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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a weeks late!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  3. Ana's Updated Sprites

    I think the proper way to respond to posts critiquing your earlier work that you're not working on is to simply not respond at all and make a mental note of it if you ever want to come back to it. Or respond with "I will consider that when I work on this piece again." The thread's not going anywhere, so you can always look back at old critique. If you did this, I can promise you that you would be getting much better reception.
  4. Ana's Updated Sprites

    Basically, looking for specific critique while ignoring all others is "selective listening." Generally, the term holds a rather negative connotation. Critique will be given in these forums, because the users aim to improve those who they are critiquing. They have the best intentions in mind with you as a spriter/map maker/artist in general. I daresay picking fights with them over their critique is undermining their good intentions. Naturally, such an act can cause a shitstorm like what we see throughout this thread. Simply, you post here, critique will be given. Whether you accept said critique or not is up to you, however picking a fight with those that critique is unwise. If someone does happen to give bad critique, he/she will be corrected, I can ASSURE you of that.
  5. Ana's Updated Sprites

  6. Ana's Updated Sprites

    No. If you're tired of it, just move on and come back to this later. Edit: late reply is late.
  7. Ana's Updated Sprites

    You're getting angry for no reason now. And you're also ignoring that problems can come in gradients. The problem still exists, however in a lesser form. There's nothing contradictory about that.
  8. Ana's Updated Sprites

    I acknowledge that you're at least trying. The problem isn't anywhere near solved however. If the problem still persists, we will continue to redundantly point it out. You have made improvements, yes, but the problems are still glaring us in the face when we look at the map.
  9. Ana's Updated Sprites

    Fair enough. Just remember that CnC is only there to help you adhere to the highest standard of quality that's manageable. If you post a map with flaws in it, we're going to point out those flaws. Whether you fix them or not is up to you, but if you choose the latter, don't expect the feedback to be consistently positive. If at some point in the future you do become a much better mapper, I can promise you that looking back on this will irk you, quite possibly into re-doing the entire map. Trust me, I did the same with all the earlier maps in my own (now dead) hack.
  10. Ana's Updated Sprites

    You're dodging the point. Let's say they dug the paths out for the sake of argument. Normally it would be efficient to dig the path as the crow flies, however the path of least resistance when digging barely ever follows such a path up a mountain. Naturally though, the diggers would want to dig a path that has the shortest length while maintaining a fairly low resistance to travel (ie no steep cliffs). Following this logic, the chances of the path of least resistance following a perfect zig-zag (one of the most ineffecient paths I might add) are still next to zero.
  11. Ana's Updated Sprites

    While you do have a point that mountain paths in nature wind a lot, the chances of them turning out that symmetrical are pretty much nil. It still looks way too man-made.
  12. Two questions...

    ROM hacks aren't illegal because of the way they are distributed. Essentially, they are distributed as patches that contain original, fanmade content, and not the actual ROM itself. Thus, the only thing being distributed is said original content, and nothing illegal (well hopefully).
  13. Ana's Updated Sprites

    The cliffs look unnatural, as if they were shaped by someone. In FE, cliffs are not man-made elements, and shouldn't be made to look so straight forward. That's a general rule of thumb for mapping natural elements. Nature is chaotic.
  14. Um, hey, I've always wanted to make an FE hack

    Me Mariobro. Me refer to self in third person to sound cool. ...also I can teach you how ASM works....
  15. Sucks you aren't working on DotF, it was legitimately my most favorite hack. Not to mention, I hate all hacks because they suck :V

    Happy birthday anyway!