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  1. Bad units you said?

    Just to point that some units are told to be bad, like it's some common knowledge, while they could outperform many other units which are considered good. Subaki is said to be a trash combat unit, but just reclassing him ASAP into Oni savage makes him a beast (like Saizo). He gains so much from this class that it's just perfectly fit for him, and his legendary bad strength is completely fixed with 50% growth (nearly FE13 Chrom's strength growth BTW, which is said to be good to very good), better base def and str, insane def, he's a knight with 5 movement, better base speed (+darting blow), better HP growth than most of Fates' cast and his high personal skill and growth make him patch oni's skill problems and use effectively all of the clubs (even the great club with 45% acc and 55% crit since he has very good accuracy himself and can benefit from many accuracy pair ups if not paired up with Rinkah for dat insane str/def combination). His base class set doesn't fit him at all but oni is all he wants (just like blacksmith is one of if not THE best class for Hinata to strengthen his strength while patching the patchable issues, namely his abysmal skill). That's why it has "bad units" in its title. In my current playthrough of rev, i'm playing MU with MILF wife (I gave her 1 dragon shield + 2 dusts + 2 herbs and she outperforms many units, on par defensively with Camilla while having more str, spd and mag and even more HP (I think I gave her the robe too, not sure) so she went lv 5 kinshi for dat skill then basara (I got trolled while recruiting Kana though, she had premonition as her inherited skill but when MILF-sama got seal def, it changed before I recruited I got seal def Kana instead of free exp Kana and I was already planning on getting draconic seal def is rather useless on a unit with magic sword, killer sword and dragonstone (maybe I'll give her tomes so she can use horse spirit like mommy, daddy doesn't need it since he has 24 def as a nohr noble after going through 4 levels of ninja and nearly 10 levels of spear fighter/spear master, but he has only 13 res ughh, plus he'll get level 2 sword soon I'm currently waiting to recruit furballs for chapter 14)))))). Did I close all the parenthesis? Not sure. )))))) Better ^^ I'm pairing Keaton with Kaden while farming Keaton to level 8 (lv 5 wolf then lv 8 hero) for Kaden to get some physical bulk before he goes back to nine tails (and Sol ofc). This way I can give Mozu!Selkie either more survivability or better offence (Mozu 7 villager>archer>sniper>merchant for stats, anyway the inheritance will be quick draw and selkie will go to villager for 1 level to get aptitude, I wonder if better odds+ sol is better than quick draw + gamble, either way she's gonna be insane). Keaton will stay hero (or lodestar but I think hero suits him more) since wolfsegner is uggly, Camille!Velouria will go hero too if I can't get her a ninja support (or maybe great lord or even dread fighter for better balance in bulk and better look as a furry shuriken thrower). Fur wins everyday day. PS: corrected the awful writing of ยง3.
  2. 3DS Emulator?

    Hi, I('ve downloaeded Citra every year from 2015 but it simply never supported my FE Awakening Rom file. I'm currently trying to dl another ROM in case it's the ROM that's not working, but hey, 3 years, 6 different versions of Citra, and still not working. Other 3DS emulators simply close themselves as soon as I launch them, like WTF.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to make 4 magic weapons in TSS with Nightmare. They're supposed to hit res for their MT +1/2 str but my Neimi has 21 MT with 7 str on her 13 damage bow, and she hit Bazba for 13 damage on his throne with 5 def. I don't understand, since she hit a fighter before for 20 damage without terrain bonus. How am I supposed to deal with something that deals different damage in different situations? My 13 str lv 7 Gilliam has 27 MT because of that, while she should have 20-21, it's completely broken since I gave it in chapter 3 chests like the lightning sword in Gaiden/SOV and wanted it to work like Fates magic weapons with half strength being the equivalent of physical units' magic stat (then I'll have to halve the MT to get something not broken from the get go and for the whole game...).
  4. Bad units you said?

    Hi players, Subaki is said to be one of the worst units in the game. I wanted to see what I could do to help him get awesome or at least good. I searched for spear fighter, basara, oni savage and oni chieftain on the wikia and with his personal growths I decided to make him an oni savage into chieftain in my revelations run. Well, he class changed just after Rinkah's recruitment chapter (which was a real pain in hard beginner because ennemies are designed around MU's fighting ability while your other units are 3 levels or even 4 levels lower than random ennemies level 8 in this chapter, taking 15 damage per attack with those f***ing ninjas all around the map debuffing your def into abyss, MU was literally OHKOing everyone except a few with dragonstone, +mag -lck, while taking little to no damage) and my level 8 Subaki had 17 def, 21 with Rinkah pair up, along with 11 str and 16 with Rinkah, and 9 spd, 15 skl, 27 HP (now 31 level 13, with 12 or 13 str, 17+ skill, 12 spd, more than 20 def, 6 or 7 res). That means My Subaki takes literally 0 damage 5 levels lower than my Corrin. Sure it was a pain getting him through the next chapter's Mjolnir sorcerer but well, he still had around 14 HP after getting hit, and my female servant weakened the sorcerers near the boss so he could kill them in one throwing axe +1 hit (largely overkilling them). He soloed this chapter except for the sorcerers mentionned and the boss (the mjolnir sorcerer's skull got split in half in 1 hit BTW). Subaki's got 3 magic for now, I hope he grows more so I can give the spirit dust to my incoming Basara or something like that Beruka who will marry MU. Gotta spend a few levels as a dark flyer for magic growth and speed+res. Why hybrid/magic-oriented Subaki and Beruka? I wanted some real tanky units to fit the role of magic weapon users. Magic weapons give -20 dodge (or avoid, can't remember which is what), so giving it to squishy units who double all the time isn't worth. Subaki has darting blow, perfectionnist that makes up for -20 dodge or avoid, Beruka has enough speed as a dark flyer and has more res than Subaki so she can tank on both damage types just from personnal def + Dark flyer res. Subaki has a good HP bar and oni savage makes it insanely high (70 or 75% growth), meanwhile his 30% str get to 50% with oni savage and his magic growth is still 30%, no waste in his already good skill (50% personal) and 65% def growth with 10% res growth (why even waste anything into his forever shitty stat anyway?). Beruka will get both seals from lance fighter and lance master, so she will make any unit that's not dead perfectly trash for the next PP. MU's personnal skill will grant her +2 def/res anyway soa few levels into dark flyer won't hurt too much her def. Hinata: Samurai Hinata is like samurai Benny (both have innate 15% growth in speed, which is the lowest in the game), why even use it when you have much better units for that role? Blacksmith gives him enough of everything to be a good frontliner (except res but it's not his role). It's the perfect balance between swordmaster and master of arms, good hp, good str, good skl, good def and enough spd to get some spd level ups if needed. Anyway with 55-60% def growth and his base, not many will damage him on the physical front. Also swords are actually his worst weapon type, since Nohrian swords don't give anything while hoshidan swords sacrifice his only good stat (def) aside hp to get his lowest trash tier stat (spd) a +1 bonus (not enough to stay relevant but that -1 res is gonna hurt him and early -1 def isn't too funny to suffer from against those 25 damage axe users in EP). His good HP is helped by blacksmith so why not? Hero is good too but maybe a little too much speed oriented for him compared with blacksmith, correct me if I'm wrong. Class swap Hinata and Oboro and both would be amazing from the get go though...
  5. Fates' exp system is broken

    LOL ennemies have low res on the Nohr side, don't lie please. Also on higher difficulties generals tend to have wary fighter anyway, so even if she had 150 speed she couldn't double them, making speed a useless stat. If she can ORKO then I don't care how low her speed is, I just give her th ressources needed to not be doubled by middling speed units and a strong tome that will OHKO. Actually, Malig Knight is the class that has been used for a while now for Corrin to speedrun/LTC so as long as your magic isn't trash (and magic powders have little use outside from making hybrid classes more efficient for low but not inexistant magic growth units like Rinkah, Subaki, Camilla, Hinoka...) you can use it effectively (high mt tomes are very effective if given to Rinkah with her passive as well as the bolt axe if you can get one, free +4 magic + base magic + promo gains mean she has nearly as much effective magic at level 1 as Subaki's strength stat as a lv 1 falcon knight (well, around 2/3s of it) on your worst attacking stat. It's higher than Camille's magic BTW. A difference of 4 in skill cap isn't that bad for Rinkah especially if she has a support with a skill statue unit that you use actively enough to get it to level 2 or 3 by mid-game so Rinkah doesn't stay at base skill cap for too long (sure Oni's skill cap sucks but it's workabe and a tonic fixes most of it anyway with +6% hit alone). If need be she can support Subaki since I guess his statue gives skill ^^ and he gives her speed to double alongside res to tank a hit or two while she gives him strength and def to make his bruiser identity even better (by the way my Subaki has 14 spd at level 12 or 13 so I don't see the problem with his speed, and it's not far above average either, maybe rounded to superior instead of inferior but that's all and he still has 19 spd on PP which is already overkill). Actually, a Rinkah pair up on Subaki makes him Fates equivalent for Cormag, which is one of the best units in TSS with flight + combat utility, and Subaki also has staff utility, exp from it without draining combat exp and rally speed. That makes him way better than Cormag. So to people still thinking he's trash, just compare with other games' flyers and think of it, he has more than most of them in one unit. He's no royal BS but he's better than royal because he doesn't need OP AF stats or pref weapon to be good and useful for the whole game and he comes very early in the game.
  6. Fates' exp system is broken

    Mozu is a goddess in any physical class, she might even get bulk from a tanky class like wyvern, knight or cavalier (or hero) and she could make an awesome berserker with better stat assignment than Charlotte (high skill ensures that she hits often) while having less HP (but more def and existing res). She can render children units worth it in-game instead of them being a liability with some of their recruitment chapters being annoying to deal with (hard conquest kana has so many ennemies grouping that you can't instantly recruit him/her you need to be able to defeat most of them while making the child survive the shit out of the horrible swordaster/falcon knight/onmyoji/Kinshi?/lancemaster/etc. with their subordinates) so you have to play further into the game to beat them and recruit the children that are now way inferior to their parents (not even mentionning no pref for princes' baby boys to 1-2 range freely with bonus stats on top of no drawbacks). Why play Mozu as an archer if youcan make her an EP unit? archers are useful for sure. But when you have the ability to make her ORKO pegasi with other weapons than bows, why cripple her with a 2-range locked weapon, while she doesn't have magic growth to use shining bow? Just make her a cavalier/fighter/mercenary/wyvern and let her become an EP unit that ORKOs everything. Sure in BR her growths are overkill and her base stats IN HER BASE CLASS suck ass, but give her 6 kills and she has levelled up 3 times, catching up with the rest of the army before completely outperforming Niles, Odin, Nyx, Selena, Laslow, Charlotte, and any glass cannon AS A VILLAGER, or outperforming nearly everyone in their own class (physical classes only). Sure she won't ever have 70% def growth, but she doesn't need it, 45-50% is good enough to make a level 1 recruited unit as tanky as Silas in a few level ups and beat him in the long run because he'll have trouble with ninja debuffs and the like while she will kill them before they debuff her with no more than a strength pair up (likely to be the most common thing in CQ), and for BR debuffs are rare outside from the occasional ennemy with seal who she can kill before they do any harm to her, so the seals won't activate often. She's a royal under cover. By the way, Subaki sure lacks strength, but so does Reina and Subaki can use effectively any weapon available without suffering too much from their penalties, because his doubling potential isn't as necessary as hers so the -3 spd from steel hurts him less when he already doesn't double, and he has the skill to use low hit rate but good effective/reverse weapon triangle weapons alongside actual usable magic growth to use bolt naginata, so he can pull the best of any naginata other than bronze/iron shit (on top of forge being OP and allowing to use +4 iron weapons that have as much mt as silver if not more XD). Same for Hinata who doesn't get the credit for what he allows you to do, like having the best hp pool of Hoshido units, having good strength (not 70% but 45% with 11 base at level 10 is correct), a good reclass option for strength/def bonus (oni savage) though it hurts his skill, his C base sword rank is good for his level which allows him to jump fast on special/effective weapons and swords/katanas are accurate. Sure he isn't the best but he stays a good unit that can tank physical hits which isn't common in BR.
  7. Fates' exp system is broken

    Mozu costs a better unit's exp? then tell me what are your standards in terms of unit quality. She comes before chapter 7 or 8 in all 3 routes, has aptitude, great offensive personnal growths except in magic (still 15% just with aptitude, better than 5-10, up to 30% in magic classes, not so weak but not optimal), correct defensive growths, any other class she can get will give her an instant bump on her base stats, she has natural good promoted classes without a reclass, which give her weapon diversity, she's one of the 2 or 3 best candidates for a dread scroll, her lack of pref weapon makes her more worthy of reclassing into anything you want her to be that she has access to, not loosing a precious braindead OP weapon like Ryoma would if he went for another class not wielding swords (stat-wise he'd probably be a great oni or lancemaster or even the best ninja in his game if he ddn't loose the Swordsmaster crit bonus), so she's the most flexible growth unit and her growths are way higher than many of your units, rendering these units subpar compared with her. If she get 15-25 levels of dread fighter then her husband/buddy's class, she's gonna be an amazing unit, much better than some units that are praised everywhere (I've already had a level 18 villager Mozu with more stats than promoted units, with 11-ish def, 25-ish HP, 20-ish str, 24-26 skl and spd and 8 res or so with the highest luck stat for non royals in BR, if not the highest including royals, so even in her base class her stats reck all 3 ninjas' stats, the Oh-so-praised ninjas that can solo the game, and she could become one if I want to so she could solo the game much easier than they ever will). Better units than Mozu are falling mid-late game (Jakob) or bias BS royals or Scarlet. Hinoka having pegasus base class and stats and growths and promotions doesn't help her being a really good combat unit (her base strength has to carry her for a long time before her growth starts to proc more than once every 3 levels) so she needs a reclass to be a really good fighting unit because as always (even if it's a bit less extreme in Fates than in previous games) pegasi are ferry units more than combat units, so she costs a reclass as well. Sakura starts unable to fight at all, and has good growths but like Lissa it's hit or miss (a little more hit than miss compared with Lissa though, but still complete RNG with average stats in most departments). It let you Takumi who has the average stats problem too but even more than Sakura since all he excels in is skill, which isn't so worth when he could have more damage or doubling ability throughout mid-late game instead, although his bow carries the shit out of him for sure. Ryoma is the most nonsensical unit in Fates alongside Xander, as if TSS gave you a level 15 Myrrh with infinite dragon stone uses and 1-2 range, which she doesn't need to be a goddess (she only needs infinite dragon stone uses or access to wretched air or demonlumen/ravager if only they were sold in creature campaign in order to max pleasure of post-game since CC already is all about min-maxing and post-game bullshit). Subaki is 6 HP, 1 point of def and 2 points of res far from Reina's tanking stats and he comes with 15 levels before promotion to grow better, with a good def growth, and he also has 1 less point of skill at base, which means he can have around 10 points more in the skill department than she ever will. It means Subaki will take way more hits than her at the same level and one more by the time she joins if you train him. Meaning he has way more EP potential than her as a non-promoted unit. 15 speed on PP is enough to double most BR normal ennemies, and he can use a tonic for +2 spd (17 spd on PP) and a str tonic for +2 to +4 damage per round, he also has more time to improve his weapon ranks (4 full chapters before she even exists), and his str+spd problem is easier to fix than her skl+def problem, since skill pair ups aren't common as well as skl+def pair ups don't exist in BR except if you reclass Silas into hero, so you loose one of the best support pair ups to a unit without supports outside from Corrin, and you also loose his initial good pair up bonuses for hero's bonuses (and no +1 move). Give Subaki a lancer/archer pair up and he'll get +2 str and spd alongside 2 skill (which isn't needed but it comes along). Ths more skill, the more proc abilities and crits happen. Unlike Takumi, Subaki flies and is tanky (not only due to his base stats) and he has 6 more level ups to make work of against Takumi for higher def+res and equal HP (lol he has 6 more base res as a poor res unit so yeah, definitely tankier with lances to counter magic and swords). Reina would really like +1 or 2 skill points in hard and lunatic, as well as def and res. Her base defnsive stats are Seth-level in a game where ennemies hit 40% to 50% harder from the beginning (and there's no pure water for free +7 res). She even comes with a steel naginata which holds her to 17 speed in ennemy phase instead of 20, 22 on PP, still hurting her avoid, alongside shit accuracy weapons (70 and 75% hit for iron yumi and steel naginata respectively, which means 90-ish hit, on ennemies that have 10-14-ish speed so 15-21 avoid not counting luck, so she has 70-ish hit rate on ennemies that threaten her life, I don't know the Fates' WTA bonuses, they seem different from Awakening's so she might have a little more on lance pegasi but that's all). Reina needs the guard Naginata to stay relevant in combat, whereas Subaki doesn't need it unless he want ennemies to hit for 1-5 damage on him around level 15 (which makes him able to take like 5-6 hits at worse from non bow users, 22+ at best or even infinite against ennemies with <20 attack). I a unit can take alone a swarm of ennemies, even if they take 4 turns to kill them all, they're better than a unit who can take ennemies one at a time. Because your other units can go somewhere else while the diversion stays. Even her strength growth is shaky (50% is a coin flip and each level up takes massive exp), on average she'll have 24.5 strength at level 20 if she ever reaches it (which isn't likely to happen seeing how her exp curve goes downhill fast with an already slow exp rate at base). At 20/5 Subaki has 32.55 hp, 15.6 str, 3.8 mag, 24.4 skl, 16.65 spd, 13.67 luck, 15.67 def, 14.75 res, not even counting promotion bonuses (these are his stats as a level 24 pegasus, equaling level 5 promoted level in terms of number of levels gained). So he has a good enough speed to double slow ennemies on EP and almost any ennemy in PP. His strength is the same as base Reina (not impressive but without promotion bonus and with only 4 more levels than her into promoted class it's correct since she would only have 17 at this point, making the difference negligible), his skill is 10.4 points higher (15.8 more hit rate with any weapon, 5 more crit rate if it's still 0.5x skl), his hp is 5 points higher, his def 4 points higher, his res 2 points higher, his luck 1 point lower, and her growths being unimpressive don't make a great difference from her base stats with only 4 level ups to compare promoted level 5 stats (falcon knight subaki: +2 hp, +2 str, +4 mag, +1 skl, +4 spd lol shitting on Reina, +3 lck, +3 def and +3 res lol he's stomping reina in every non-speed area while tailing her in speed as a falcon knight, kinshi knight: +1 hp, +1 str, +1 mag, +4 skl lulz, +2 spd, +3 lck, +2 def, +1 res, still tankier than her and fast enough to double most ennemies in the shittiest flying class, maybe losing 1 strength with 5% lower growth rate as a kinshi as well as 0.25 res which is irrelevant). So when you say things like "Reina is so good" I'm just telling you that Subaki is as good as her, and still considered shit so why would you consider her better? Sure she has better eary game carry but she has less mid-endgame utility outside from the occasional flyer kill (if it isn't a wyvern since these have high def and she might not OS them and miss one of the two hits with her fighter-level hit rate). His bulk makes him better than her because he doesn't need to be aware of every single ennemy like she's forced to. he has her naginata guard bulk withoutth naginata guard as a falcon knight. He can use B lances by promotion and he can go falco for staff utility (=more exp gain and no need for combat to gain levels, which is OP in this game like stated), get rally speed + lance faire without reclassing so his offence sticks to Reina's to the end and if he manages lancefaire level he can use 15 or 16 mt bol naginata (10 or 11 +5) for instant reck like Rinkah can use 10 mt throwing clubs (6+4) or venge club for 25 mt (yet saying Rinkah's offence sucks? hell she can OS any ennemy that comes to attack ker at 1 range on EP! sure it's no early game weapon but still worth a shot and cotradicting all the shit about Rinkah hitting for 0 damage especially in late game, she would have 33 mt with her base str with the venge club if she's not at full hp, 35 with a str tonic! even with only 10 more str she hits for 45 damage lol with actual crit rate, and 35 on PP with +20 crit rate). Sorry not lance faire i forgot it was moved out from falcon knight, but warding blow makes him invulnerable to magic on PP so he can basicaly ORKO mages without taking damage in return on PP, which Reina can't without a seal. Still staff utility makes him easier to exp as well as more useful and powders + tonics make him a beast with bolt naginata (especially if you give him a magic support so he'll hit nearly as hard as if he had lancefaire).
  8. Fates' exp system is broken

    I don't do LTC either since it's the opposite of a game (more like a homework). Still, Mozu with her base class outclasses most t1 units after 5 level ups or so (at level 10 she simply eclipses most of the cast with the shittiest class and base stats of all of them, so if you reclass her ASAP she migh as well be your best unit in a few level ups, unlike FE8 trainees who needed 15+ level ups to become better than their competition). She can reclass into ninja in order to beat any other ninja in nearly every stat except HP and def/res (Saizo beats her in def and mag while Kaze beats her in res, maybe 1 or 2 points in speed though it's overkill and he has no luck unlike her so she dodges way better and is less likely to get critted, maybe Oboro beats her in 1 or 2 points of strength but it doesn't matter and Mozu has more spd/skl). You want a good ninja? pair Mozu with one of them to get the class and she'll be godlike. She can be put into DF for the early game then go master ninja. Anyway her base class gives her access to a good class (master of arms) and she can just outperform 90% of the cast (not Ryoma because of his pref weapon but that's the only thing that gives him an edge over her) in any physical class (cav!Mozu should be godlike too if you want a faster and more accurate but squishier version of Silas with more damage and automatic doubling on everything Nohr makes you face). She'd be Peri on steroids with reverse def/res. Does she cost you a paralogue to recruit? Yes. Does she trivialize the game? Yes if you give her what she wants, which is far less than anyone else wants (except Odin, just give him a seal and enjoy). She doesn't need stat boosters, not even tonics. She costs you 0 gold to recruit, 0 to 2000 gold to seal (DLC/heart seal) and she outperforms nearly everyone with only 4-5 level ups (the other ones need more than that to become independent except biased high level royals) while also giving you one of the best late game units, reaching offensive stat caps so quickly you can as well give her a tanky class to close the gap with her HP/def/res caps (guess what, her merchant base class does def/res best with high str and her base master of arms gives her the most HP, for about 60-65% growth with aptitude). On the topic of Reina, she gains exp slower than Seth, has less availability, unbalanced as hell base stats and growth rates, and get outperformed by base Scarlet even if she's gotten 5 level ups before blondie joins the party (except maybe in spd and skl, but Scarlet has way enough of them to be confident anyway). Just give Subaki a strength/spd pair up or high strength if he only fights during PP. He'll probably end up outclassing Reina by the chapte she joins. And she has only PP safety as a glass cannon flyer while Subaki can be used as an offtank during EP. He also has access and good synergy with the bolt naginata like many players say, while Reina has very poor magic (Mozu level of growth without aptitude). Her base class which gives her her best utility and offence at the same time has poor bases as well as growths, and she needs a heart seal to get a better EP class (basara/spearfighter/master ninja/mechanist). So her opportunity cost is high enough while she doesn't require a promotion but doesn't benefit a lot from being a prepromote other than weapon rank (D-bows still suck for a t2 unit compared with previous FEs prepromotes' weapon ranks and C-lances also suck ass when you have a prepromote that can't take 2 hits in mid-late game) and she doesn't even benefit from difficulty buffs (she would be much better with a hard/lunatic stat/weapon rank buff like in GBA FEs and Awakening) so in hard she get OHKO'd or not far from it by the Kinshis in her join chapter (what's the point of OHKOing them if they can OHKO you in return or set up a free kill for a generic under levelled pegasus knight with a C lance? She has correct PP but her EP sucks balls which is regrettabe for a flying prepromote). She even needs one weapon rank in bows to wield a steel bow or shining bow if you can get your hands on one, which is a pity for a prepromote (imagine Freddy with C-lances and no discipline, he would suck much more right? that's the whole point, he would be way less efficient in early game lunatic, and that's exactly what Reina suffers from, shaky base stats alongside shitty weapon ranks and low exp gains to discourage you from abusing her so she get even less weapon exp and needs way more chapters to get to good weapon ranks especially for bows). Without forges she would probably fall off soon (and forges are long and costly to make especially in LTC or no grind runs), and even with forges, does it fix her shit accuracy? Before Air superiority she's even quite medium at killing flyers, with Fates' hit rate system (avoid attacking bow wielding kinshis or she could get into a bad situation). Also, actually being unpromoted is better than being a prepromote in 3DS games since promotion gains are fat in certain classes (well, not kinshi for sure...).
  9. [FE8] Lute Emblem: The Sacred Lutes

    Hi, I'm currently at chapter 8 and I hesitate a lot: Sain: 26 HP, 14 str, 9 skl, 16 spd, 14 lck, 5 def and 1 res at level 11 Dart: 33 HP, 16 str, 8 skl, 16 spd, 6 lck, 8 def, 3 res at level 11 Should I early promote Sain into a Rogue, or wait until later and promote whoever gives the best utility to my team (walking on water like Jesus vs preserving steal ability as a promoted unit)? Roy; 25 HP, 13 str, 14 skl, 11 spd, 10 lck, 9 def, 3 res (but 2 more Con than Lugh for heavier weapons) at level 8 Lugh: 25 HP, 9 str, 15 skl, 16 spd, 6 lck, 10 def 7 res (but points lower Con and slowed down by steel swords and any blade or killer weapon or reverse weapon triangle maybe too). I was thinking of promoting Lugh into a ranger for lighter weapons, mobility, flyer kills (I benched Zephiel immediately becasue 18 levels of bow lock without Colm-Neimi-s offensive support was unapealing) and Roy hero (also hero has more balanced stats and lower spd cap than ranger). Cecilia is god with 7 def 10 res, 2 perfect level ups in a row... Elliwood gave me 2 level ups of only hp, he's sitting at 12 str, 13 spd, 11 def for now, not really engaging for a frontliner (slower Oscar). Maybe I'll replace him with the soldier girl (hallberdier is my love).
  10. Fates' exp system is broken

    Decent for WTA situations, but still her only good point is doubling most ennemies and increasing her trash def and hp. Otherwise in normal runs (no female only run) she doesn't have to waste it (unless you want her to pair with MU for sol access at 20/15, but I'd rather use Jakob for personnal skill or Silas for stats than her except if I go tome wielding vantage MU, and I prefer using the last form of the yato or the +20 avoid katana in order to dodge any direct damage, meaning you can survive at 1 hp against several units). I don't know the staff exp system in lunatic so I can't tell from experience. Still it's perfectly doable in hard mode since Azama tanks like Gerik in TSS (or even better since he also tanks magic and get access to a regen skill quickly after promo). Jakob hubby Sakura for great master so he can grab this awesome neo-warmonk class and do the same thing as Azama but earlier and faster. Or sacrifice MU's talent for priestess if you want Jakob with her so much, but what a waste if she isn't gonna be the MVP. A 20/1 Azama can pretty much solo a good amount of ennemies if he's getting healed each turn, then he get renewal and enjoys watching ennemies dying (his face reminds me of Henry's, so I'm thinking of Henry's quotes for Azama XD). I've already had a 20/5 basara Kaden solo many things in mid-game revelations (normal) without loosing many hp against physical and magical ennemies mixed with each other, and rev normal is nearly as difficult as Birthright hard. He had about 18-20 in his normally average to weak stats, about 16 def, 28 spd and nearly as much skill, around 10-13 magic and was married with Sakura for basara selkie with renewal.
  11. Fates' exp system is broken

    I didn't say Subaki is the best, only that he's better than Reina even if everyone seems to think he's the worst unit in Hoshido for combat. So maybe only the -6 applies, and what? Effie with a -4 is down in 3 hits anyway, with a seal defence she's down in 2.5 hits, or even 2 if an ennemy is wielding an armorslayer. And I wasn't even mentionning ennemies doubling her (in her joining chapter, she can be 100-0 in one or 2 turns if she get sealed speed and there's a duo of BS faceless in hard mode or lunatic). in chapter 10, being debuffed means she's gonna take around 3 attacks with -3 or -4 def, good luck have fun trying to keep her from dying with...10 hp potions...if they want to damage creep like League of Legends S8, they could at least follow RD's example and give us f***ing 20 hp potions with some uses instead of 10 with 3 uses or 20 with 2 uses (lol so useless not even a potion) or full with 1 use (elixirs cost an inventory space for 1 use only... such a waste when you could benefit from miracle+heal in hoshido or even a weapon giving back hp after a fight). Giving you tanky units for frontline is nice, but if they get crippled all the time by ennemies they can't even counterattack without reducing their already trash speed by 5, they could as well have given us only squishies who can ORKO or OHKO ennemies in PP and made us play puzzles instead. Or just give us Benny instead of Effie since he's Elise's teddy bear in the end he could as well be her body guard from the get go and they could've given wary fighter to knights lv 10 instead of generals lv 5 so he could face tank most of chapter 10 with 2 inventory spaces dedicated to potions, while wielding a javelin to 2HKO ennemies without WTA on him. It's only one chokepoint after all, might as well do that entirely instead of haf-assed. Anyway some random ennemies in Boo camp have wary fighter so why not give it earlier to knights? It's not like any tank in Conquest is gonna double any ennemy anyway, unless powerlevelled...but it's not happening anytime soon unless MU is made a tank ^^.
  12. Fates' exp system is broken

    they can't double so they're balanced? seems like you forgot that on top of not doubling, they make you loose 5 SPEED! It's not only not doubling but getting doubled in return on EP! healers have to heal something around 5 levels lower than them to get decent exp (or anything higher). It means you put 2 healers in the middle of the ennemies when they have reached a decent bulk and you let them heal each other on each turn until there are no more 1 rnage ennemies to clean. This way your healers are about the same level ll the time so they continue getting the same exp as level 1. This way you can get lv 20 promoted healers around midgame with some gold investment. Having 15 levels more than your army is worth more than te gold put into staff botting.
  13. Fates' exp system is broken

    8 MT on 85% hit rate with the highest skill in the game, at D-rank (the same as iron for comparison which has 5 less hit rate alongside 2 less might). + with yumis Subaki will display much higher hit rates. Don't tell me he doesn't benefit from his personnal weapon's passive since he has more skill than most unsupported hoshidans and can benefit from a pair up himself to stay higher than ennemy pair ups. Having 2 less damage but hitting is better than 2 more damage and missing.
  14. Fates' exp system is broken

    Yet Reina is hardly gaining anything per level except strength and speed. 35% skill on a bow user is trash, 20% def and 25% res are completely rending her HP lead meaningless (her base res is barely higher than Subaki's who comes unpromoted level 5 and has better growths in hp, magic, skill, luck and def (with 1 less base def at level 5 unpromoted to laugh at hers). Sure she hits hard, but 14 skill with the nerfed skill of 3DS FEs means 24 hit, so with an iron yumi she has 94 hit rate at base and won't grow much from there, meaning she'l barely ever reach 100% hit rate, and ennemies have avoid so it means nothing. She is outclassed by Subaki, said to be the worst fighter in the game, because 15 levels of 40% str growth means an average 6 points in strength, from 8 it means 14 without promotion bonuses. Even his legendary bad strength beats hers. Combined with a personnal weapon doubling its own damage if he's got more skill than the ennemies (which he should have in 100% cases) so he can negate the gap in the strength dpt, having much higher skill means he won't miss unless WTD+high avoid ennemies. The only thing she really has over him aside from being promoted earlier into the game is that her bow rank is higher, but missing 1/3 of her attacks on random ennemies isn't helping her being useful. As much as I would like to play with her, she's the most deceiving badass in the army. I'd rather put a buddy seal on Hana into pegasus than rely on Reina, she has done her job for mommy before the game began but now she's done, only useful to get a buddy seal for FeMU (even then Hinoka comes earlier to do the same) or to give you a strength blessed Kana with some t2 skill. If you reclass her out of kinshi's awful base stats/growth rates she can be a bit more late game material but it costs a heart seal/mariage seal for a worse version of Oboro/Hinoka. The only good thing about her is her personnal skill looking like a mini-life drain from FE Awakening's DK. She has no EP in most cases, and even her bow rank is only D, so she's locked to iron anyway...and if you try and invest exp into her you'll see what I mean by bad exp curve, maybe it's 16/1 but even as a 10/1 MU barely gained any exp in early game so Reina can't hope to gain more than 1-2 levels per chapter...if she takes all the prepromotes, who aren't so common and some of them don't even take 10 damage from her (notably opera GK who barely take any damage from unpromoted physical units while 2HKOing them). Even then she has to reclass in order to be reliable past the boat chapter or she'll get severely crippled by bow weakness + low def AND res AND growths (and her base hp is the only reliable hp she'll ever have with 5% more growth than Hana).
  15. Fates' exp system is broken

    Just limit the minimum exp to 4-5 per kill then. You don't have to put it down to 1 like in TSS (and in TSS you had entombed like in Awakening and by kiling Valni 1 boss like 50-60 times you would get from level 1 promoted to level 20, 1/3 faster with thief units. You could level up even as a promoted unit. Awakening was too easy but for games that focus more on post-game than in-game, I think it's legit to give more exp per kill (even if 8 minimum exp per kill was too high for in-game). Even Elite skill is completely useless on figthing units in Fates, because between 1 and 2 exp per kill, the difference is so low, even getting 2x faster to level 15 is still way too slow. And why even care about limiting exp if you let one use level 99 Einherjar from chapter 6/7 onward in the first place? just buy god dlc and spam it until you can get the overlevelled einherjar and let it solo the game (if you can get a Ryoma einherjar you're just stomping everything with caped stats Most OP Unit in the game). For me Fates is the worst game in the series since GBA games. Pre-GBA FEs were unbalanced but even if they were balanced the gameplay is too old for me to enjoy it. GBA games were great even if I preferred TSS simply because I hate having to go shopping in the middle of a battle or getting fucked because I have no weapons left (on top of shitty units all around but playing halfway through TSS in 0% growths made it less disgusting). POR was fine, introducing several mechanics (or re-introducing) but it was half-assed in the skill department (tier 2 locked skills) since you had to buy them with limited gold and some units were so mediocre (comparing here POR Mia to RD Mia, the 1st being a worse version of Ike while the second was really enjoyable) that even if you liked them and the game was quite easy for the most part, they were useless in the long run (Mia's damage without any str booster was lower than earth-level, reminds me of Marisa but with earlier joining). RD brought POR's new/recycled mechanics to a nice system while adding new ones, giving thieves their power back (well, not completely since Sothe sucks balls while Heather is fine but not even close to Volke) by letting them promote and giving them throwable knives, different weapon levels and silver weapons instead of a worse iron sword. Awakening started making things shitty but still had positives. Fates was an attempt to make the game really strategic and push the game mechanics to another level, but it was just awfully done. Shuriken and seals nerfing your stats to nothingness (-4 def shuriken + seal def means your 10 def unit has now 0 def with 25 f***ing HP, or 10 def for 20 def knights, even without it you take Effie at 14 def on a chokepoint in ch10, she is downed to 10 def by shurikens, some of them even use poison strike if I'm not wrong, and fighters/lancers hit her for 10 damage each, now your knight is killed by random ennemies lower level than her in no more than 3 hits, GG WP, meanwhile ennemies have 5 more HP each than most of your units at equal level, godd luck to kill them in hard/lunatic before getting debuffed to death, not even counting hex rods/pots in some BS chapters and the hard nerf to dodgetanking and the nerf to nothingness to the luck stat, not even countering crit anymore since 20 luck only reduces crit rate by 10 while giving 10 avoid). All this on top of the s**t exp curve and you're playing the FE with the least work in the balance dpt. Oh, I forgot to mention royals vs non royals, pardon me. Royals are Seth/Duessel-like, while non royals are Joshua/Colm/Vanessa/Syrene/Garcia/Amelia/Natasha/unpromoted Eirika/Knoll-like. Yes, even Knoll (and Knoll was more useful with an instant promotion into summoner because he didn't even have to fight or heal to be useful). So...Fates is the most deceiving game as a whole, with great ideas mixed with complete BS and no effort to balance the game, only pushing you towards royals, guard naginata users and Azama/Jakob/Sakura healbotting to exp and reach level max before anyone get their 1st t2 skill.