as possible to blitz the game without effort, other than giving everyone post-fight 20% max hp true damage which is the worst way to balance a game. Same as Revelations's Lunatic hp bars and damage I heard of, being the same trash balance as Ankama's way of balancing dofus: -Hey guys, I think the game's too easy for avatar, let's give ennemies 10 bonus hp each, stupid skills, and spawn without any warning from somewhere the player can't know of so he has to restart the chapter if he's mispositionned because of reinforcements. -Hey guys, I think new characters created by very high level players who use gold (kamas) to buy bonus stats on their equipment so they have +20% to 40% HP compared with newcomers deal with the mobs of the early/midgame without effort, let's give mobs 70-100% of the players's damage per turn alongside crowd control inside ther damaging abilities, more mobility than most playable classes, and 20 to 200% more hp than the players, so these rerolls that have OP stuff can't blitz to the end game! (Meanwhile in Dofus they can still take a level 1 character and reach level 200 (max) in less than 1 day with that same boosted stuff that hasn't been addressed at all and new players can't even 1v1 the mobs they're supposed to kill to get exp, even the quest mobs are too strong for players 10 levels higher than the quest level...) Yes, game directions seem to not play their games or only with boosted/moderator/dev only equipment/cheats. They think just making ennemies unkillable while they 2HKO you is a good way to improve difficulty. HINT: IT'S NOT. And they still don't address the boosted-related problems.
  14. Why the hate on Hinata?

    Hi, I was wondering why everyone seems to think Hinata is trash. He comes usable with good base spd and def, has many pair ups to boost either one or the other and even his mediocre strength with Rinkah pair up (or maybe MoA Hana pair up I don't know her personal pair p bonuses nor MoA's since I used it only once on Mozu who was obviously pair leader). Hell guys, instead of trash talking about him, look at yourselves kneeling before Dieck/Deke's base stats and shit growths and at Gerik who was Hinata before Hinata was born and whose promotion gains were shit because FE 8 had rather trash promotion gains to compensate for better unit growths. So Gerik comes later in the game than Hinata (45% in the game unlike Hinata's 30-33% in game progression chapter-wise). Gerik couldn't get out of his classline like Hinata can, couldn't get wings like Hinata can even in his buddy seals, needed instant dragonshield if you were to not feed him much exp or early promote him (I tried to use him early promoted as both promotions in chapter 13 Ephraim's route and he was dying to 3 or 4 little soldier attacks in hard mode LOL), Gerik didn't have access to such insane things as tonics and pair up bonuses and guard stance, he was overshadowed in no grind by Seth (like most of the cast), Duessel (maybe even better than Seth without any stat bonuses invested in them cuz diz beiz stats are ameizing and 1 pure water allows him to take the whole ennemy army by himself from his join chapter until he has to face stupid dragonzombies' absurd 30 true damage), Innes in his Eirika join chapter (silver bow and 14-15 speed makes him OHKO/ORKO his whole joining chapter by himself, give him an iron/steel bow for weakling and that's it whilehe can still ORKO dragonzombies at base with a hero bow, which no other unit can pretend to be able to). Meanwhile Hinata comes at the same level with a weapon that allows him to hit even with his low skill (steel blade in FE TSS is true shit unless you gave 4 body rings to Joshua/6 to Marisa and gave it to them but you might as well go for magic swords or killing edge/shamshir at this point), he can get those insane bonuses from gameplay "improvements" (they aren't in my opinion but 0% growth players who can emulate Fates would say otherwise), he can get boosts to his res, he even has access to a whole class that gives him res base, growth and anti-magic skills on top of the possibility of getting falcon knight's lv 15 skill by endgame if he was given enough exp (meaning you forbid Ryoma use or made it minimal) so he can do what is supposed to be the opposite of his physical tank job if given the chance. Meanwhile Gerik can only kill magic units by himself if given a pure water and if he can double the sages (thanks to tomes insane weight and agic classes having the worst base stats of the whole game though he should be able to double the chapter 17 Fimbulvetr sage before getting 2-3 shot, but don't let him against the trios of druids on open field or against any group with 1 or 2 magic units and 2+ physical units like this should happen by lategame and in the endgame chapter or say goodbye to the best mercenary of GBA FEs since you just killed him). Ike in RD comes with the same speed growth as Hinata and I think Haar (sorry, GOD) shares the same speed growth too. They have better base stats but in RD they make high level oifeys and leaders close to their base class's max stats to cap them easily but struggle more to max in t3 classes and usually ests or other growing units have very little more stat points than these OP starters except for Edward who is simply the best in his classline if you invest in him, Nolan who's better for endgame than Boyd because of a higher speed average, only tanky unit before long in his team, and the other axe user in DB coming with trash bases and overlevelled for her growths to catch up before the end of part 1, and even then she stays way weakier than Haar for the whole game, not any point on using her outside from dawn brigade exclusive chapters and their objectives don't even give decent BEXP so it's useless to even try and end the levels with every optionnal objective completed, meaning those stat boosters you use on her could be given to Volug instead for x1.5 effectiveness in half beast and x2 in beast (1 dragonshield is 2 to 4 def for him, meanwhile it doesn't allow Jill to go anywhere near an archer or a group o physical ennemies without a few potions/30hp recovery potion, and Volug has twice her base HP or not far from it and still 26+ levels to grow, with lower max stats to use BEXP even better than her, his weakness to fire is irrelevant for most of the game past the 1st chapter he's playable and act 1 endgame maybe but he could as well kill them in 1 hit at that point, + base 9 movement if I'm correct and he can shove unlike Jill, only thing she beats him on is canto). Speaking of which, Hinata is a little like Volug, muscular, fluffy, middling strength and def, high luck and hp, bad res, the only things Volug beats him on for the whole game is spd and skl but Fates likes to give you stat screwed units so Hinata's speed is good for the main campaign in hard (like Nyx's unsalavgeable base stats, even in her specialties she has shit bases and her skill to patch up accuracy needs her to fight at 1 range XD so she get OHKO easier by 20-26 MT physical ennemies a few chapters after she's recruited at most on hard difficulty, hell even Micayah is more usable than her and at least she has utility in her base class and can level up through it even to the point you can get her to 20 in act 1 by spamming her suicide heal and using Laura/potion/herb to heal Micayah, and she can kill most act 1 bosses in 1 hit with her 2 personnal tomes for free exp). After this whole novel of comparisons between ~comparable~ units between older games and Fates, I hope you understand my point and that you will remember it before thinking ill of him. He isn't stellar by himself, but he comes usable (13 def in chapter 10 is about as much as lv 13-15 MU with HP boon, or def screwed def boon holding the DRAGONSTONE), his issues can be patched or fixed for cheap and his bases carry him for a while. Meanwhile Hana starts with glass cannon issues that will never be fixed by any means (unless you play a solorun Hana and give her all stat boosters including bonus path dragon herbs for her to mimic Gandalf in the prologue of The Lord of The Rings when he talks peacefully with Frodo while playing with smoke). And after having seen Ryoma again for the first time after like 1.5 year because this game bores me before reaching his recruitment most of the time, I think he has good strength but nothing Hana can't reach (with much higher skill, res and maybe equal to better luck) so if his OP sword didn't carry him he woudn't be so stellar (15 def with a katana for a level 4 male swordmaster is simply unforgivable, it's 2 points higher than Hinata's 13 levels+promotion lower level def with only 11 more speed for a unit supposed to be fast LMFAO any est-type speedy unit should've reached 28-30 by this point, my lv 8 general Setsuna who spent 12 levels as a knight and 7 as a general has 30 as a dark flyer with only 2 points from stat boosters gotten from the herbs I gave her, and everything else isn't high for his level, I bet Hinoka at his level with an equivalent personal weapon would do everything better than him even as a falcon knight with flying and maybe beast weaknesses).
  15. Felicia solorun breaks revelation

    Could be a discussion around Fates epic failure at trying to encourage playing several units, but instead favouring so much royals and giving so many ways to make any unit strong to OP that the game is trivialized like every previous FE by just giving all the ressources to 1 unit. I'm doing a Setsuna solo in hard (birthright) and she got insta reclass to ninja with GK MU (boon str bane HP) and at level 8 she took knight from him (grinded S support but that's it) and she stomps the game with 18 def and res as a lv 2 general, +2 def with the skill, +4 with pair up and reaching 29 def with the guard naginata alongside 23 res. We're talking about a 15% def growth 0 base def unit. This game is ridiculously easier to solo than to play normally. Casual play makes everything way harder in fact. She also has 25 str, reaching 30 with MU pair up, killing hard chapter 12 Laslow in 1 javelin hit (B-lances) with 2 unused damage because he would be killed even if he had 2 hp/2def or 1hp and def higher. Literally OHKO. Xander hit her once before kneeling before her in 3 javelin hits while the other ennemies dealt 0 damage. I'll try to kill Garon too, don't know if it's possible at this stage since I don't have a healer. The only problem was the hammer great knight who I lured with Kaden and killed with Setsuna.