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  1. I like most of your points. Even those not going in my favor. I also am not a big fan of supports outside of the fastest ones who give good bonuses, like Eirika and Seth, Neimi and Colm, Colm and Moulder, and the marrying supports, because well, it's a war, people don't expect to live long, so they get close faster and finally the release of the pressure after the war helps the survivors to concretize their relationship. It also fits well with medieval society. But Rennac-L'arachel's 70ish turns per support level was unbearable even on speed x4 and more. When I saw how Moulder could be equal or near equal with Natasha in dodge just by supports, I was like "For real?!" Still there aren't many things important to steal between ch9 and ch14, so you might as well skip them or wait for Colm to grab the most useful ones before promoting, but well, if you missed one stat booster, you can wait chapter 20 and try to get a replacement in the north eastern map where the northeastern elder bael always holds something droppable or stealable, from elixirs to master seals, including stat boosters and maybe white gems (or blue ones I don't remember). You can also do tower of Valni to the last stage to get a random good item, but it takes crazy time. You can also go through the Lagdou ruins and hope for good random drops in several stages (spears, hero weapons, lethal weapons, silver weapons maybe, and some random drops like elixirs, stat boosters or promotion items on a few ennemies) while reaching the top floor gives you a nice but not worthy gold reward with the black gem. LV 20/6 SM Joshua has averages of 45 HP (good), 17 strength (shit), 22.75 skill and speed (seriously? it's not really good for a very skilled swordsman), 13 luck (yay a random crit killed Joshua after he took another hit from anyone!), 11 def (correct, but not insanely good, and that 20% def growth might troll you hard like it happened to me before), 7 res (good enough). He has correct stats, but 57 dodge isn't enough for a dodgetank that doesn't have 1-2 range weapon. 26% crit rate with iron and no supports isn't what I call "Oh my gawd so many crits!!" especially with Joshua whose crit rate always seemed inefficient, because well, he crits when he wants, not close to his crit rate, and mostly on the second hit, meaning he already had to dodge/tank. LV 20/10 Colm has averages of 41.25 HP, 15.8 strength (close enough and better growth means more prone to RNG blessing and less prone to RNG screwage), 14.8 skill (only 4 less points to his crit rate, hit is irrelevant), 25.85 spd, 20.15 luck, 11.75 def (more than SM Joshua), 8.4 res (also more than SM Joshua). So at the end Colm has better ennemy phase than Joshua, he gained more exp and will still gain more because of WTF level bonus exp (the difference in exp gain when they kill a boss or a high exp ennemy is that huge, Colm gaining 100% on the lv 1 entombed in Valni 1 until level 9-11 while Joshua gains 98% at level 4 or 5 and about 80% at level 10 if not less). This is with average stats. Colm has 70 dodge (13 more than Joshua, LMAO dodgetank Joshua). Also if Colm gets promoted instantly and fed a few kills left during the same chapter (easy on Eirika's route because he promotes at turn 2), he can already reach level 2 or 3 before the end of the chapter without silencer procs, which would only make it more insane. Like I said, If you compare it with SM Joshua because Serenes likes SMs so much despite their swordlock, When Joshua reaches lv6 SM, you could already be lv 12 or more with Colm, either promotion but even more so as an assassin if he procs a few silencers, which he will do here and there. So the difference in defence will be higher and in offence he could equal Joshua's strength despite the SM's better promotion bonuses (don't forget 40% vs 35% str growth, it's high actually if you compare your Vanessa in 10 runs with your Eirika in 10 runs you'll see the difference), and with one or two support partners which have uses and don't cost you much if anything to raise when Neimi can just weaken a few ennemies, take a few low level ennemies which your main force doesn't get more than 6% exp on anyway, and use the promotion to keep up the pace with the party, ferry Colm if 1 more move is needed, and OHKO those annoying pegasi, baiting them by switching between sword and bow to beat the on both phases (because each pegasus wave has a javelin user, you can put Neimi at it's max range so she kills the javelin on EP and a 1 range on PP), not wasting your main fighters to keep these flying assholes from reaching your rearguard (2 iron/steel lance hits can kill unpromoted lv 20 Natasha, I'm not joking, maybe even promoted Natasha, at least steel lances can). So Colm and Neimi have something to do to help even when there aren't any chests. + If you use support in Joshua's case, I'd tell you that Joshua has Gerik, who won't wait for his unlevelledness to catch up to his stomping EP pace, Innes who is just like Neimi for Colm, except he gives only def to Joshua, Artur, same problem, Marisa, not gonna see light, L'Arachel and Natasha, not willing to stay too close from the fights unless power levelled so not often giving him the support bonus (close to never in annoying terrain chapters like Ephraim 13, 17 and 20 where flyers can surround your units faster than they can flee if no one is strong enough to take them down in 17 or if no one can block their path in 13 and 20). So Colm has the edge by far in the support department.
  2. OK I didn't know for Merlinus. Colm as a tier 2 wins over Joshua in the strength department. Colm has more reasons to be trained than Joshua, so might as well make him decent at combat. Colm joins in a chapter with 7 axe users, 1 archer, 1 thief and 1 mercenary. Not bein able to ORKO them at base is beneficial for your team, since it allows him to gain more exp while killing these assholes and feed some exp and wexp to Moulder, who he can support BTW. Colm also has a free instant C support with Neimi for an offensive boost. He can steal up to 4 items while fighting the ennemies holding them: +40% exp. WTA on 76 or so % of his joining chapter ennemies isn't something to laugh at. He gains 16 or so exp per fight vs Bazba and takes a while to kill him, Bazba heals each turn, in 0% growths my Colm reached level 10 and C and a half sword rank by the end of the chapter, and I gave the boss kill to Seth, who had reached or was close to reach S lances at that moment. Colm is definitely easy to level up. At base he has 28 dodge, 48 on a forest tile in chapter 4 so even revenants don't have much more than 40% chance of hitting him without any level up, meanwhile he takes them in 2 rounds with iron. All this without Neimi's C support gift. Joshua's supports are longer to reach, he could want Natasha who is just worse than both anything!Moulder and Bishop!Artur (can barely take a hit, very low hp growth with very low base, 2 base magic, 4 to 5 or 7 maybe 8 con, so she will never use high level tomes unlike Moulder who hass a free pass for high weaponry and has hp and def to back it up, while Artur has better magic to start with and still more or almost equal con as Natasha valkyrie who doesn't have slayer to deal effective damage) and starts one level lower than Artur one full chapter later and 2 levels lower than Moulder 3 chapters later with worse staff level (can't instantly use torch). Joshua has little to no offensive bonus from supports while Colm has mostly offensive bonuses from his supports, helping wih his skill and low base strength. Colm has a higher level than Joshua with equal number of ennemies taken charge of by both of them (because BEXP from thief + more rounds per ennemy early on), adding 2.5 chapters of availability and a 100% exp boss if you want to give it to him for whatever reason. More levels mean more stats, even if a little less strength can be expected and about even hp/def/res (Joshua has what, 3-4 more HP at level 20 than Colm? And has to wait longer for promotion, especially on Eirika's route where he has to wait to chapter 13 or 14 to get it if you want to promote Gerik 1st, which is best anyway since he has about the same offensive stats as Seth, but with better HP/str/skl/spd/def and less luck, being the closest to Duessel in stats when instantly promoted). So Joshua loses against Colm in availability, utility, dodgetanking, supports, promotion time, worthy promotion. BTW, stop telling me Colm has to fight with berserker Ross, Garcia is better for LTC as well as efficient play than Ross can ever expect to be, and Ross is 30th in the growth rates department in FE8 so why even bother leveling him? His speed will suck forever anyway, there's no reason to ever use him since Dozla does what Ross does with almost 0 investment outside of 1 or 2 stat boosters anyway, and you can farm stat boosters earlier than promotion items if it's your thing (also coming with B axes instead of E is very nice, he can just spam devil axe or hero axe from the get go and take 1, 2 or even 3 hits from monsters without dying so his speed doesn't even matter). As I already explained it, Colm gains levels faster and before Joshua even exists, so your argument that he has lower stats is false. When Joshua joins, Colm can have 8 to 10 more levels than him without hurting your party since most of his exp comes from ch3 where he doesn't compete with many for exp. Yes Franz exists, but Franz has ch1&2 to get fed kills so he should already gain little exp per kill, rendering him non optimal to seriously train in this chapter. Hell, Colm even beats Franz in everything but HP, str, def and res, which aren't his most important stats unlike Franz, who is barely better than Forde (faster but less skilled and squishier), and Kyle beats both of them by being Garcia with more acc, move and def (or unpromoted version of Duessel). Since Colm is worth training and Joshua isn't, why even bother with him? He will never give back all the exp and stat boosters you could give him. His only use is to arena abuse in ch5 since he's one of the best candidates to earn gold in there instead of losing gold (Vanessa has made me lose quite some gold in nearly every playthrough on normal mode arena which has more low level ennemies than hard and requires less go backs to find a bet between 500 and 750, which are the best since enneies mostly use E weapons that deal less damage when they hit). That's it. Even a lv 20 Joshua does barely anything useful in ch6, just distracting ennemies. Might as well give the dracoshield to Seth and hope he doesn't get critted by a swordmaster/berserker during the 1st turn of battle until he reaches 20 and can solo the game with the lord under his belt without taking any damage for the 15 first chapters, while reaching 50k gold or so. At least Seth is useful without having to have a utility class (outside of rescue/drop).
  3. 3 FoW chapters utility are better than 0 utility and not spectacular combat performance before promotion + swordlock forever. And guess what? Colm is available for all the FoW chapters, promoted or not. + Chapter 18 lava tiles disarm. Better than nothing. Whatever swordmaster Joshua can OHKO with a crit, Colm can ORKO it without caring of what promotion he got. Because there's no big difference in Colm's stats wether he's an assassin or rogue. But as an assassin, each time he procs silencer he get a huge bonus exp. He already has bonus exp in all of his classes from tier 1, so it makes him even better at gaining levels in the few fights he will see. Whereas swordmaster has to fight for exp with better combat units who have more mobility and/or 1/2 range. Even Neimi is better as a ranger, and I'd go as far as telling you than an archer is more useful as any swordmaster in Eirika's route ch13, because he/she can ballista kill both wyverns around Cormag and let you recruit the best flyer with base Eirika without any risk. And archers OS flyers most of the time at base with a steel bow, and bow users can OHKO or ORKO dragonzombies with lethal/silver/hero bow, for what it's worth. Sure there are 3 of them, but these are annoying, especially if you're not warpskipping chapter 21-1. Literally 2 attacks from one dragonzombie kills anyone who doesn't dodge it, and it has 100% base accuracy without any skill needed. You need very high dodge to display less than 30% hit rate from them. And Colm still has the edge over Joshua, with more luck to boost his dodge, an insane support with Neimi that works for her as well (3 attack, 15 crit, 15 acc to patch his skill and 7 dodge for more insanity). 20/20 Colm (which he can achieve without much favoritism in a non LTC run, just from killing some ennemies blocking the way to the doors, chests, and stealable items after promotion) can reach 80 dodge rate by himself without getting blessed (actually getting less luck than he should on average), then he gains his Neimi support, who should be level 5-10 promoted with or without early promotion and grinding. Just from their support, Neimi can help you clear many flyers and endgame dragons without requiring to reach S in bows unlike many units who wish to kill late game monsters, namely dragonzombies and a few tanky ennemies. Hell, Colm even has crit/4 chance to OHKO Lyon, and as I wrote in my previous message, Colm tends to crit more than Joshua with half his crit rate (at least for me). Lyon won't OS him if Colm has a pure water, his support and maybe a few points more in res and HP than he should, and he still has one of the best dodge rate of the full cast to try and dodge Naglfar. Sure silencer has very low proc rate on Lyon, but very low chance to OHKO the semi-final boss is better than 0% chance to ORKO him, whoch is what SM Joshua has, alongside lower dodge and crit avoid, and less levels for him to reach better stats than Colm's probably capped strength, decent def, hp, high luck and manageable res and skl (pure water +7 and support increasing crit, accuracy and dodge).
  4. Hi, I've read many topics on who's the best between Colm and Joshua, which class is the best between assassin and swordmaster, much bullshit about the classes because of BIAS, and most of it has been written long ago so I didn't want to necropost. So, let's compare the real thing. 1st: swordmaster class vs assassin class: - SM, aside from being the first letters for sadomasochist, have taken a major nerf from their previous iterations (+30 crit has become +15 LOL). So the big lead is on the crit department. SM has better stats caps than assassin for sure (+4 str, +2 def and +3 res, it that it?) with -1 skl to compensate (-1 crit because max skl is not a pair number). So if they reach max stats, assassin has -4 str, - 14 crit, +1 skl, -2 def and -3 res. But let's be serious, swordmasters never reach their caps outside from maybe skl and probably spd. Swordmasters also get more promotion bonuses to compensate for later promotion than thief to assassin. - Assassin has a stylish name, a nice crit animation too (very different from SM's), lower promotion gains, 1 point less in Con, and lower caps. On paper, it seems worse. But they have:1. Silencer, 1/2 crit chance to OS the ennemy, halved against bosses and denied against the final boss. 2. Better exp gain, meaning promotion bonuses get fixed by more level ups, +0 skl and spd make assassin's skl and spd better with equal number of fights (so more hit and crit rate to compensate for not having +15 crit), more potential hp/def/res if it means anything (good if you let him/her face lancers), more LUCK to dodge more and lower ennemy crit chance (for the occasional high crit ennemy like chap 14 and 17 berserkers, and some swordmaster put through the 2nd part of the game after the end of the routes plit, and against a few lethal weapon-wielding ennemies). 3. Thief utility: FoW is annoying, having 2 thieves is nice to avoid fiedling 3+ staff users to have enough torch users and wasting turns on it; lockpick is nice, costs less than keys (and you can have 2 lockpicks by chapter 8, Colm's and this chapter's thief's, plus chapter 16 and 19 thieves' lockpicks so you don't have to buy them ^^). Now for the characters getting these classes: 1.Colm: low base strength, high growth (40%, 5% more than Joshua, 10% more than Marisa if I remember well), low base skl, high enough growth (45% according to NMM, 40% according to Serenes Forest, so 10-15% less than Joshua, sure it's a lot), good base luck and good growth (45%, 15 more than Joshua LOL with 1 more base luck), very low base def (3) with the same growth rates as Franz, Cormag and a few others of this kind (25%, so 5% more than Joshua with 2 less base def), and ridiculous base res (1) with low growth (20%, 5 less than Joshua with 1 less base). Colm is a thief joining in chapter 3 (so 2 and a half chapters earlier than Joshua), he can steal 4 ennemies in his joining chapter at base, so getting 40% exp isn't hard, and he can reck the hell out of 85% of his joining chapter ennemies while they are displaying low hit rates. He can safely get to level 10-11 by boss abusing in his joining chapter, not optimal for LTC but great for efficiency since he can easily reach the 15-16 spd needed to steal HM chap 8 theif's lockpick after he finishes chapter 3 LOL, also being by far your fastest and best dodgetank unit for a while, and becoming able to take down the nasty halberd wielder in chap 6 without getting hit and without even having to rely on terrain bonuses to do it fingers in the nose. He steals chapter 7 mage str/mag booster, giving him 10 more free exp no one else can get this way (not needing to fight), and finally chap 8 thief's lockpick for 10% more free exp. He has a total of 40% free exp in chap 3, 10% in chap 6 (troubadour's elixir), 10% in chap 7, 10% in chap 8 so 70% free exp, which means he's virtually level 2.70 when you get him (even more since chap 6, 7 and 8 he's higher level to steal so the exp he get from stealing is higher than the exp he gains as a level 2 because of the exp curve). He has 3 more levels to be blessed/RNG screwed than Joshua, but a blessed Colm may be much better than a blessed Joshua (more luck, strength maybe, def maybe, res also, and less gap in skill). He gains far more exp per fight than Joshua will ever, gaining around 55 exp per kill in his first levels, against 30-ish for Joshua, and fedding him bosskills, if not optimal, are a way to make levelling him a joke (80-ish exp per boss kill until level 15+, maybe even more exp/higher soft cap). Being an assassin from chapter 9 onwards allows him to gain more levels, have more opportunities to use silencer for OHKOs and more exp, so more level ups...meaning he can reach chests easier, and fight better, and be self-sufficient far earlier than Joshua or slightly faster than Rogue!Colm (only silencer kills apply here). He can easily take on ennemies near the chests by himself, allowing your real fighting units to go straight to the boss or split for routs (also routing or being as close as possibe to rout in kill boss or defend/survive X turns chapters obviously allows your units to get more exp, and having a thief take a few ennemies isn't a bad thing if he can then make use of it to allow faster pace in later chapters, and less splitting in chap 19 is really nice because if Colm can solo the bottom-right side of the map until you end the chapter with all chests open, you get everything in one). With this play style, you can make Colm reach level 8 before Joshua can even promote if you give the 1st hero crest to Gerik, who's much more useful than Joshua in every kind of map design, and also less prone to RNG-screwage than his fellow crest user due to better base stats, and also higher level when recruited so he needs less level ups to promote (can even be instantly promoted if you want). Levelling a thief is never a waste. 2. Joshua: on the other hand this guy joins 2.5 chapters later, is an ass to recruit since he makes you slow down to avoid killing him or getting killed by him, has shit supports compared to Colm (his whole swordmaster's +15 crit advantage is getting reckt by A support Colm/Neimi which can be achieved in the same chapter you recruit Joshua in a non LTC run, also screwing Joshua's base damage with +3 damage from support, a +1 or 2 def/res bonus and a dodge bonus to his already better dodge rate than Joshua in the same chapter if Colm is trained, Neimi already makes Colm all that Joshua wants to be before any of them promotes). Joshua has higher base stats but lower growths in anything but Hp (+5%), skl (+10/15%) and res (+5%), meaning Colm's bonus exp is putting him potentially far ahead Joshua in terms of stats reached in the same chapter (also stealing less exp from your team even with 3 more levels to gain to reach 20). If you want something close to a swordmaster, Eirika in her route is forced so use her and she'll surpass Joshua in mobility, stats, combat utility (free sacred weapon that no one else is fighting for with 21 real damage, 53 on monsters LOL at Joshua's crits when she can OHKO most monsters at base unpromoted), overall utility (since she's forced and has the convoy, and is the only one who can seize in her route, she's better off trained than untrained so she isn't a dead weight), while Joshua also stays swordlocked but steals exp, weapons, a promotion item and a fielding space from more useful units who can 1-2 range with cheap weapons and don't have to be levelled up to do what they are used for, even benchable if they turn bad or get replaced by better units at their role like Garcia replaced with Gerik. So Joshua is more of a bad unit than Colm (or Eirika) to use, sure he has better bases, weapon rank, and level but he costs you to train unlike Eirika and Colm who give back everything you put into them by making the game easier (no game over, easier chest access, early game thief utility without getting killed, better promotion time and/or not fighting for promotion item). Joshua is going to be promoted later than Colm in most cases, so his only way to catch up is to go assassin for faster exp gain (and less exp stealing from the party) so he can beat Colm as an assassin with better skill. Still he will never reach Colm's free pass as a utility unit from join time, 2 chapters of easy exp with few really good units to compete with for exp (stop talking of Franz please, Seth can make good use of the exp you'd waste in Franz while Kyle or Forde have no other competition for the cavalier role in Ephraim's party in their joining chapter and can be better than Franz, Kyle being Duessel with lower def/res but higher hp/str/skl/spd, Forde being a "jack of all trades but master of none" like someone said in another topic or maybe another forum I can't recall where I found this quote. If Forde is blessed he ends up better than Franz and Kyle together because Kyle still lacks speed and skill and res while Franz has so awful def and res he's like a swordsmaster on a horse, with better weaponry an movement but no crit +15, less skill and lower hp than Kyle and maybe Forde. Franz is a glass cannon with higher terrain penalties than foot glass canons (not able to hide in low mountains for example or to attack an ennemy on a mountain while a foot unit could, and he's no flyer either). Franz should be a pegasus, it's be better for him (also he'd be able to ferry units easier before AND after promo with 7-8 con, namely Duessel, General Gilliam, warrior Garcia, and falcon promotion bonuses would patch his def/res a bit, stille Tana is Franz on wings with more strength and less HP). All this to say that Colm has little competition before chapter 9 on the exp Seth let go to rush the boss or do whatever you want him to do. Most good units come after chapter 9 anyway (Tana during/at the beginning of ch9, Cormag in 10 or 13, Duessel in 10 or 15, Saleh in 11 or 15, Innes who can probablyORKO dragonzombies at base if not OHKO them with killing bow crit, or killing them before they attack with hero bow, at 10 or 15, Gerik in 10 or 13, and that's it). The only real competition Colm has comes from Artur/Lute (Artur for bishop slayer-staffbot, Lute for OHKO potential with fire in mid game). And you only want one on these 2 anyway. Beating chapter 5 with Artur or Lute and Colm on the left and Seth on the right is a walk in the park. Meanwhile Vanessa visits bottom-right, middle-left and top-left houses easily and get you the mage ring and why not the torch (I usually sell it though). If you want a nice unit that works not far from a swordsmaster but with better weaponry and stat spread, make Amelia a super trainee (I know she lacks Con, but she is fast enough to be relevant). But she's not good for efficient play though since she needs 18 level ups be be ABLE to promote to tier 3 classes. Still +15 crit lance user with actual speed is nice, even if she looses some by equipping javelins. Still more durable than Joshua with better luck/def/res if she reached 10/20 before promotion (and nearly uncrittable without any support needed). So: Assassin is a little better than swordmaster, because it doesn't steal a deployment slot from better fighting units since it brings utility alongside combat, and has around the same ORKO potential with higher OHKO potential, more post-game viability, can actually kill heroes/warriors in one lucky hit with iron or even slim weapons, while SM need at least steel if not silver to do the same, so costs more gold, and it eases FoW chapters by much. And Colm if played alongside Neimi (who can just get a few lv ups to get an early promotion just not to die from one hit and even bring some bow utility like Innes with little investment and get high crit rate for this same bow utility) can be far better than Joshua, on top of being a more worthy unit for the exp he takes from the other members of the party (even some MEMEbers) just because he brings useful things to the party from his join time to the end of the game (or of the world if you manage to kill your whole trained party including Seth and Duessel so the Demon King wins). Also Colm doesn't risk to be critted to death by a berserker or lethal weapon hero if there is one, (0% hit berserkers and low hit + low crit lethal weapons users) while Joshua's luck is a bit shaky against promoted/lethal weapon ennemies, and so is his dodge because of -10 to -15 luk compared with Colm, depending on the level gap and how blessed each of them has been. Marisa would be Colm assassin but better (without Colm/Neimi support) but she joins later in the game, also fights for a hero crest and has even less strength than LOL Joshua. What do you guys think of it? Outside of this being a big wall of text obviously.
  5. Hi,

    Can you give me a link for your FE8 Troll mod pls? I' like to see what it's like.

  6. Units can't be recruited from the logbook

    I had 3 logbook units and was at chapter 15.
  7. Units can't be recruited from the logbook

    yes i have units in the 1st and last tab but none coud be recruited, even with 3x more gold than needed.
  8. Hi, I've experienced something that seems like a bug. After boosting Haitaka (level 16 early promotion to lance master to reclass into fark flyer, get to level 5 and reclass to lance master for seal speed, given him the midori paralogue's herb for +1 everywhere and elite skill then updates Haitaka level 6 lance master in the logbook), I've loaded another save file and even with gold, I couldn't even try to recruit any einherjar/prisoner unit. I was at chapter 15 revelations (I also boosted Haitaka on rev chapter 10 so it was possible) and I tried to diminish my number of units by killing Sakura's sky knight, but I still couldn't recruit anyone. Is it normal or it a bug?
  9. Actually, I'm not denying the fact that females units are good, just that their class choices are quite bad, 2 only magic classes with one having access to magic and swords, but swords aren't the best physical weapons even in this FE without a weapon triangle, they can't ever use a bow, they have trash skill in nearly every one of their final classes, not even worth mentionning inexistant skl in their tier 1 classes, and their only really potent physical class is cavalier, which is between knight and pegasus: more mobile than knights but still less than pegasi, better bases in t2 than pegasus t1 and better bases in t3 than falcon (t2), in every single stat. Still, I'd rather have a girl go through soldier+knight+baron then revert her to anything like pegasus or cleric or even mage, rather than having access to the single cavalier class line for t3 base stats. And no way to ever get bows isn't a good point at all.
  10. Actually I'll make her a cleric as usual because this nosferatu magic is broken in solo runs like mine. I have 3 pitchforks to use after all, she will get the 1st one. I'm just deceived by the fact that even after getting through one of the anti-mage classes, she didn't get any bonus to her base res from promotions (and there were 2 from villager). It's just the same as going through knight in order to get more base def and discovering upon promotion that you don't get any def bonus even if you were under the class's base. It feels unrewarding. Especially when the only 3-stages class female units get is cavalier in order to boost their base stats compared with male units who have dread knight for spd, skl, str, hp and def, cavalier for mobility and more attack/def than dread fighter, baron for insane base def AND absolutely godly attack, just go to mage after baron and you'll ORKO everything without taking physical damage from non-baron ennemies, and archer for the final 1-4 range class after you got insane attack, hp, spd, skl, lck and def from any other class you've cycled through before reclassing. Females have either mage to deal damage with middling res and trash base def, low res growth even for a magic class, cleric to heal and nosferatank with trash accuracy and give some utility at the cost of 8-15 HP, cavalier to be a lesser version of male cavaliers (except Mathilda but only because of her bases completing her class promotion bonuses so perfectly), and pegasi who have trash base stats and don't even benefit from promotion bonuses like other classes do since: 1. their speed base is ridiculously low (mercenaries have 3 more base speed than pegasi and equal speed to falcon knights, dread fighters have 1 more def and 4 more atk with 8 more spd and 11 more skl at base than pegasi and they at least get 2 passives reducing magic damage instead of the nothingness that falcon knight gives to not already res boosted units, Palla suffers a lot from falcon knight having so trash tier base stats especially if you keep her in her base class, while Catria and Est are likely to surpass their promotion base stats before reaching level 12, or benefitting from 1 or 2 points in atk and def and having already far surpassed the spd, skl and res bases with res being absent of promotions). I'd rather make Faye a baron and make her reach 25 str and 22 def before reclassing her than get her to pegasus now that I know how unrewarding this class is. Sure pegasus is a little better than paladin, but gold knights stomp pegasi like they're insects.
  11. Thanks for your answers. Well then maybe I should've made her a cavalier instead to get these awesome gold knight bases before going back to villager>cleric. I didn't know you didn't get the resist base stat of the class you go in. What's even the point of such trash promotion design? Everything is fine, but res in a game that throws you tons of 18 magic damage ennemies from midgame to the end. If you're forced to use a dracoshield per unit in order to survive the 12 witches surrounding you in chapters like Nuibaba's second and Nuibaba herself, then what's the point of having classes oriented on res? And Dread knight should have 6 base res in any case not only skills giving 5 damage reduction and halving magic damage. You're not fine with that when you have 3 res, up to 8 with passive #1 and halving the remaining 10 damage if you can't counter-kill on ennemy phase AND get your HP up a bit at the beginning of the next turn. You don't exactly have 1 healer per unit. If your dread knight is circled by 5 witches he takes 25 damage per turn. Good luck surviving. If you don't have 6 base res at least and dread knight passives you just die in 1-2 turns. And recover is so inferior to staff healing that you can't compare the 2. My healers in classic FEs heal 80-100% of anyone's HP if their level is average. Recover only heals 80-100% HP of 1st tier units with <22 HP. The others just get completely shit on by any wave of ennemies in a game that doesn't hesitate to send you 10 units at a time. Barons shit on everybody with their base strength and def, only killable by magic damage or OP weapons and skills, Desaix and his dracoshield completely screws you over if you don't have 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 damage dealers who will deal 0-2 damage per turn, hoping you outdamage his 5 HP regen per turn. If you don't take his dracoshield, good luck on using squishy units past the beginning of chapter 3, because everyone get 1-2shot depending on their class and on the ennemy type. Witches just troll you over. Wanna recruit Delthea? Grind Clair until she can take only 1 damage per hit from magic units (good luck with res growth rates and exp hard cap level 10+) and a throwing weapon or regenerating item and high enough attack to ORKO every one of them. Until that moment Alm's party will get shit on in every magic class filled-mission which is like 40% of chapter 3. Fortunately Celica's route has more res-heavy units who lack def instead. Just why did they make res impossible to get from promotion? IS has to enjoy taking 15 damage per witch/dark mage thrown at them, since they were the ones to design it... PS: I'm just sad since I made Faye a falcon knight to give her high spd/skl/res, and falcon knight skl is pure trash even compared with paladin's or gold knight's and spd is still underwhelming (gold knight has 12 base spd against 10 for falcon knight), the class's HP is trash (34 is fine for a middle-tier class, not for a final class) a,d the res doesn't even time I make her cavalier>gold knight then reclass her to cleric and she'll have 18 str, 11 skl?, 12 spd, 13 def as minimum stats with something like 38 HP or I don't remember exactly how many HP, but more than 34 for sure. With 40% HP growth you need this. Female classes feel really underperforming in Echoes, such a waste since they added one or more female characters. And this res problem is still killing the game's balance.
  12. Hi, I'm wondering, is it normal that my falcon knight Faye has less than her class's base res stat as a falcon knight? she had 9 before promotion, she has 9 after promotion instead of 12 (that's a 3 points loss! I can't bear with it! Especially since I want to reclass her with a pitchfork now that she has 34 hp, 13 atk, 7 skl, 13 spd, 17 lck, 11 def and this crappy 9 res). I thought promotion was supposed to give your unit the promotion's base stats as a minimum...WTF with you Faye? Wanna get killed by the waves of thousands of witches hard mode sends you in chapter 3/4? At this rate I'll have to kill Desaix with a falcon knight Faye to get Alm the dracoshield so he doesn't get 1-turned by witch waves too.
  13. MU!Velouria skill inheritance

    Well I just want good skills for the 2 remaining slots for Velouria since Selkie has gotten the level 5 basara skill from daddy and renewal from Sakura and is now a dark flyer and will be switched to basara when she has enough magic, speed and res in order to strengthen her def and erase her weakness to bows. I'm lying at chapter 15 recruiting Velouria. Maybe DK class and skills can be nice on Velouria? She would get some res, maybe more speed and skill and some anti-magic skills outside from countermagic which she would have to go through buddy seal in order to get. My team is planned already: Velouria and Selkie (fluffy chicks for furry fan service), Saizo because he's so good (mine turned into a god with 24 speed with a shuriken, 24 strength, 21 or so def, 15 res, 18 luck, 38-ish HP, 25 skill at level 3 master ninja, no reclass yet), Kagero (sadly she got speed screwed but lies at 21 at master ninja 1, 22 or 23 strength, 18 skill, 9 luck, 15-ish def and 20-ish res), none of the 2 ninjas got good magic (sadly Saizo had magic point increases only on perfect level ups, which happened twice or thrice, he's lying around 9 at the moment if I' not wrong, not more than 12 for sure), My unit only because she's forced (maybe I'll give her to the MILF kinshi knight and play MILF Emblem LOL), Lobster Lord and Noodles Lord because of their pref weapon and the fact they don't need much exp in order to be godlike so I can train Vel and Selkie a bit longer (I got the horse spirit from level 2 hoshidan armory it's quite strong for Selkie and her trash def). Maybe Hinoka will be added, but I prefer the MILF as a character even if Hinoka is a better unit (and MILF has much better offence than Hinoka). Should I use a ballistician or a witch? I wonder. I have nothing against DLC classes, they allow units to have better stats until 21 and unique class skills. So far Selkie has nothing planned for her remaining 2 slots either but I don't really need other skills than renewal and basara level 5 skill. Maybe something giving her a little more physical bulk or dodge would be useful, but like I said, horse spirit + basara will allow her to become godlike with maybe galeforce since I don't plan to use capable units with a support backpack (with draconic hex, ennemies should be manageable for anyone, especially since Saizo can solo the maps at level 3 master ninja with 2 2nd tier potions if I want him to do so). Oh, and next PT will be healers only so Jakob and Azama will be mandatory, maybe I should do it on birthright since Azama is very late in revelations and I'd use 2 fighters rather than one until Sakura can go greatmaster.
  14. MU!Velouria skill inheritance

    Hi! I'm wondering what skill my Velouria should get, she should receive Sol from Keaton and Draconic hex from MU, but I lose the utility of having a knight Corrin since (I didn't know before) she passes down her Princess classes to her beast children instead of knight...Sol is an active skill so I don't want to give Vel another active skill but rather passives. I planned on giving her Hoshidan unity and replacing her beastbane by something else, but I don't know what. She would have Sol, Draconic Hex, Hoshidan unity, Odd-shaped until I can get something better and something else. I guess the wolfsegner class skills could be useful for unkillable chip damage and maybe killer? I'm in revelations BTW, boon hp bane magic talent knight.